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Viggle , brings Viggle with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Viggle app has been update to version 1.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great App - I get rewards for watching TV & mostly sports events..
Overall Satisfactionclick me77
I love viggle and totally recommend it to EVERYONE.
So disappointed used to love Viggle but now it stinks.
Thanks Viggle I just received the "products" from my rewards.
Getting points and rewards just for watching my favorite tv shows and movies.
This is perfect for tv lovers and music.
Fix it I can't even get points for TV.
I hope that there are better rewards for players.
This seems to be AMAZING.
Its a great app better than shazam or watev its called.
Fun & Engagingclick me63
so fun to play along with award shows like the golden globes.
until I wasn't able to play along with the Viggle Live Questions.
I hope that there are better rewards for players.
Viggle is awesome and a helpful app.
I'm addicted to Viggle -ing and even got my boyfriend to start.
Had this app for about 2 weeks and I'm totally addicted.
Usefulnessclick me19
I use this app all day every day.
You must watch all day every day.
Repeat Valueclick me39
000 point level.
Reliabilityclick me25
Ads not Intrusiveclick me61
Get extra points for watching commercials or certain shows.
There is no extra bonus points for watching certain shows.
Gives you something to do during commercials.
Security & Privacyclick me11
Didn't get a bonus for the Directv account link thingy.
if you don't log into your DirecTV account.
Updates & Supportclick me24
Customer service was very responsive when I did contact them.
The two times I have had to contact customer service.


Watch TV. Get Rewards.
Check into your favorite TV shows with Viggle and get great rewards from Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango, Old Navy and dozens more.


Watch your favorite TV shows with Viggle.


Check in with a simple tap and start racking up Viggle points with every show you watch.

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Redeem your Viggle points to get great rewards like movie tickets, gift cards and music. The more you watch, the more you get.


• What’s On: See what shows are hot and where you can get extra Viggle points, set show reminders and get detailed show information.
• Check In: Viggle automatically checks you into what you’re watching with a simple tap.
• Rewards: Redeem your Viggle points in the Rewards catalog for real products from top brands.
• Latest Chatter: Share your check-ins and tell your friends what you’re watching with Facebook and Twitter.
• Extras: Play games, watch videos and take quizzes and polls to rack up more Viggle points.


The Viggle is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 8.7 MB to download. The new Viggle app version 1.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Who ever thought that watching television could be so" fun and rewarding. found in 29 reviews
Its a great app better than shazam or watev its called. found in 18 reviews
All while having fun watching tv and answering trivia questions. found in 36 reviews
I got some wonderful completely FREE Papa Johns. found in 22 reviews
Has broadened my TV viewing. found in 10 reviews
i just redeemed 62500 points for the $25 Lowes gift card. found in 15 reviews
I love getting rewarded for watching television and listening to music. found in 64 reviews
I love viggle and totally recommend it to EVERYONE. found in 468 reviews
Loving earning points for watching movies /shows that I watch anyway. found in 10 reviews
there's not that many commercials to get points anymore. found in 25 reviews
Forcing me to view video ads should be banned. found in 17 reviews
I like this app but sometimes it doesn't recognize what I'm watching. found in 12 reviews
I am unable to check in to the shows to receive points. found in 28 reviews
Please consider allowing people to add friends through other avenues. found in 11 reviews
It crashes every time I check my points history or settings. found in 85 reviews
Needs iPhone 5 support and sometimes it doesn't understand the tv. found in 21 reviews
Was good but going downhill fast. found in 25 reviews
Although quirky sometimes with server issues. found in 18 reviews
The only thing that never fails are the forced ads. found in 9 reviews
These changes have made it not worth it anymore. found in 75 reviews
Only downside is the occasional missing points from my check ins. found in 247 reviews
but viggle needs to seriously stop treating the people like nothing. found in 25 reviews
Needs better rewards and to offer more shows and movies. found in 67 reviews
It needs to be tweaked to accommodate IOS 7 users. found in 18 reviews
until it started crashing literally every time I try to check into a show. found in 39 reviews
But the screen needs to be updated for iPhone 5. found in 25 reviews
