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Etermax, the publisher behind many iOS games (Bingo Crack™ ,Angry Words (Ad Free) ,Melody Monsters™ ,Trivia Crack Kingdoms ,Trivia Crack (Ad Free) ,Pictionary™), brings Trivia Crack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Trivia Crack games has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A very social game that brings people together..
  • Awesome way to stay connected with friends and to make new ones..
  • Great challenge for me in addition to a daily learning experience..
  • All in all a great brain teaser..
  • A great game to test your knowledge and challenge your friends..

Overall Satisfactionc73
refund me my money and remove the annoying ads.
Triva crack is probably one of my favorite games to play.
Other than that I would recommend this game to anyone who likes trivia.
I would not recommend this game to even my worst enemy.
Amazing game and sooooooo much fun to play with feiends.
Love being able to play against friends as well as random people.
use those for better questions.
but this game needs some better questions.
The video ads are terrible.
Fun & Engagingc81
Very fun game to play with friends or against random opponents.
Very fun And addicting game to play with friends.
This game was very fun and addicting until it became almost unplayable.
Awesome game hardly ever repeats the same questions.
Super fun game about random facts in different categories.
Very seldom do I get the same question more than once.
Fun to challenge your friends and family to see who has more general knowledge.
The game itself is fun to play with your friends.
when the ads actually impact the game itself.
A really fun and educational game both at the same time.
Learn something new everyday or are reminded of something I forgot.
You learn something new everyday when you play this game.
Play everyday with my daughter who lives in another state.
I'm still gonna play everyday despite above annoyances.
Family Friendlyc84
It's fun to play against friends and family and test your trivia knowledge.
So this lets me enjoy it without arranging a game night.
addicting game that both me and kids play.
inappropriate ads that are a hindrance to playing the game.
Replay Valuec77
There are still enough challenging questions to keep it interesting.
Needs more categories and more challenging questions.
the only thing I'd change is the repetitive questions.
Good game but lots of repetitive questions.
However some questions are way too easy and repetitive at times.
It's a fun game but often the questions are way too easy.
There also needs to be more uniformity in the difficulty level.
But I cannot overlook the absolutely crippling uneven difficulty level.
I like challenging my friends and testing there knowledge.
All in all a great brain teaser.
Playing friends never gets old and always allows spontaneous fun.
Great app and fun brain workout with the friends.
Social Aspectsc79
Very fun game to play with friends or against random opponents.
Enjoy playing with friends and family or put your knowledge against random people.
Awesome way to stay connected with friends and to make new ones.
Allows for head to head and group games while challenging the intellect.
A very social game that brings people together.
com and follow us on social media.
I really enjoy playing this game with my family and friends.
Ease of Usec69
However some questions are way too easy and repetitive at times.
Way too easy to spend way too much time on this game.
It's a fun game but often the questions are way too easy.
The game has a good mix of easy and hard questions.
There is a good mix of easy and hard questions.
This game is fun and simple to play.
Fun and simple very addicting.
there are way too many easy/ simple questions in the game.
Simple questions mostly.
or the entire entry is lousy with spelling and grammatical errors.
Questions often have grammar and/or spelling errors.
Ads not Intrusivec67
Hopefully now it will stop asking me to rate it every five seconds.
I would love to rate it more stars.
refund me my money and remove the annoying ads.
I know the answer to many questions just because im older.
Lost to many times due to app freezing up.
I'm only writing this review so it'll stop asking me to write a review.
The persistent reminders to write a review are obnoxious.
Way too many commercials of Kate Upton riding a horse.
Fun but too many commercials.
I'm really writing this so they'll quit asking me to rate it.
Updates & Supportc45
Yes you can buy the ad free version for 2.
shouldn't be forced to buy the ad free version.
Here is the "but" part: just pay the $3 for the ad free version.

