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Vmlweb , the publisher behind many iOS app (Tap to Flap! ,Light Hero Free ,Santa Saga Lite ,MCServerStatus ,FiliCal ,iShortenURLs), brings UkuleleTabs with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. UkuleleTabs app has been update to version 1.4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • ability to play a song while looking at chords from the app..

Overall Satisfactionc29
The download feature is amazing.
Fun & Engagingc38
Really an awesome app.
Great app but crashes really frequently.

Okay so I got this app a couple of months ago and hated it. found in 1 reviews
I was able to teach myself ukulele with just this. found in 2 reviews
fully optimised ipad version coming soon. found in 1 reviews
A must-have for any uke player. found in 2 reviews
One of the best apps I have downloaded so far. found in 1 reviews
Absolutely breathtaking. found in 1 reviews
So useful on both iPhone and iPad. found in 1 reviews
Hands down the best ukulele app out there. found in 2 reviews
create set lists and favourites. found in 1 reviews
Still it's a great supplement to other learning tools and FREE. found in 1 reviews
The layout is good and simple. found in 1 reviews
I'm not quite sure what people are talking about. found in 1 reviews
Lovely iPod feature. found in 2 reviews
Useful app but buggy. found in 1 reviews
the app closes when certain letters of artists names are selected. found in 4 reviews
Crashing Ugh. found in 1 reviews
It's pretty frustrating but other than than it's great. found in 2 reviews
Everytime I search for a song now. found in 8 reviews
But now it is glitching so bad that I can't even get it to open. found in 7 reviews
Landscape view would be helpful. found in 2 reviews
it crashes when trying to open certain songs. found in 3 reviews
Great when it's not crashing. found in 1 reviews
words are blocked out and it crashes pretty often. found in 2 reviews
Having issues where it won't let me pull up tabs. found in 2 reviews
Wide selection but BUGGY. found in 1 reviews
Even you guys know it's a must fix. found in 1 reviews
Really needs a stability update. found in 1 reviews
Mixed up song list and crashes. found in 1 reviews
Stop complaining about not being able to see lyrics. found in 9 reviews
needs lyrics. found in 2 reviews
NEEDS LYRICS PLEASE. found in 2 reviews
Nothing to see here. found in 9 reviews
but since the update I can't even get it to open. found in 7 reviews
NO INTERNET CONNECTION. found in 3 reviews
The app crashes after a few seconds now. found in 3 reviews
It would be much better if they had strum patterns. found in 6 reviews
Whenever i open certain songs. found in 3 reviews
Why can't it be like guitar tabs. found in 3 reviews
I ended up deleting it. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download UkuleleTabs for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. The new UkuleleTabs app version 1.4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-08. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about UkuleleTabs check developer Vmlweb`s website :

