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Twitter, Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (Niche Creator App ,Fabric - real time app analytics and alerts ,Twitter ,Periscope ,Twitter ,Twitter Engage), brings Twitter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Twitter app has been update to version 4.3.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with friends and followers..

Overall Satisfactionc69
I love twitter so much it's awesome and amazing.
I love twitter but the app is annoying.
Twitter is hands down the best social media app out there people.
You can't find a worse mobile social media app than this one.
Twitter is by far the best social network app I have used.
You ruin the best social network with this horrible update.
Updates timeline and sends notifications way better than Facebook.
Fun & Engagingc86
Twitter is awesome because you are aloud to tweet about yourself.
I have gotten so addicted to twitter it's not even funny.
I'm addicted to twitter and it keeps crashing.
I'm obsessed with twitter and use it all the time.
This new version is terrible and I'm obsessed with Twitter.
Awesome Social networking without all the drama.
I use twitter all day everyday it's my secret obsession.
On here pretty much all day everyday.
Keeps me informed all the time any where about my favorite topics.
It keeps me informed with the last eat breaking information.
Social Aspectsc85
Twitter is hands down the best social media app out there people.
You can't find a worse mobile social media app than this one.
Twitter is by far the best social network app I have used.
You ruin the best social network with this horrible update.
Its a very cool way to stay connected with friends and celebrities.
Meeting new people around the states is very enjoyable.
My twitter now won't follow new people anymore.
Twitter is a great way to keep in touch with friends and followers.
Great way to keep in touch with friends all over the world.
Twitter keeps saying I have several notifications when I don't.
Security & Privacyc33
Sometimes gets confused going from one account to another.
Solution: changed my password and it's working and I'm loving it.
old account got hacked at 12K.
It feels good to have privacy settings.
That would be a great feature in privacy settings.
Updates & Supportc10
to have great customer service via twitter.

Great way to interact with people you would otherwise have no chance. found in 64 reviews
I use it everyday and it is my preferred social media outlet. found in 24 reviews
Keep up to the minute on your favorite accounts and breaking stories. found in 18 reviews
Twitter is the greatest social networking site that has ever been created. found in 41 reviews
Its a very cool way to stay connected with friends and celebrities. found in 236 reviews
Great app from by far the best social media platform. found in 33 reviews
I use twitter all day everyday it's my secret obsession. found in 29 reviews
Twitter is hands down the best social media app out there people. found in 583 reviews
Great app to follow celebs and latest news and sports. found in 50 reviews
I will still use this in conjunction with Echofon Pro. found in 27 reviews
My source for breaking news and introductions to new contacts. found in 62 reviews
Twitter is absolutely the best news source out there. found in 33 reviews
New trending bar is extremely annoying & distracting. found in 374 reviews
Latest update with blue lines drawn through tweet conversations is annoying. found in 293 reviews
It wouldn't load new tweets after long amounts of time. found in 574 reviews
Twitter app needs somewhere to accept follower requests. found in 283 reviews
Twitter doesn't tell me I have notifications anymore. found in 56 reviews
whenever I change my profile picture it makes the picture blurry. found in 392 reviews
For some reason Every time I change My profile pic it's blurry. found in 209 reviews
No log out button and can't change too many settings. found in 60 reviews
Keeps saying "Cannot remove account" after I tap the SIGN OUT button. found in 60 reviews
This happens every other time I open Twitter. found in 144 reviews
Keeps saying there's an error when I try to send a message. found in 267 reviews
Missing push notifications for new followers and retweets. found in 533 reviews
Twitter needs to expand the 160 character limit. found in 168 reviews
They've made it annoying with the trending topics bar. found in 424 reviews
My only problem is that you can't accept follow requests. found in 119 reviews
but everyone's profile pictures are always blurry / low quality. found in 458 reviews
Good app but there is no logout button. found in 77 reviews
Please make group direct messages for twitter on iPads. found in 345 reviews
But how do you approve or deny follower requests with this app. found in 251 reviews
It has a glitch where I can't change my profile picture. found in 392 reviews
The people I follow aren't loading ever since I upgraded. found in 238 reviews
STILL can't accept follower requests on iPad in 6. found in 283 reviews
It won't load new tweets and won't publish them either. found in 574 reviews
I tried to change my profile pic and Twitter app won't let me. found in 209 reviews
This new twitter update isn't working properly. found in 572 reviews
