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PockeySoft , the publisher behind many iOS app (iColoringBook ,UPAD Lite ,UPAD ,iColoringBookLite for iPad ,iColoringBook for iPad ,iColoringBook Lite), brings UPAD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. UPAD app has been update to version 2.02 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The most unique, easy to use, and comprehensible handwriting application is finally here.
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With UPAD, you can now complete the things you thought was impossible with iPad.

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Equipped with the best handwrite drawing engine in the world, UPAD will surprise you when you start to write on it with a stylus pen or your finger - because it brings a feeling very close to writing on an actual paper!


UPAD promises smoothness and speed, on top of countless differentiated features from other similar apps.


Let us enlighten you with what UPAD can do...


UPAD’s functions can be broken down into three basic categories:
MemoPAD, BookPAD, and PhotoPAD.


MemoPAD: When this mode is selected, you can begin by choosing one of the many paper style templates. Select this mode for taking notes in your college classes, documenting your business meeting with clients, or simple doodling.


BookPAD: Download your favorite books in PDF form via iTunes file sharing. Now you can add memo, highlight, and make sketches on your PDF files. Want to add Post It? No problem! Select any color and size for your Post It memo.


PhotoPAD: Redesign your photo file by selecting a photo frame, add a comment or two, then add decoration with color pencil tool. UPAD gives you an ability to archive your memories in your own way.


UPAD’s three modes are supported with the following features:


* Text input ability: Simple text adding feature
* Font styles: More than 40 font styles
* Font colors: Color wheels / Color palette
* Palm-rest feature: No need to worry about your palm interfering with your writing
* Zoom in & out mode: Zoom in to write directly on the paper
* Magnifying input window: It helps you to write precise note with your finger.
* Bookmark (Favorite) feature: sort your favorite files
* Convenient editing: undo / redo, two eraser modes
* Tool configuration for Arabic alphabet or Hebrew alphabet users (who write right to left)


These are some of the amazingly easy-to-use features.


For additional support, please contact us at [email protected]


Stay tuned for future upgrades.


Coming soon:
* Export to PDF
* Facebook / Twitter upload
* Import from Dropbox, email, Safari
* Passcode lock
* Support to import more document format


The UPAD is now available for $4.99 for iPad owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.02 has been released on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about UPAD in PockeySoft`s Official Website :


