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Tim O`s Studios , the publisher behind many iOS app (Dice. ,Dueling Minds ,Calculator‰ ,Video Poker‰ ,Speedometer‰ ,Road Trip Game), brings Speedometer» with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Speedometer» app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me91
    Amazingly accurate.
    Thank you for making an app that does exactly what it is supposed to do.
    Thanks apple I Love You.
    Old Car Lover.
    Love the function.
    Verry good recommend.
    Fun & Engagingclick me89
    Awesome and accurate.
    Awesome 5 stars.
    Just plain fun.
    Usefulnessclick me100
    It's pretty useful.
    Very useful and necessary at times.
    Cool AND very helpful.
    Ease of Useclick me89
    It's much clearer to read than a normal speedometer anyway.
    simple app that does what it says.
    Large display makes it easy to see you while you're driving.
    Simple to use and large numbers are easy to read.
    Ads not Intrusiveclick me100
    I just rated this app so it would quit asking me to rate it.


    This a simple speedometer that tells you your current speed in mph or km/h.


    -Retina Display
    -Huge Indicators


    *The less transparent the indicator the better the accuracy.


    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Speedometer» for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 3.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
    Bottom Line: For more information about Speedometer» check developer Tim O`s Studios`s website :

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    to the point bold numbers. found in 3 reviews
    Large display makes it easy to see you while you're driving. found in 6 reviews
    Love the app clocked my quad at 42 miles per hour. found in 1 reviews
    Simple to use and large numbers are easy to read. found in 6 reviews
    Perfect for heads up display in 70 Dodge Dart Swinger. found in 3 reviews
    Clean and accurate. found in 2 reviews
    exactly what one would expect. found in 1 reviews
    Low battery consumption. found in 1 reviews
    Nice large display with only the information you need. found in 1 reviews
    Cool AND very helpful. found in 1 reviews
    Down loaded this app and it worked perfectly. found in 1 reviews
    Other apps seem to take forever to update your speed. found in 1 reviews
    In the nick of time. found in 1 reviews
    Lots of interesting applications. found in 1 reviews
    Accurate and precise. found in 1 reviews
    Works great on the 4S. found in 1 reviews
    Works really well perfect for my boat or anything without a speedometer. found in 5 reviews
    just gives you your current speed. found in 2 reviews
    More accurate than my car's speedometer. found in 3 reviews
    It's pretty useful. found in 1 reviews
    This app doesn't work on my phone. found in 1 reviews
    Needs just a little more. found in 1 reviews
    I'd say its good but very slow to show speed. found in 1 reviews
    I don't know if it is exciting though. found in 1 reviews
    Sometimes hangs on 0MPH. found in 1 reviews
    The speedometer doesn't always work in my car. found in 2 reviews
    Works but it has a slow sampling rate. found in 1 reviews
    Great until ad takes over the whole screen. found in 1 reviews
    Doesn't record top speed. found in 1 reviews
    Don't expect perfect performance. found in 1 reviews
    They don't randomly take over the whole screen. found in 2 reviews
    Works great as a fix for the computer driven. found in 1 reviews
    Bad ads. found in 1 reviews
    4 stars for lame ads. found in 1 reviews
    but 4 second lag time is unusable. found in 1 reviews
    Deleted app because I want to know my speed. found in 2 reviews
    Randomly skips and was typically 20-30 mph higher than actual. found in 1 reviews
    Pay to remove ad's is a poor way to generate revenue. found in 1 reviews
    iPhone 320x480 1
    iPhone 320x480 2
    iPad 360x480 1
    iPad iphone 480x360 2
    Icon 175x175 1
    Works well even in areas with poor reception                Works great
    Its simple Sometimes my car speedometer goes out and I use this app It has these full page ads that cover the screen now and that completely eliminates the point of this app Sure you can buy the app ad free for 199 but I dont use it enough to justify that       Full screen ads are a joke
    Does exactly what is says it will do Display is VERY large making it very easy to read Nice                Good app
    Excellent app I have an old vette with an inoperable speedometer soon to be rectified and this app on my iPhone saved the day Works flawlessly and is dead nuts accurate according to all of the flashing speed signs that are up 5 Stars                Speedometer
    Works as advertised and gps only used when using app Tested in my car to see how close it would register for a point of reference for when I rest my motorcycle Did a sprocket change and speedos are usually off on bikes as is Needless to say matched perfect when maintaining speed in the car Acceleration and decelerating does take time to catch up but that should be expected                Great app
    Really clear and easy to use You start the app and it stars showing speeds No fussWhy in Location Services does it only have Never and Always so I have to go and manually turn it on and off Lame and creepy          5 stars when I can pick While Using in gps
    Seriously I could not live without it                Best app ever
    Worked really well for me tonight will continue to use                Download it
    Ive been using this app in my classic truck for a few months Its simple and works great BUT In the past two weeks the ads that normally stay in the bottom of the screen have started occasionally filling the screen So Ill have to try and X it out at 70 mph Not exactly safe And 50 of the time I miss the little X and end up in the App Store I dont fault the developer for making a dime but keep it safe          Used to be great Not recently
    I always wanted to know how fast Im going when Im snowboarding                Awesome app
    I used this for testing my go kart speed governed and ungoverned Worked great 24 governed 43 governed                Great for go kart speed test
    Been using this app for months with great delight but no longer As I ride my moped I find myself having to either pull over or attempt to hit a small x the size of a pencil eraser on a cellphone with one hand while going 50mph Most of the time I miss and wind up in the App Store I guess the silver lining is that I wound up here and as my new App is downloading I can write this review Definitely go elsewhere    Pass
