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Lau Brothers LLC, the publisher behind many iOS app (Baby Art Photos ,Notes for Dropbox ,Markdown Keyboard ,Unsplurge ,Free Word Count ,Baby Art Pics), brings UpWord Notes with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. UpWord Notes app has been update to version 1.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's the best easiest intuitive list and note taking app around..
  • I wouldn't be able to manage my responsibilities without productivity apps..

Overall Satisfactionc92
This is the best notes app I've used in a long time.
It's the best note taking app I've ever used.
Love being able to compartmentalize my to do lists.
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone.
This app is so much better than Apple's built -in Notes app.
Fun & Engagingc100
Thanks for the awesome app.
Creative and useful UI.
Amazingly easy to use and helpful for remaining organized.
Functions are simple and just a great app for everyday use.
To be able to see everything in one place is great.
Production Valuesc100
Slick user interface.
Ease of Usec90
I really like being able to organize in folders.
Great simple app that has some pretty neat features.
simple list management.
Very convenient and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc96
That's why we need an iPad version.
Customer support is very responsive and even squashed a bug that I reported.

Original review: This is a fantastic note taking/ todo list app. found in 20 reviews
The swipe gestures for formatting are easy and gorgeous. found in 4 reviews
Files created by upword is a plain text file. found in 12 reviews
Easy to use and personalize. found in 1 reviews
I have used multiple apps and settled on this one. found in 2 reviews
it is also good for writing stories. found in 4 reviews
I use it multiple times each day and it keeps getting better. found in 2 reviews
This app hits it out of the park. found in 3 reviews
and project management app in the store. found in 2 reviews
Great app for taking notes and organizing tasks. found in 9 reviews
elegant and powerful. found in 3 reviews
Creative and useful UI. found in 4 reviews
Customer support is very responsive and even squashed a bug that I reported. found in 2 reviews
The Dropbox integration should be easier to disconnect. found in 4 reviews
Love being able to compartmentalize my to do lists. found in 38 reviews
Drag and drop feature for organized is so helpful. found in 5 reviews
This will soon become your go to app for List & Reminders. found in 7 reviews
I've been using this app for well over a year. found in 2 reviews
Makes it very fast to quickly jot down an idea. found in 9 reviews
Don't know why they say it's iPad optimized. found in 1 reviews
This icon is awful. found in 2 reviews
Needs Dropbox Sync Feedback. found in 1 reviews
Would be useful if you could actually see the keyboard on the iPad. found in 2 reviews
I wish it were possible to import those notes into UpWord. found in 3 reviews
Needs Ability to Specify Folder. found in 1 reviews
The app tries to combine notes. found in 2 reviews
Used to use "errands" but I'm liking this one much better. found in 3 reviews
They finally removed the annoying ads. found in 1 reviews
if you're only using an iPhone. found in 2 reviews
Would be perfect if we could add pictures. found in 2 reviews
Great app-- one missing feature. found in 1 reviews
Just needs a voice recorder. found in 1 reviews
still needs tweaking. found in 1 reviews
This would be my top note app if that were available. found in 2 reviews
iPad version please. found in 4 reviews
Wth happened. found in 1 reviews
but wish it would stop nagging me to leave a review. found in 1 reviews
Waste of a Dollar. found in 1 reviews
No iCloud sync. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download UpWord Notes for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 8.9 MB to download. The new UpWord Notes app version 1.0.1 has been updated on 2014-02-12. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
Bottom Line: For more information about UpWord Notes check developer Lau Brothers LLC`s website : http://www.upwordnotes.com/support

This is only a placeholder that helps us connect with journalists.UpWord does not officially launch until Thursday Feb 20. See you then
I love it thought i still have an issue with synchronizing notes between devices other than that amazing appIm recommending it to everyone           Love it
I looked at many note apps before I purchased this one I needed it to keep track of medications by date and time throughout the day and notes as neededI made a file for each day The label could be the date and name of the day When I put in the time it would convert 8 oclock am to 800 AM When I would return after closing the time would be highlighted in blue That meant for a very easy read as I looked throughout the dayI could bullet the names of the medication name and dosage amount and make notes at the end about food intake and exercises completed etc I also could pull it with the different symbol any notes entered in any pain informationThis app has been a life saver I would make monthly file and place the previous day in there and it kept them in date order because of the title This allowed me to have only one day on the opening screen to deal with so