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The new update is horrible After filing out a pdf I used to be able to send it directly to google drive drop box Evernote etc the new update limits you to emailing it So its really annoying that I have to email it to my self first Not only that but you can no longer have as small of font as Upad2 so I no longer rely on this app like before As well as when I use the writing instead of text it no longer lets me go as small as I used to be able to New version seems very sloppy I want Upad2 back There was nothing wrong with it    Horribly updated
Why fix something that worked well Fixing bugs is one thing but changing it all Cons1 Text box size defaults to original setting after new line of text I do not find it helpful to resize the box each time I start a new note line2 After update finger writing works better then my cursor not a problem before3 Have to close the text box when writing in order to close document4 When I want to go to folders I had a hard time figuring out that I had to hit the check mark on the top left5 When I open the app it no longer opens to the folders why That is wher I keep documents6 Very agree acting time to switch and ask for money backUpdate July 7 2015 No update since the last They had a wonderful app the update ruined it DO NOT GET THS WORTHLESS JUNK    New update 302 is disaster
In graduate school and some professors use pdf files while others are still posting notes into PowerPoint This app you cant open some programs but is great for everything else             Great for most things
Have 25gb of scanned medical texts and articles and have enjoyed using the program as a gotodatabase where I work Has been easy and fast to use for my purposes even though the last update was Jan 2013 There is no website now I NEVER even received an acknowledgement for sent emails and with iOS 8 the move and copy functions for PDF are inoperative Time to move on and move all my data to another program If you are looking for a PDF program the functionality of UPAD is falling into ruins and the support is non existent UPAD needs to be excised from the App storeUpdate 06072015 PockeySchlock resurrected the corpse of Upadshould have left it to RIP The socalled update is just a downgraded revamp to a mediocre runofthemill every day PDF program that definitely aint worth 6 At least there was no charge for the upgrade to previous buyers But if you are looking for something new move along nuthin to get excited about here    Time to send to bone orchard
It erased all my saved files I am not happy with the new version    Review for Ipad3
This is my favorite app I believe it is the best app to do cursive and regular handwriting I also use it for reading and marking up documents Latest updates are really helpful Keep up the good work                Outstanding App
I really like the agenda page you can make This update lets you be more organized                Love the update
Love this app Replaced my day planner easily                Yes Updated
This is one of the most useful tools I have on my iPad I use it more than any other app and I love it The latest update has added even more great features Love Love Love It                Love this App
New version of app wont retain any settings like pen thickness stationary or line thickness    Too much effort
I used to love this app but since it was updated it lost many of the good things it had Is it possible to go back to the previous version          Please go back to the previous version
Amazing update Personalized colors are back                The BEST APP
great allinone app with one problem It doesnt work with my bluetooth stylus                great app
Like many other reviewers this used to be one of my favorite apps In fact its in my home bar on my iPad and really was the main reason I used my iPad The version 3 update isnt all bad The UI was streamlined and in some ways made more user friendly but as others point out some functionality and options have been lost For example the font settings reset themselves with the note feature and you can only choose a minimum of 16 pt font which is too big for what I use the app for annotating pdfs Also you used to be able to create your own custom colors and that is also no longer available But the biggest let down for me is the loss of the memo pad feature You used to be able to use this app to create your own notes with a variety of paper templates plain lined legal pad Cornell notes quadrillestyle graph paper etc I can still access my pre UPAD 3 notes and add to them but I cant make new ones Unless Ive just completely missed this in the new UI For me that was what made UPAD a great app It was a pdfphoto annotation app and handwriting app combinedone stop shopping The only improvements I would have made would be the ability to append note pages to pdfs and maybe add OCR for transcribing notes Its also true that there is not longer any support for the app The developer website seems to be a domain holder page in Korean and the link from iTunes takes you to a youTube video demonstrating a previous version Ive also received no reply to an email I sent to the developer two weeks ago If you already use this app and it is still working I would recommend that you do not update to 3       Sigh
I liked the previous one easy n got comfortable with It this new update is good but overall its not I like to use since there are better ones       Okay
App crashes cannot use at all Developers do not respond    DO NOT BUY
Used this app all the time until the update Cant find how to change colors etc Not cool    Terrible update
This app has improved by leaps and bounds Im not having any more issues with it crashing Much easier to use top UPAD has definitely gone back to being my favorite PDF editor                Great improvements
