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eFUSION Co., Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (岡田明彦写真集『記憶の小樽Lite』 ,LED Flashlight+ The Real Flashlight ,eContact - Quick Design & Survey ,Dual Viewer For Facebook ,1Min REC ,eFuel), brings Voice Recorder HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Voice Recorder HD app has been update to version 5.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Very easy to transfer the files to my computer after as well..
  • must easier than the other voice recorder app I was using..
  • Helps record classes that are being taught with good sound quality..
  • as well as in capturing ideas for my books..

Overall Satisfactionc71
Helps record classes that are being taught with good sound quality.
I love being able to upload the recordings to share with others.
Audio quality is about what you'd expect from an iPhone.
I recommend this to everybody.
I love it work good I use it for church.
I use it every day and it works great.
and yet does everything I've asked of it.
I find this to be very useful and simple to use.
Production Valuesc61
Excellent app - Easy Interface.
I like the easy interface.
Ease of Usec41
Easy to move files onto computer without Dropbox.
Excellent app - Easy Interface.
Very reliable and easy to use.
This app is easy to use and looks great.
Updates & Supportc55
customer service replied very swiftly.

Would recommend to anyone looking for a steady reliable voice recorder. found in 49 reviews
Easy to use and good quality recording. found in 6 reviews
The dropbox integration is a huge plus for me as well. found in 8 reviews
Audio quality is about what you'd expect from an iPhone. found in 9 reviews
Very good audio recording and editing application. found in 8 reviews
This app is easy to use and looks great. found in 1 reviews
Insert audio clips between songs to make a radio station. found in 5 reviews
Easy to move files onto computer without Dropbox. found in 3 reviews
It's my go-to app for recording meetings. found in 4 reviews
I also installed it on my wife's IPad mini. found in 1 reviews
Upload to google drive or drop box. found in 6 reviews
This allows me to record lectures in school flawlessly. found in 5 reviews
wav is not the highest audio quality file format. found in 2 reviews
This app is incredibly useful for musicians working with other musicians. found in 2 reviews
I recommend this to everybody. found in 3 reviews
Biggest complaint is the pause button. found in 1 reviews
Can't forward to a CD. found in 1 reviews
the app crashes to my home screen. found in 2 reviews
because the Dropbox feature doesn't really work. found in 2 reviews
I wish there was a way to organize the sound files. found in 5 reviews
There's no easy way to rename your files or Dropbox them. found in 12 reviews
Lacking any explanation of the trim feature. found in 2 reviews
I think I wasted $2 on this app. found in 1 reviews
Dropbox Upload Is Broken. found in 1 reviews
but standard features require in-app purchases. found in 1 reviews
Wont connect to dropbox. found in 1 reviews
crashes on start up. found in 1 reviews
Completely incompatible with Bluetooth devices. found in 1 reviews
No Support for Bluetooth Headset. found in 1 reviews
The iCloud sharing feature doesn't work too well. found in 1 reviews
Good basic recorder needs an edit feature. found in 1 reviews
iCloud Sharing feature doesn't work well. found in 1 reviews
Needs a couple more things. found in 1 reviews
I've can't get customer service to respond back to problems/questions. found in 4 reviews
Trimming is difficult to work with. found in 13 reviews
I don't even know how to listen to what I recorded. found in 8 reviews
I must confirm the app deletes recordings. found in 2 reviews
Buggy in iOS 5. found in 2 reviews
but then iimmediately closed my iPad without pressing STOP button. found in 6 reviews
Latest update actually deletes app forever. found in 2 reviews

The Voice Recorder HD is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, Japanese. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Voice Recorder HD app version 5.2 has been updated on 2014-11-27. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Voice Recorder HD in eFUSION Co., Ltd.`s Official Website : http://www.efusion.co.jp/en/iphone/voice-recorder-hd/

