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From the Tôp , the publisher behind many iOS app (Video Editor for FREE ,Slow Shutter Camera Free ,Video Editor   ,Tap Booth for FREE - Props & Filters for Photo Booth pictures! ,The Photo Booth ,Slow Shutter Camera), brings Video Editor for FREE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Video Editor for FREE app has been update to version 1.5.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the BEST Video Editor App I have EVER used..
  • Now that I have downloaded I enjoy making movies with friends :..
  • along with being able to add photos and background music..
  • I recommend a slow motion /faster selection..
  • The best FREE video editor on the App Store hands down..
Overall Satisfactionclick me60
This is the BEST Video Editor App I have EVER used.
But the simplistic video editor is great.
Now that I have downloaded I enjoy making movies with friends :.
The best FREE video editor on the App Store hands down.
Best movie maker I made so many great movies my favorite app.
Love this app it's a lot better than splice.
Better than iMovie believe me and easy to use.
Fun & Engagingclick me28
Me and my friends can now make awesome videos with this app.
I can't get my awesome video downloaded to my computer.
I take videos all the time on the same thing.
I've made so many videos on this it's so much fun.
Video editor is Awesome.
Usefulnessclick me16
U basically have to buy everything.
Value for Moneyclick me12
Production Valuesclick me15
add effects.
Ease of Useclick me37
easy to run.
This is a very simple app to use.
You can save your videos anywhere and it's super easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me14
Ads not Intrusiveclick me38


“Video Editor for FREE” is a FAST and EASY TO USE video editing tool that let’s you TRIM, MERGE, and SHARE your video clips!


Along with the standard trim function, “Video Editor for FREE” offers a unique “tap” function for more precise frame-by-frame trimming.

Video Editor for FREEVideo Editor for FREE
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Users can compile their favorite video clips from the Camera Roll or instantly record new ones on the fly. Multiple video clips can be quickly rearranged with the drag-and-drop feature.


In addition to sharing videos via e-mail, “Video Editor for FREE” seamlessly integrates social media by directly uploading video clips to Facebook and YouTube. “Video Editor for FREE” offers the fastest upload speeds to share videos with friends and family.
Video Editor for FREE


“Video Editor for FREE” is perfect and essential for anyone who loves to create and share clips, video blogs, and short films. And best of all, it’s FREE!


*Save multiple video projects
*Precise frame-by-frame trimming
*Combine up to 10 minutes of video clips
*Quickly drag and drop to rearrange multiple video clips
*Rapid rendering to camera roll and e-mail
*In-app instant video recording
*Seamlessly transfer videos to Facebook and YouTube
*Optimized for iPhone3G, iPhone4, iPad, and iPod Touch
*Supports IOS 4.0 and above


The Video Editor for FREE is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5.2 has been released on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Video Editor for FREE check developer From the Tôp`s website :


