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Walmart , the publisher behind many iOS app (Walmart Grocery ,Me@Walmart ,Walmart for iPad ,Walmart Perk Pick Up ,Spark Driver ,Walmart Schedule), brings Walmart with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Walmart app has been update to version 3.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app to check prices & I love love the savings catcher..
  • This app is free and I make money by using it..
  • Love saving money and now with the catcher I'm truly saving..
  • Just did my daughters Christmas on it while waiting in line..
  • Found this app easy & convenient to place orders from..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Love the Savings Catcher Addition where you can scan your receipt.
I'm a broke college kid who would love the savings.
It is absolutely free money that you would have never gotten.
I like that someone is helping me find the best deals.
I love being able to shop at my favorite store on the go.
Add passbook support and it will be perfect.
Please add passbook support.
Walmart needs to get their tech support guys to do something.
Easy to use app makes purchasing very easy and better than the website.
Fun & Engagingc82
I highly recommend using this app and awesome way to save money.
Savings catcher is an awesome way to save money.
Awesome App Awesome Savings.
Awesome Savings Catcher.
This saves time and of course money.
Sure saves time for a busy mom.
Just realize it won't catch everything at least not yet.
Ease of Usec83
It was really easy to shop and place my order.
Won't let me shop online.
Very fast & convenient way to shop from my phone using this app.
Super easy to purchase straight from my phone.
but the shopping cart crashes if you try to purchase anything.
The app is easy to use and saves you money from time to time.
It's fast and convenient and I lov it.
Easy navigation & shopping at your fingertips.
I bought something it the process was super fast and easy.
Used it for the first time today it was SOOO easy.
Reset password every time.
Ads not Intrusivec53
It has weekly/ local ad.
Security & Privacyc43
Reset password every time.
Updates & Supportc25
The phone customer service at the 800 number was the best.
Great Customer Service.

It's a great time saver as well as money saver. found in 34 reviews
Love the Savings Catcher Addition where you can scan your receipt. found in 198 reviews
XX Thanks Wally World for again making my life easier. found in 20 reviews
It actually made the Walmart shopping experience convenient for once. found in 40 reviews
Did Christmas shopping right from the app great. found in 33 reviews
I've already save a little here and there. found in 42 reviews
I love being able to shop at my favorite store on the go. found in 28 reviews
It was really easy to shop and place my order. found in 285 reviews
But I hate that it doesn't catch all the lower prices. found in 15 reviews
not too crazy about having to log in every time I open it. found in 8 reviews
All it needs is iPhone 6 Plus support. found in 41 reviews
I have less than $5 but it's better than nothing. found in 8 reviews
Sometimes the scanner doesn't work though that's my only complaint so far. found in 35 reviews
Works great but having to log in each time is a hassle. found in 10 reviews
App just keeps closing every time I try to scan a receipt. found in 591 reviews
I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling to no avail. found in 8 reviews
It does have a few annoying glitches:
Great app but needs Passbook support to stay relevant. found in 13 reviews
This doesn't want to scan your receipts anymore very disappointed. found in 10 reviews
I deleted the app because the photo center is not linked. found in 17 reviews
Getting tired of the crashing and login issues. found in 4 reviews
14th removing all " drug stores " and many items from comparison. found in 17 reviews
Sometimes that doesn't even work and it says error try again later. found in 7 reviews
It logs me out. found in 23 reviews
It just keeps saying an " unknown error has occurred ". found in 15 reviews
it comes back and says unable to scan and receipt. found in 9 reviews
Then when it asks for my password an " unknown error " occurs. found in 46 reviews
This app keeps closing when trying to scan a receipt. found in 7 reviews
With the new update Everytime I try to scan a receipt the app crashes. found in 591 reviews
I didn't even bother checking my local ads to compare. found in 30 reviews
Scanner doesn't work you have to type the receipt info in. found in 35 reviews
I'm going back to price matching at the register. found in 195 reviews
It did Not "catch" the QR code nor the Bar Code. found in 44 reviews
Every time I try to scan my receipt the app crashes. found in 591 reviews
Says an unknown error occurred and cannot process receipt scan. found in 46 reviews
Sometimes app refuses to add scanned items to shopping list. found in 140 reviews
but it won't allow you to re -enter the receipt. found in 48 reviews
But it won't scan the qr or traditional barcode. found in 45 reviews
You can not view the weekly ad on this ap. found in 29 reviews
I go to scan my receipts and the app keeps closing. found in 190 reviews
PLEASE add support for Walmart credit card account holders. found in 41 reviews
Works on iPhone 5 but not iPhone 6 plus. found in 41 reviews
I still can't redeem to bluebird with the new update today. found in 35 reviews
It showed I had "zero" gift cards available. found in 47 reviews
Very disappointed and I have emailed customer service with no response. found in 37 reviews
App crashes on me whenever I try to refill a prescription. found in 43 reviews
Everytime I try to scan a receipt it says "An error has occurred. found in 591 reviews
I can use everything in the app but the receipt scanner. found in 37 reviews
Freezes when specifying local store location with zip code. found in 81 reviews

The Walmart is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.5 has been released on 2014-11-09. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Walmart check developer Walmart`s website :

The Walmart iPhone application is designed to help you find great products that fit your budget, and to make your Walmart shopping experience fast, easy and fun. This update keeps the great expanded features of ...