Quick, useful, unlimited high quality audio recording, sharing, gorgeous UI and easy to operate, "Voice Recorder HD" is a must have app for your iPad. The difference between the iPhone and the iPad can be found ...
Please tell me why this app used to be the best in audio recording but now the app crashes all the time I paid for the additional things like trimming and such but the app crashes before I can use them         Used to be great but now crashes constantly CedriclaTenore
Terrible terrible app Glitches out and fails after a few seconds Lost important recording     Terrible App Heath3456
Makes u purchase all apps necessary for recording worse it does not even work     Beware kitchenck
This is a fantastic app I realize that some people have given this a less than four star rating And they are certainly entitled to their opinion But I have given this a five star rating simply because it deserves no less than five stars This app is well worth any money that you might spend on it Bravo                     Wonderful App AIM1966
I use this app frequently and it does a good job Some improvements The transcrbeMe requires a Pass word that no information was given to try to use this feature Boost the listening and audio to provide a better operating system             Recorder Mrich5715
You have to buy many upgrades to allow it to do what it says it can     The 199 buys almost nothing
I wish that we were able to send as a text and not just emails and Dropbox I love that fact that you can convert to an m4a file Overall its awesome              Pretty awesome
Simply the best audio recorder that money can buy The recordings are clean and clear even in environments where the discussions are low or distant I use this recorder primarily for interviews and interrogations I have recorded interviews that were over four hours with no issues whatsoever I found that it works best when your phone is placed into airplane mode for long recordings to avoid incoming call interruptions It also categorizes your recordings in a way similar to our criminal complaint numbers Simply the most practical app in the App Store                 Still the Best Audio Recorder Ever
I believe it is very simple to use however if there was two things I dont like it would be sometimes in transferring to dropbox it loses connection even when Im connected to my own WiFi and doesnt finish One other thing would be is the progress bar is not accessible with voiceover              Good and works with voice over wish I had the ability to save to MP3 instead of wav only
Ive used some other recording apps This one is by far the best Uses it in church all the time with no disappointment so far Easy to use and good sound quality Fully Recommended                 One of the Best Recording App
Love this app Like graphics so easy press simple REC STOP buttons but saving files renaming is where it drops off By Chance the files I recoded show then I can rename change format from WAV to a M4a format Used to MP3 Hope they work Glad I can share easily hit the send button then to email or even to my DROPBOX It SAID that it would save to Dropbox but again maybe Dropbox could not see a list of my files either So that NEEDs to be fixedpatched Files should show instantly because if you cant SEE THEM what is the purpose of recording I use this for self protection Have nasty neighbors saying things drunk pot heads domestic situations police legal involved so this is my PROOF Takes less memory MBytes than video So in general I love this sounds great too Recorded a friend on the radio it was great sound quality So please TWEAK this for saving etc then 4 stars super great           Records GREAT Easy but saving editing
I think people are being too picky with this app It works well and does everything it claims to It would be nice if it had a bigger equalizer to see what youre recording but that is not necessarily Plus it looks really nice              Nice app
Derpaderp              Derp
This is an app I use frequently and it has been a lifesaver for me when taking down notes for my lectures The ability to compress high quality wav files to m4a inapp is one of the biggest features that I find extremely useful I did have some issues in exiting the menus when I was recording lectures but this seems to be an issue that has been resolved in the latest update Great job guys One other feature that I would like to see is the ability to append or merge two recordings as one I find sometimes I had accidentally ended a recording instead of pausing it and having to record the second half as a separate file Being g able to merge such files would really be useful also just a minor gripe but could we have more options to change the equalizer I do like the black mic glowing red during recordings but I also sometimes wish I could have more options to select for how it looks or to have a dynamic audiograph like display of the the recording but this is just a thought Thanks guys for doing a great job              A good app that has the potential to be great
A solid voice recorder              Pretty good
Very good app                 Good app
I bought the trimming package and it Was crap The new iOS recorder is better Than this app        Just use the ios recorder
Everything sounds clear and sounds like HD but when I try to upload to Dropbox where the button share is then upload to Dropbox it says upload error              Great soundbut need help on Dropbox
Using this app and my iPhone with earbud gets me the clearest audio of me speaking to voiceover tutorial slides No audio post processing needed                 Great for video voiceovers
Doest work unless you purchase the essential controls separately Dont waste your money     Useless
This recorder app is great however it would be even better if it had more option for playback speed such as 25x or 30x playback speeds Recording content is important but reviewinglistening to recorded content is just as critical              Great but some improvements needed
Do not buy this app Playback function disappears after the first playback so there is no way to playback any clips Clips inexplicably vanish and do not save Tons of bugs No online help the online help tab just freezes the app All of the advertised features that this app boasts are all actually inapp purchases Do not waste a single cent on this terrible app     TERRIBLE INCREDIBLY BUGGY APP
Very good iPhone App but my reason for purchasing was for the Apple watch The watch app works about 1 percent of the time and is half baked and full of bugs Again iPhone App is good watch app is unusable        Watch app buggyuseless
