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Roundbox, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (TV Guide for iPad ,TV Guide Mobile), brings TV Guide Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. TV Guide Mobile app has been update to version 3.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Email alerts..
  • App is very user friendly and the descriptions given are awesome..
  • Best program ever for TV schedule and watchlist..
  • I would like to be able to save multiple locations..
  • Excellent- more accurate and inclusive than the print version..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
simple interface and I'm getting alerts for my favorite shows again.
When I try and load a favorite show.
i used to put reminders for my favorite shows into the Calendar app.
Thank you TV Guide team for working out these kinks.
Love the watchlist feature and an awesome new interface.
It really could use an update for full retina display.
Other than that I love it and absolutely love the watch list.
This app desprately needs push notification.
Fun & Engagingclick me38
Awesome tv listings app.
Awesome TV Guide.
Usefulnessclick me10
Value for Moneyclick me34
They should have prompted us to re -enter after the update.
Social Aspectsclick me48
All the integration options with social media /email is cool.
Ease of Useclick me52
Easy to switch to a different provider when I travel.
So easy to switch from one area to another.
Simple app showing TV listings.
Great simple app that works.
Very disappointed that a simple app like this requires iOS 7.
very functional and easy to use.
Functional and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me27
Ads not Intrusiveclick me25
They should have prompted us to re -enter after the update.
Security & Privacyclick me15
Thanks TV Guid.
Updates & Supportclick me14
Major kudos to their customer service department.


This is the official TV Guide listings and entertainment news application for the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPod touch! Quickly see what is on TV and keep an unlimited list of your favorite shows for easy access. Search by show or episode to find a specific program. Plus, get breaking entertainment news, scoops, episode recaps and daily TV Hot Lists from!


* Sleek, simple interface
* Locate TV listings by ZIP code and cable provider
* U.S. providers supported
* View air date, time, channel and episode details
* Custom channel line-up to view only your favorites
* Channel schedule shows what is upcoming on each station
* Favorite shows list separates new airings and repeats
* Reorder favorite shows to suit your interests
* Search for shows, stars and episodes
* Sort search results by date, title or genre
* Get the latest entertainment news from

TV Guide MobileTV Guide Mobile
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We do not support Canadian listings yet... stay tuned!


The TV Guide Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new TV Guide Mobile app version 3.0 has been updated on 2014-11-23. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about TV Guide Mobile in Roundbox, Inc.`s Official Website :
TV Guide Mobile