This is the most userfriendly app I have ever utilize I am so grateful for it I have never shopped at Walmart online but because of this app I will in the very near future                 Ms
Having had it for 34 weeks crashes extremely slow scan receipts works but takes forever to scan Hate Walmart AND this is just one more reason        Needs work
The app is really convenient but it constantly crashes over and over again And once that happens and I go back to the previous page some of the items in my shopping cart will disappear and I would have to go back find them and place them in my cart again This happened 4 times Also the app for iPad is no better I cant even find my baby registry list or section for the registries in the app You would think the app needed updating but Ive already updated the app and its still having these same errors        Crash
I have only used this app for the savings catcher but of the first 3 receipts I entered I got money back on one of them                 Works great
This app constantly freezes up Im so sick of it not working I shop at Walmart quite a bit and use my savings catcher or try to a lot        Never works
I love this App It is so easy to save with it Takes very little effort                 Savings catcher Walmart
I usually always refill my medication through my acct on this app but now it keeps telling me session timeout and prompts me to relogin and even after I login and try to click the refill from acct button it keeps telling me the session has timed out and keeps asking me to login againover and over        Pharmacy refills
Very easy to use and navigate until you find what youre looking for                 Great App
I use this app on a daily basis Its simple to use and hassle free I wish it had an items viewed option or if it does I cant figure out how to use Other than that Ive found it safe and secure with my info and its got a quick and easy checkout I think its great                 Great App
Dont know what to call this When loading items keeps repeating same items over and over Refine will not work Frustrating           Kinda crash
Great thought but poor execution Refunds disappear cant get the savings sent to bluebird because app doesnt respond to request to move money over Thought with so many complaints about the same they would fix it Deleting app     Not a great app
This is actually a review of Savings Catcher and not necessarily the app It has performed adequately for me When Savings Catcher first came out I would save small amounts just about every time I submitted a receipt After their policy update several months ago I have yet to save even 001 It polls the same stores every time and surprisesurprise there is no lower price found I really suspect this is a way for Wal Mart to track my shoppingspending habits I hope I can somehow redeem my 1616 and then just delete the app     Boom to Big Bust
Very pleased with this app Was a little discouraged when it would freeze up or say its losing and end up giving up But recently it has been much better It really does save you money I downloaded the app last March and have saved over 200 Impressive Make it work faster and you cant go wrong                 Walmart savings catcher
Awesome                 Super Save
Improved experience is the description of this update Really Why wont this developer tell us what changed Are we too stupid to understand a summary of changes Well        Are we stupid
I just downloaded this app and already having issues placing items into my cart Basically Im not getting the option at al to add items their and the item doesnt state out of stock either        Cart issues
The only use of this app is for the savings catcher I never use the rest of the app After the last update the app hangs or says unable to retrieve data Check back later If it was not for the savings catcher I would not have this app           Saving Catcher okay
Since last update in order to scan I have to turn phone off and back on It takes way too long to load and REALLY REALLY needs to develop a way of deleting receipts I have over 200        Last update
I love the savings catcher so I dont have to search through ads to do price matching The other thing I love about this app is the ability to see what isle a product is in at my local store when I am at the store shopping and cant find an item I love being able to look it up quickly in the app and know which isle to go to                 Love it
Found it extremely convenient Even daw under similar something I needed that I didnt know about before                 Great App
I love my app I just have to delete and reinstall every week           Review
Great app Really loving it                 Walmart
Why cant we upload photos through this app     Why cant we upload photos through this app
I love this app Its so easy to use and its very convenient Thanks Walmart You help us save money                 The best app
Great prices if the items are in stock                 Not bad
Ive only used it a few times but so far I think its great Ive already saved some money and that is always a plus I plan to keep going to Walmart and keep saving money                 Great app
Excellent                 Department manager
Love it     Loving this app
I really enjoy the extra cash as well as ordering online This app makes it so easy                 Great Love it