" so I never hear back about reported problems with missing points. found in 35 reviews
Points for rewards getting higher almost impossible to reach. found in 201 reviews
Fix this please and give everyone extra points that they missed. found in 197 reviews
It's almost impossible to get anything because you need so many points. found in 99 reviews
They will suspend your account if you earn too many points. found in 228 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't even give you your points for checking into shows. found in 326 reviews
No gift cards in less than 50000 points. found in 1712 reviews
Raising points needed to redeem while lowering bonus points for shows. found in 170 reviews
They constantly inflate the point values for rewards as well. found in 146 reviews
The points history doesn't show the recent added points. found in 85 reviews
Questioning whether it's worth it anymore to accumulate more points. found in 75 reviews
Bonus points going down+prizes costing a ridiculous amount of points =delete. found in 239 reviews
Then periods where there are few or no options for extra points. found in 193 reviews
Terrible Customer Service /Very little to Redeem For. found in 356 reviews
Not able to check into shows even if they are featured. found in 244 reviews
Also the "DOWN YOUR THROAT DIRECT TV " PUSH is ridiculous. found in 76 reviews
Audio check ins not working at all since last update. found in 247 reviews
making it almost impossible to accumulate enough points to redeem for prizes. found in 580 reviews
they now make it impossible to make a lot of points. found in 112 reviews
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I would give this app no stars What is with the ads after every single song check in Alsowhere are the rewards Im uninterested in digital rewardsI want physical products    If I could
Once you get a high amount of points all prizes disappear and all youre left with is twizzler or viggle tshirts Its a scam app thats just a waste of time They say they offer gift cards everyday at various times of the day but that is a lie There are no gift cards or prizes Dont waste your time with this app    Dont expect prizes
Love it                Viggle
There used to be tons of prizes but there is nothing now Its a waste of time Looking for a replacement app now    Worthless
I agree anything above one star is corporate bait Years ago this really was a fun app with gift cards as rewards gift cards you wanted but know its about trying to find something to redeem my one million plus points Dont download this app Save your space and tell DirectTv youre going bye bye    Just awful
Viggle used to be an awesome app to earn gift cards and electronics I earned enough points to redeem a roku and several other products and gift cards Now the app doesnt offer anything worth checking in for it is no longer worth the effort it requires especially with the constant glitches The only rewards currently offered are sweepstakes entries Several customers have complained and inquired about additional rewards being offered but questions about the rewards catalog are ignored or given a generic answer like products change frequently They refuse to say whether or not products will come back so Im lead to believe they wont shame on you Viggle Word of mouth will end you    Was once a great app
Used to give decent prizes now offers Twizzlers tshirts after you reach a level you have saved and worked for one hundred percent scam    STOP Dont download Complete scam
Ive been using viggle for longer than a year now This app was great the rewards were well worth the time Now the app is a complete waste of time The customer service refuses to answer questions from many vigglers concerning products and rewards I am done with this app I will be deleting it after this post    App is now worthless
this app has no gifts cards for over 1 year false tv advertising read other peoples reviews they make millions we make nothing    JUST TO EARN POINTs
This app is a piece of crap Cant even get into to see what e cards you can possibly purchase Cant get shows half the time to register and when you use the guide thats a total waste of time Dont even bother getting this app total waste of time    Pain in the
RIP rewards    Went downhill
Cant express how frustrated I am after years and years of loyal viggling Where did all the rewards go    Disappointed
The app used to fantastic Once the gift cards offered were on Love u from Fanatics I started losing my enthusiasm for the app but now with the mandatory ads after every check in Im most likely going to stop using it all together Im not a lover of Twizzlers which is what most of the rewards can be redeemed on now I hate draining my phone battery data on the mandatory videosads Bye Viggle It was nice knowing you    DONT Bother getting this app Unless you are a Twizzler fan
