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Mobigame, the publisher behind many iOS games (Cross Fingers Free ,Truckers Delight: Episode 1 ,Perfect Cell Lite ,Scratch Fever ,Cross Fingers ,Zombie Carnaval), brings Truckers Delight: Episode 1 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Truckers Delight: Episode 1 games has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This game is super fun..
  • Awesome funny game..
  • This is a great free game..

Overall Satisfactionc66
You should download cuz it's easy and fun to play.
I recommend this game to people of all ages.
One of the best on the App Store.
Fun & Engagingc80
You should download cuz it's easy and fun to play.
Awesome funny game.
But anyways it's a funny game with amazing pixel art.
This game is super fun.
simple and highly addictive.
awesome soundtrack by flairs.
Way too fun to put down.
Replay Valuec41
Lots of replay value.
Zero replay value.
Production Valuesc72
old school 16 bit graphics xe0.
Ease of Usec78
You should download cuz it's easy and fun to play.
Simple and addicting.
Simple Arcade Fun.
It easy to control it's fun and it's low price.
The gameplay is easy to get used to and therefore highly addictive.

grow a pair and quit complaining about some 16 bit boobs. found in 9 reviews
It's one of the best arcade games out there. found in 4 reviews
Motion controls are great - very responsive. found in 2 reviews
This app is one of my favs. found in 1 reviews
This game is fun and ENTERTAINING. found in 1 reviews
The pixel graphics are crisp and refreshing. found in 2 reviews
a little more depth and I would give it 5 starts. found in 1 reviews
Cool and funny. found in 1 reviews
Jeez parents you need to chill. found in 1 reviews
Definitely an awesome game to go with an awesome music video. found in 7 reviews
The Quirky old school art style is pulled off fantastically. found in 5 reviews
Simple and addicting. found in 2 reviews
Can see myself playing a few times. found in 1 reviews
You should download cuz it's easy and fun to play. found in 12 reviews
It's a fun game passes the time and is amusing. found in 2 reviews
I got it for 99 cents. found in 1 reviews
Can you beat this game. found in 1 reviews
The tilt controls are very responsive. found in 1 reviews
But the guys face creeps me out. found in 1 reviews
Its a dumb game but chill it's far from porn. found in 2 reviews
but it's a hundred years old. found in 1 reviews
It's a old cool nice concept but only one level. found in 4 reviews
Needs to have levels for the whole video. found in 1 reviews
It's near impossible to reach the check points. found in 1 reviews
If u don't like it just delete it wusses. found in 2 reviews
Ok ADD has nothing to do with the game. found in 1 reviews
It is also boring after a few plays. found in 1 reviews
Pretty good but not the best graphics could be a little better. found in 1 reviews
The game is ok at first but gets old really quickly. found in 2 reviews
Great game except. found in 1 reviews
Gets boring. found in 3 reviews
Fun but too hard. found in 1 reviews
Please guys add some in w/ Game Center. found in 5 reviews
horrible graphics uh duh he said so himself. found in 3 reviews
If you can't reach the checkpoints. found in 1 reviews
but it lacks one thing. found in 1 reviews
slurp anyone PLEASE HELP. found in 1 reviews
Only one level and really pointless and stupid. found in 4 reviews
Fun but taking out content. found in 2 reviews
Inappropriate and terrible game anyway. found in 1 reviews
Something missing. found in 1 reviews
The update is crap. found in 1 reviews
It's impossible to avoid all those other cars. found in 4 reviews
gets boring 1 min or less in. found in 3 reviews
It is veeeeery inappropriate for children. found in 2 reviews
Crashes on my iPod touch 4g. found in 1 reviews
Horrible graphics and dumb game play. found in 2 reviews
Lame game. found in 1 reviews
Simply awful. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could rate it lower. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Truckers Delight: Episode 1 for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 11.4 MB to download. The new Truckers Delight: Episode 1 app version 1.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-18. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Truckers Delight: Episode 1 check developer Mobigame`s website :