    Love how it automatically keeps the phone from locking                SpeedO
    More addictive than candy crush                Best app
    This app is pretty much unusable Had an ad popup about ever 15 seconds You know the kind where the x is impossible to touch so you get redirected to garbage    Constant ad popups
    The large display numbers are great except when they are covered up by ads which requires stopping to dismiss This happened to me twice during a short test ride Deleted app after ride    Useless for biking
    Too many popup video ads at the most unopportune times I understand advertisements but these are too obtrusive and too often Deleting app       Great idea but
    The ads kept popping up nonstop fully covering the screen sellouts       Ads
    Basic large display accurate easy Really liked the app until the latest update Full screen ads that you cant close Takes you to App Store if you try to close the ad Only to have to close App Store and try closing ad again While driving Uninstalled    New ads uninstall
    Full of ads and slow    If you love ads this apps for you
    Worked great for tuning boat for fastest performance in given weather conditions             Maxing boat speed on sailboat
    Hate how ads now Pop up out of no where and take the whole screen off when youre driving you cant make this app useless by putting big ads Make them take a little corner like before    Make ads smaller
    This app was really helpful to me after the speedometer cable broke on my car In a landscape mode I could put it in the dashboard area of my Miata and see it just fine Now I cant get it to go to the landscape mode I guess Ill look for another app that will       Was loving this app until
    I would be a great app if ads didnt take over Imagine driving while using this and all u see is ads taking over Ridiculous       Two stars because it wouldnt let me give it one star
    enjoy it has done everything asked                Mike
    Nice free application                LVO
    This app used to be very smooth and was very functional but today there are ads CONSTANTLY Its not helpful or safe to have to close out of ads literally every 30 seconds So Im getting a different one You had me until now          Used to work well
    Buttttt this app makes me worry a lot less its the only one that is spot on Highly recommend                Speedometer broke
    If only the rest of life were this easy                Simple Accurate
    Is very good          Zaso
    Would not pick up satellite    Did not work
    Pop up ads on a speedometer app Thats just dangerous    What
    I have a older 77 lifted chevy with no spedo I was curious to see if there was a app for this and there was It works wonderfully                This app is Amazing
    I bought an older car for cheap and it needs a little work One of those things needing repair is the speedometer This app is perfect until I can diagnose the actual problem and make the repair                Works perfectly
    GREAT App to calibrate as well as just satisfying my curiosity at times                Cool AND very helpful
    Most reliable app to know your speed                Great app
    I love this app The speedometer in my car is broken and this thing has been a life saver The only issue I have with it is the new ads They pop up right in the middle of the screen and I cant exactly close them out while Im driving If you can just keep them to the bottom where they usually are that would be perfect                Fix the Ads
    Used this app for over a year because the speedometer on my car is broken It worked great but now instead of ads being along the bottom they also pop up while I am driving Not very convenient I had to delete because it happens every time I drive    Ads interrupt while driving
    Please update to IOS9 so it will work in split screen Otherwise a great simple app                Chuck
    Idk what happened but all of a sudden my app reads like 3540mph more than what Im actually going I tired it on tonight I was driving through town 30mph zone turned on the app it reads 58mph It was scary       I usually love this app
    Ive been using this as alternative when I drive because my speedometer in my car doesnt work all the time It worked great till a week ago when the ads would automatically pop into full screen getting rid of the speedometer Im not gonna reach over to my phone to hit a tiny X while driving Looking for a new speedometer app now    Ad pop ups
    Why does this app need to use my location even when Im not using it That seems like an extreme privacy violation to me The one I ultimately ended up going with did not require tracking my location while I was not using the app Seriously that should scare you    Privacy concerns
    Great tool Changed tire sizes recently on a pickup truck which resulted in the speedometer being off by 7 This app made it possible to determine the true speed and make a mental note that helps avoid possible future misunderstandings with law enforcement Also works great on small boats not equipped with speedometer                Onohig
    This thing will simply blow your mind If you dont believe in this technology then just call it magic                EVERY APP SHOULD BE THIS GOOD
    It us right on with my Garmin GPS and easy to use                Very accurate
    way too many ads They pop up every 30 seconds Im sick of having to keep exiting out of them while Im driving which could be dangerous I Do not recommend this app to anyone who has a broken speedometer Deleting    Too many ads
    Everything I need nothing I dont Thanks speedometer                Just what I need
    Very annoying ads pop up when you try to use it One a video and one that opens the App Store Deleting after this review    Ads are annoying
    Terrible app Completely adridden crap Find something else Dont waste your bandwidth    Terrible
    The app seems to work as advertised However one fault I would like to see corrected is the only choice under iPhone Settings Privacy Location Services Share My Location Speedometer is Never or Always I would like to have a choice as does Google Maps of While Using I dont want the app using my location when Im not running the appiPhone 6 running iOS 813             Using GPS position


    Tim O`s Studios
    3.3 MB
    Compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad Wi-Fi + 4G.Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 1.1
    iPhone iPad

    iOS Speedometer» 1.1 Mobile

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