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RebelVox , brings Voxer Walkie Talkie with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Voxer Walkie Talkie app has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Also the free texting and picture messaging is dope son..
  • It's the perfect app for long distance relationships..
  • Kinda makes me think of when instant messaging first came out..
  • Do you want a free $ 10 iTunes giftcard..
  • I can talk to my friends miles apart or inches apart..

Overall Satisfactionc87
Best walkie talkie app out there works great ALL the time.
So much better than texting and having the phone autocorrect the wrong word.
I love talking to my friends across the US on my iPod touch.
After installing they sent emails to my friends.
Way better than Heytell and any other walkie talkie app.
I've been using Voxer for months and it's amazing.
I love being able to talk to friends in other countries for free.
but still being able to talk & hear & have an actual conversation.
Amazing to talk to mag girl friend thanks voxer.
This is the best communication app that I know of for free.
Fun & Engagingc91
Voxer is awesome for me to communicate with my friends family etc.
This little walkie talkie app makes messaging SUPER FUN.
Fun and convenient for a quick chat with family & friends.
but over all this proves to be quite useful and fun.
It's fun and easy works great.
I'm getting Voxed by family AND friends all the time now.
Tons of fun and great for keeping in contact live time.
My friend and I are having so much fun with this app.
Saves time texting and makes conversations a lot quicker.
Saves time cause it's a lot faster than typing.
but over all this proves to be quite useful and fun.
I found this app super useful and fun.
Helps Me Communicate With Others.
Family Friendlyc89
Talk to friends and family all over the world in a simple touch.
Good but is still hard to talk to friends by radio.
A great way to keep in touch with friends and family members other than Facebook.
I can talk to my kids when there at the other parents house.
Social Aspectsc88
Great way to stay in touch when traveling internationally to avoid charges.
It's a great way to stay connected to my grand children in another state.
A great way to keep in touch with friends and family members other than Facebook.
I love voxer it's my favorite social app :.
and it's also a qood way to meet new people.
Wish more people would use it instead of texting.
Great app links with FB contacts instantly for social networking experience.
Ease of Usec89
Fun and convenient for a quick chat with family & friends.
It's a really cool app that is just fun and convenient.
This app is really cool and super convenient.
App is so easy to use and super convenient.
It's fun and easy works great.
It's fun and easy to use.
Really fun and simple to use.
Fun and simple to use.
Cool app but it freezes a lot.
Security & Privacyc24
You can delete your account.
change the privacy settings and other general settings for how you.
I did like the fine tuned privacy settings.
Updates & Supportc21
Just kills your battery.

A great way to keep in touch with friends and family members other than Facebook. found in 111 reviews
beats texting while trying to drive or run other machinery. found in 32 reviews
This app is so much better than the other PTT apps. found in 36 reviews
This little walkie talkie app makes messaging SUPER FUN. found in 51 reviews
This is the best communication app that I know of for free. found in 43 reviews
Stay in touch with friends better and easier than texting sometimes. found in 106 reviews
So much better than texting and having the phone autocorrect the wrong word. found in 261 reviews
Use it all the time so much safer than texting. found in 57 reviews
Best walkie talkie app out there works great ALL the time. found in 849 reviews
Using the Voxer app is a great way to communicate with friends and family. found in 81 reviews
It's fun to keep in touch with family and friends --- and actually hear their voices. found in 39 reviews
Way better than Heytell and any other walkie talkie app. found in 127 reviews
It's a great way to stay connected to my grand children in another state. found in 211 reviews
Really enjoying the almost immediate chat with friends on VOX. found in 33 reviews
And my Bluetooth wont stay connected either. found in 3 reviews
The new alert sound from the latest update is annoying. found in 12 reviews
Still an awesome free way to connect with friends is wallow talkie and text. found in 137 reviews
Audio Messages Won't Load On IPod :-/ Really Needs Major Update. found in 21 reviews
Great app but doesn't notify me about new messages. found in 15 reviews
I just wish you could separate new messages from new friends. found in 78 reviews
Sometimes I don't get messages when people tell me they sent them. found in 6 reviews
This app needs a refresh button or something. found in 8 reviews
Push notifications don't work anymore even though they're enabled. found in 38 reviews
The app crashes often and sometimes doesn't load messages sent. found in 21 reviews
Every time I try to change my profile pic the app crashes. found in 14 reviews
It's a great app but it freezes and takes a while load sometimes. found in 11 reviews
The same as chirping or alerting someone on Nextel Direct Connect. found in 17 reviews
Please add a delete individual messages per contact feature. found in 33 reviews
If this app could send videos that would be sick js. found in 90 reviews
Does not update friends list that are invited. found in 40 reviews
I loved this app until all these random people kept messaging. found in 102 reviews
This app is crappy can't connect to Facebook plain stupidity. found in 25 reviews
It also doesn't always receive messages or doesn't fully play them. found in 32 reviews
Now I get Old messages I deleted or cleared awhile back. found in 25 reviews
crashes on 4s wen searching for facebook friends please fix. found in 34 reviews
Gives new message notifications when there are no new messages. found in 78 reviews
Ever since the update- everytime you try to listen to a message. found in 142 reviews
I can't set my profile picture keeps replacing with voxer symbol. found in 61 reviews
the talk button shuts off after 10-30 seconds of talking. found in 61 reviews
after I updated it it won't let me listen to messages. found in 65 reviews
needs a better friends list /add feature. found in 40 reviews
It's stupid that you need to play the recording back. found in 91 reviews
I can't add friends at all so it's pretty pointless. found in 38 reviews
Can't listen to my music while checking for messages or sending messages. found in 29 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Voxer Walkie Talkie for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 6.1 MB to download. The new Voxer Walkie Talkie app version has been updated on 2014-11-29. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Voxer Walkie Talkie check developer RebelVox`s website : http://www.voxer.com