Best App for TV viewing gives detail of the different shows. found in 11 reviews
I enjoy TV guide and knowing what's coming on and when. found in 8 reviews
is quite interesting. found in 5 reviews
Especially for those who've " cut the cord " and only watch broadcast TV. found in 6 reviews
Perfect for avid TV watchers. found in 5 reviews
List show titles under the half hour time. found in 4 reviews
Love the program descriptions & reminder function. found in 5 reviews
Even gives a brief description of the listings. found in 5 reviews
Finally this redesigned app feels like a mobile app. found in 5 reviews
Other than that I love it and absolutely love the watch list. found in 14 reviews
Works better than Xfinity app. found in 3 reviews
I'm willing to give TV Guide a third life. found in 6 reviews
very functional and easy to use. found in 4 reviews
Essential when going digital and OTA with your viewing habits. found in 4 reviews
I gave it another chance. found in 5 reviews
Just switched to antenna TV and this is perfect. found in 9 reviews
I strongly recommend this app to any TV lovers. found in 6 reviews
I can look ahead to see what will be coming up. found in 7 reviews
Great app for travelers. found in 3 reviews
An option to remove ads would earn this app 5 stars. found in 57 reviews
I don't want reminders thru email or social media account. found in 32 reviews
no matter how much you change the time. found in 15 reviews
You can't even pay to remove them if you wanted to. found in 57 reviews
A new update and this app is still missing push alerts. found in 6 reviews
I like the app but can't add favorites without signing in. found in 21 reviews
Used to crash all the time or wouldn't load listings. found in 19 reviews
since I got my iPhone 6 it crashes on every use. found in 31 reviews
but lately it won't list shows from either AMC or FX. found in 16 reviews
The flashing ads at the bottom are to distracting. found in 36 reviews
What happened to the photos in the news section. found in 20 reviews
When your users are screaming "if it ain't broke don't fix it. found in 16 reviews
Don't download till you see " retina display support. found in 17 reviews
Would be rated much higher if the flashing adds weren't there. found in 14 reviews
will the developers release an in- app purchase to remove ads. found in 25 reviews
I find the new flashing ads at the bottom of the screen really annoying. found in 9 reviews
Would've given 5 stars if I could change the color scheme. found in 32 reviews
The listings won't even load now and it's crashes often. found in 17 reviews
My most used app until the alerts stopped working. found in 9 reviews
" It's the worst APP for TV listings I've ever used by far. found in 310 reviews
The tab fails to show what's new tonight for ALL CHANNELS. found in 48 reviews
I have tried 5 times to re -establish my favorites list. found in 57 reviews
Directv listings do not include local channels unlike the previous version. found in 49 reviews
Crashes constantly while trying to search for shows. found in 68 reviews
No local listings after selecting correct provider. found in 37 reviews
I can't figure out how to set favorite channels as favorites. found in 252 reviews
If I want to see what's on tonight from my watch list. found in 440 reviews
If a new TV program app came out now. found in 39 reviews
No longer shows channel numbers after the last update. found in 94 reviews
Cannot make a favorite channel list without creating an account. found in 41 reviews
The flashing ads render this version useless. found in 36 reviews
It worked one time and then it stoped loading show times. found in 35 reviews
" New Tonight " doesn't show the "new" shows/episodes shown in listings. found in 56 reviews
but it's confusing and doesn't seem to actually list new episodes. found in 100 reviews
set alerts still doesn't work this app is really sucking hard. found in 118 reviews
Cannot change channel listings that are displayed. found in 82 reviews
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Its Crashing Before this month the app had worked wonderfully          September 2014
App stopped working about a week ago Ive removed app and downloaded again to no avail No customer service no TV guide    Stopped Working
I had been using this app for well over a year with only a few glitches From last week it tells me there is no programming available in my ZIP Dish programming is completely gone and it doesnt even list Direct TV or Time Warner as being available here What gives    What happened
I like being able to adjust the timing notifications of my favorite shows Plus what a pleasant surprise when a long lost movie I added to my faves pops up telling me what channel and time it is coming on soon You can adjust for only new episodes of your favorite show to be notified OR all the shows Just reliable and helps me make more enjoyable use of any leisure time I have                Most USEFUL EFFECTIVE and somewhat elegant APP OUT THERE
Use it just about every day                Great app
Please fix    Broken app
Title says it all What happened          No Charter Cable Listings
Anyone else getting error occurred when opening the app This has been going on for about a week for me Uninstalled it and reinstalled it and also shut down my phone for about 5 minutes before doing so Frustrated    Troubleshooting
Its 100 correct use it all the time                Spot on
I like this app However it is now missing dish network as a provider Its very upsetting that I cant use this app Now We use to be able to why not now          Missing a provider
Jerry                TV guide great app Use it all the time while traveling to different locations
Past 2 days it says no content or an error occurred    Ugh
Good             Good
Informative                Great app
STOPPED WORKING ZERO CUSTOMER SERVICE Time to delete    No Customer Service
Awesome                Awesome
This app is ruined with ads    NO MORE POPUPS
Wont to show listings Only shows an error occurred    Not working