Ever since the last update I have not been able to check in to any show I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still doesnt work I kept getting a message that is was checking into the show early Even though I was watching the show Now I get one that tells me to change the time on my phone Rewards have been poor for awhile now    Update broke app
They just keep making it harder and harder to get points I can barely get the check in to recognize anything anymore and you cant get bonus points for manual check ins and now they just lowered all the shows back to 2X bonus it was hard enough to make any points at 4X but now 2X it makes it not even worth the effort Its not like there are any good prizes worth cashing out at this point very disappointed with this app at this point Please go back to at least 4X pointsSeriously They just got rid of all the prizes I have been doing this a while and actually saved up a lot of points and almost enough to get something good and then they take all the prizes away All thats left to redeem for is twizzler products and downloads Even when I thought about downloading a few books they dont have anything worth redeeming for I mean they dont even recognize the twilight books come on Get your s together viggle because right now this app is so useless    Seriously
I have been using Viggle for a number of years and have loved all the different choices that were offered as rewards With each update there have been fewer and fewer rewards First there were no more gift cards and now they have taken away all the products except Twizzler items I would not recommend this app for anyone unless they update their rewards    All the rewards are gone
Viggle isnt going to add any product or gift cards so lets turn their reviews into sharing info about a better reward app Viggle is greedily using us and generating millions with their commercials forced ad viewing and program promos If you really want Viggle to hear your voices boycott them Stop checking in and close your account That will get their attention because they wont be able to generate I know that its hard for long time users its like an addiction and youll loose your points I know what your thinking What if they return to offering good products and gift cards Lol They know that we arent happy with their new digital downloads and their response has been to do nothing FEAR Thats what theyre counting on They are reusing your fears to keep you as part of their statics to generate They had us begging for points its time to bring them down to their knees    Lets Turn The Table on Them
The entire point of this app is to earn points and earn rewards There are no rewards Ive earned over a million points and the only rewards are Twizzler tshirts and crap Used to be a great app Not so much anymore    Rewards are available for minutes
I watched all those lame bonus shows and stayed up late to get all my songs for each day I was saving my points up for months and all I wanted was my 150000 points for some ear buds Then only a few points awaywithout warning all the rewards are GONE ALL GONE What the heck You cant do that I AM DISAPPOINTED VIGGLE FOR SHAME Wouldnt let me give 1 star though it should be ZERO STARS    Very BAD Bait and switch REWARDS
This is my first time using vigglebut when I first saw this app and saw you can get prizes for listening to music I thought it was cool so I downloaded I was saving my points for something really nice and its no longer there I dont want a dumb tshirt And they dont give me my points my music Im gonna use my points to buy music then delete this stupid app At least I get something out of it What a rip off    Bullcrap
Everything is gone    Everything is gone
and it takes forever to earn them Been trying for 4 months to CASH in my points and say good riddance to Viggle But noooo they never have anything but LAME Twizzlers or overpriced LAME Sweepstakes Do yourselves a FAVOR Dont Viggle You will be sorry Nuff SaidPS The latest app update forced is FULL OF 30 SECOND POP UP ADS    Your chances of being struck by Lightning is GREATER than redeeming your points
I enjoy keeping up with my shows and movies I watch but I just wish it would pickup what I am watching quicker                Billy R Skipper
Ive been using Viggle for almost a year now It seemed like a good app I ended up using it to earn points by checking in with songs everyday building up to spend on one of the awesome products they had in their rewards Even though the app had trouble finding a song once in a while it wasnt a huge issue for me and it was worth it for the free stuff But around a month ago Viggle had an update that ruined everything Now they play an add after every check in whether or not the you get points for the check in which is very irritating And to make it worse they no longer have any products to spend your rewards on There is no longer a reason for me to use the app Im debating if I should just cash out and get some musicmovies or hold out to see if they bring back any of the product rewards Bad Form Viggle    Commercials and No Product Rewards