WALKIE TALKIE VOICE, TEXT, PHOTOS and LOCATION GROUP CHATS EVERYTHING is FREE No ADVERTISEMENTS If you SIGNUP with your FACEBOOK account, you will INSTANTLY connect with your Facebook FRIENDS that are using Voxer Works over ...
Spammers connect daily it seems They outnumber my legitimate contacts 381 Too much trouble deleting the account and app     A Haven for Spammers
I will never use Voxer In fact I hate you with a passion Go to hell     Not truthful with their marketing
I love this app but ever since I switched to the iPhone 6 plus I cant get the audible notifications to play The phone will vibrate but it wont make an actual sound It is very frustrating           I love it but
Screen turns to black immediately upon clicking on pictures shared within conversations           Cant view pictures
I made a account then waited for a email to confirm my email and never got it Help Thanks     Email
Its fun to have a group chat It make for some great fun                 Cool
This app is all about money how can I not even check my old messages I logged in today I havent been on here for a while all my messages were deleted     Awful
Can you please fix volume on video when recording its too quiet and when playing back you cant even hear Even when youre on a speaker phone please let me know if you guys going to fix this issue Please add longer length of the video recording for pro users as well as adding video from camera roll           Video audio problem
Will not start with or without app open           Apple watch app keeps crashing
It will turn off my phone when I try to connect to Facebook So I cant use it please fix it        I like it but it doesnt work
please enhance improvments and show online status                 great but
Its the coolest thing since Cream O Wheat                 I Love Voxer
Its been better This version features the following issues tapping a picture brings up the next picture in the maximize window and wont allow you to see the selected picture recalled messages still show in your Unheard count nonresponsive Talk button On push to talk mode this tends to stick unable to change speaker while listening unable to change speed while listening This I believe is more due to lag On the whole I love the features and functionality it gives These are some Issues that could use resolving        Buggy
Voxer doesnt work on my iPhone 4 with iOS 712 since I installed an update a few months ago Extremely annoying There have been two updates since but Voxer still only crashes when opened     Doesnt work on iPhone 4 iOS 712
I love voxer ive had it for a while now but with the new update i am sad to find out that my starred msgs from a past loved one is now gone and i have to buy pro to actually see old msgs I wish that wasnt a thing i had some voice msgs that used to give me comfort in times of stress and depression Other than that the app is wonderful           A little sad
Subscribed but cant unsubscribe Crap software even crappier support     Junk
VOXer is a great app Its quick productive and a breeze to use Im really enjoying the Pro version features I hope VOXer is around for a while                 CES GRAPHIC MEDIA VPJL
Cant listen to older messagesHad some important ones saved and now you want me to pay to hear an old message Cya     Old messages
This app is probably one of the best out there I like being able to listen to msgs when I have the time and respond quickly If you make it gif compatible itll get five stars from me              Almost a 5
Tell me one more time who I should connect with You want me to delete it I will Get behind me satan     Just pisses me off lol
Sounds like Im in a tunnel others cant hear me Checked my speakers and any settings voxer is the only app not working I use it multiple times a day to talk to my sister Very sad its not working     Not working
Awesome app now that you can record videos my only issue is that I think you should be able to upload videos from your camera roll instead of only being able to record in app I wanted to send someone a video that was already recorded in my phone but couldnt Adding that feature would be great           Cool app
Boxer is the best communication app out there bar none You can talk text share pictures and now videos It is perfect for friend and family chains to stay in touch through your busy schedules and actually hear a persons voice Great for different time zones or the same city                 Awesome
Wow this is basically the same app as message on my phone     Same as message
I knew it was inevitable no longer can read older messages without upgrading to pro Thats lame Go use whats AP instead Its better anyway Disappointed Goodbye Voxer     Dump it
There must be a bug as every message on both ends of the conversation are not finishing the upload Its so frustrating Please fix           Bug
I have logged out then back inclosed the app and reopened itturned the phone off then back onerased and reinstalled the appin every combination possible and messages still remain only partially downloaded Why is it so difficult to just put a refresh button to trigger a redownload of a message Beyond frustrating        Still only partially downloads messages
Update Doesnt recognize my password yet says password reset problem when I try to reset it I WILL NOT LOG IN WITH MY FACEBOOK ACCOUNT You cannot delete it as easy if it integrates and downloads all your personal Facebook info SCAM Trying to delete account because I dont use it anymore Yet I keep getting a bunch of email notifications and push messages about anyone and everyone that downloads it I tried to delete on desktop on their webpage but it requires I redownload the stupid app so that everyone else gets to be bothered with the notifications that Im on voxer So thanks for wasting more of my time so I thought I would make sure to also spend my time writing an honest review of your very bothersome product     Forces you to re download app to delete account