As seen on MTV2 and on the net with 3 million+ views, TRUCKERS DELIGHT is now more than just the BEST, GRITTIEST, MOST VULGAR, FUNNIEST VIDEO ever on this side of the digital world. It`s ...
I think this will be one of the games that I will keep on one of my iOS devices for when Im bored and to show off to friends Game Center support and an adjustment in difficulty would be nice but not necessary           Fun Game to Show Off
I cant believe the devs are still updating this game It really needs new content though                 Outstanding
great control over vehicle but needs more environments                 Thumbs up P
Come out with episode 2 SOON                 Awesome
This game used to be so fun but the update ruined it The lives make it hard and stupid Its impossible to avoid all those other cars Also you took away the tongue power up That was so funny and cool This game is no longer fun You pretty much ruined it If you want to get better reviews in the future I suggest you take away the lives and put the tongue power up back in     The update is crap
but it as much funner before the update I dislike that we only get three lives           Fun but
Its a great game but it should support Game Center                 Great game
The update for his game ruined it It is no longer fun just plain hard and lost a lot of the character it took from the video     Update ScrewUp
When I start playing it I cant put it down Motion controls are great very responsive gameplay is very funny and the game itself is polished I never experienced any bugs so farI am looking forward to episode 2But an additional mode or two for Episode 1 would be great too using its great tilt controls and polished driving                 Very addictive
It was boring vulgar and terrible     Trucker
Im really hoping an episode 2 comes out at some point                 Absolutely love it
Missing achievements Please guys add some in w Game Center              Hilarious but
Still waiting for episode 2                 Great App
Also ability to just play the video or the parts you unlock by playing           Needs to have levels for the whole video
Waiting for episode 2 and unlockables                 Good game
Fun I expect to see more episodes              Reminds me of OutRun
It was fun at first but i still havent gotten that high a score This isnt bc of the time limit but the lives that are so easy to lose bc sometimes it seems almost impossible to avoid all the cars Ive have never experienced the previous version that everyone is talking about but it sounds a lot more fun           Hard to do that good
Plz make it                 Been waiting for prt 2
Here we go with the negative reviews based on what the app is not People dont understand the concept of a review Do you hear movie reviewers giving a movie a bad rating because a certain actor wasnt in it or because it wasnt an under water adventure No a review is supposed to be your opinion on how well an app performs based on what it says it can do If it does what it says then it deserves recognition for that If you do not like the app because its not you cup of tea then just delete it and move on Giving apps low ratings doesnt do any good unless the app has has flaws or bugs or doesnt do what it is supposed to That gets the devs attention and they usually address it and make improvementsThis is an old school truck driver game that should be very recognizable to the PACMan generation It IS very repetitive and kind of endless but thats the game You know this coming in no surprises here It is also boring after a few plays but its a hundred years old It shouldnt be compared with 2012 gaming technology It is exactly what it says it is its a very good version of an old classic it has bonus boobies and because of that it gets four starsI like it              Bubies
It was ehh        Ehh
i love it its just so funny well made simple and original GET IT waiting for episode 2                 amazingly funny
Please add an inapp purchase to remove ads                 Great Game But
Just got the game after seeing the music video It is extremely sensitive though it may be better on an iPod or iPhone Ive only played a few times but I cannot beat the first level     Okay
Hope you guys make episode 2 very soon and get some new updates for this one                 Love this game
Needs Game Center leaderboard and achievements                 Benchmark Game
One of the best apps out there                 Awesome
goood game                 wow
you just HAD to put the boobs and middle finger didnt you     really
Its even harder to play the game Not a good update     Didt like the update
Its a good game but needs more details Its not worth a dollar only free and shows cartoon breasts I never knew what was the whole point of the game because it never ends only that the fact is the he wants a girl and he cant get her              Its good for guys for girls not so much
Wouldve given this 5 stars as a fun game but I have to give a one to protest removing the content A little less hard and the tongue upgrade wouldve made this fun game much more fun     Fun but taking out content
The game is awesome but it would be nice if the facebook and twitter buttons would actually work right              Terrific game
Boo They ruined itdont update They took out the best part     Hold up 5 stars for the old version
Not allowed even a crash because any crashing straight brings you timeout        Its very hard
I like trying new apps but this one is just stupid Deleted it real quick     Stupid
Without a service like Game Center to compete with your friends for high scores whats the incentive to keep playing Its the same every time you play and there are no unlockables           Good but repetitive
Love i tottally worth downloading                 LgLgskgslh
So fun I wish it was expanded though To play the full game like in the video Also change the icon its kinda ugly and has no style              SO GOOD
This does have the song from the video in case you were wondering                 Song
It was a better game without any health points More over it has crashed before playing for a couple of time on my iPhone 5 I need the sequel of this game           Ok
Сделали непонятно что и продают под видом классного мульта     Ужас Шлак
So it took this long to JUST to make the game harderand STILL no episode 2     Update Really
awesome                 Awesome
Awesome game get it now while t is free                 Awesome
Challenging vulgar and fun I want to perfect my abilities in this game                 Fun vulgarity
Just updated and and played about 10 rounds and still havent got the tongue power up Ill remove my one star review when I see its not removed Def best part of the game     Uh oh Something missing
Awesome                 Trucker delight
I have had thus game for awhile and I cant stop playing it So when are u coming out with episode 2 unwed the second part NOW Lol                 Love it man
This game is so fun and hardI play it for hoursI cant wait for episode 2DDDDDD                 So fun

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