But no choice commercial on tv says gift cards but are are none and have been 0 for a while long long long time and merchandise theres nothing there sorry viggle you are making millions we are not making nothing worth even trying    Hate to rate 1 star
Ive tried writing my complete feelings of contempt disgust with the horrible viggle business practices since July 2 2015 in reviews of several recent App Store updatesYet I never have EVER seen my review in the list of App Store reviews And I dont know whyI wasnt vulgar or threatening Just long winded perhapsbecause of how angry Viggle has continues to make meSo I will try being more succinct Since July 2 2015 despite what Viggle deceitfully informs people that they notified usersViggle WITHOUT WARNING began a drastic campaign ofDropping bonus check ins to a majority of 2x 3x durn from a baseline of 4x with many times some 6x 10x 15xsSLASHING trivia points IN 12seriously making the time spent doing the trivia hardly worthwhile This meant that before the slashing we are receiving 1500pts for 1hr 3000prs for 2hr programs and MORE for the weekend movies that ran 23hrpublishing s series of updates on the apple App Store ONLY divulging they were bug fixes performance enhancements which were LIES Instead the app became unstavle glitchy hardly recognizing shows sings in timely manner and most of alladding a RDUCULOUS ant of MANDATORY ads following tv showsong checkinswhich they awarded no Additional pts for users relying on their data plan just eats up peoples cellular dataFrequent unprofessional help Meaning many upon many ppl report their questions were simply ignored unanswered by citing form responses by the help team that had nothing to do with what you r writing in about and therefore many of us continued to be ignored when the app started constantly becoming glitchy and points were often missawardedmeaning we would be cheated their responses or lack thereof repeatedly ignored the issuesAnd finallythe rewards consistently reduced to NO PRODUCTS except frankly worthless Twizzler Viggle merch trinkets for over a month now and NON EXISTENT GIFT CARDS fur over a year year 12 Moviestvmusic digital awards which are fair at best given its through a horribly service MGO in which ma y movies ur music Ive wanted arent awarded through Viggle points being a common occurrence And now their latest solution to pocket money for themselves and rewarding us LESS FOR OUR WORK DATA MINING for them is their USELESS Sweepsapalooza This allows them to not have to spend much much more on a VARIETY of reward PRODUCTS THEREFORE allowing MANY MANY MORE USERS A chance to receive prizes instead these 4 sweeps will supposedly Rewarding a MERE MINUSCULE NUMBER of vigglers with cash mostly 1 winner a sweeps So 4 people in the e d get a reward for all of the work WE ALL DOIts crazy And insulting And disappointing Because is longterm users have invested so much and many MANY of us have managed to amass over a MILLION POINTS during the golden age of reasonable point rewards and fair Viggle practices Only to now have the rig completely pulled from nevertheless our feetIt is this reason that so many of us are upset Angry ranting in reviewsfor you few people professing to still love Viggle suspiciously appearing to be Viggle employees or ppl paid to review positivelyjust my opinionmay perhaps understand a little better why there is such animosity anger And why so many have boarded the ark in retreatBecause since the MAJOR Age of Reduction horribly deceitful malfunctioning app updatesthe apple App Store rating has dropped from a alltime high of 4 stars to an abysmally freefalling 2 stars as of the latest update And Viggleappears to not care And finallyif you are still a fan or on the fence of still signing upjust GOOGLE VIGGLE You will see reports of a recent default loan payment in the millionsas well as a stock status update from hold to sell Among several other OMINOUS DISCOURAGING evidence of their chicanery as of recent monthsI sincerely hope this explains a bit As well as I see this review in the apple App Store Its upsetting to take such time to carefully write down my feelings and then they dont seem to get postedIn summaryall signs point to Viggle circling the drain Your valuable time much better suited looking for other reliable professional worthwhile sensible rewards app    Circling the toiletFAST
Loved this app now its horrible They went to digital rewards that only a few want Tons of complaints on Social Media they dont care We ask if old rewards coming back they will not answer Some replies are actually RUDE They went downhill Fast    Used to be the best now HORRIBLE
Ive used this app for many years Some weeks the check ins dont work some times its great Rewards are impossible to get and they dont have gift cards anymore Im still holding out hope that reasonable rewards will be out up soon       No rewards