Loved the previous versions updated my app to ver 3 and it wont even open now I start the app I see the screen with all my files and in a sec it crashes and I cant even use the app Not sure what to do now holding all my files hostage    Wont even start now
I downloaded this app because I wasnt sure what to expect from others It is a great beginners app for those who wants the basics of a PDF reader Ive since downloaded Good reader its a bit pricy but it works like a charm You can look up definitions you can highlight and make it look clean with straight lines With Upad you have to highlight with your finger and it gets a little wobbly and messy and you cant make a straight clean line             Good for beginners
Horrible update Please go back to previous version Not using anymore    HATE the new update AWFULL
Nice improvement UI design                UI
We love upad Thank you for the latest updates we appreciate it love having so many colors I did not mention this before but standard single line spacing would be great I have to change it every time I do a text box which it then reverts to big text We love that we can make the text smaller and would love to be able to set it small as default it seems to default to the large text each time which is to big to put things in the margins Thanks again for the recent changes             Nice app
Update to my review I gave up Grats on making a great app into a pile of crap I used this every day and now cant I will pay you 100 to go back to the older version and I am not kiddingThe update took away my sort feature and now every time I put a passcode on anything it doesnt work This update made a very simple design which I loved to a lot more complicated which after weeks I am still trying to figure out    Hate it now
I have used UPad for the past 4 years and it has always worked wellat least until the latest upgrade and now it just crashes within 15 seconds of opening Cant use it anymore I hope a fix is on the way    Used to worknow it just crashes
pls bring back the search toolbar its very hard to search when you have over 800 documents in the app very disappointing update    disappointed
I have had this app since 2011 at the time it was the best app I had I went from UPAD lite to the paid version It was so worth it I got at least ten of my friends that have iPads to get UPAD it may be more but I know of at least ten who downloaded it I couldnt say enough about UPAD until now I just downloaded the iOS81 on my iPad and now UPAD is acting crazy I do a lot of studying and underlying on my pad now it wont let me change colors and it keeps crashing What I put on there before it chases disappears Please update it to match the new iOS system UPAD can be the bomb however it has to keep up with the latest updates Once that is fixed I will write another review To add to this review I am very disappointed With the latest update the App keep crashingUPAD please fix this problem Thanks       Loved it but
Ive lost hours of work and notes on here multiple times In fact Ive lost data on here every time I close the app When I email PockeySoft I receive a ticket but no response The question is are you ok with losing your data    Lost Data
This was my 1 app for my business Unfortunately it has fallen FAR First of all make no mistakes the developer does not give a about us the user Just keep that in mind I LOVED the old Upad the 2nd version was almost perfect So it really is sad to seen an update finally that does not really advance itI tried and tried to write them and for no response not even a canned well look into it blow off response With this new 3rd version of Upad the response is very sluggish for me using iPad Air 2 It will work just feels like Im moving a wheelbarrow full of bricks instead of a piece of paper You pick a pen size it should KEEP THE PEN SIZE at least for that document No every time you open the app you get to re pick pen and color size Moving around the menus is very unintuitive Just messing around I made some circles and could find no way of deleting them the eraser did not work on them once they were downIts would be very nice to have an option to delete the markings on ALL pages in my document I use it for an ordering guide It is 8 pages long While not horrible instead of having to delete a page at a time even though it says erase pages it only does the current one it needs to have a erase all pages option How about letting us move documents INSIDE the folder It simply puts them I order of how you placed them If I can rearrange folders let me rearrange documents without having toreonce them and put them back in the reverse order of how I want them Im hoping maybe the developer will care more about reviews than emails to them which they simply ignore       Impossible to recommend anymore
简直太赞了一次付费终生受益开发者辛苦了iPad4用户敬上                诚意满满值得赞赏的好App
My old reviewLike many other recent reviewers I also used to love this app used it for years in my professional life but it now crashes every time I try to add a photo or change colors There needs to be away that someone can take over control of an app that has been abandoned by its creatorthis car has potential but it needs a driver behind the wheel Right now it is headed over a cliffAfter much waiting finally someone or some ones have revived the app it seems good so far though I was hesitant to trust it once bitten twice shy now that I may have gotten that song stuck in your head Ill continue After updating it and just looking at it for a few months I am now trusting it to store 120 final exams Time will tell             risen from the grave
