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Walc Inc. , brings Walc with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Walc app has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Walc for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 71269376, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2015-10-28.
Bottom Line: For more information about Walc check developer Walc Inc.`s website : http://www.walc.me/about

Walc gives you directions based on landmarks and local businesses instead of telling you to "head north." Join our community to define the most visible landmarks. Walc empowers you to explore and discover all cities on foot, ...
Nothing works no updates Basically a dead app     How is this still in the App Store OkieGal1234
Used during recent trip while walking downtown in city App works well Sometimes it was slow to initiate and show movement but I kept coming back to it for use I probably needed to learn how to use it to improve my experience                 Foot down IndyOmaha
This app helped us a lot while visiting NYC We did a lot of walking and google maps kept getting us lost Downloaded Walc and had a great trip                     Great app for NYC SCproud
Awesome app                     Maxmax8790
Sxsw and still no update     No update bagofdix
I am from chandler and use this app al the time It is very useful if you walk or run a lot                     Walcott is great V Reyes
This app is kinda useless and doesn t really provide useful information I ll just stick with apple and Google maps         Kinda superfluous and not really useful NRPTTIGER
Genius Great idea I always have a problem finding directions when I get out of the subway With this app it s easier and gives me a better sense of where I am at by using landmarks instead of just east and west No matter directions I m going it s always right Thanks to walcme Walking has never been better                     Thanks for walking me XtianHellsKtchn
Amazing concept surprised I didn t hear about this sooner                     The Waze of Walking Pas7a
This app is filling a niche which has basically been Ignored by other map apps Real Good Walking Directions They give you a landmark by all your turns so that you can be sure it s the right street They also give you a landmark to walk towards when you re starting off so you don t need to worry about your GPS signal being perfect Looking forward t when millions of people are using this and it becomes the Waze for walkers                     ThinkDifferent Anju1441
I recently moved to NY which can be very overwhelming This app helped me find my way around in a very visual way which is exactly how I navigate Very excited to try the new update and to see what s coming next                     Very Helpful Dehaan Solo
Great to get directions like you would get from a friend                     Where the F is North Nina971938371
This app would be great if it worked ridiculous distant measurements error messages     Fail bracer19
It told me it would take 26mins to go to a bank that is 1 1miles             Bugged Willyl2
Fantastic idea I look forward to using the app in the city amidst the high volume of tourists                     App lover KD_93
Awesome Can t believe this app didn t exist before                     Awesome navigation app Tommy1355421
This app is exactly what I ve been looking for I love walking around NYC but don t have the best orientation skills Never know where I am when I exit the subway This app makes finding directions much easier And I ve discovered some great new places along the way Highly recommend                     Amazing app NycWalker
Even in Los Angeles I have to walk sometimes especially in my Venice neighborhood With landmarks changing all the time buildings being demolished in a day and then a week later a three story frame built in its place it s hard to navigate on foot Walc finally is directing me where I need to go I feel like my hand is being held and I m never lost It points me in the right direction by telling me to head towards a landmark so I m always facing the right way I never have to walk and walk to wait for the blue dot to catch up to me only to realize I have to double back in the opposite direction Love this app Thank you Walc creators                     No more doubling back juliepolier
Love this app and looking for the Walc cues instead of street signs                     Marathon 15 Marathon09
I always get lost with other map apps Thank you Walc This is an awesome app                     Awesome navigation Mlovepup5
This is a must download app for everyone So many other directions apps are impossible to deal with while walking but this app helps you through what you see not a little dot and arrow which is usually wrong anyway Already saving me time and anxiety when navigating the streets of NYC                     The Best App For Walkers Funpiczzz21
I am directionally challenged so having landmarks helping me get on my way and make sure I m not walking in the opposite direction is perfect for me I m so glad to have Walc                     Awesome Jennyrachel717
Amazing new navigation app Living in a big city and frequently traveling to other cities it s easy to get turned around This app makes it so easy to get around if only this existed for cars etc too                     How did I get around before jackyjarei
Loving this great app Anyone that is going to be in a city where you will do a large amount of walking NYC SF Boston you should definitely check out Walc                     Great App Walcthisway
So much easier now                     Walc to werc the odd todd
Thank you thank you Walc for designing an app that doesn t leave me turning in circles praying to the direction gods for a sign as to which way is north or west I look I go Well done This app is essential for anyone who Walcs Walc on                     Best Nav app ever Northern*girl
I love Walc I m a walker no bike no car and it s super useful for getting me from place to place with easy to understand directions and prompts It even works in parks something Google has trouble with Highly recommend                     Fantastic Ecoopmullin333
Got off the subway in unfamiliar territory in Brooklyn and instead of squinting for street signs in front behind or sideways a few clicks on the walc app and I was headed in the right direction first time                     Finally for walkers LuvtoWalk11
amazing nothing like it til now to help people navigate on foot i love how it learns from my suggestions                     Must Have NYC Nav App JewpiterJones
Accurate extremely user friendly It help me navigate my way around Hoboken with precise accuracy landmarks and estimated arrival times                     Great App Walc in Style Firp
I just walked out of a cafe and knew I was walking the right way because it told me to head towards the pharmacy Finally I can tell which direction I am facing and no longer have to turn myself and my phone in circles to figure out which way I am meant to go Navigating by finding businesses is much easier for me Their signs are much more recognizable than street signs I m going to have to try this out in Europe                     I know which way I m facing AJinC1983
This is a much needed app it is extremely detailed and beyond helpful Almost entirely fool proof to get lost with this app in your hand and library of useful apps This is a MUST have app for any person with a smartphone                     Exceptional App and very much needed Mes4426
Have been waiting for someone to make a navigation app that is friendly for walking                     Finally Ellwood04
Walc makes getting around so easy no more working out which direction you re facing just look for the landmarks                     Great way to get around the city garyjforeman
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