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UPS , the publisher behind many iOS app (UPS Mobile ,UPS for iPad), brings UPS Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. UPS Mobile app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Getting push and text alerts are awesome..
  • This app is well designed and user friendly..
  • The location finder is an excellent use of iPhone features..
  • Push Notifications and MyChoice..
  • Great app nice address book to use on the road..
Overall Satisfactionclick me48
Thanks UPS for a cool app.
I love the new iPhone 5 support.
Needs iPhone 5 support.
Amazingly functional.
Love the GPS location finder.
Fun & Engagingclick me42
Getting push and text alerts are awesome.
I ship UPS all the time and this is great.
I use UPS all the time.
Usefulnessclick me45
Ease of Useclick me25
This is an extremely convenient way to keep track of shipments.
extremely convenient.
Reliabilityclick me10
These need to be fixed.
Security & Privacyclick me19
change delivery instructions and easily navigate my MY UPS account.
Updates & Supportclick me31
It helps with customer service.
Would like a version for iPad.


UPS Mobile is specially designed with features that let you easily manage your shipments on the go. This App lets you track and nickname shipments, create shipping labels, find UPS service locations via GPS, and estimate shipment costs and delivery times.


The version 1.1 update contains tracking enhancements to address the feedback received from the user community.
- The tracking detail information now contains package progress and special delivery instructions
- A new back button feature is available in the track and quote sections to improve navigation

UPS MobileUPS Mobile
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Without logging in, you can:
Track package and freight shipments
- Find UPS service locations via GPS
- Estimate shipment costs and delivery times.


When you log-in with a My UPS ID, you can also:
- Nickname tracked shipments
- See your recent tracks from
- Create shipping labels to email, then print. (For US domestic or US to international document shipments.)
- Access your address book
- Use saved shipping and payment preferences
UPS Mobile


To create a My UPS ID, visit – not accessible from the App.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download UPS Mobile for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about UPS Mobile in UPS`s Official Website :


