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Vodio Labs Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (BroPro - Official App ,Extreme TV – Watch all the latest and hottest Extreme Sports Videos ,Game Axis - Watch the hottest and latest video games` news, reviews, previews, gameplays & shows ,Style Zone – Watch the hottest fashion and style news and trends, beauty, runway shows, videos & more ,Indie Spot - Watch the best & latest Indie Music video clips, songs, artists, news, shows & concerts ,Auto TV - Watch the hottest and latest automotive, cars & driving videos, news, reviews & shows), brings Vodio with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Vodio app has been update to version 2.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • the interface and search function for finding trending videos is supurb..
  • every day I look forward to viewing the news..
  • I love the interactive features..
  • Quite a variety of news sources with very divergent perspectives..
  • AND awesome tech support responsiveness..
Overall Satisfactionclick me88
It's a one stop app for all the latest video news.
Cool App and the video quality is excellent.
Love the format and content.
This app continues to amaze & delight.
Theee best video app going.
This app is better than YouTube.
Fun & Engagingclick me94
Awesome video app and strongly recommend.
Excellent format great set up I'm getting addicted to it.
I use this app all the time it's dope af.
Usefulnessclick me93
I use this app everyday to keep updated with all social media.
Excellent way to stay informed of what's happening in the world.
Everything in one place and always fresh and up to date.
Great app for up to date news.
Vodio keeps you up to date on new technological product releases.
Saves time.
essential apps collections x201d.
Value for Moneyclick me32
Social Aspectsclick me97
All of my social media put into one simple app.
Production Valuesclick me100
Excellent interface and user experience.
I really like the interface.
Ease of Useclick me86
They make it easy to find the content you are interested in.
I love that I have every option available to share vids.
Fantastic source of information and easy to navigate.
all put into a nice convenient app.
The easy customization of feeds and social integration are excellent.
Really intuitive great app.
Reliabilityclick me100
the developers are quick to respond to your questions and suggestions.
Maybe I need to re install.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me32
Updates & Supportclick me79
the developers are quick to respond to your questions and suggestions.
Maybe I need to re install.


* ** Featured on TechCrunch, The Next Web, The Guardian and more***
Vodio for
iPadtablet made by Apple
delivers personalized video content unlike any you’ve ever experienced before.


Take video consumption on the go to the next level, by creating your very own personalized video streams from dozens of content services. Free up your time by watching the most talked about videos, instead of searching through hours of videos you might like.

Tags :   video ,   videos ,   content ,   vodio


With the wealth of video content available, knowing what to watch isn’t always as easy as it seems. Vodio lets you discover and enjoy the best videos, based on what’s being shared around you as well as your personal preferences and interests.


Additionally, Vodio lets you share videos through your social networks, so your friends can enjoy it too.


Notable Features:


* Personalized video streams
* Slick and Intuitive UI
* Quick Share of cool video content via Facebook, Twitter and Email
* Constantly adapting to your personal taste in video content
* Vertical channels (News, Entertainment, Music, Sports, Comedy, Science, Sports, Music, Comedy and more…)


If you are iPad owner,you now can download Vodio for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 1.9 MB to download. The new Vodio app version 2.0.0 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Vodio in Vodio Labs Ltd.`s Official Website : http://vod.io