Ukulele Tabs App is a mobile viewer to browse our collection of ukulele tabs and chords wherever you are. Features: - Top Monthly/Overall Tabs - Browse Tabs From Artist - Ukulele Chord Viewer - Built In Ukulele Tuner - Search For ...
nobody else here seems to be complaining about how much this app crashes so heres another thing to fix every time I go through browse and tap on certain letters to look for a song itll crash everysingletime its so annoying fix it please then Ill rate this 5 stars        Crashing Ugh
This app is incredible It has everything I couldve asked for Thank you                 Amazing
I find myself using this app daily and I feel it is an essential for any aspiring musician most all tabs are accurate and sound great                 AMAZING
Cant return to the home screen     Stuck
Wooooo An update Hopefully this will be a nice change from the past                 Finally
The app is great but on my downloads Ill click one song and itll send me to a different song I have to spend time going through every song to find the song I want and its really annoying           Awesome but issues
This app was great but since the update I cant even get it to open Please fix     Smh
So I like the app but when certain artist letters are touched to pull them up it crashes Why If you want to look at artists B T it will crash Once you fix this Ill give it 5 stars        Crashes
Very nice Latest update is clean and highly functional Has great features like autoscrolling ability to play a song while looking at chords from the app and tab saving Highly recommend                 Perfect
This app doesnt have any streamlined search options and was over all very difficult to use I struggled a lot with it        Hard to Use
At first I had the same issue of crashing after updating but uninstalling and doing a fresh reinstall of the app fixed the issue A major thank you to the dev team for updating the app                 Yay for the update
It wont open The app icon never showed up on my phone and when I click open in the App Store it does nothing Help           Cant really review it
Such a fun instrument and I just started and this has been very helpful Thanks              Yas
This app has the correct chords however 85 of a song has no lyrics What kind of tab doesnt have lyrics I wouldnt recommend this app to anyone     No good
When I first started playing the uke this app was my bible But now it is glitching so bad that I cant even get it to open I really hope it gets fixed soon I love this thing when its working right           Needs a bit of work
It would get 5 stars if it werent so glitchy and closing out Give me my money back or fix the app        Great tabs but glitchy help
Please update this to ios 7 and make it fit to the whole screen thanks                 Please
I stopped using this app for like a year because what I saved on my computer wasnt on my phone and I used my computer more Now this app integrates what youve saved on the web to the app and even has a tuner built in Very wonderful app thank you                 Huuuuge upgrade
I love this app So helpful and I understand completely why the xs are there so that doesnt bother me What does is that when I download the titles are out of order if they start with same letter Ill try to pull up back to black and it will come up with black bird Please fix this it drives me crazy when I have to pull up five songs to find the one thats correct              Downloading glitch
This app is not working properly on the iPad About a quarter of the screen is blank and just overall buggy     Needs Another Update
The app was great a long time ago now its great once again new and better interface no crashing as of yet landscaping returns to read tabs much easier Once again this is now my favorite app and I will use it everyday again Good job keep it up                 Best Ukulele app AGAIN
Hands down the best ukulele app out there I was able to teach myself the ukulele using this app alone Its super user friendly and has a great variety of tabs The only thing that would make it even greater is if the instructions on how to play each chord for the tab changed when you transpose the tab But that is seriously the only thing I would change 1010 A great job                 Simply the best
The app crashes every time I try to view a tab Please fix this     Would be great if it didnt crash
Cant browse songs dont have all the words Why cant it be like guitar tabs You are so close     Keeps crashing and needs more songs
Was seriously so excited to see there was finally an update as there were a ton of glitches on the last version but I still used it I have downloaded the app but it keeps crashing while it sets up stuff so irked I just hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later because I use uke tabs all the time and love it           Crying
Crashes constantly Doesnt contain lyrics or any frame of reference Crashes any time you press back or return to browse after looking up a chord This app is absolutely horrible     Crashes constantly No Lyrics Worthless
Kinda buggy and the words dont show up which is kinda lazy and annoying but i know you guys cant control that I love how you can download songs So i dont need wifi or use dat to play a song like if im going camping and you dont get service in heavily wooded areas or just dont get service anyway you still have the downloaded songs on the app                 I love it
I love the app it has all kinds of tabs and is helpful on the go but it will randomly crash quite often so it gets pretty annoying otherwise it would get 5 stars           Helpful but it crashes
It is a great source of songs but I would prefer more lyrics And it does crash A LOT when I go to look around in the alphabet for a song If these changes are fixed then 5 stars will be deserved           Good but
I like this app Its really handy But I can just tell every time I use it that its out if date Update it and make it to fit the 5th Gen screens and maybe add a couple new things Like maybe lyrics with the songs if possible And an option for harder cords Please update Thank you           Update it please
This app is in need of an update At least update the screen size to iphone 5        Update it already
App support link doesnt exist Multiple songs with same first letter get shuffled around Songs starting with a number dont save properly Ill wait for version 2 for possible 5 stars           Great but needs work
This app would rock if crashing wasnt its favorite thing to do Upon seeing other review complaining of this same thing I figured Id still give the app a chance Not worth it If you have Internet use it This app is garbage        Ehhh
This app doesnt crash for me but the songs that I do save get mixed up Overall I really like this app and the fact that you can add the lyrics yourself is nice           I write with caution
Id much rather buy this app even if it was expensive for the lyrics and less bugs But thanks to the developer for at least bringing something ukulele to the market           Lyrics and bugs
It would be so awesome if there was an update that allowed us to log into our accounts and check our profiles and do all the cool things that we can do on the website                 I love this app BUT
The update was much needed this app is gorgeous to look at and much much easier to use Well done                 Absolutely breathtaking
Good idea like being able to search artists But every other letter in the browse section causes the app to shut down Balls        Meh
Okay seriously it crashes every time I try to open a letter when Im browsing Like Kenya not UPDATE THIS THING IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU DID     Grrrr
The app crashes after a few seconds now     App crashes
The description of the app says that I should be able to add lyrics to songs where the xs are but I cant figure out how to do this           Help
The app is skewed to the right so none of the righthand buttons are available for use in any screen orientation        Needs fix
Perfect                 Love it
I could care less about the lyrics that everyone is complaining about what REALLY bothers me is I just got this app and every time I hit a letter in browse the app closes EVERY TIME Im deleting this app and just using my browser Not worth it     Bugs
I love this app and I use it all the time but every time I go to browse to find a song the app shuts down and goes to my home screen Its pretty frustrating but other than than its great           It keeps exiting out to my home screen
This app is great for me a novice ukulele player because it offers a few different versions of every song I search I pick the one that sounds best or is easiest for me to do Howeverevery once in a while the list and basically the whole app start jumping up and down and wont stop Its almost impossible to click on the song I want and it hurts my eyes Stop jumping           Wide selection but BUGGY
There is no tab here only chords with partial words to most songs     Misleading Title
Ive been upswing this app for a long time but recently theres a bug which causes the app to crash when you pick a letter of an artist and it happens often except for certain letters Which kind of makes the app useless        Really buggy
Songs in favorites get mixed up Frustratinggrrrr Ive been waiting months and months for an update with a fix Thanks              Please fix
Having issues where it wont let me pull up tabs Please fix        Issues

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