pink noise. found in 1 reviews
and loud noise. found in 1 reviews
Alright I guess. found in 3 reviews
we desire a high signal-to- noise ratio S/N. found in 1 reviews
Awesome site yooo check this ish out. found in 1 reviews
Watching the tutorial helps. found in 1 reviews
It's very good for you tube posts and just having fun. found in 2 reviews
It's very good for Vlogs and other things like that. found in 2 reviews
Now I can make movies love vid editor. found in 4 reviews
This is a cool app for beginner and intermediate movie editors. found in 2 reviews
I've made so many videos on this it's so much fun. found in 3 reviews
My friends and I love this app totally recommended for all ages. found in 2 reviews
Easy editing for amateurs. found in 4 reviews
I love you app creators. found in 3 reviews
Best Thing In The World. found in 1 reviews
Used this for a class project and worked great. found in 3 reviews
Amazing final product. found in 6 reviews
Hi I love your game temple run its mad fun. found in 1 reviews
$3 later and the volume control feature for original audio doesn't work. found in 3 reviews
I like it just needs transitions for the videos. found in 3 reviews
but for some reason now whenever I try to open the app. found in 65 reviews
and because I have to re installed when this happened. found in 16 reviews
Just needs more editing features. found in 3 reviews
But I am having an issue with adding photos to the app. found in 20 reviews
But this new update crashes when i try to make a new project :. found in 42 reviews
I expect that issue to be fixed tomorrow. found in 11 reviews
good app but it doesn't save the vids to my camera roll. found in 167 reviews
Won't let me save my video to my photo album. found in 13 reviews
but I paid 99 ¢ for the transitions thinking it was text. found in 9 reviews
Whenever I try to open the app it shows an add loading and then closes. found in 65 reviews
It keeps crashing every time I try to trim the video. found in 49 reviews
But dam it always crashes when I try to trim a video. found in 52 reviews
I have the iPhone 5s and every time I open it it crashes. found in 9 reviews
U CAN'T EVEN MAKE A MOVIE LONGER THAN 10 minutes. found in 7 reviews
& it's stupid you have to pay for everything extra. found in 76 reviews
Every Time I open the app it crashes immediately. found in 68 reviews
now EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to open the app it closes. found in 65 reviews
If you want an actual video editing app get splice: video editor. found in 76 reviews
•won't show on home screen •stuck with you forever. found in 65 reviews
It crashes every time I try to open the app. found in 65 reviews
•won't open
I also am having issues with saving videos to my camera role. found in 167 reviews
Bought the option to add music and it doesn't even work. found in 259 reviews
I can't even press new project without it crashing. found in 42 reviews
This app crashes every time I try to make a new project. found in 48 reviews
Do not buy u need to buy everything get splice its awesome. found in 137 reviews
YOU HAVE TO PAY TO ADD MUSIC -_____- it's so stupid. found in 259 reviews
Doesn't save the video to my camera roll. found in 162 reviews
If you want to edit the beginning or end off you cannot. found in 39 reviews
Dont waste ur time to download this app. found in 31 reviews
I looked at the game and all the photos and thought it would be a awesome game for videos but when I get on it looks good but once I touch camera roll it crashes or even if I touch a different button alsoIts free so u get it but if u want to add music or your voice you have to pay Thats why its free Thumbs DOWN    You can tell why its free
Whenever I tried to make a new video it would just Crash It made me so mad    Terrible
Love it love the Fx cause I make videos of me telaporting using different clips should download now please when you download you will love and you can save to camera roll so download please                Love it Tyrone1023
Not sure why theres so much negative reviews works great for putting multiple videos together and there is no water mark and its free 5 stars                Works great
Ok This is just not what I wanted I tried to stick a picture in but it moved the picture to the end of the video It was too confusing after 4 hours of starting over I dont really like it so I hit the delete button Its just not worth it for me       Not the best app
so its soooooo bad In the app videoshop u can select multiple clips at once and then they will all load so you can start editing but this app you have to select one video at a time and wait and then after I finally finished editing a video which took about three hours Then it wouldnt load and deleted everything I had done I would get this app zero stars I do not recommend downloading it at all    Its really BAD
You have to pay for everything    Stupid app
Im not even over exaggerating you literally need to pay to do anything Add video from library 99c add text 99c change speed or border 99c    crap
Ok soI pressed New Project And it Was Turning out wellBut then I tapped the AddButton And that was fine TooBUT I Pushed Camera RollAnd it CrashedI kept trying again and againBut it didnt WorkPLEASE FIX THIS    FIX THIS
Every time I go to add a video from my camera roll it crashes my app and doesnt work my opinion dont download    Not good it crashes every time
When I got this on my phone turned off twice and had to reboot twice this is a terrible app to get and it doesnt even let you make your video    Horrible app
It says that saved to my camera roll but didnt    Will not download to my camera roll