In order to get everything such ad trimming boost audio and thing like that you have to purchase more I bought this to replace the crappy apple decoder but in reality this is worse that apples     Cost to much
199 but you have to buy almost all functions including playback controls They show them all but then dont deliver them unless you pay more after which is an intentional hustle Apple should have rules about this kind of thing     Dont buy this app
I purchased this app as a potential replacement to a handheld digital recorder I was looking for an easy way to record lectures and store them offline for later playback and archive purposes The application does all of that fairly well The only issues I encountered which make it only OK the renaming is interface is somewhat clumsy It feels as if it was a bad merge of keyboard interfaces You are only able to use able to use alphanumeric characters when renaming ie no underscores or dashes and I often find that the counter can stop intermittently during playbacknot helpful when youre keeping track of position           SoSo Potential to be Better
Great app Does everything I wanted              Awesome app
I have used this app for over a year and never had any trouble with it but tonight lost a 2 hour interview It just didnt exist when I went to look at my recordings I checked it numerous times and it was recording So where is it I am going to have to work hard to redo this and actually it can never be redone App is gone     Getting rid of it
What a piece of crap I buy the app to record but cant because I have to buy more to make it work The A HOLE THEATER MADE THIS APP SHOULD HAVE HIS BUTT KICKED     Got screwed
Just what I wanted a voice recorder that let me go backwards 30 seconds for transcription Works great                 Great app simple and easy to use
Looses files difficult to contact support waste of time and money     POOR CHOICE
No SoundCloud or Spreaker integration           Just Average Recorder
Great app                 NEVER had a problem Clear sound highquality recordings
Great app very handy and works perfect                 Works great
If someone knows how to contact support Id appreciate that info This was at first a good app I even upgraded w an inapp purchase Now the screen displaying my clips is black They seem to appear inside the file type headers Its useless this way     No more list of recordings and No way to contact support
I use this to record piano and it works well I use it just about every day                 Nothing negative about it
A friend recommended worth every penny I dont even remember if it cost anyone use it all the time records from across room perfectly and can name the recordings for reference Love it                 Fantastic app
Does not interface with SugarSync Can only give 2 stars Does interface with DropBox but I have had security problems with DropBox        OK App But Huge Hole
Novice at this stuff but was able to figure it out quickly and use right away Hold phone close to mouth for best recording Easy to name store email files Tried free recorders and others not nearly as good                 Super easy very pleased with sound quality
I bought this because iPad does not have Apples voice recorder app which is surprising The ipad version is horribly buggy Once you finish recording it does not even save that recording in the memo list and you have to press record again to have it show up Some times it just crashes when you do this The user interface is buggy iCloud and dropbox sync dont work well Im sorry I purchased this app What a waste of time and money        Ipad version very buggy
Excellent app BUT it DELETED ALL OF MY RECORDING with this update        BEWARE
easy to use              averange
Recordings just disappear Dont trust this app Youll be sorry I am I lost interviews with a US Congressman football coaches a wine making expert Usually right after I saved them All my recordings just completely disappeared on three occasions Done trying to make this work     Utterly unreliable
I recorded audio for 7 short videos phone in airplane mode 5 of the 7 tracks ended up having no audio recorded Of 2 that did have audio 1 had occasional static and with the other the audio disappeared half way through Waste of time and money Incredibly frustrating     No sound
It does not work I want my money back     Does Not Work
I am a pastor and I use my iPad when I preach I read the manuscript from iBooks and use this app to record in the background as I preach I then transfer the file to my Mac Book Pro using DropBox to burn CDs from ITunes and also post on the Internet Works great every time                 Love it
Context Quick notes on the go Good Clearly marked goodsized start and stop buttons Bad Delete not included on playback screen so you are constantly having to move back and forth reorienting each time So Im looking for another option           Good and Bad
Used to record a large meeting and though the volume was low I could pull what I need from the proceedings with ease Thinking I will move this large file to Dropbox for future access              Worked well
This recorder app works great even though I had to spend a few dollars more to get extra features I think its worth it IMHO                 Great app
It stops recording during phone call resumes after call is ended Waste of money I have iPhone 6     Waste of money
Dont waste your 199 most of the features they list such as trimming playback settings etc require purchases from within the app No thank you     Ripoff
This app delivers Sound quality is superb and is very easy to use                 Excellent Quality
Major issues 1 Very low pickupamplifiction of voice especially when any background noise is present 2 High distortion when recording music even at normal volume 3 No gain control markers notes or images supported 4 Labeling is listed as a feature but not available in app Overall this app offers a very limited feature set at a very high cost after IAPs I much prefer Imesarts Audio Memos with the All Extensions package much higher audio quality with a realtime gain control far more options for recording marking editing saving and exporting a working tagging system and no distortion in pickupall for basically the same price as this app with its IAPs 10 vs 8     Very Low Mic Pickup Limited Features
Love this app just wish it had repeat continuous play              Great app
It would be great to be able to select the dropbox folder where the recordings are copied In addition it would be great to have an option to delete the local file as soon as the dropbox file is created It stopped working with dropbox because the developer did not have the proper license        Very good but missing a few key features

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