there were no errorsWhat was amazing to me is that it learned the repetitive information I was typing After using it for several days I could key in the first letter of the medication and it would give me the name to choose when I was in Predictive mode on my iPhone I had a few that started with the same letter and it would show me several options to select in the predictive word area It saved me so much typing and so much timeI know this is a bit of a unique type of note taking but I believe if can take mine in this format you can take just about any type of notesI did use it as a list function and it was nice to be able to just put a line through it and keep a list of the items completed and save the list to know what Ive done When youre on heavy pain medication you tend to forget thingsI gave it a four star rating only because I didnt try all of the other functions yet I didnt use alarm back up etc For that youre going to have to try it for yourself I dont think youll be disappointedIm sorry this is so long but thats how much I love it              I love it
This is a great app You wont regret downloading it Start to use it today and you really will benefit from this fantastic app                 Great App Worth downloading
This app allows you to restore backups Helped out so much when I had problems with my phone Thanks                 Helpful app
Simple functional fantastic                 Fantastic
A distinctive twist makes this stand out in the sea of note apps Very flexible as well              Unique and useful
like everything about it                 Great
Warninga bunch of recurring alarms just disappeared on me with the latest update Actually it seems like my restore purchases has to be invoked almost every update and then I have to reset sounds and alarms Can someone say bug fixBut on the positive sideBe sure to check out the experimental features in advanced settings reverse swipe is here Ability to reverse swipe directions so swiping to complete matches typical iOS delete swipe direction R to LFast notes Dropbox sync and great extras like twofinger swipe to insert tab search across notes title and text intext search highlights terms swipes for formattingcompleting list items done is great and draganddrop text for reordering tasks Just about the perfect notes app for me has long since replaced builtin NotesWould love to see more new features like collapsible text a la Listacular or Cotton Notes skipping to a certain heading in the text a la TaskPaper and find next when searching in text although the highlighting is great I like being able to jump to the next result Excellent appkeep up the great work                 Fantastic for notes good for tasks
I love this app very easy to use                 Great app
Easy to organizeThis is the best notepad I have come across                 GREAT APP
I was looking for this it has folder like abilities                 very good can organize easy
I finally found an app where I can brain storm take notes and make a list all in one This app is easy to use and keep me organized Just love it                 Easy to use
I love this app it is the most useful organizational tool                 Great
This app is really a good app and I like the features I have tried many similar apps and this one is a favorite When I first installed it I noticed it has a premium upgrade for 399 which I did not do since I always like to try the app first After only five days my trial subscription ended I thought that was rather unusual since I dont remember reading about a five day trial maybe I missed it What really disappointed me is the change in the premium upgrade went from 399 to 799 sell for less before the trial and then almost double the price after the five day I dont rent getting any notice of an increase in price Whats really disappointing is I was going to upgrade but now I feel it was misleading so will keep looking Too bad since I like the app Would have gotten 5 stars           Great App but was disappointed
Ive been using this for a long while nowthe abiloty to sync with Windows PCs is keyOne complaint the button to add a new note brings up a choice between new note or new folder Since every user will add notes much more often than folders this adds up to a lot of unnecessary taps              Great but not perfect
Great for on the go as well as organizing notes                 Great notes app
Good app Easy to use No fear in downloading              Jsup
This is an amazing note appwhich help to prioritize and remind you to attend to a taskrecommended for everyone                 GoodFantasticEasy to Use
I use this app and like it Its very useful However as another reviewer mentioned the trial period is very short and the price goes up to 799 after the trial period expires Nowhere in the App Store description is an inapp purchase costing 799 listed This is deceptive        Good app deceptive business practices
Highly recommended Intuitive Sophisticated Useful              Great
Only had it for a short time but really liking it Good buy              Great app