Good clean fun and they learn something. found in 13 reviews
Definitely aptly named in addicted like I'm on crack. found in 39 reviews
I love it beacause you can learn thing about different topics. found in 10 reviews
Fun way to keep in touch with friends /flaunt your intelligence. found in 9 reviews
For anyone out there who loves the board game Trivial Pursuit. found in 23 reviews
This game is so much fun to play with friends and strangers. found in 17 reviews
Great time killer with a good variety of questions per category. found in 61 reviews
Fun and good entertainment for 5 minute lulls in schedules. found in 9 reviews
Got many people hooked on this game. found in 11 reviews
and appropriately named as it truly is addicting. found in 20 reviews
Very addicting and love beating your friends. found in 8 reviews
Overall highly addicting and helpful with remembering what you learned in school. found in 21 reviews
Loads of fun and actually learning some fun trivia. found in 64 reviews
Great app and fun brain workout with the friends. found in 12 reviews
Trivia is such a thought provoking competition which I greatly enjoy. found in 10 reviews
Great game it keeps me occupied and really enjoy playing it. found in 10 reviews
Healthy competition and keeps your mind sharp. found in 45 reviews
Trivia Crack is addictive clean friend and Family fun. found in 53 reviews
Such a great time passer and brain worker. found in 15 reviews
I'm totally addicted and it's a great brain exercise. found in 37 reviews
I have submitted many questions that had embarrassing spelling errors. found in 16 reviews
Love the app but way to many ads in between turns. found in 118 reviews
Needs better questions but recommended questions never get excepted unless super obvious. found in 29 reviews
The ads are too long though and should be closable a lot sooner. found in 18 reviews
this is a great way to connect with friends and learn new things. found in 44 reviews
A good way to waste a few moments throughout the day. found in 55 reviews
And lot of long annoying ads some we can't close. found in 122 reviews
Ads are a bit annoying when you can't skip past them. found in 30 reviews
The majority of questions are poorly worded or just plain obvious. found in 38 reviews
This is really an addicting game but the ads are super annoying. found in 27 reviews
I love trivia crack but the ads are super annoying. found in 27 reviews
It is tiresome watching the same ads over and over. found in 76 reviews
I like playing but the Game of War ads are ridiculous. found in 48 reviews
Very well done but your ads need to be silent. found in 27 reviews
For me it glitches a lot and the adds are annoying. found in 28 reviews
Fun but too many ads and i refuse to pay for ad free version. found in 38 reviews
The video ads after each round are irritating. found in 93 reviews
the constant ads for Game of War are EXTREMELY annoying. found in 29 reviews
Way too many advertisements especially videos in between the games. found in 28 reviews
Many of the fan submitted questions are poorly worded and sometimes even misspelled. found in 46 reviews
Shady or no placement of ad close buttons. found in 37 reviews
The persistent reminders to write a review are obnoxious. found in 83 reviews
& the ads are ridiculous - getting worse the longer you play for free. found in 48 reviews
Really poorly worded questions by users with various errors throughout. found in 46 reviews
What happened to being able to select Facebook friends. found in 47 reviews
while many questions with poor grammar and misspellings somehow get accepted. found in 82 reviews
you're stooping low if that's how you're going to make money. found in 32 reviews
when you report an error such as " repeated question ". found in 52 reviews
Full screen video ads with no skip button are not. found in 93 reviews
but frequently has wrong answers. found in 115 reviews
It's also very annoying to see the same ad over and over and over again. found in 50 reviews
shouldn't be forced to buy the ad free version. found in 34 reviews
Cant even answer a question with out it crashing. found in 56 reviews
I hate Kate upton popping up ever 10 seconds. found in 141 reviews
If I have to watch Kate Upton one more time. found in 93 reviews
But the same ad over and over and over gets monotonous. found in 76 reviews
Lost to many times due to app freezing up. found in 118 reviews

The Trivia Crack is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is supporting different languages: English, Catalan, French, Spanish. It weighs in at only 22.0 MB to download. The new Trivia Crack app version 1.0 has been updated on 2014-11-22.
Bottom Line: For more information about Trivia Crack check developer Etermax`s website :