I just got this game and when I try to add any videos it goes back to my home screen If you would fix these bugs I would love this app Bye    It wont let me do anything
The video will not load on iPad need a lot of work keeps closing    Need work
This is the worst app ever I hope this app will not be on the App Store no longer it cost money to enable a vid get a better proses idiot    099 to enable a vid
Literally crashed every time I tried to add videos    Couldnt even use it
I love it But just two things 1 I dont like how you have to pay 99 to get transitions and 2it will be nice of in later updates they add the possibility to pit captions on andor before each clip But overall great app I recommend it 4 starsBut plz fix those two things of u can creators             Good App
What the heck everything costs money all you can do is raise the volume everything is 99 cents    Why Does Everything have to cost money
It said you can add music to it and I have a funny video and it needs music to it but it cost money that is sooooo stupid I bet you would get so many more downloads if the music and stuff did Not cost money    I hate it
Havent done anything past that but I was looking for an app to merge videos Ive already taken Worked perfectly Not sure how difficult the rest of the app is though             Works well for video merging
It keeps crashing when I try to access my camera roll or take a video    Keeps crashing
I tried putting a video up but it just says choose your video one more time Can somebody help me out       Doesnt work for me
This app rocks I recommend to anyone who sees this review                Loved it
All it did was freeze and crash Didnt get to edit one second of video    App is good for one thing crashing
Nice app             Nice
If you want a video editing app get a different one The audio is all off so if I scream in real life I whisper in the video          This app is okay
I wanted to try this but crashed ever time I went past advertisement and tried to do anything    Crashed every time
Its a helpful app if it would work but when I make a video and try to play it it shuts off my phone for like 5 minutes The app cant even do what it was made to do Just awful    Not good
Once I was working on a video for 1 hour and my app CRASHED IT DELETED EVERYTHING Another time it jumbled EVERYTHING out of order PLZ FIX THIS PLZZZZ    What is this
Worked great at first Then I bought it and cant open projects crashes etc dont buy until developer fixes    What a letdown
Works just as I wanted it to Very few adds Love it                 app
This app makes you pay for everything to put music to do a voice over everything what do they think were stinking rich worst app ever never have seen an app that makes u pay for everything I recommend to not download this app I have to rate a least 1 star but if I could I would rate it 0    Awful
Video editor is really cool But it needs a tiny bit of improvement For example every now and then when I press the record button it will stop without me stopping it But otherwise I really like video editor Ive made a lot of videos with it and its a really good app          Its cool but
I am starting a Youtube channel and i wanted to use something easy and free so i used this one My videos are going to be longer than 10 minutes but it wont let me save them This is a good app but not if your videos are going to be 20 minutes long    Brooke
This app was good from 20122013 then 2014 it went to crap every time I try to add a video picture or anything it crashes I spent money on this app when it was working fantastic I would have given it a five star but Im giving it a no star even though I have to give it one For lack of keeping this app going    Great to bad
This app is great But when I try to do a video it just crashes Please fix the bug problem       Its ok
I dont even use my regular camera anymore                Awesome
When I tried to make a video it sent me to the home screen          It sends me back to the home screen
Wasted a dollar to be able to add music and it doesnt work Plus it crashes all the time NOT WORTH IT AT ALL    Horrible
I needed to merge my vids for my YouTube account WhatsUpCarson and I cycled through apps and apps to merge I got so frustrated I looked up videos then there was one that represented this app I tried it out and I worked great I definitely recommend it for merging videos                Its AMAZING
Every time I launch the game and try to go into camera roll or take a video the app crashes Plz fix this Thanks    Keeps crashing
Terrible app Every time I try to trim a video it closes the app This started happening right after I purchased all of the additional items    Editor
Title says it all    Crap
If I try to add a song it doesnt work and its cost money to add your own songs that you already bought to play during your video       Need improvement badly
This app is terrible There is more ads than actual editing and it deleted all my videos Do not get this app    SUPER SUCKY
Ive had this app a long time just never thought to write a review it is great I RECCOMEND IT GREAT FIR EVEN A BASIC YOUTUBER                Who doesnt want this
This app is the most Terrible app ever whenever you want to go to camera roll it takes you to the home screen please fix I would really like the app if you fixed it    Horible app
jgtiojbstfj Gk hi Ghm skinxu             äwšòmé
I bought the option to add photos and now my camera roll wont show up so I can choose a videophoto Please fix this This was my favorite video editor          I loved it until


From the Tôp
5.5 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.5.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Video Editor for FREE 1.5.2 Mobile

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