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Tumblr, the publisher behind many iOS app (Tumblr ,Photoset), brings Tumblr with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Tumblr app has been update to version 3.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • hands down my favorite social network of all time..
  • Everything is very user friendly and easy to locate..
  • My favorite social media / fangirling website out there..
  • Such as sleepless nights and life changing thoughts..
  • Tumblr is the most awesome social networking site on the interwebz..

Overall Satisfactionc75
I love tumblr because it's so freaking awesome.
I love tumblr but this app is awful.
Tumblr is amazing and the posts are mostly hilarious.
One of the best social networking apps I've used to date.
I love this app it's waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than Facebook.
This app is a lot better than the old one it's more classy.
Like everyone else said THE NEW UPDATE IS AMAZING.
I love the new layout and the ability to customise colours and fonts.
Fun & Engagingc80
I'm addicted to tumblr and this is an easy app to use.
If I wasn't addicted to Tumblr I would never use the app.
Tumblr is awesome it helps people communicate with other people.
Tumblr is awesome but this app is pathetic.
New update is awesome can finally search tags.
tumblr is super fun and you meet so many interesting people.
Everyday I'm tumblin' need I say more.
Everyday I'm tumblin tumblin.
The app works fabulously and everything loads at a good pace.
Everything loads faster and so far it hasn't crashed.
Social Aspectsc92
My favorite social media / fangirling website out there.
Please fix because this was my favorite social media app.
One of the best social networking apps I've used to date.
Nice app to see many different blogs & meet new people.
However you can't reblog or search for new people to follow.
Ease of Usec59
Super convenient for uploading pictures and videos in the go.
every day and the app makes it's super convenient.
I have reset my password twice now.
I have an iPhone 5s and my activity tab doesn't work.
Ads not Intrusivec72
I just wrote this so you'd stop asking me to rate it.
I am rating it so it will stop asking me to rate it.
stop asking me to rate your app it's really obnoxious.
The best site to review and search hobbies and interest.
I've had to re -download twice because of this.
annoying app keeps asking me to review so imma give it 2 em.
Security & Privacyc44
So I changed my password because of the whole security thing.
Singing out of one account and into another is clunky.
I have reset my password twice now.
in account settings.
1oneIt says to change it in privacy settings.
I can't share photos because of privacy settings.
Updates & Supportc77
Like everyone else said THE NEW UPDATE IS AMAZING.
New update is awesome can finally search tags.
Great app love it so much better than the last version.
I think it's better than the old version an definitely much faster.

a new social media seemed like the perfect time killer. found in 18 reviews
I'm still figuring out the aspect of locating friends etc. found in 17 reviews
But other than that this app is pretty dope. found in 19 reviews
Like everyone else said THE NEW UPDATE IS AMAZING. found in 60 reviews
I like this update a lot 7/ 10 would bang. found in 24 reviews
Well I'm obsessed with tumblr so this app is pretty cool. found in 107 reviews
Tumblr is amazing and seriously five thousand times better than Instagram. found in 52 reviews
It'd be wonderful to add settings it's perf. found in 29 reviews
It works waaaay much better than the previous version. found in 31 reviews
It's probably the best website on this whole planet. found in 38 reviews
i love the new upgrade its just cool. found in 20 reviews
Everyday I'm tumblin' need I say more. found in 14 reviews
It's quite frustrating because I mainly upload pictures. found in 136 reviews
I have to load more posts after only viewing a few pictures. found in 120 reviews
The tumblr app crashes frequently when I try to reblog something. found in 368 reviews
Except for the video player takes FOREVER to load. found in 262 reviews
The lack of a search option is off-putting. found in 132 reviews
But the pictures and gifs could really use some work. found in 98 reviews
Stops loading your dashboard images by pages 3. found in 119 reviews
it still needs a search bar and ability to track tags. found in 94 reviews
- no search function available on blogs I'm visiting in-app. found in 110 reviews
Gifs don't work on a consistent basis on my dashboard. found in 210 reviews
Just wish there was a search feature to find users. found in 110 reviews
Crashes whenever you try to edit a post and sometimes while posting. found in 80 reviews
Great app but Activity tab won't show the latest activity. found in 140 reviews
But sometimes Gifs take forever to load if they work at all. found in 66 reviews
but lately the posts don't load and it crashes all the time. found in 51 reviews
Whenever i try and load new posts the same ones pop out. found in 241 reviews
Crashes often and the search button doesn't work. found in 93 reviews
I hate that it crashes and the tags don't work sometimes. found in 58 reviews
there's no search bar and no option for multiple accounts. found in 66 reviews
App doesn't load my dashboard anymore and it crashes every time. found in 47 reviews
stop asking me to rate your app it's really obnoxious. found in 285 reviews
It posts my text posts multiple times and crashes constantly. found in 457 reviews
Not this irritating auto play no user ever requested. found in 165 reviews
Some gifs don't work and of they do they're slow. found in 210 reviews
Constantly having to refresh my dash to load pictures. found in 379 reviews
I can't edit my username or change my profile picture. found in 163 reviews
The app keeps freezing and won't refresh the dashboard or notifications. found in 142 reviews
Also I can't look at new followers from the notifications tab. found in 147 reviews
I have an iPhone 5s and my activity tab doesn't work. found in 140 reviews
It also logs me out makes me reenter my passcode constantly. found in 128 reviews
Everytime I try to reblog something it never actually reblogs. found in 652 reviews
I still have no search option - plz new update soon. found in 132 reviews
annoying app keeps asking me to review so imma give it 2 em. found in 150 reviews
everytime I try to upload a photo it freaking crashes. found in 286 reviews
Please Change the video player how it was before. found in 262 reviews
Cant reupload photos to same photo posts. found in 140 reviews
App is terrible now without the tag search :/. found in 122 reviews