So now we can't quote tweets from private accounts. found in 336 reviews
The blue lines connecting convos as extremely annoying. found in 293 reviews
Good back to the old one this new update is the worst by far. found in 263 reviews
New Quick Bar is intrusive and can't be disabled. found in 213 reviews
Push notifications have never worked and constantly reset. found in 533 reviews
Trending bar completely ruined this amazing app. found in 374 reviews
I can't find where to approve or deny follower requests. found in 251 reviews
So this new update doesn't allow us to retweet protected tweets. found in 250 reviews
It crashes every time I try to tweet or quote tweet it crashes. found in 855 reviews
Every time I open my direct messages the app crashes. found in 345 reviews
The trending topics bar at the top is horribly annoying. found in 424 reviews
After all the updating profile pictures are still blurry. found in 458 reviews
App is constantly freezing when I try to send a tweet. found in 267 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Twitter for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Twitter app version 4.3.2 has been updated on 2014-11-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Twitter in Twitter, Inc.`s Official Website :

Discover what s happening right now, anywhere in the world with the official Twitter for iPhone app. Realtime search, Top Tweets, trending topics and maps show whats happening now everywhere and nearby. Tweet, send DMs, share ...
Blowing up the iPhone app has to be the laziest design ever The use of the screen real estate is terrible Misses the point of the iPad     iPad design is lazy
Twitter rocks                 Better than a Krabby Patty
I love this portal so I can follow all things Disney                 Love It
Installed the update Twitter would not open Shut down my iPad and restarted it twice Twitter will NOT open Twitter no longer works on my iPad     No more Twitter
The load more feature doesnt work anymore ever since I updated Im not constantly on Twitter refreshing my TL So when I do on Twitter I want to see the tweets I have missed but the TL will jump from 6hrs ago to 40 minutes ago And when I clicked load more tweets it wont load the tweets I have missed Please fix this Also there is too much white going on now Bring back more blue plz     Please fix
Love it                 Simple and perfect
I hate the update on iPad How do I change it back     Awful update
I really hate that it moves me to the top of my timeline every time I open the app Making me consider apps like Storyline     Newest update is no good
Best app better than IG and the update wasnt bad                 Great
I enjoyed the previous version of the app and now its screwed up Not good at all        New update looks horrible
The new update makes Twitter look like it was made by novices in landscape mode There is a ton of white space on either side of the feed Did you guys not take that into account when you made this update Not everyone uses their mobile device especially tablets upright like a phone Please stop forcing your users to use your app the way you think everyone else uses it and fix landscape mode And honestly make up your mind about whether you want a sidebar or a bottom bar for your navigation quit going back and forth like youre just following whatever other popular social media sites do with their apps        Looks terrible in landscape mode iPad
As I use Twitter for political reasons and for me is one of the apps that make me depressed I wish you never help governments and give them users accounts and locations However I love this version and the latest improvements                 Thumps up
its ugly but amazing                 honestly
Wow                 Wow
Pretty much the worst thing the Internet ever came up with     Trite garbage
Carries a TCC NASTY BUG in diagnostic and usage and this is on all versions You need to fix it     Carries a nasty Bug
Twitter is my preferred social media and for good reason great app                 Retweet Please
Wow It is shocking sometimes how bad a company can blow it having no clue what their customers are thinking as demonstrated by rolling out a really bad product and a really bad idea That is what Twitter did when it rolled back good functionality in its iPad application to establish consistency with its iPhone application Great Now both products are consistently bad     Twitter update for iPad is a downgrade
The update is a mess I thought Id use it for a while and see if it grows on me but I cant I just cant its such a stupid update The layout is a complete mess it visually looks ugly and complicated I can no longer see whos following me back The place where the number of tweets are located currently is in a stupid place you might as well get rid of it all together Id like an unupdate please     NEW UPDATE FOR IPAD deleting Twitter account
Love it                 Love it Love it Love it
Ive been using Twitter for nearly 4 years now and I continue to love it to this day                 Best Social Media App
Notification alert shows that a notification but the list did not refresh with what the notification is Seems like something basic that should be fixed by now     Notification