This app started out great I have redeemed 50 in gift cards and got a new Keurig 20 Now they go and take out all the actually rewards And when you contact them about it you get the generic our rewards are always changing Viggle is making BANK on ads and advertising and not spending a dime paying out any good rewardsThey keep saying on Twitter they are taking and listening to all feedback No way they are or they wouldnt have dropped to a 2 star app or be continuously responding to angry tweets Get it together Viggle before you lose what little following you have left    Pointless rewards app unless you REALLY like Twizzler t shirts
Loved the app at first because I was able to redeem points for fun gift cards and products Ive seen it evolve to requiring a ridiculous amount of points to redeem products Now theres no products available except twizzler items Disappointed    What happened
Hey I just wanted to say I love Viggle but I have a questionWhat is it with all the commercials it gets annoying          Vicky
This is awesome I dont mean Eddie Izzard like a hotdog awesome I mean moon landing awesome          Geniuses
What happened with the gift cards          Its ok
What happened to the rewards Ive been doing viggle for a year and I finally have a nice points total and now there are no rewards except twisler stuff Im so irritated       Wheres the rewards
Waste of time after they took away all rewards after I saved for years for a toaster             Terrible
I just won 1 million Viggle points in the Big Game Challenge Thanks Viggle                Thanks Viggle
I agree with all posts that give one star Pathetic nonrealresponse customer service Suddenly ended bonus points beyond 8am Only Twizzler products and the nonexistent customer service told me to suggest better rewards if I wanted them really really I have to suggest better things than Twizzler tshirts then when I did they said I should suggest them to some side web linkeven though it was THEIR suggestion for me to send them a listI agree with the million points person too As soon as they bring back any decent rewards Ill spend my million points and leave Clearly they are moving us toward buying their media but theyre already making money on my watching ads However I refuse to buy any Viggle product or one that advertises on Viggle I refuse So its actually selfdefeating for businesses to advertise with Viggle and hand them money    Watch your points And app continues to crash
I loved this app when if first came out now you have to have more points for thing and the rewards are not that good What happened to the gift cards The past two month I will be watching tv and try and viggle the show and it dose not show up          Vig vig
Viggle started out with good connections and available products They however do not provide anything useful and lure you into believing your loyalty would be rewarded NOTDo not waste your time on this app It will frustrate and disappoint    Good app gone horribly awful
I thought I was the only one that had complaints about the award points and the available prizes Now that Ive read what others had to say I know I was right to Viggle has gone downhill so fast that I believe theyre unable to stop their decline look forward to the day when they close their doors    Bait and Switch
Ratings will definitely be low without the Apple gift card       5 Star App
The gift cards are never there and all the good products rewards are gone I saved up all these points to not be able to get any cool rewards I did like it    What happened to the rewards
First they start playing ads after every song match which is difficult and time consuming as it is since the app always assumes the next song is the same as previous Then they get rid of all the desirable rewards completely What incentive is there to keep using their glitchy app Thanks for pissing on the people who made you successful    Insult to loyal users
They have cut out all good to decent rewards But they still have a stock pile of Twizzlers TShirts    If you like twizzlers and tshirts
This used to be my favorite app but the new update is a mess Crashes constantly have to relog in The increased restrictions have completely taken the fun out it The rewards are pretty much non existent or if you happen to check in at rare time they are available the points value is ridiculous some triple what they used to be It makes watching all those ads pretty pointless now 91815 I have over a million points ONE MILLION points Available redemption A twizzlers tshirt Horrible Wasted time and valuable data for nothing    Ups and downs