Great location feature. found in 1 reviews
I like being able to track progress of my deliveries simply. found in 2 reviews
Package progress works great and was a much needed feature. found in 3 reviews
Simply a delight to use. found in 1 reviews
Nice Update / Continues to Get Better. found in 1 reviews
Better than FedEx or dhl app. found in 1 reviews
Amazingly functional. found in 2 reviews
to track all incoming packages and keep record of past packages. found in 7 reviews
The connection with Ups had improved a lot recently ThAnks. found in 2 reviews
Good listener. found in 1 reviews
The new update today is awesome. found in 1 reviews
Pretty seamless so far. found in 1 reviews
get a quote on shipment costs and transit times. found in 2 reviews
Push notification updates. found in 1 reviews
today and those scheduled for tomorrow. found in 1 reviews
one significant flaw. found in 1 reviews
The UPS Mobile Application is absolutely wonderful. found in 10 reviews
still need enhancement. found in 1 reviews
No package movement or delivery date info provided in app. found in 23 reviews
Easy to use and you DON'T need to register to track package. found in 17 reviews
Does not allow saving tracking numbers without creating an online account. found in 204 reviews
but the app does not give detailed tracking information. found in 9 reviews
The ability to remove items from tracking list would be great. found in 19 reviews
Crashes when pasting Tracking Number under iOS 6. found in 16 reviews
Since the recent update I am unable to simply track a package. found in 20 reviews
This app needs to have quantum view. found in 14 reviews
I do not like having to scroll all the way down to see them. found in 23 reviews
The UPS app requires you to already know the tracking #. found in 46 reviews
I can not link to my ups account through here. found in 20 reviews
but now it will not hold tracking information with your login. found in 56 reviews
Went through the trouble to register on My UPS. found in 17 reviews
Dosent send push notifications to let you know where it's at. found in 21 reviews
but of you want to remove items in your Delivery Planner. found in 19 reviews
It crashes every time you try to open it. found in 14 reviews
not very friendly having to login in each time. found in 41 reviews
Then I would be happy to make my review 5 stars. found in 18 reviews
UPS needs to re -do their app. found in 15 reviews
Won't let you save tracking number unless package is picked up. found in 204 reviews
Opening the tracking details and clicking Remove doesn’t work. found in 14 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 4
Icon 175x175 1
Very chic design and I can 100 log on my choice account                Great
The app is easy to use Tracking packages scheduling pickups etc is simple and quick provided the app doesnt crashSo why does something so simple require over 97MB of memory       So simple but so complicated
This app used to be great whenever I would have a package sent to me via UPS Id have tracking numbers automatically appear in the shipment manager Im a my choice member but now it keeps telling me to sign up to access my choice and the shipment manager doesnt come up anymore I wish they would fix this issue       USED to work but not anymore
this app is Not one step back its good for army sometimes but not for appi must restart phone when i want only return from one package information and try read another info    Not one step back
Just terrible    Awful
Reading reviews you almost wouldnt download but I Love love the UPS App and My Choice Getting push and text alerts are awesome you have to turn them on in the App Awesome free app and I know when pkgs are coming now before the sender even sends me an email                MeGoMobile
App is glitchy Can not put my zip code in to get a UPS ID therefore can not update my shipment    Worthless
It keeps saying that my tracking number is not valid even though it is Does not work as it should    Useless
After logging into my choice it conveniently displays all incoming packages strangely there is no way to copy the tracking number out of the entries The sharing feature is very out of place in the app and should really just be dropped entirely          Convenient but could be better
This application which Ive had for about a year used to be perfect but in the past couple of months it failed to notify you of arriving packages Even after delivery items do not show on the my UPS page nor on the tracking page I gave feedback each time with the origin tracking Nbr but although there were app updates it continues to fail Contacting customer service was worthless Also as a footnote this app uses the third highest amount of Space on my iPhone therefore deleting with deepest regrets       No longer tracks incoming packages
Thats pretty much it It does what it says it does and ignoring the fact most people here are reviewing the company instead of the app as far as the app goes it does the function that it states well and thats itCould use more features but app works as intended Could use faster loading times Push notifications very useful for trekking forgotten packages             It tracks packages
Pro unlike their competitors app cough FedEx cough its nice to enter tracking numbers using the iPhones camera which the USPS app also uses BTWCon UPS absolutely wins handsdown in the overdesigned to not fill actual needs category since I dont want to enroll in My Choice to accomplish tasks that Ill never need to do in a lifetimeThis only causes app bloat worse I actually signed up yet the app STILL wouldnt maintain a record of shipments as I desiredLook all I want to do is enter tracking numbers for more than 5 shipments to keep track of delivery status and NOT have them drop off the face of the Earth a week after theyve been delivered Is that asking too muchApparently so since the UPS app automatically drops shipping information a week or so after its been delivered so youd better hang onto those pesky paper shipping receipts if you want to later check status of a delivery eg to prove delivery if needed or if youre like me and use such apps as crude accounts receivables to keep track of if youve been paid for shipments where payment is pending upon approval upon verification say for refunds after a return since many businesses require weeks to issue refundsAs it stands you need to hang on to those UPS shipment receipts and reenter the tracking numbers every week thereafter since it automatically drops all information That fact alone drastically limits the apps usefulness for tracking payment status and neither the FedEx nor USPS app displays this quixotic behaviorInstead users SHOULD be able to manually delete shipments as desired or at least be able to set the timeframe of dropping shipments off the list expanded to say 6 monthsEdit please dont waste precious screen real estate showing a pix of two women who are gaga since they supposedly can track any package It just pisses off customers when you do boneheaded stuff like that esp when youre failing to meet their BASIC NEEDS and minimum expectations       Some good some notsogood overlycomplicated
DONE with UPS unless they fire the the piece of shi that kicked the dog and shoved the lady who came to the defense of the animal The video is on YouTube Most UPS drivers are pretty good but theres NO EXCUSE for that crap and that guy is total DB This app works fine btw but I wont be needing it until I hear UPS has fired that driver    Driver Kicks Small Dog Shoves
No option to delete dilevery on iPhone 6       Cannot delete
I absolutely LOVE this App It works great for me and veryvery handy Thanks UPS                UPS Mobile App
I love this app so convenient to track and leave notes for delivery However even with the current update the delete button on old orders is still not addressed Please help          No delete option on delivered orders