The Tumblr is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Tumblr app version 3.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Tumblr in Tumblr`s Official Website : http://www.tumblr.com/

Use Tumblr's iPhone app to easily post quotes, photos, audio, video and more to your tumblelog.Features:Post to TumblrSend a Text, Photo, Quote, Link, Chat, Audio or Video post.Check Your DashboardYour Tumblr Dashboard is built right ...
loveeeee tumblr honestly so many beautiful things on                 tumblr review
Needs an update ASAP Wont refresh posts     Update
The activity tab has stopped updating     Nope
Come on you guysfix the feed and notification bugs We have to close the app out to refresh anything Yall just keep pounding the anus of all your users with each update Every update that comes out you guys are boning us more and more At least buy us dinner before you ram us     Do you guys like causing us pain
WHY Just stop trying to fix the app Its even harder to view posts with the new update I regret it     Great job at disappointing us again
cant update notifications        yeah
Everythings just gone downhill since yahoo bought it Save yourself the migraine     Ad nightmare that wont even load
Seriously this update is horrendous My main issue is the fact that the activities page wont load and I frequently check that to see if I get a notification from someone wanting to talk or if its an anon or just because I want to know how many reblogs I have for a picture I took Ive killed the app and even logged out and logged back in to see if it would fix the problem but it hasnt We need a new update to fix this mess     PLEASE FIX THIS
Staff you fail us again When are you going to learn Anyways I use this app when I dont have my app around and I say its good But with this new update its freezing a lot times and other tumblr users may know whats wrong           STAFF
When I try to refresh to see my new notifications it freezes on me and for me to see them is I have to exit out of the app then open the app up again its a pain in the ass     Activity Freezes
I love tumblr and everything but why would you change the look of the text posts They were perfect looking before but now they look like a cat puked boogers and dead clam guts on my iPod screen Plus since the new add your Facebook and Twitter and all that crap update my activity wont reload when I refresh it it just freezes so in order to reload my activity I need to close out of the app completely and go back into it which takes like 20million minutes and Im too lazy for that sO PLEASE FIX THAT THANK YOU BYE           PhanTrash
I updated the app and now it wont even open anymore What on earth     What happened
Honestly I was never thrilled with the app to begin with but each update just makes it WORSE on mobile or on the computer they need to stop or actually start reading and listening to their reviews instead of doing whatever they want because its not working     Bad bad bad
the new update completely wrecked the activity page it constantly gets stuck never refreshing closing out the app doesnt help deleting and reinstalling doesnt help please fix this we need to be able to keep track of how our work is doing     newest update
activity doesnt refresh and gets stuck when i refresh it manuallyapp as slow as everad galorewhy even bloat the app with twitter and facebook buttons nobody is gonna make use of those you freaking aholeshave to suffer through cringy and eye rolling update descriptions because you are sooooo funny and hipstery and in no shut up and do your job as its supposed to be0 stars cant belive you get payed while other dedicated and talented people are dying to get work you are a disgrace to anything techappsocial media related     F YOU F YOUR UPDATES AND F YOUR HUMOUR
After the most recent update the Activity Page does fails to refresh while Im on the app The only way it refreshes is if I completely close out the app first Please fix this as soon as possible        Activity Page
Weve asked for a short list of things Theyre not that complicated Yall are smart enough to solve these problems in a few short days easily Instead of fixing these things you decide to add a connect to Facebook and Twitter The one thing we tell you we DONT EVER WANT Ive never left a review before and Im sad that I had to leave this poor of a review But I had to say something because this is ridiculous You really messed up this time     REALLY
After updating the new version of tumblr my notifications do not update and when I try to update them manually it gets stuck with the little loading circle I either have to shut my phone off or delete and redownload the app in order for it to work       
you guys updated the app and now not only are the reblogs disgusting and hard to read but i cant view any of the activity that goes on through the app nice        it was fine before
This is my favorite app to get lost in Great community on a easy to use website and app                 Wonderful websiteapp
ah and I cant forget that the new layout is the most unfortunate one to dateyou know its bad when users of motherchucking tumblr become unanimous on something and this time were basically unanimously hating these layout updates        App crashes when I search for a tag
I cant look at messages on mobile anymore and my notifications stay the same this update is the worst     Please fix
Most people who use Tumblr dislike Facebook and Twitter or what post they wish for their friends and family not to see     No
Aside from the new format making it look so generic ever since the update my activity feed will not load unless I turn my phone off and back on or redownload the app and even then it still freezes Everything loads slower or is crashing the app Ugly aesthetics and bugs Tumblr Staff whyyyyyyyyy     This update is awful
the activity tab wont work now thanks           why
