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The Washington Post , the publisher behind many iOS app (ServiceAlley ,DC Rider ,THEBIGMONEY ,Trove for iPad ,Explore D.C. ,Football Insider), brings Wash Post with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wash Post app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I find myself going back here for headline news..
  • An absolutely great mobile news application..
  • a wonderful way to stay up to date on the major headlines and local news..
  • Best option for an online newspaper..
  • One of the best informative news paper sin the USA..

Overall Satisfactionc95
One of the best news apps I have come across in a long time.
The Washington Post App is the best newspaper app you can get.
Better than the Ny times app or any other national news paper app.
Have learned to love The Washington Post using the iPhone app.
Like it better than ny times and easy to navigate.
Thank you Washington Post for providing substantial news in a convenient format.
High quality reporting in a very stable application.
I love the convenience of this app.
Fun & Engagingc98
Best news ap of the 6 I have tried.
The best free news ap out there.
It's pretty cool to stay informed all the time with current events.
a wonderful way to stay up to date on the major headlines and local news.
As usual the Post gives up to date news in a literate form.
It is always up to date with useful news.
I read the POST every day at home.
I read it everyday in all three mediums.
I enjoy reading the Post articles every day.
Social Aspectsc95
and integrates seamlessly with social media.
social media integration.
Production Valuesc86
Much improved interface.
Very nice interface and great content.
Intuitive interface and great content.
Ease of Usec94
Very clean and well organized app which allows for easy navigation.
Easy to read and navigate.
The new WaPost app is well organized and easy to use.
The WP app is well designed and easy to navigate.
Ap makes it easy to scan News then read articles of interest.
Provides access to national and DMV stories in an easy to read format.
The layout easy and ready friendly.
Used to crash a lot but is much better after subsequent updates.
Great layout and I haven't found any bugs so far.
Ads not Intrusivec41
this prewritten review popped up when I went to rate it.
good app - now stop pestering me to rate it.
Updates & Supportc90
This is a convenient substitute for the print version.
not good visibility to print version.
this app is easier and greener than the paper version.

Visit WaPo app multiple times each day - one of the best newspaper apps out there. found in 365 reviews
Timely and insightful daily news and quality journalism. found in 196 reviews
One of my favorite news apps from my favorite newspaper in the world. found in 84 reviews
Provides a great supplement to competing news sources. found in 214 reviews
The Washington Post app is my first source for national and international news. found in 105 reviews
Very user friendly & convenient way to check news @ glance. found in 116 reviews
Used to crash a lot but is much better after subsequent updates. found in 14 reviews
Please add Reader Comments & expand number of articles. found in 3 reviews
The loading of sections is somewhat slow. found in 7 reviews
It's stopped crashing a few months ago at long last. found in 5 reviews
One Issue
Good app but lacking in content. found in 3 reviews
And there is missing content. found in 3 reviews
Crashes often after the opening title. found in 5 reviews
and constantly when attempting to read local. found in 6 reviews
No where in app to clear alerts. found in 2 reviews
Greatly improved but still no retina display support. found in 3 reviews
They listened to user complaints and suggestions. found in 4 reviews
but notifications don't clear even after viewing new stories. found in 2 reviews
And don't waste your money until they fix it. found in 5 reviews
Some improvement is still needed when moving between sections. found in 12 reviews
Embedded Pics and videos don't show. found in 3 reviews
Need to fix the crashing problem. found in 7 reviews
Fine except if you save multiple articles. found in 5 reviews
The home screen is 50% interface elements and ads. found in 5 reviews
Poor use of iPad " real estate ". found in 11 reviews
Prone to crashing when you navigate between sections. found in 12 reviews
loading full web version crashes on iPod touch 4th gen 8GB. found in 10 reviews
It also displays many articles twice under different titles--very irritating. found in 8 reviews
Can't search for specific articles as there is no search function. found in 7 reviews

The Wash Post is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.1 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Wash Post check developer The Washington Post`s website : http://help.washingtonpost.com