I tried to use this app to track and reroute a package going to the wrong addressnope All it did was send the package to the wrong address and then charge me five dollars for the change of address This is an awful app and an awful company Im going back to FedEx    Dont waste your time
Just downloaded the free app even the the average of all 7 reviews is 2 stars Seems pretty great to me and I immediately saw my expensive delivery progress in route and easily adjusted delivery settings Have to give it 5 stars                UPS
The UI needs to be brought up to date and optimized for the bigger iPhone 6 screen resolutions Also I dont understand UPS shipping logistics package goes halfway across the country before it double backs and is delivered to me    Needs iPhone 6 Plus compatibility
UPS has taken tremendous strides in package delivery service After setting up my user information I can set driver instructions gate security code for safe delivery and other options I can track my package from origin point to point and final destination Great user interface easy to read excellent allaround endeavor disregard the 1star reviews they dont know what theyre doing user errors sorry to say and unfortunately skews what should be a very good rating                It IS great
It just crashedneed to be fix    Crash on iOS 841
What does device check failed mean Had the app for a long time and switched phones and I get this error message when trying to sign in The app provides no explanation at all No good Some answers would be great    Device check failed
Getting message notice Opened app no message I know I have a delivery tomorrow but its not showing in the app Issue since upgrade to iOS 84    UPS Mobile App
The app was working well and the problem may just be in this version Twice I tried to authorize a shipment release when I wasnt home that didnt occur I called customer service the second time and they had no record of the authorization action performed through the app So I know it wasnt driver error it was the app       It works for tracking but probably nothing else
Cant updatesign in to My Choice account I have to leave the app and go to the Internet Please fix       My Choice
Doesnt update everyday like other people have said its no good    Bad app
Please correct this App is not usable at all After license agreement blank white screen    Terrible
I log in and then it keeps asking me to re log in I can see a package but if I want to see delivery option or anything else it asks me in a loop to log in    Log in issues
Anybody can explain why it is almost 50mb And I cannot even see who signed for delivered parcel Got My Choice in hope to be able to see who signed for the deliveries still nothing This app is not MY choice    Too heavy for what it does
Every time I put any tracking in it says its invalid But when I go on safari I can track exact same on their site    Wont track
iOS 9 public beta does not work full screen on 6 plus    Needs update
I use this App for both my business and personal packages This a great app to give you a heads up for packages about to be delivered and it makes it easy enough to ship packages as long as you have access to a printer It would be nice that labels could be printed at the UPS Store or Customer Counters At the residential level often times RETURNS are necessary It would be nice to make a quick Return from a received package I look forward to that in a future update             Forgot about Returns
This is my first review to write on an app but this one has just impressed me so much It automatically adds packages that are being delivered to your house without you having to track them It notifies you when theyre delivered or if theyre delayed but not too much like some apps Being a big online shopper I love this app                UPS app Accurate Efficient doesnt overly notify
Havent tried the app yet but their service is by far one of the worst i have ever encountered Scheduled for a pickup the same day they gave me the time but never gave me an address on where to pick it up    Hopefully not as bad as ups itself
Forget trying to use MyChoice features as you cant even log in consistently anymore This version is buggy beyond anything reasonable from a company the size of UPSfix it    Glitchy to use for anything beyond tracking
Grt app Mobile supportive as well as user friendly                Good job done
Simple elegant and totally configurable The fact that you dont have to manually enter upcoming packages is just brilliant                Awesome app
Signed up for my choice only for it to say no packes waste of time    Bad
The package sent to me didnt have the Apt on it but my account on the app that was tracking did I was told UPS doesnt use that information to help with making their deliveries Why ask for that information if it wont help with receiving your packages The App only has predetermined entries for delivery instructions and it DOESNT let you leave notes to help make the delivery UPS get your act together and use the information that your users supply    App doesnt help with deliveries
Simple easy to use and no annoying features                Great
The app will not let me identify myself so that I can change settings Even though I have answered all of the security questions correctly and entered my correct cell phone number Very disappointed    Piece of junk
Just like everything else ups    Doesnt work at all
Im logged in so where is my shipping history so I can look up the tracking I want to track    Very limiter functionality
Yes you can track a package on the app If wha t to logon to the app to track the package you cant unless you Write down the 1819 digit number You cant cut and paste Stupid If your not at home and there is needs to be a signature for the package you cant use the app to say leave the package without signing or schedule a time or anything This app is frustrating as calling their 800 number       Simple task cant be done on the app
I use the UPS app to track and manage my package deliveries through Ups My choice Have no issues so far Works pretty well                Great app
This version no work    No work
Finally created a version where you can access Choice but every time I try to add an address I get a message saying choice is unavailable Also I dont like that the homepage is now just a choice address I liked logging in and seeing my package schedules first thing       Useless
Auto refresh makes you do everything again If you let it go for few more seconds that you supposed to They want to charge you for certain thingsI tried to put another address for delivery and giving me an error no explanationI dont understand this company And why we keep using then we better use than the one that is ours usps UPS is always in disadvantage because they cannot leave it in the mailbox Its really such a hassle to get your package They like to leave a little note on your door And there you go when you come home you dont have your stuff another day passedThey charge you for pick upUSPS they wont Charge youExpensive service Unless you have a companyI hear every word that they treat employees like shtNot a good company    Glitchy JUST USE US POSTAL SERVICE
Use Fed Ex so you can actually receive your packages UPS has For the past 11 packages delivered them 35 business days late The app only shows in transit and UPS customer service is a joke and say they have nothing to do with the app save yourself time money and headache ship fed ex so you can talk to someone in America not India    Do not download
It wouldnt allow me to finish registering then emailed me to welcome me and accepted my login Well see          Failed then it didnt


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.1
iPhone iPad

iOS UPS Mobile 2.0.1 Mobile

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