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Waze Inc. , brings Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun! with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun! app has been update to version 3.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the most life changing app I've ever used..
  • Best map and crowded sources travel companion I have ever used..
  • I have most of the costly gps software for the iPhone..
  • Absolutely the best map and GPS application there is..
  • Great live updates in real time with specific details..
Overall Satisfactionclick me93
This is honestly one of the best navigation apps I've ever used.
there are many missing features other navigation apps offer.
It is the best GPS app out there with amazing features.
Overall I think this is the best nav app out there.
This has to be the worst NAV app out there.
Love love love waze and my fellow wazers.
I used to love waze but it's just totally unreliable now.
Find it the best navigation tool with traffic and other alerts.
App is useless as a navigation tool right now.
Seems better than Apple maps or Google at spotting traffic problems.
Getting worse almost as clueless as Apple Maps.
Love the social aspect and reporting problems.
Best nav way better than google maps steers you around traffic.
but only marginally better than Google Maps at navigation and traffic notification.
Fun & Engagingclick me93
it makes driving fun again for anxious auto phobics like myself.
Waze is awesome for its ability to divert you to alternate routes.
It's about time the iPhone gets a free and awesome gps app.
I love this app so much I use it even when I know where I'm going.
but for actual navigation when I don't know where I'm going.
Ha saved me countless hours by avoiding wrecks and traffic.
and this makes it even more fun and informative.
I use waze all the time to check the best routes and timing.
Truly one of a kind technology both fun and functional.
Usefulnessclick me89
Gives up to date traffic info that helps immensely when driving during rush hour.
Provides up to date information re traffic and routes.
I use Waze every day and it just keeps getting better and better.
I use Waze everyday for my commute and vacation travel.
This is by far the most accurate and helpful nav program available.
Other than that very useful information for getting around quickly.
One of the most useful gps i haver every used.
Great to use for everyday driving and spotting traffic jams.
Social Aspectsclick me84
Love the social aspect and reporting problems.
Social media helping commuters and long drives.
The social media network crap don't need improvement.
Works great the more people that use it the better it will be.
Wish more people used it for more accurate data.
Reliabilityclick me96
I have also fixed three or four map errors.
Security & Privacyclick me24
my iPhone privacy settings are set to allow Waze access to my contacts.
It no longer allows me to send ETAs to my contacts.
with waze you have full control over your privacy settings.
Also there needs to be an option in the privacy settings.
Updates & Supportclick me100
Updating rating because each version is rated separately.
Getting better with each version and it is free.
Batteryclick me56
Only negative is it consumed lot of battery power.
Only down side is it uses a lot of battery life.
The only downside is that it drains your battery quite rapidly.
Only downside is that it drains your battery pretty quick.
This app has potential but it drains your battery so quickly.


Waze is a free social traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to save commuting time and improve your everyday driving. Way more than just another free navigation app, waze`s social layer is what sets it apart - giving drivers the power to work together to report and receive the most relevant traffic information available at any given moment. Plus, it actually makes commuting a whole lotta fun!


Waze is as interactive as you want it to be - by simply driving with the app open on your phone, you passively contribute traffic and other road data that waze incorporates to keep the map 100% live, but you can also take a more active role by sharing road reports on accidents, police traps, or any other hazards along the way, helping to give other users in the area a `heads-up` about what`s to come. And the first time you receive a “speedtrap ahead” alert that was reported by another wazer, you`ll understand the advantages of drivers working together for the common good.


The benefits of social driving continue with localized driving groups, Foursquare, Twitter & Facebook integrations, alongside other cool geo-gaming elements. And because it`s user-generated, the more people who use waze, the better (and more addictive!) it gets, so join the over 3 million drivers, worldwide, who’re contributing to the local driving communities in their areas, and hit the road using Waze today!

Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun!Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun!
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Please note that continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun!