The update has potential but there are a few features that were eliminated or impaired in a way to cause huge usability issues 1 Pen and text tool MUST retain the settings for size color spacing EVERYTHING Resetting these functions for the text function on each instance makes it basically unusable 2 The global zoom inout function in earlier versions was good Unless Im missing it seems like we lost it for no good reason 3 Support site is down or nonexistent Really guysMake these fixes and it probably gets a 4 or 5 star rating    Key fixes needed ASAP
Good for using when i note something                Good for using
I have been using Upad for 2 years in my business and it has made my filing and coordination of documents efficient Several folks have asked about this product and I have recommended it Great tool for reviewing and commenting on documents                UPAD Top Notch
This app dies all the time and you lose data    U pad is not reliable
Can I have a calendar for December 2015             Calendar
I always liked Upad after IOS 8 it crashed whenever I tried to add a photo now with upad3 it isnt savingnot reliable I worked on a calendar template gone thinking that was a fluke downloaded a great year template set it remembered a couple marks on May but Junes info must have been too much for it completely blankagain the link to the developer site on app download page goes to an outdated YouTube video Google the developer pageit is in an unreadable language cant trust    so disappointedno trust
Edit Version at 915 Ok Its clear they have a nice app but clueless on usability The update demonstrates the app isnt going to get any better The pens have no memory size or color Youre constantly having to reset them The wrist protect algorythm is sloppy conflicts with some of my styluss Unlike other writing appsYou always wonder if a developer uses their own app       Promising but cant quite do it
First of all has anyone elso noticed that there is no more web site for Pockey Soft Click on the stpport button and you get a web page not found message Not very encouraging The changes made to what was probably the best hand writing note app has dropped it down several notches Most everyone has already touched on thesejust wanted to add my rating and vote of disapproval Looking around for a replacement app       Used to be much better
Best app ever                This is good
I use it every day to take notes for multiple meetings each day The better a stylus you have the better this app will work for you Also I was actively looking to make my iPad my goto device for all things so this app really fit the bill for me The more I use it the more I find it useful If you are just flirting with the idea of actual note taking on an iPad or you just want to doodle there are probably much better apps 53 Paper for that Cheers                Replaced my notepad
I was delighted to be able to update from Upad 2 which had some serious issues to Upad 3 Unfortunately there seem to be very serious compatibility issues while many of my Upad 2 files appear on Upad 3 many others dont What a disaster I hope this problem can be fixed very soon as I may have lost hundreds of pages of handwritten notes in the processUpdate June 6 2015 still no response from the developer concerning the disappearance of documents created with Upad2 In cases of that sort can users consider the possibility of resorting to litigation The damage to past users is hugeand the fact that the developer is unresponsive is unacceptable    Compatibility issues between Upad 3 and Upad 2
This was once I great app for pdfs however the conversion on ipad2 is awful My books upon opening crash the app    Crashes Over and
Diary is awesome대박 이거 버그땜에 그동안 notability 쓰고있었는데 버그도 고치고 여러가지 추가되었네요이제 이거만 써야지다이어리 기능 완전 내가 원하던건데 너무 만족합니다                I love it
There is no manual My previous notes and annotated PDFs are gone It has a completely different user interface than the previous versionIt seems like a completely different app and Im not at all sure it is an upgrade not a downgrade There is no website The developer doesnt respond I could figure out how to do some things but not all I guess Ill delete the app and stop wasting time on it       Strange upgrade
I was about to give up on this app but the latest upgrade is really great                Awesome upgrade
사실 다른 필기앱으로 넘어가야하나 하고 정말 많이 고민하던 차였어요근데 마침 업뎃 그리고 이번 업뎃 매우 괜찮네요사용자들의 리뷰들을 많이 반영 해주신것 같아 감사하네요앞으로도 꾸준한 반영과 업데이트 부탁드릴게요색깔이 다양해진것도 좋고 종이타블릿 종류도 좋아요특히 전 유선종이 중에 대학노트처럼 한줄만 있는 그 종이 아 정말 다시 생겨서 다행이에요다음에 업뎃할때 좀 고려해 주셨으면 하는 게 있는데 색깔들 제가 자주 쓰는 색들을 앞에 놓는다던지 위치 조정한다던가 한눈에 보기 쉽게 만들어지면 더 좋을 것 같아요 그리고 격자 껐다 켜는 기능도 다시 살려주시면 좋겠습니다 칸 맞춰 쓰고 정렬하고 깔끔하게 필기하기 좋은 기능이에요 그리고 표지기능도 있으면 좋겠어요아니면 예전처럼 파일 미리보기는 첫페이지만 보여주고 파일들어가면 지난 페이지 기억해서 펴주는 걸로라도 어쨌든 정말 다시 돌아오신것 같아 안심입니다사실 이번에도 그냥 쓰리로 바꾸기만하고 다시 가실거 같아서 이제 진짜 다른앱으로 갈아타야 하나 고민한거 였거든요ㅠㅠ이젠 앞으로의 업데이트도 믿고 기다리겠습니다 수고하세요             이번 업데이트로 마음이 풀리네요
With the update the search function went away it has made it very difficult to use       No search function
I do love the new update However Im having an issue with it and hoped it can be corrected The eraser seems temporary For example if Im writing a list and I use the eraser to erase a word it works exactly as it should But when I open the app later the erased portion of my word including whatever I wrote in its place is there Its like I never erased it and just wrote over it It happens every time I reopen the app Please fix this glitch I love this app and have for years Im happy to have someone working on this app again after all this time and Im hoping this will be a simple fix             Love except
I miss the old writing pad    Worse than before


Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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iOS / 2.02

iOS UPAD 2.02 Mobile

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