Let me start by saying that I have been a user of the Viggle app since 2012 At first it was fun Gift Cards available 247 and you really felt like it was worth your timeThen they started upping the prices for the gift cards ok inflation I can go with thatThen they started rationing the gift cards but rationalized it by making products available at really inflated pricesThen the gift cards became harder and harder to get It is like Black Friday at Walmart trying to get a gift card nowThen they asked a bunch of us to beta test V20 and it was horrible We told them so Every detail They ignored the beta testers and released a crappy app And then FORCED everyone to upgrade to itNOW there are no products except for promotional tshirts and the like from Twizzler and Viggle is aging ridiculous points for them They CLAIM they are restocking but they use a third party fulfillment house Nothing to restock as fulfillment houses do not run out of products Gift cards have been reduced to one of a particular brand per week Let that sink in 1 PER WEEK Gift cards dont run out either they are available in an unlimited about if your company has the creditYes they offer music movieTV shows and eBooks who cares The eBooks are not compatible with Kindle or any normal book readersoftware so they are virtually worthless to many peopleThe app has really become a laughing stock in the rewards community It is obvious that they are in financial trouble look at their financials online they are a public company When you look at the financials you will come to the same conclusion many others have they probably cannot pay the fulfillment houses and gift card vendors to pay us Which is probably why there are no products and gift cards are few and far between Why else would you alienate your usersOf course many folks will say Its free No its not You are providing Viggle with information that they sell for money to the networks advertisers etc You worked for those points Giggle can spend money on lavish new headquarters but not to pay the very people who provide them with the information they sellBottom line is it is just not worth it now The only reason I am staying in is because I have about a halfmillion unused points I would like to redeem them then bail I give them 12 months before they fold In my humble opinion of course    Just When You Think It Cannot Get Worse It Does
The app used to be worth it but now there are no good rewards and is a waste of my time    Terrible since updates
Ive been using this app well over 2 yrs and I was a diehard fan and aggressive viggler I feel responsible for at least 20 other ticked off friends and family for asking them to joinI had rated them 5 stars consistently because it used to be AWESOME but with every single update the ads became longer the points became less and the rewards became useless andor absent altogether Listen to these other reviewers and unless you want to rent a movie or buy a song for free to watch on your PC then dont even bother Your points arent always awarded after enduring their mandatory ads and checking into bonus shows and sometimes it doesnt even recognize the bonus shows its pushingThey used to offer everything from earphones to makeup brushes tech and kitchen gadgets jewelry to iPads to cruises gift cards from papa johns to best buy to iTunes etc and then without warning they just vanished and the best award now and Im NOT KIDDING HERE is an extra large Twizzlers tshirt Blatant disregard for loyal customers and total ripoff at this point Im lucky and sniffed this coming so I was able to cash most of my points before this final F YOU that theyve given us but at this point Im giving them about another month If nothing changes Im cashing in my points on the shirts before they take those too and donating them to a homeless shelter and I encourage everyone as frustrated as I am to do the same I know a lot of you have just deleted your accounts as Ive considered myself Maybe instead of a rash decision made in anger we can use this as an opportunity to help someone else and then upon receipt immediately delete our accounts It runs in the background and listens to absolutely everything you say or hear constantly now so its also like wearing a wire at this point too Not that most people have anything to hide but its still creepy as hell You can tell because it registers shows that you can hear BEFORE you hit the listen button This app is bs and if I seem bitter its because I am no apologies    Used to be awesome now its a total waste
Any review that beyond one star are fake and being paid to make a good review As an Viggle user from the very beginning trust me when I say each of these update theyve done has made this app not worth your time First each check in now has a ad you have to watch With the already reduction of point for the TV show check in it makes the Viggle user not want to check in at all I know I dont now Its very tedious especially if you want to check into music You cant click out of it otherwise it wont check you in The award use to be plenty and able to to redeem for gift cards anytime you want but now you have to stick to it a refresh for 4 hours straight to able to redeem your point With all these update it make each user really hate this app If you dont believe me use it yourself and post your own review    Worst Update Yet


8.7 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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iOS / 1.1.1
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