This app was wonderful Then suddenly with no warning they no longer supported Charter Spectrum in my area Terribly disappointed HORRIBLE user support Do not use this They really dont care and they do not communicate changes    Was so good
Wont load listings Settings no longer support anything but ATT Uverse in my area I have Time Warner Used to work fine So frustrating that TV Guide is not fixing this    Error caused by settings change
Totally dislike that you do not give me my option of choosing Charter than ATT that I dont useI would enjoy this only if I could use my cable company    Cable
Ya no hay soporte para mi pais ChileNo puedo acceder al pais chile y por consiguiente no puedo ver los operadores de satlelite ni de cable tv Mala muy mala actualizacion Regresen a la anterior actualizacion o tendré que borrar esta aplicacion y bajar otra    Con la ultima actualizacion dañaron todo
This app has always been glitchy It was something I used every day and even though defective I really liked it Now I cant even open it All it says is an error occurred but the ads at the bottom work just fine FIX THIS    5 to 1
The app works great except that its missing channels Our channel provider dropped the rolling guide from the channel line up and now the app is missing certain channels Weird             Missing channels
I used to love this app and it has never given any problems until now For some reason theres an error and my Listings will not load My Watchlist only shows whats streaming it does not show whats on tv Ive tried the Try again option to refresh but no luck Im no longer satisfied with this app Ugh       What has changed
The listings would not load so I cant say how good this app is    I got nothin
This was my favorite app but All I get now is error Wont open It works on my iPhone so why wont it work on iPad anymore    Did work great now all I get is error
Why suddenly did Charter Cable disappear from the list of providers I loved the app and used it several times daily now it is useless to me    Why
Ive used this app for over a year in several cities across the US Today suddenly it says error occurred I uninstalledreinstalled but still my provider TWC isnt even an option here anymore What gives TV Guide    Suddenly no Time Warner listings
Yeah the error was installing this loser of an app that doesnt even show listings without crashing    An error occurred
What happened to the app It keeps making me reset my password then wont recognize the new one    Miffed
This app adjusted to my location when I was traveling but now will not adjust back to my home location It is not very useful if it doesnt adjust to my location    Location failure
It does not connect anymore When it worked it was awesome    WAS good
TV Guide was a Hugh help until they took away the digital listings Why did this happen          TV guide
Listings are easy to readYou can search by title or actorCan search by team nameMight be nice to link to reviews but this is better than most cable guides                Excellent
This app has been the best Ive found for over the air TV Its consistent fast and accurate                Good app for TV
It does everything I need it to Id recommend it to anyone Thankyou                Great for me
I had to delete the icon and log in I had to use a different password Ok Did that I wanted to start a watch list It wants me to sigh in I just signed in What happened to the old easy to use app          Something terrible has happened to this app
Still having problem to add or remove programs Very frustrating    Need fixing again
Today I opened this perfectly serviceable app to find apparently one of the channels has promoted itself to the top with a bright yellow highlight There is no way to disable this Nor is there a way to change the order so it displays correctly I hope this is not an irritating new trend of channels paying to promote themselves to the top of the list If so Ill just uninstall this app and channel surf oldschool style       Ewdont
I loved this app until the most recent update Now it wont load the daily grid or even just the tonight listings Im really sad that it doesnt work anymore I guess Ill keep it until the update again and hope it will work right    Newest Version wont work
One of my Favorite channels suddenly got moved to the top of the list on my iPad It is totally out of numeric order and is a bright highly annoying color To fix this I had to remove it from the Favorites list So I lowered my rating from 4 to 3 stars          Weird Way to Display Channels
Is this no longer compatible with time warner cable    Twc
Great app love being able to list only my favorite channels Wish you could increase the font size             Use it daily
I lost my favorites and no local channels when I choose all Chanels    Favorites gone
Works fine lists shows the end             Very good
I use this app every day Works smoothly informative and keeps me on top of my favorite shows Love it                Thank you TV Guide
App has not shown listings for over a week and there is no word anywhere on why this is Used to be a great app for those of us with boxless cable as it gave the exact channel number we needed As of the past week though the app is completely useless Website listings are also down for boxless    No Listings
You cant register cant join via facebook nor by Google plus nor by Twitter if your email address is already in their system If you ever had an account you cant log in without password If you cant remember it you wont be able to retrieve it either You get Messages like you must enter a valid email Well this email had been in their system all along so what could possibly be wrong with itIn 15 years online this its the most hassle getting in to anything i have ever experienced I give up deleting app If it will let me    This is one screwed up app
It is failing to load all the time now       Not working


Roundbox, Inc.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 2.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.0
iPhone iPad

iOS TV Guide Mobile 3.0 Mobile

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