Get the high-quality, trusted news and analysis only The Washington Post and WashingtonPost.com can provide anytime/anywhere. Our all-new News App for iPhone and iPod Touch brings you breaking news, politics, world news, opinions, sports, business, ...
I used to read a lot of the articles Now every time I click on the topic it takes me to a subscription page to pay to read the news What is this 1995 I can go to CNN MSNBC Fox BBC for my news if thats the case     Subscription Required
The app is my favourite way of reading the Washington Post It updates the news feed quickly without disturbing the reader and all sections are easily accessible I dont thing I use any app more than this one                 Best news brilliant design
Deleted     Cant afford subscription
Uptodate and accurate assessment of all the pertinent news I require each morning thank you for a great app                 Very Nice Well Done
Everything that DC area has to offer at your fingertips              Great App
Nice flow and feel to app Great organization and navigation however stale page refresh hangs badly at times Additionally notifications are constant and obtrusive with no easy function from app to opt out Fix these two issues and you have a winner that delivers a great paper electronically              Flawed perfection
I have 7 different news apps Newspapers TV etc and this is the most timely and concise of all I read it 45 times a day              Very good app
I like WP app because it has informative stories and unlike CNN my second favoritethe font is easily made readable It has a nice article text size slider in the settings so can make it big to read without my reading glasses For some reason all news readers left out zoom Keep up the excellent reporting                 Excellent
I wish all the main US newspapers were available with a similar application that is unrestricted I like the NYT also but too limited in access              Very good app easy to get around
The Post app consistently loads well and gives a good rundown on the news                 Good way to see leading stories in The Post
Excellent appeasy to navigate Always enjoy the Post                 uj2bungs
The slick New app is a lemon Bugs out the wazzu and the view classic at the end of each article is a Developer joke test to see how many taps before Users recognize it does nothing     New WaPo App is a lemon
Seems like the latest update has limited reading articles for free I used to love the perspective of this newspaper but its not with paying 15 a month to read I can find my news for free at hundreds of other news apps     No longer free
Living away from DC and traveling internationally this allows me to read my hometown news from wherever Thank you              Provides the news from the Post what more do you want
Why on earth would you expect smart phone readers to pay to read when most articles except extreme partisan ones are available to read for free on other papers and media outlets for free The fact that your ads are uniquely positioned so that they are unintentionally engaged to take you off on wild website goose chases is not something Im inclined to pay for See ya     Pay to readnot a chance
Easy to use and provides information on special articles as well as local and world news              Post Review
This is a nice app if you just like headlines but to pay 180year to get stories is not worth it Aljazeera is free and is almost as good And there are other news sites as well The Post is way overpriced     Much too costly
Forgot password Yes Send code Yes Who successfully changed whose password to whose Facebook account using whose Washington Post email address Sends Facebook password reset code to any email address     Sends Facebook password reset code to any email address
For years I was frustrated by how terrible the NYT app was and continues to be So I turned to the Post The app is great It works equally well online and offline after you download the content I use it on an iPhone 5S and an iPod touch gen 5 so offline access is important to me I have no problems with either device You can also search other archived articles and read those in the app And it doesnt kill your battery like the awful Safari browser                 Great app Way better than NYT
The newest update turns this app into the NY Times app Limited free articles and 15 a month to read more Time to find a another news app for my morning fix     no longer free
This app has become my go to It is up to the minute well written and well organized I still check the NYT and WSJ sites but neither app is as good                 Best newspaper app
Content is good but poorly organized Headline messages are sent then when you go to the app you cant find the story           Good but poorly organized
Ive been using the app for awhile now and they have done a really good job at improving it I love the post and this app is really good A bit slow on loading sometimes and a little difficult to navigate to special interest sections BUT they recently updated so that now you can only look at a couple articles then you must pay Im ok with that but the price is 1499 per month The print delivery is over half that cost for basic service Everything is subscription based these days but budgeting in 1500 for one of many news sources is to much Ill leave on my phone for awhile so hopefully they adjust the price or allow more articles for free but be warned     Good but way to expensive
Loved the Post until I had to subscribe in their latest update Dumped the app     Not a fan
The Washington Post app was once a truly useful tool to access a still useful paper By now that one seemingly cannot read a single article without having to first sign up for the paper and pay them for a month I really have no idea what the point of this app is Overnight it became completely useless     End to a handy app
I will never without it Love this app                 Fantastic
Not paying 15 to use this app Theres other news apps just as good if not better for FREE     Not Free to Use
I subscribe for 29 per year and am phenomenally happy with the access it gives me                 Great Source
When you click on a story ads are the only thing that comes up Only 120 attempts allows you to read any part of the story Im going to junk the app because there is no point     Very poor experience
Due to the WP charging 14 a month taxes to just view articles on our devise is not worth it     Not balanced news
I used to love reading this paper Now I cant read an article without paying for a subscription Even the NY Times allows a few free articles a month     Used to be great
This app now requires you to purchase a subscription in order to read any articles     Subscription required
Ive been away from the area over 30 years and always missed the Post up here in the wilds of New Jersey Love having the great writing and interesting articles Ill always love my hometown paper and this app is SO easy to use                 Still the best
Was one of the best news sources out there but not worth the new 15 a month price tag WP you lost another reader     15 a month
I used to use this app quite often but dont use it anymore because the subscription cost has gone to 1499 per MONTH Too expensive with all the free news sources out there 180 per year to read the news     Good app for not worth 15 a month
Predictably enriches our day Bravo for for the wonderful coverage perspectives insights A 5star joy                 Outstanding news coverage
I find this app a good one for catching up on the news from DC                 Good app for news
My favorite news app First read every morning              Morning read
The update to a functioning paywall will cause me to delete the app Sad day for news     Paywalls will fail
Love the app However its no longer free Thats not good           Not free anymore
One star is too many You cannot read articles since update it just redirects you to subscribe It used to be a good app until someone decided greed was good     Worthless
Fast way to read the Post This version works well I subscribed last year when they had a special deal I forget the cost but it was a few dollars a month I am surprised to see others saying that it is now 15month                 Nice news app
The news is cogent concise and clear Reliable content without sensationalism              Excellent
Great app Only issue would be that it is slow to download latest content at times Please keep it free                 Love the free content but a bit slow sometimes
Not cheap but not rich either Used to be my go to news app until the WP joined the thousands of others and slapped a huge price tag on it 1495 Might as well have it delivered to my doorstep for that price        Disappointed
Been able to read the post makes me witness the truth about freedom of speech and how lucky we are to be able to have that every day in our lives                 Freedom of speech
As a native Washingtonian I have followed the Washington Post my entire life When the electronic copy became available I read it on my phone While its still available for free on the phone now that I have subscribed to the iPad version and finally upgraded my iPad I am a very happy camper I find it well organized easy to read easy to save articles to read later I like the way the headline articles are posted when you open the app This is the real deal in digital newsprint And it keeps getting better with each update Thanks WP                 Terrific app
I like this app              Good Reading
going to delete it and use other free apps with better coverage     used to be free

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