nothing else to say                 Its Twitter
Too much white space makes the new layout look very odd and jarring Not nearly as readable Surprised this made it through use testing     New layout is poor
Really missing the old way to retweet with Yes its great to have more characters to respond with but how you have to do too much to see the actual tweet you can no longer retweet with comment adding a picture Makes me want to find a different app           Old feature back
This app should be given to people with mental illness this app just lets people release thoughts ideas You can meet people whore going through what you may be going through I love it OatmealGod                 The one I use the most
I use this app all the time and have never been disappointed with it                 Great app
Twitter keeps me updated on things in the world and connected to people who think about things I think about                 Connection
twitter is nicethanks                 its nice
GR8                 Hi
THANK YOU Got so tired of scrolling I stopped using it Yesterday it went the top by it self Much love for fixing a serious annoyance                 Notifications now goes to top
Very rarely do I write a review however this update is so terrible I had to take the time I would like to know who on earth thinks the new all white themes are innovative I cant stand it Using this app on iPad hurts my eyes it is impossible to distinguish a tweet from the background I have to turn my brightness down all the way to avoid a headache Wish I could revert to the old version And what is with all the wasted white space when using in landscape mode on iPad now     Terrible white theme
The only thing that bothers me about twitter is you cant delete your retweets Besides that I have no problem with Twitter              Possible Update
Its a fully functional app with its few malfunctions here and there but overall its solid The only problem I have with it is that it wont show my mentions in the notification bar on my iPhone 6 plus           Its good but it could be better
It always takes forever to do anything It never ever lets me use a photo for a profile pic Its s good idea but it needs lots of improvements           Its a good idea but not great
Its all white Quite confusing design when compared to the old one w clear blue black white section colors Not exactly friendly for either iPad eyes nor brain now In the list where you can see who you are following have temporarily muted etc you can no longer see who follows you back thats in a separate list Twitter addicts needs this Twitter        Latest iPad version too many issues
The newly designed iPad experience is awful but it works fine on my iPhone The iPad layout in landscape is awful and leaves way too much of the screen unused It seems more like an app that was written in the infancy of iPad before developers knew what to do with the screen Its pretty embarrassing that this is the official Twitter app        Bad for iPad
I love it              bs
Intersting                 Good
Theres too much documentsdata for this app Please fix it     Documents and Data
I will gladly pay 99 cents to 299 to be able to use the app without advertisements I used Facebook in over a year because they started having too many advertisements that would take over my newsfeed page Twitter is starting to head in that direction and Id rather it didnt but I know that its a good source of revenue so all Im asking is for a way to opt out of the ads Ill pay to get out of them           Twitter Please Read This
Everytime I see a Vine on my feed I have to go into the Vine app to watch it How about instead of adding all these features we fix existing problems This isnt a new problem but I have waited for too long for all these nonexistent bug and performance fixes           Fix Existing Problems
The new app is ruined You cant scroll from one tweet to another without touching the screen When you touch the screen the app takes you to that one tweet Over and over again I cant navigate from one tweet to the next without stopping at each tweet This is miserable The app worked so well before Why did you ruin it     The Twitter App is Ruined
Since the most recent update the app just doesnt workat all It wont even open on my iPhone 6 I deleted the app then tried to download it again but all I got was epic fail What happened     What happened
Loser Loser Loser IPad upgrade doesnt work 1 Cant upgrade stops does NOTHING 2 Doesnt open either within the app or when trying to reinstall the entire app 3 Nothing works period since I now have zero access to the Twitter iPad app What dimwits put this upgrade together     PATHETIC UPGRADE
I absolutely love Twitter I get on this app everyday                 Love this Appppp
First time user                 Good
Generally app is clunky and slower Also to much white space In addition on of the best parts of IOS Twitter was being able to view profiles that have blocked me this cant be done with current version I need to use older 1st generation I pad to view profiles that have me blocked        Reveiw
follow lilbthebasedgod and rbrt                 twitter is so cool
i had to make a account on my settings because the app wouldnt open     wont open

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