Ive been attempting to readd everyone from my facebook account How about does getting facebook accounts readded work              Confused
I used this when I was doing a play great way to communicate to the cast that is working the set pieces and lights                 Great For A Play Crew
One of my most used apps But ever since the last update been having issues with notifications Sometimes it notifies me of a new message sometimes it doesnt Very frustrating           Notification issues
Does not work with iOS 9 please fix     Wont load
My girlfriends and I love this app But When one of us wakes up early or voxers late It wakes us up Also there are a few bugs that need to be worked out              Please create a way to adjust the notification volume
App will not work after last update     Last update crashed app
Videos have louder audio nowCool Capture mode makes it easier to make videos                 Thanks for fixing audio for videos
This app very quickly made it to the front page of my iPhone I use it multiple times a day for business and family use As new people join my team one of the first things we do is set up Voxer One improvement I would like to see is the ability to take notes directly on an individual Vox Thanks for the hard work in creating this app                 Front Page Worthy
Ever since they took away our little Voxer icon and updated this app it has become useless My friends receive their messages sometimes days or weeks later instead of instantly I live in a large metropolitan area so there shouldnt be any issues Used to save messages for a year or more but now really limited Stinks also because I used to use it a lot     Used to be decent
This new version is awesome Voxer just keeps getting better Love video Love Capture Mode                 I love this app
Whatever you do DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT download voxer pro They will take your money for the same benefits you get with the free app and it is IMPOSSIBLE to cancel the subscription I wasted hours trying to figure out how to cancel it on my iphone 5 with no avail and a pending response from voxer HEED this warning and dont be a victim I HATE the pro app with a passion and hope no one falls victim to losing money and precious time on trying to cancel it DOOOOOONT DO IT I repeat DONT DOWNLOAD VOXER PRO I will post this on every social media site I can think of until they cancel this subscription If I could rate this a NEGATIVE 100 stars I would Signed Very Dissatisfied Customer     WARNING DOOOOONT UPGRAADDEEE
Without end to end encryption implemented in a way where the encryption keys reside only on user devices and are inaccessible to any third party including the company behind voxer then its possible for the company behind voxer as well as hackers to monitor log or read messages Voxer currently only encrypts the transfer of messages to their servers Voxer needs to implement end to end encryption similar to Signal app and Threema app in order to ensure no one but senders and receivers can see the content of messages           Needs end to end encryption
The volume worked fine the first hour of using voxer All of a sudden the volume was extremely low where I have to put my phone to my ear My phones volume is all the way up but the app itself is too low for some reason           Volume is too low
Great way to communicate I use it all the time with my friends                 Love it
Im part of a large group chat and we all have trouble viewing pics every since update before last You click a pic to view it screen turns black You have to scroll left to reenter pics Then if the pic you wanted to look at was sent way earlier you have lots of scrolling to do Its like it places you past the end of the camera roll              Problems viewing pictures
I used to be able to tap the speaker option and put it up to my ear and only hear it myself Now it is stuck on speaker Dont like having my conversation on blast for the whole world to hear please fix this     Speaker option
I like it Keeps me in contact with my clients and fellow coworkers real easy However it ate all my data and quite quickly           Like but
This app only works like 1 of the times that i need it It takes for ever to send a message IF it actually sends it Very disappointed     Used to work ok
Its easy to use and great for guys who dont want to talk on the phone You can selectively listen on your time Id give it 5 stars if there wasnt frequent issues with messages freezing and losing vox threads The video messaging is tremendous Great alternative to FB because you can really be selective in who you add to your threads              Hilarious way to keep in touch with friends
Crashes and partially uploads messages giving you no way to recover Waste of time     Unstable
I like this app but I do not like how no matter what picture I put on my profile to all my friends my picture shows up as someone else I do not like this and do not understand why I do not know this person who is in my picture and after even deactivating my account its still shows up I even deleted everything and this app will not put my picture up only the picture of someone else and for this reason I rate this app as junk and would not give it a good review And when I try to contact support I get back an email saying they do not answer back to problems     My profile is showing up with someone elses picture
Every time I get a notification for Anything from this app it tells me I have 12 notifications Opening the app then resets it to zero           Notifications are a shambles

Voxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie TalkieVoxer Walkie Talkie Social Networking Walkie Talkie

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