FROM THE CREATORS OF AWORDEDFrom the creators of Aworded arrives Trivia Crack, the amazing quiz game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to see who is the smartestTrivia Crack is a ...
A lot of fun              Challenging
I this app on my old phone which is a galaxy 5 then I got a new phone which is a iPhone 6 I downloaded this app I got on it it says sign in with email address I put in my email address it says reset password ur account does not have a password I hit reset it says a unexpected error has occurred were working to fix it soon its been saying that for months if someone can help me that would be great           Error
Best game ever I love this game                 REALLY FUN
I like the game but there are inappropriate ads Kids play and all they see are dating ads Terrible           Good game but hate ads
Coolness              Nice game
Overall good game but lately the game makers have been changing thing to force people to buy what they offer I had a card that will give me 2 lives add one to make 3 lifes and then one day the card that gave 2 lifes became 1 life out of nowhere How this is possible you have to ask them but Im not happy about that treachery they did Not happy        Treachery
thats gay     have to pay to refill lives
I love this game I play all the time                 Fun
Ever since upgrade game freezes I tried what I could to correct but nothing helped So far so good on IPhone        Had to delete game from IPad permanently
Love this app great brain stimulator                 LOVE LOVE LOVE
Love it                 Review
Cool Hate the adds              Good
Love it                 Angie
Changing my rating because there was another update today and it still did not fix the annoying vibrating that you cant turn off Ive tried numerous times to change my preferences in the settings and it wont save I dont like the annoying vibration when I miss a question And it will not allow me to save turning it off Please fix this The vibrations are annoying and you should have the option to turn it off and the option actually work        Wont save personal settings
Muy buen juego me gusto mucho                 Ok
This game was just updated but PLEASE take away the annoying vibration when you answer a question incorrectly It serves no purpose and is just annoying to listen to              Please fix
New update makes it force close Cant even play now I was in the middle of a game     Force close
I like the game but there are a lot if ads           Fun but lots of ads
I really enjoy this game The questions are great also                 GREAT FUN
Its addictive and easy to play Want more buy more but free is good           Excellent addictive free game
Cant see total coin count or refresh scores when your done with challenges Dont understand why convenient features get removed from apps Developers be crazy        Lame update
Seriously its like fing crack                 Love this game
I really like it                 Cool game
The game is fun and all But I hope they will let people guess more times than just wait for the other person to answer after u get an answer wrong And Facebook wont connect properly But anyway this is an ok game              Fun game with some cons
Best game ever                 Best game ever
I now preilize you in Jesus name devil I destroy you I will not touch my phone till you give me my life you wonna play games bring it you ideot I am in controll life or I will torchure you in ways you never dreamed possible Im all done with satians games     Awful game worships the devil
And Im hooked Especially fun if you have friends that you can play with                 First game app downloaded
I have over 1000 coins I can SEE the power ups were SUPPOSED to be able to purchase with said coins but theres nowhere to purchase them We ARE able to purchase more coins but who wants more of something we cant use        Trivia Crack
This game is very fun the only problem is that you have to wait an hour for a life Thats a lot And if you want more lives you have to pay please fix thank you        Ok
Ok so I love this game but in order to have a profile picture you have to sign in with Facebook and some of us dont have a Facebook so they should change it to were you dont have to have a Facebook to have a profile picture other than that its awesome beans also the new update is ok i like the card thing but like you cant look at peoples friends and thats how I found most of my friends on there and they also need to fix the whole profile picture thing because again not everyone has Facebook also they took out the thing to show when people are online and i liked that and they took it out other than that i love the app                 I like this game but some issues
Its name is very apt Im adicted                 So much fun
I cant even play the game because it wont confirm my country selection Guess you dont want people to play then Onto something else then Thanks for nothing     Cant Confirm My Country
Theyre so many dang ADs I HAD to delete the app It pauses my music when going into app when I get calls or anything thatll bring me up onto a different screen while in the middle of answering a question I run out of time They really need the game to pause when you get a callA lot of the questions make no sense or are either wrongMake your app smarter     Hate it And too many ADsd
After the Watch os2 update and app update my watch app doesnt work at all Deleted and reinstalled several times           Watch app doesnt work
I have friends who play Trivia Crack I want to invite them to play but Im not on Facebook I would like that option              Friends
This is a cool game unless your stupid              Cool game
Love the game but it is very frustrating when I lose unused lives and earnings from the album cards I hope that bug gets fixed soon             
I dont want sounds on my Apple Watch app when Im playing Trivia Crack I have sounds turned off on the iPhone app but there does not seem to be any way to turn of the sounds on the Apple Watch app without muting the Watch altogetherWhile Apple Watch 20 allows native apps that use sound that doesnt mean you SHOULD you sound And never force it on your users     Cant turn off Apple Watch sounds
Love that its always keeping me on toes with the questions              Love trivia crack
Great game Relaxing and addictive                 Addictive
Game is awesomeBoneriffic                 This
great game                 Trivia Crack
deserves three starsOk so here a just a couple complaints I have about this game that Ive played roughly 4 monthsWhen you submit a question and the reason for rejection is other reason you dont know what that other reason is So how do you know how to fix that question and what the heck when there is nothing written in the reason it was rejected at all And what annoys me most is the fact that Ive written this review but every so often it will ask me to rate it Come on fix this already Im giving this a 5 star rating only to see if that will make it stop asking me to rate it It deserves a 3 And finally I dont like the get more coins above the wheel couldnt you put that somewhere else And I hate how it vibrates when I get a question wrong Honestly I have to keep coming back to put more negative things on this review                 Getting annoying
They added a new ting to the app where we have to select our country And it wont do anything after I confirm Havent been able to play in a week And the app support goes to a site in Spanish How does that help        Update failed
I did love this game but since the update it keeps asking to put in my country and I confirm it but nothing happens Cant even get back to my game     Over it
I honestly love Trivia Crack but I mostly play with my 11 year old son and recently ads have been popping up on his game for a dating website that flash pictures of girls showing their butts clothed which he could click on at anytime It has never happened to me so I am wondering if it is because his name is in his user account and they somehow know it is a boy Either way I emailed Trivia Crack and have not received a response and it has been over a week I will give it a few more days but then I am not going to play anymore and will find a game that does not advertise meet single girls now     Upset
Still havent fixed the bug I see As soon as I click it it goes right back to my home screen           Bug
Hate the constant reminders of rating and game of war videos specially the ones with talentless Mariah Carey Really ppl wasnt there anyone else with TALENT you could get for this           Fun game but
WellIntentioned Im sure but when I got a notification for a game I opened it and there was a new Confirm your country routine that doesnt confirm your country just keeps asking because it never registers the selectionIve played internationally and it appears that the game is in the language of the person who started it My Dutch is pretty badBut now it doesnt matter because I cant even get TO the gameFix please     You broke it
Great game no complaints                 Easy2Enjoy

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