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun! for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 14.1 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.2.2 has been released on 2014-11-21. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun! in Waze Inc.`s Official Website :


The crowd sourced traffic updates give near real-time information. found in 348 reviews
The best driving app and most useful in my collection. found in 437 reviews
It is the best GPS app out there with amazing features. found in 4543 reviews
Find it the best navigation tool with traffic and other alerts. found in 1175 reviews
It's the best navigator on the
Love love love waze and my fellow wazers. found in 1407 reviews
Must have app for drivers in the San Francisco Bay Area. found in 112 reviews
Best nav way better than google maps steers you around traffic. found in 336 reviews
Overall I think this is the best nav app out there. found in 1491 reviews
I highly recommend this app for commuters and travelers alike. found in 151 reviews
It's traffic avoidance system and realtime trip estimation is a lifesaver. found in 70 reviews
This is the best navigational app I have ever come across. found in 1101 reviews
Great social GPS app - Recommended to all my friends. found in 225 reviews
Internet. found in 1041 reviews
Gives up to date traffic info that helps immensely when driving during rush hour. found in 996 reviews
This is one of the best GPS apps I've downloaded and use it everyday. found in 101 reviews
Love the community and the communication features for road warriors. found in 99 reviews
This is the best free gps app in iTunes. found in 401 reviews
Love waze best navi app and friendly app around. found in 1044 reviews
A real time saver better than the regular garmin. found in 287 reviews
it makes driving fun again for anxious auto phobics like myself. found in 290 reviews
Have been experiencing routing server problem since updated to current version. found in 57 reviews
Great app only 4 stars couse navigation needs some inprovement. found in 27 reviews
broken down cars and even road kill location is very accurate. found in 31 reviews
This app will announce every freakin car stopped on the shoulder. found in 36 reviews
Map errors and routing issues are numerous. found in 46 reviews
I don't care to every Taco Bell on my route. found in 73 reviews
Navigation inaccurate and navigation voice not available in different languages. found in 35 reviews
Directions often give me difficult left turns across busy roads. found in 122 reviews
Great functionality except for screen turning off during navigation. found in 36 reviews
Please change location services setting from "always" to "while using. found in 225 reviews
but GPS needs to power off after the app closes. found in 25 reviews
Update: needs iPhone 6 support. found in 25 reviews
A little forewarning and an option to avoid it would be nice. found in 35 reviews
but since the last update I can't get a GPS signal. found in 54 reviews
Not so much fun when you are in the middle of nowhere. found in 35 reviews
Waze often routes through housing developments and doesn't learn well. found in 25 reviews
Prevent auto lock not working on iOS 8. found in 26 reviews
I often open Waze when I have another Nav system running. found in 35 reviews
Please add lock screen support like apple's native maps app. found in 26 reviews
At one time waze would say the street names and exits. found in 298 reviews
Still no iPhone 6 plus optimization after multiple updates. found in 112 reviews
remembers contacts you have deleted from your address book. found in 43 reviews
Routing is still an issue with left turns onto busy streets. found in 122 reviews
It took 10mins to recalculate and sometimes doesn't. found in 111 reviews
don't tell me to " make a left on Main St. found in 40 reviews
It doesn't even give the most direct route as an option. found in 46 reviews
So disappointed latest version crashes on my iPhone 5s. found in 62 reviews
I can't save my current location as a favorite. found in 118 reviews
No more now I all-most constantly miss its voice prompts. found in 71 reviews
Sleep mode fails - app does not shut off. found in 59 reviews
Can no longer add a stop on my route. found in 52 reviews
Lately it cannot keep a GPS signal while driving my routes. found in 54 reviews
won't be using the app until location services options change. found in 225 reviews
it should've warned us about the toll road. found in 161 reviews
Tries to constantly connect to Facebook and pops up error every second. found in 84 reviews
Can't currently give Waze access to my contacts through iPhone privacy settings. found in 55 reviews
even when i sign off waze still sends alerts. found in 40 reviews
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i like the fellow users comments and advice great app                nice
Excellent                Mr
Love this app helps me get places quick I love being able to know whats coming ahead of me on the freeway before I even get there                Very Helpful
The best of them all                Great gps app
When Trapster quit working I had to find an alternate solution I wish I had found this app before Trapster                So far so good