Constantly asks for my account information ffs i gotta relog in everytime i use the app lets be honest nobody is sneaking onto my phone to view my walmart reciepts lollll walmart is gay     Meh
I scan the receipts as soon as I get home Occasionally I have a problem scanning a receipt but there is the option of typing the code numbers in The savings dont add up really fast but Im happy when anything gets added to my account Im saving it until I get 2500 to cash it in To be honest it has taken many months but it will be 2500 I didnt have before I would definitely recommend this app                 Like having a piggy bank
I really liked this app at first because I could easily scan my receipts to keep Now the scanner just says Ive scanned an invalid QR code EVERY SINGLE TIME So I have to type in all the information Please fix this Makes me want to slam my phone through a wall        Ehhhhh
Fantastic My DIL just explained the process to me showed me how to save money by using this site I no longer have to carry circulars to the store when I shop And now I wont miss any sales from the area Thank you for this money saving and time saving app                 Mrs
Love the savings catcher and the price scanner Helps me save money                 Awesome app
Love the app and the extra savings Only problem has been when I have blurry receipts Can not always enter the number well enough              Sunny one
Ive only ever use the app for the savings catcher And the last version as well as the newest version always get hung on the savings catcher 99 of the time The app will get hung when I touch the scan button Really the only reason to have the app is for the savings catcher as I dont use it for anything else It would be a good app for comparing things but I dont really have the time for that        Ap getting hung while trying to scan
Been using savings catcher since Sept 2014 Total savings to date 277 Few bugs in scanning but for the most part easy to use Move savings to Blue card and have never had issues with it Highly recommend              Manager
Just under 17 accumulated so far in 10 receipts scanned in Havent tried to redeem yet so Im giving 3 stars for now           Jury is still out
Great when it works scanner slow to work sometimes or will not login to save scan If you have to log in after a scan it will seldom accept the log in password I would say Im sucessful about 55 of the time when scanning           Walmart Savings catcher
Order tracking no longer works     Tracking
The savings catcher keeps freezing on me please fix this Also it stinks that they are limiting who they compare prices with as other reviewers have stated Other than that good app              Please fix
App continues to log me out and make me log in again just to scan a receipt or see if there are any savings Sometimes it shows no savings but if I log back in right away it will show savings I hate the constant streaming ads which cant be stopped More of a pain than what its worth        Savings Catcher
Woo hoo                 Saved me 38 cents so far
Easy to use Always nice to save money and get it given back to the costumer                 Walmart App
I use this app exclusively for the savings catcher and it was ok for a while However now they have drastically limited the places and items that they compare to its almost not worth it anymore I appreciate the idea but where I used to at least get about 5 back on any given receipt I can now spend 300 and only get 001 back No thats not an exaggeration I only got a penny back after my 300 shopping trip just two weeks ago and it happens frequently The other thing I dislike is the time limit you have to scan your receipt They only give you a week and their idea of a week is also shorter than 7 whole days I went shopping on a Tuesday and temporarily lost my receipt after coming home I found it on the following Monday so 6 days later and tried to scan it and it told me I couldnt because it had already been a week That was irritating My last and final complaint is that I just scanned a receipt this week and it has been a total of 4 days and it still hasnt processed yet They specifically tell you it takes no more than 48 hours which is obviously not true Savings catcher was a nice idea in theory but needs work     Savings catcher
App used to work for Savings Catcher but now every time I scan my receipt and am prompted to login there is an oops error message This is extremely annoying and Ive even reset password deleted and redone loading app     Walmart App Malfunctioning Consistently
Walmarts app makes buying tinier products convenient and fast everything is accurate and payment is easy Best part is their prices still cant be beat                 Excellent
Easy to search for items placing orders online                 Love it
Good app easy to understand not much to do but scan a ticket and watch your money come back to you              Good found savings on first try
App is very slow in loading Time limit too short for scanning receipts Recently a new problem appeared where most receipts are not viewable even though one of their advertised features is the ability to store your receipts for future reference such as when an item needs to be returned to the store And naturally there is no one that you can contact to find out why I am going back to scanning all my receipts into PDFs     fails to deliver

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