I absolutely love this app It does and has everything I would want a note taker or a writing app to have I can1 change the font2 add a variety of different bullets3 bold the font4 change the to do to red to indicate its a priority item and then cross it off when completedTo delete an items thats been crossed off as completed you just pull the screen down or click deleteIn additional they have an experimental section for things they are trying out You can check out the possible new features and tell them what you think about adding it to the next version Have you ever had to space over to indent a paragraph not with this app Its part of the experimental group and I hope becomes a permanent featureYou can add an alarm count the number of words and too many other things to mention Best of all its functional just as is And if you want to update the price isnt too much Try it out I dont think youll be sorry                 This is the reminder app that the iPhone should have
LOVE the iOS functionality just wish it was possible to mimic the prettiness of it from a A computer I guess thats the point of plain text files but stillEverything else is awesome so if youre good with the whole txt file organization trend this is for you           Better than most
It is great for any quick note takinglayout is customizablecool variety of colorsnotificationsupdates have only made it better                 Still using all the time
Very useful and easy to use Does exactly what I need it to do and keeps me organized                 Great
Is as described Like the swipe feature Easy to stay organized              Works well
This is my go to for taking notes and making lists while on the go Works like a dream                 Just works
Like this app a lot One of the few that really work as described Great to use on the phone and very useful to use with the Apple Watch You can actually see your notes in the glance option on your watch Please keep up the good work                 Nice app
Love the Instant Note Conveniences                 Love the Instant Note Convenience s
Stable easy to use and a copy of my data is in the cloud if I need it Cant ask for more                 Still great after all this time
When I switched to an iPhone I had to find a new note app I like this one a lot                 Like this app a lot
It can have folders to organize stuff now I can teach rightupword forever                 Best profile ever
I use this app ALL the timefor my to do list grocery list gift list and random lists and notes to keep me organized I love that you can organize your notes into files Great app                 great app
Great for notes lists everything you need to write down                
Super helpful for jotting down all of my random thoughts I love marking things as done              Great List Maker
It does the obvious enable you to jot down and manage notes and lists and does it well But it also lets you import and use your lists created with the now abandoned TaskPaper iOS app which sold me on UpWord Its fast easy and syncs with Dropbox and you can customize the appearance to your liking I use it mostly for elaborate and nested lists                 Awesome for notes and lists
I like how you can cross off bold underline items on your list with just a swipe Great free app              Good app
It has a very in depth features Just starting to use it to the fullest              So far very pleased
Please contact me I pay for this app and it doesnt work Or give me money back Thanks     It doesnt work for me
Good app I use it every day                 Very useful
But I wish it was more functional And if itd stop harassing me to purchase things Id be a much happier customer           Decent app
I like this app better than the regular notes in the iPhone Even though you have to purchase the modifications sometimes they give vouchers for a free one              Up word
Like many of you out there I have tried a lot of listmaking apps with varying degrees of satisfactionand dissatisfaction Usually I delete them within a day or two Theyre clever and cute but just not worth the memory space they take up This app has survived the cut for a couple of weeks so far Its actually quite handysimple and clean once you learn to use it which isnt complicated I even dropped the 3 to upgrade to Pro Does that tell you anything Yeah I think it may very well have carved out a permanent place on my desktop And on the first page at that              Handy
I found this app when I was looking for a place to keep notes that would be available to me on all my devices I didnt want fancy just functional I use it for more than that now and I love it                 Just What I Needed
Wonderfully written app with a well designed UX                 Easy to use full featured Todo
Very easy to use                 Love it
Great app I use it all the time for grocery shopping lists                 Awesome app
Clean and simple                 Efficient
Ive tried them all This one is the easiest to stay organized the fastest to load and has a convenient sync                 Best Notepad app
Love this app I do all my work on it It provides the majority of the necessities Easy to export notes to various places Theres one slight glitch where it will ask me to repurchase the app every so often when I try to create new folders even though Ive already purchased the full version but normally after rebooting the app it works perfectly fine So no worries Not a perfect app but definitely close Still love it              Love It

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