This app is incredible Its ability to update routes based on traffic is unlike any other gps app I use this every day and highly recommend it Has saved me hours of time in traffic throughout my years using waze Road hazard warnings help make every wazers drive safer as well Best app without a doubt would spend any amount on it if I had tobut luckily it is free                Best app hands down
Im a Lyft driver and I was recommended to using this app at first I said no a couple of time but then I gave in When I first used the app I was confused but then I figured out what each feature does What I dislike about this app is that it distracts me in so many ways For example if Im driving and they tell me to turn right I never get a street name There could be several right turns that I could possibly make before I make the correct turn and then BOOM Im on the wrong route As opposed to Apple maps or Google maps the navigation system actually tells me which street to be on I also dont really care about the graphics its childish to me Why do I need little icons and points when Im driving This isnt a video game its a gps And even though most maps have a voice to tell you where your going I keep getting distracted by the little popping noises it makes everytime I get point or someone is beeping at me When Im listening to my music I always have to look at my phone as if Im getting a text or a call because my music gets lowerOverall Its just not for me I like the traditional gps system that Apple maps or Google maps has to offer Simply because its distracting    Not too fond of Waze
Todos fallan mucho pero este es el mejor invento que han podido hacer                El mejor gps para Colombia
The directions Waze gives are atrocious It is a nonfunctioning mess Reroutes Forget it Might as well get out the paper map and compassThe police tracking capabilities are great though but who wants to drive around using all of their data       Navigation is horrible
Waze keep crashing since i updated on my iphone 5s running ios 841Please help    Crash in 841
Im a courier so driving around all day can get boring but this app makes driving actually fun Love all the features Especially live traffic speeds                Makes driving fun
Great Navigation App                Great Navigation App
Makes navigating fun The ontime arrival is always spot on and it always navigates to the fastest route                Amazing app
It really is Im not a robot nor am I a facility giving fake reviews This really is a great app Get itI know you want it                Great app
A coworker told me about WAZE when I expressed anxiety about having to find a location for a meeting I can get lost so easily that I never went anywhere for fear of not knowing how to get home Now I never get in the car without turning on WAZE to find an address or just to see whats on the road ahead of meOut of all the apps I use WAZE is the one app I cant live without                I cant live without my WAZE
Best app ever                Waze
This is my first review After the waze app saved me 30 minutes today on my normal commute to work heavy rain and flooding I felt compelled to show my appreciation My new favorite app                Thank you WAZE
I commute an average of 2 hours one way to work His app helps with traffic and shortcuts if needed             Great app for long commutes
Great app Love that I can see whats up ahead and get routed around traffic when possible                Awesome
Waze pushes advertisements to you even when youre not using the app This is in direct violation of App Store Guidelines    Waze sends push notification advertisements
App is ok but the lack of large screen support is surprising at this point Please update the app       Large screen support
Started using Waze two weeks ago but not religiously Tonight my usual route home is compromised due to ACDC Wrigley Field so I jump on Waze to look at alternatives Im at North Ave East St and I want to see which of three EW streets are best I scroll north the first is 3 mi north of where I am and just as I approach it the map jumps back to origin Weird I thought and do it again I notice the homing button figure I brushed it and make a point not to I get to the first street pan east and again it jumps to my present location I went through settings trying to turn this feature off but no go Ive wasted enough time Its back to the cold impersonal data of Google Maps       Argh
Not only is this accurate and informative its addictive If my kids were still young this would be excellent car entertainment Have fun and stay safe win win                Best Navigation APP EVER
This app without a doubt is absolutely wonderful and it keeps getting better every time they do a new release Just try it for a long road trip youll be amazed                If you drive please get this app
Works better than a navigation device Looks out for traffic and road construction as well as police The only problem I see is that it works best when a passenger is in the car as you cannot add your comments while driving             Very helpful on the road
My dad told me about this app and now my whole family is using it Love the immediate updates regarding traffic                Love it
This is the best navigation app that I have used so far The fact that the users are the ones who update it make it better and more accurate than the other apps                Best Navigation App
