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AT&T Inc. , the publisher behind many iOS app (AT&T Voicemail Viewer (Home) ,AT&T MicroCell ,AT&T Connect Mobile ,AT&T Call International ,AT&T U-verse Live TV: monthly subscription fee applies ,AT&T Mark the Spot), brings U-verse Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. U-verse Mobile app has been update to version 2.5.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • could use a few pointers from the TV guide app though..
  • control your home tv receivers with the remote control feature..
  • though: add Bill Pay..
  • Thanks for adding the "Watch" feature for iPod users..
  • You can watch tv and recordings right on your phone..

Overall Satisfactionc36
most bugs seem to be fixed.
Being able to record my shows wherever I am is pretty nice.
The new remote control feature has some great capabilities.
Thanks att for updating the app in 48 hrs.
Love the new interface.
Fun & Engagingc26
Production Valuesc53
The web interface allows setting the option for the entire series.
Love the new interface.
Security & Privacyc10
Updates & Supportc15
great customer service.
I was waiting for this remote version.

After switching the app to all enabled devices allowed. found in 4 reviews
Great app need app for WP8. found in 2 reviews
Some people shouldn't have "smart" phones. found in 2 reviews
This app has alot of potential in it's future. found in 1 reviews
though slower than molasses. found in 2 reviews
Guys finally got to work. found in 3 reviews
The web interface allows setting the option for the entire series. found in 5 reviews
This app is significantly better than all previous versions. found in 2 reviews
Still nothing changes still can't watch recorded shows from my smart phone. found in 183 reviews
It still freezes every time I try to watch or download a show. found in 35 reviews
Unable to stream. found in 42 reviews
Would be nice to have ability to watch recorded or current premium channels. found in 194 reviews
from reviewers with the same problems: fails to connect and painfully slow. found in 36 reviews
Having a remote feature would be great if it worked. found in 48 reviews
but trying to force people to upgrade to watch shows is stupid. found in 77 reviews
The "Uverse mobile service has been temporarily unavailable " for months. found in 31 reviews
Why bother to watch a show when it skips so substantially. found in 35 reviews
Cannot watch my recorded shows even with the uverse 400 plan. found in 40 reviews
I'm able to login into my account just fine. found in 97 reviews
Getting some crazy null error when trying to watch a recording. found in 199 reviews
Can't download shows and can't watch shows that were recorded. found in 38 reviews
Crashes on login after setting up receiver for remote control. found in 64 reviews
Why can't I watch local channels channel 2. found in 32 reviews
Needs to be able to watch tv. found in 59 reviews
Simple stuff like favorite channels are erased every time app closes. found in 34 reviews
and their customer service is absolutely horrible. found in 30 reviews
I have been unable to login for over 3 months. found in 97 reviews

The U-verse Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.5.5 has been released on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about U-verse Mobile check developer AT&T Inc.`s website : http://www.wireless.att.com/cell-phone-service/specials/iPhoneApps.jsp