I noticed theres a lag in updating of activity and loading As one who frequently checks their activity to not be able to because of lack of loading is not a good point for the company Theres a loading circle that keeps spinning and never updates Restarting the app does little to nothing Loading of the app in general is also very lagging and slow So I think the company needs to get on that ASAP Definitely not a good thing    
You screwed up tumblr Not only is the new design horrible but my activity feed wont refresh The little rotating circle at the top that shows you its in the progress of refreshing just freezes there and doesnt load my notifications until I completely close out of the app and reopen it Try again tumblr     Awful
Can you guys pretty please fix the feed refresh Its getting ridiculous that I have to close the app in order to see the new feed It was working fine before this update Im gonna be using the xkit app in the meantime because at least that is working the way it should be Fix the problem and Ill change my rating     Please fix the feed refresh
Reblogs are hideous now and the Activity page is STILL broken Its been at least 3 updates now and the Activity page has not been fixed     Buggier than an entomologist conference in July
Just stop     Please man
Please go back to the old layout this new design is close to impossible to follow and is very disorganized     Why
Activity doesnt work and very slow     BIG bugs
As someone with both ADHD and Dyslexia i can personally say that the new update makes content confusing and impossible to read Text posts no longer flow the format is difficult to navigate and its impossible to tell where one comment ends and the next begins Nothing flows like a conversation it is simply a mess of disjointed thoughts that look like theyve been tapped together by a four year old This is a horrible change And I hope they fix it before even more people leave the website I would not suggest downloading it if you enjoy being happy I used to use tumblr all the time Now I just dont want to Its too hard to use     Update is horrible
I never have ever written a review but things are so bad I just had to Nothing has been working right I was hoping that this new update would fix the notification bugs that would move notifications down and leave a gap at the top but it didnt instead it made things worse I cant see my notifications at all it wont loadMy other complaint is the new comment format Im dyslexic so this new format has been making it hard for me to read commentsStaff for once please listen to your users More and more people will stop using your site if you dont fix the bugs or listen to those having a hard time with the new format     Bugs and new format
App crashes whenever I go into my inbox or savedtracked tags     Crashes
The new updates are awful Not only do I hate the new layout of repliesreblogs but I updated it yesterday and now my notifications wont load I have to force close out of the app in order to see who has likereblogged any of my things Awful Tumblr you used to be my favorite now Im contemplating heading elsewhere     Noooooooo
Theres some bug in this version that wont let me refresh the notifications page regardless of how many times I close out the apps Please fix        Notifications wont load
Its not gonna fix the fact that everybody hates the update and now your creative team and staff     Give yourself a hundred fake 5s
I feel the new feature of being unable to refresh my activity tabs half of the time is an irreplaceable improvement to my end user experience     Excellent
My blog notification feed no longer works appropriately Everything is working fine except that        Blog Feed
The horrendous new reblog format aside it irritates me on the app and also the desktop my notifications no longer update even when I restart the app Please fix it Its the main reason I have the app so I can check my notes without my laptop        Notes broken
The tumblr staff has literally ignored all the complaints about the last update and instead of fixing it they have added even more useless things Thanks Tumblr     Newest Update
My activity page doesnt work It freezes and wont show if anyone liked or reblogged my stuff This needs to be fixed immediately And please stop changing everything it is so annoying        Ummmm
I love it                 Yeah
The last update is so horrible The way everything is just layed out makes it even harder to use And I hate how when someone reblogs my post and there not following me I cant get to see it in my notifications Ughh Ive been using tumblr since 2010 and Ive never been this disappointed like now with the new update     Last update is horrible Please do something
Go back to how it was six months ago and add chat instead of activity logs that dont refresh and reblog notes that are so huge its ungodly     Infinite Problems
I love tumblr its probably my favorite app and website I havent had any crashes but one glitch with the activity tab even so it doesnt affect the performance the reason I gave it four stars is the new format why fix something when it isnt broken its a little confusing and just doesnt look as good as the old version overall I highly suggest it              love tumblr
This is so stupid seriously no one likes it just switch back already     Change it
the new update is horrible i cant refresh my notes why cant staff just leave tumblr alone jc     tumblr never fails to disappoint
With the new update as of sept 14 2015 my notifications and activity feed dont seem to be loading at all I have to exit the app close it then reopen it get it to work Please fix this bug ASAP because its extremely irritating also the app randomly crashes Otherwise tumblrs still as addictive as usual        Notifications wont load

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