Best App In My Opinion. found in 1 reviews
Excellent way to stay informed of what's happening in the world. found in 2 reviews
Good collection of relevant content. found in 4 reviews
it is more stable and user friendly. found in 9 reviews
Been using this app for a few weeks. found in 2 reviews
nice mix of content. found in 3 reviews
Keeps me updated to the current events happening all around me. found in 6 reviews
Amazing video player from all your sources of social video. found in 6 reviews
It's a one stop app for all the latest video news. found in 22 reviews
Simple user interface and smooth transitions between categories and video content. found in 13 reviews
Cool App and the video quality is excellent. found in 9 reviews
The best app I have ever download. found in 1 reviews
I have tried a few of these web video aggregator apps. found in 9 reviews
Vodio is simply the best on the market. found in 2 reviews
Good but the video lists a bit laggy. found in 1 reviews
Would be 5 stars if it loaded faster and didn't crash so much. found in 2 reviews
but stop sending me messages. found in 1 reviews
Started out fine then they made false promises. found in 1 reviews
Updated added ads. found in 1 reviews
Same Ole Crash. found in 1 reviews
Make it happen with next update please. found in 2 reviews
I am bombarded with ads more so since the last update. found in 2 reviews
I can't bear to watch the channels anymore. found in 2 reviews
that can be annoying at times but overall its a very entertaining app. found in 2 reviews
This app does not support airplay. found in 1 reviews
Maybe I need to re install. found in 6 reviews
Forced content provider. found in 1 reviews
not a cross section of everything going on in our world. found in 4 reviews
A fun way to waste time. found in 2 reviews
Simple and good app for my video needs. found in 4 reviews
Only issue is its clunkiness with social network integration. found in 4 reviews
needs a tiny bit more work. found in 1 reviews
Way too much liberal pop culture bull crap. found in 5 reviews
Sticking to Flipboard and Pulse until then. found in 3 reviews
The videos I tried to watch would not load. found in 2 reviews
Too many ADVERTS. found in 2 reviews
Totally ruined this app with automatic video ads. found in 2 reviews
Needs an In-App purchase to remove ads. found in 6 reviews
RSS Feature seems to be lacking. found in 1 reviews
I used to love this app but now it is crap. found in 4 reviews
Needs an In- App purchase to remove ads. found in 6 reviews
But the now upgraded version took it from best to worst. found in 2 reviews
Gives me all the relevant videos on tech and other relevant news Just the way I like it                Best video app
I love it more than YouTube                Best
I installed the Google app years ago I dont need a reminder every time I open Vodio    A good app ruined by interminable full page adds
Crashes constantly Now when attempting to open the app you get Google and HBO commercials only to have it hang and crash I will delete it Doesnt even deserve 1 star    Dont Bother Last two updates killed it
A great way to get information on the things you are interested in One issue the has nothing to do with content take the bugs out of the lost password email system And thats it                Excellent Stimulus For The Brain
Sometimes takes 30 seconds to start after update Sometimes I have to quit the process and start again wont load otherwise on iPad Air 2       Impossibly slow
This is just the thing when you find yourself with 510mins to kill             Great app
Use to be a great 5star app now your forced to sit through a google add then it goes into an off center ratings screen that you cant do anything on Seriously It looks like The show you app will be the one now    Fix this Please
Pretty pretty pretty goodso far                About time
When an app starts to rely on or shifts its focus to Facebook it is on lifesupport or already dead       Facebook Integration
They have added all these pop up ads which makes it very annoying Use to be great and was a good replacement for Rockpack Im looking for another option unless they remove these ads          Was Better Before
This app used to be my default for video watching until they updated it Now every time I try to watch a video it crashes most of the time Dont download this until this fix this problem theres no point    Dont fix if it isnt broken
Ads keep crashing the app constant crashes I just give up and use the YouTube app    From best app to worst app
I think its an great app And can say a lot more but pretty Shire they get the picture                Just great Very happy
I like that I can see just the new videos from the people I follow Still the interface of any player I have tried I could careless about anything else on YouTube Former MXTube user       Needs an InApp purchase to remove ads
This is a terrific app when it works It works fine some days and it doesnt work at all other days I love the way it aggregates my YouTube subscriptions all in one placemuch better than trying to watch them on the disorganized YouTube app But there are too many occasions when the app just wont connect I wish I could give 5 stars because when it works I really love this app          Great When It Works
I really like this app Lots to choose from Love sharing                I like it
Great             Great
Love it                My Favorite App
I hate you now Vodio    Ads