Take the U-verse experience with you; schedule your DVR recordings and watch hit TV shows on your iPhone with the U-verse Mobile app from AT&T. The U-verse Mobile app gives you access to your AT&T ...
This app is worthless    
I enjoy using the app although it is a bit overwhelming at times I highly suggest hiring a UX designer to help with all of the functionality Also adding favorite channels feature is buggy and hardly works        Great concept but still needs work
It will show my recordings OK but nothing happens when you press the watch button User interface is inconsistent        Cant watch recordings
When will u guys bring an update to watch our rec shows           Watch our rec
Please include the option to deer multiple shows on Recorded section at one time You have to delete each show one by one Takes forever App is usually slow and unresponsive     Multiple line delete please
Im extremely disappointed The Uverse tutorial videos showed you can watch your recorded shows on your mobile device in the great outdoors I have not tried that but would have been very satisfied if I could watch my recorded show on my home wifi I can schedule delete and read my recorded show titles BUT CAN NOT WATCH ANY OF MY RECORDED SHOWS ON MY iPAD What gives ATT On top of that all of my local channels can not be viewed LIVE I can watch QVC live on my iPad but not NBC CBS etc Sincerely Very disappointed     Minus 5 stars
Shows dont always come through many are blackedout in your area It is nice to be able to watch shows on a device You could blame the freezing shows on my internet but go figure thats ATT Uverse too Overall not worth the hassle        Fuzzy Unpredictable Unreliable
Ive had ATT Uverse for about a week The install tech had me download the app said he got rated on it Have tried to log in several times a day but have yet to get anything but an error message that Uverse mobile service is temporarily unavailable Please try back later I bet if my bill payment was temporarily unavailable ATT would be much more proactive about addressing the issue Hoping it will change or I might have to ask for a credit as Im not getting all the service I was promised     cant write a positive review when cant get App to load
Well it didnt steal my iTunes password so that is its only positive It crashed more than ME and vista combined but recently seems to be more stable Now that it is working I noticed to watch live tv it has to have my location service on Not only does this drain my battery faster it also allows them to track my every movement This is great att because so well known for protecting privacy I cite them sharing information with the government wo warrants     Worst app ever
I love this app but I hate the fact that they removed the option to select and delete multiple recordings at a time Please put that back              Add this option
Please return the expiration dates to the descriptions for individual On Demand episodes Very important           Needs Expiration Dates for On Demand Episodes
UGH This app is great and all but WHY CANT I WATCH RECORDINGS          
Decent navigation but streaming service doesnt work 90 of the time Lot of error message despite different devices tried on     Streaming is atrocious
This app is ridiculous constantly stops during we Im watching saying video cant be played at this time This is ridiculous Cant even watch on demand because its always freezing Please fix this ASAP     Beyond disappointed
Please let us watch recorded TV in app thanks                 Recordings
What the HELL is wrong with this App It crashes after about 30sec EVERY SINGLE TIME I mean this is why I have ATT at homeso I can watch on the road This needs to be fixed Yesterday     Doesnt work Since the update
ATT please do us a favor and fire the developers for this worthless app This app does not reflect the top notch cable provider you claim to be     What a disappointment
App closes as soon as you try and watch one of your recorded shows Fix it     Shuts down
Like Uverse the app doesnt work I tried to sign in to record a show I started to watch and it told me to update I already have no updates available and it wont sign in because this version is no longer supported So I missed the end of my show However pretty used to that because I miss most of what I want to watch when uverse goes out 1015 times an hour     Unsatisfied
Im off to college and all my recordings are just sitting there at home I would really like to watch my recordings its unfortunate that I cant           Recordings
Every time an update occurs this app gets worse and worse I cant take it anymore SO FRUSTRATING For the amount I pay uverse you would think they can afford to have better engineers making apps     Just horrible Freezes and so many errors
Will play for 20 to 30 seconds or up to a full two minutes before crashing Crashes repeatedly Dont even try to watch a program This was before and after the latest update     Worst app ever
Was working just fine until the new update on August 31 2015 Keep sayings password is wrong        New version is a waste of time
Very disappointing that this is the best ATT can do with an app Wont stay connected to receivers and once disconnected wont reconnect Very buggy     Really bad
The only feature on this app that works is the remote anytime I try to access it over cellular the app crashes love paying for ATT service when I cant use all the features I paid for     Terrible
The new app freezes on one channel forcing you to reset each time I wish you verse had network television included Time Warners the app does     New Version Slow Buggy Sept 2015
Crashes doesnt recognize your location for local channel settings even when you have location services enabled Repeated error messages service connection failed Whats the point of this app The only real feature that works is the ability to record shows     HORRIBLE
I love this app but it needs a volume button and an on button                 Love it but
I have a news show on in the background at work early in the morning streaming over cellular data just about every work day It became a ritual of mine Recently though after a few minutes of play I get an error message saying there is a problem playing video and to try again later It used to work no problem until the last few weeks A result of an untested update no doubt Shame Ive now switch to my satellite XM radio to listen the my show Ive even seen the same message f couple of times while on wifi in my home AtT seem to be issuing updates every other day trial and error live testing I guess     Recent updates no good for streaming video
Took a little time for me to get the hang of all the features but now I use it all the time especially setting up recordings while at home or away A nice option to have would be watching TV show recordings over my mobile devices and increase the number of channels that are available for live viewing over my mobile devices but the other features are great Thanks                 Excellent App
Live TV playback used to work just fine but now it freezes every few minutes It is so annoying I finally gave up and closed the app Not a network problem other streaming apps work just fine in my home        Too much freezing
The features are great you can watch live tv and on demand However the video doesnt play reliably           Good features just not efficient
Uverse app cannot be deleted or reinstalled no matter I reboot iPhone or do anything Tried delete pause reinstall etc nothing works Basically app stuck in some bad state where installation stops at certain point and never proceeds Cant even delete it        App Cannot be removed
Tiny screen while watching live TV on iPhone 6 Is there a way to view live TV on full screen using an iPhone 6        Tiny screen while watching live TV
We cant even log on Every time we try we get an error message that says the service is unavailable     Uverse Service Unavailable
The idea of watch anywhere is a great concept But doesnt work with this app I cant watch anything that I have recorded So whats the point ATT please fix this issue     False advertising
Love app keep getting new features and improvements                 New features and improvements
Ugh Very frustrating that some days I can watch a show with know issues and then the next time I try the same show on the same channel I get an error indicating that it cannot play it through a proxy Fix it ATT     Cannot play restricted content through proxy
I have used a few other apps to watch tv such as DirectTVs app and this by far in my opinion is the best to watch tv withanywhere I am able to record any program that I wish at anytime and the app does not take long at all to load anything When I was without UVerse for a time it was painful Glad to be back I love this app Only thing that I wish the app would do is allow me to watch recorded programming on my iPhone and iPad App still gets 5 stars though I have had it crash before but I have not experienced that to the extend that some of the other reviews have stated Of course one cannot expect that every piece of electronics whether it be software or hardware will work 100 of the time all the time with no issues ever It happens however not that much for me                 Great App Get it
Too many bugs Sometimes cant even watch videos because of errors messages and buffering videos It is not my internet connection it is the appthe videos lag a lot     Horrible
Im so tired of uverse glitchy TV service craptapular app smh     New Updatefail
First off you cant watch any NFL or MLB games Which I dont understand why I pay for cable why cant I watch it through the app And every channel isnt live And you cant even watch your recordings through the app I only like it cause I do get NCAA football        No good
Very handy to be able to watch Live TV away from home even though some channels are not available Very recommended                 Works great
Why do I have to reconnect the remote every time I try to fast forward Makes it so annoying I dont use it        RemoteUgh
I like watching sports on the go Wish I could watch my recorded shows                 I like streaming TV but
On Demand still doesnt work Call Att 3 months ago and they said they were fixing the app Next several updates came out and still get the same A network error has occurred Please check your connection and try again US0501 Even had the ATT guy here at the same time He just shook his head like he was not surprised Said nothing wrong with network App used to work at one time     cant even watch on demand app doesnt work
Using my iPhone 6 have problems with app switching out of universal remote control App works less than 40 of time     Lee
The user interface is horrible difficult to figure out clunky inconsistent Otherwise it usually does what it supposed to do let you watch most of your channels     Needs a useable user interface
20 of the time this app might actually work for streaming live TV Most of the time it either freezes becomes unresponsive or just gives you one of many many errors Completely unreliable This is what one of the worlds largest communication companies best effort is What a joke     What an embarrassment
This app made my iPad crashit froze blue screen appeared and then shut off I have never seen that EVER on any apple device before I was watching a movie on epix and when I tried to get back to it It said locked content I then downloaded the app on my iPhone and ran into the same message     At a loss for words

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