Facebook integration my rare behind This update just added full page ads Why mislead your users like this This app was my favorite for watching the latest video highlights and now its been ruined by these annoying ads Please fix this       Updated added ads
Find the best butt          Et
I understand that ads are necessary as your source or revenue but your implementation was pretty bad This used to be one of my FAVORITE apps but I am using it less and less and am actually now looking for a replacement prior to deleting it          Ads
Totally ruined this app with automatic video ads    Was good
Great app I spend lots of time on it                Good
Iloveit                I
I used to love this app but now full screen ads all over the place AND ads WITHIN every video feed Every 5th or so video is Sponsored content and the same content repeating again and again I get that you need to make money but jeez Id pay a subscription for adfree content Come on Sticking to Flipboard and Pulse until then    Awesome AD APP
I really like this app The interface is very cool and interesting This app allows you to link up your YouTube Twitter accounts to view videos at your touch There are no video ads with this app which is something I dreaded with the basic YouTube app Also this app allows you to toggle HD video If youre watching on a phone with great resolution this is the way to put it to good use Overall I give this app 4 stars             Love it
WAS a great app Full page ads have totally ruined it Removing the app    Ruined by ads
Loved Car and Driver Motor Trend nothing new but days and week old stuff Now we have to suffer full page advertisement I understand you need to make a living but    Full page ads
Very enjoyable Its a simple fun easy app to use             Good times
They say that this app combines the video catalogue of the major online video sites yet I searched a very vague term the album of a band I know has multiple videos up on both YouTube and Vimeo yet no results were foundUntil the developers tell us what the app actually does or does what they advertise this app will sit in the trash    The developers of this app are liars
This app was fantastic before the last few updates Now Ill wait for it to load and Ill wait some more until a ad pops up Ill click out of the ad and there I am again still at the loading screen Then it crashes like 90 of the time If I do get through to the main screen I can usually watch a video or two before it crashes I guess it is a testament to the app if I continue to keep trying to use it I should just delete it but I want the old version back so bad I keep opening it and hoping its fixed Its a darn shame    A darn shame
It was a good app but it doesnt work anymore Theres a popup asking for a rating after loading an add The popup doesnt load correctly and I cant get past it The app is broken on my iPad 2 I have to say good bye    Too Bad
I like it a lot but find it annoying that they ask for a rating and the only show 3 stars on the screen When I click the 3 stars they ask what it takes to be 5 stars When I answer the screen stalls eg I can not send because the send button is off the screen and I have to delete and reload Not too cool fellows             Jose3125
Good app          Good
Ever since they added ads on launch the app crashes all the time Please remove the ads    Crashes on launch
Before I can even access the the videos the first thing I see are full page apps with little teeny weeny closeboxes Seriously guysDont get me wrong I know you have to stay in business I totally get that But why soooo many ads Are you guys hurting for cash that bad    Is this now an Ad app
It delivers I use this app everyday to keep updated with all social mediaAwesome App                5 Star App
I cant believe developers have done this Not only they lied on the update release notes saying that they were adding Facebook integration but added ads everywhere made the app buggy unusable and terrible    Terrible decision
Very good app                5 star
App does what its supposed to do I enjoy all different video channels listing But you cannot remove channels even if you do it will reinstall the channel itself after closing relaunching the app             Chanels
Awesome videos and suggested content                This app is legit
Havent used the app in a bit Ads Really And it just crashes a lot of the times so when I relaunch the app it makes me watch the ads again Bummer Back to YouTube I guess or maybe Frequency    What happened
Wow this is a case study and how to ruin an app Greed is a horrible thing    Ads blow this oncegreat app
This is a great app with great features I strongly recommend to anyone looking for an all inclusive video player and news feed                Welcome back
This is now just a platform to serve you Adverts Do not waste your time Its also very slow and crashes often I cant bear to watch the channels anymore I am bombarded with ads more so since the last update This used to be my standard go to app and I used it daily Now less and less I am actively researching alternatives to replace Vodio with    Too many ADVERTS
It keeps crashing the videos take ages to load It was soooo great before the ads Please fix it    It WAS great
This app used to be my favorite app but now is garbage    Need a replacement
This used to be the best app on my iPad now I cant stand itnothing but adsplease go back to the old formatthank you    First to worst


Vodio Labs Ltd.
1.9 MB
Compatible with iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.0.0

iOS Vodio 2.0.0 Mobile

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