Great app with great info from other drivers Helps me get around town and avoid some of the traffic jams we havesimple and accurate                Good inforeal peoplereal live info
WAZE is utterly amazing and FAR surpasses any other nav site including OnStar Love it                WAZE ROCKS
I travel a lot and this is the only app I use any more for traffic road conditions and ETA Works well and is well supported The Waze community is the best             I use it a lot
Fun app to use It always gets me to work on time                Love this app
This is the best map app you could ever ask for Direct routes plenty of time to change lanes and it gives you ample time to move to turning lanes If thats not enough the updates Theres a traffic jam up ahead I already knew thanks to my waze app Love it its the best                I wouldnt make it a day without this app
New update has become unusable to me for the following reasons1 100 of the time when starting out a route Waze thinks I am heading in the exact opposite direction and takes several seconds of travel to begin recalculating which may sound inconsequential but can be VERY frustrating and dangerous2 the new update no longer accurately predicts travel time routinely being off by 2030 minutes 3 worse theres no coherent way to notify users of construction which in LA is inexcusable and can lead to very frustrating route choicesI used to love this app now it makes my life meaningfully worse    Laggy inaccurate update
I love the waze app but you should be able to choose your starting location so you can calculate how long it will take to get from point A to point B Right now you can only see how long it will take to get somewhere from your current location Google maps has this feature and thats the only time I use google maps is to see the time from point A to point B There should also be a feature to tap the road youre actually on when the GPS thinks youre on a different road          Great app but needs some features
I have had his app for about three weeks now and I absolutely love it The only thing that may need a little tuning up is the GPS feature not all the routes are the fastest as I have found in some cases For that reason Google Maps is still my Go to navigator Great app overall keep it up Waze                Outstanding APP VERY Helpful
Can never find a destination quickly Why do you show me destinations in locations hundreds of miles away when I searchTiny buttons for most things Constant ads getting in the way Its great to be able to let people track your trip especially when going to pick them up Itd be nice if there was a quicker way to notify people about your arrival          Great Navi App But UI is Horrendous
Great app             Good
Stunning piece of technology very well engineered very userfriendly and most of all efficient You get my vote thats for sure                Outstanding
However if not looking directly at app its confusing It doesnt give turns early enough and reminders so you can easily pass something because it says for example turn right right as you are in front of street Unless you want to be rear ended your missing the turn Same with police you can see them if open in app and know to slow down but yesterday I saw the police before it said police reported ahead by then if I didnt have app opened I would of gotten a ticket by time it warned Use the app a lot and its the best for warnings but you really need app open and you should not have to for navigation So needs some fixes          Love the concept and how it avoids traffic
Neat app Surprised at the number of users Hope it grows Especially in smaller towns and rural areas Great app                As advertised
Updated to 396 it wont even open    Waze
The only reason I dont give the app 5 starts is bc I cant set up a road trip with long distance mileage Even with a destination of 9XX miles away it still does not allow Please update             Please Update Range
Better than any navigation system on the market                Waze Community
Great app                Happy
I work 50 miles from home and 5pm rush hour costed me a 2 hour drive home Waze gets me around traffic and now I get home in 4550 minutes I use waze everywhere I go now I love the function that alerts you of vehicles blocking roads as well                Time Saver
I love this app I love the added road conditions details                Exceptional App
I love this app Been using it for over three years Its great for commuting especially But the location services options are always and never No while using option Drains my battery fast             Always location services
The app showed the road was closed yet still wanted me to take the closed road Cops were there giving tickets to anyone going down the road Luckily Im not a lemming I didnt listen to the app and turned around    Road Closed
I have tried so many different Apps GPS programs and find this to be the best for navigating Northern Central California The other apps I have used were inaccurate and frustrating I agree with some other reviews that receiving a command at 0 ft results in some missed turns I never find the pop up ads to be an issue but would gladly pay to see those go away All in all this app works really well for me                Really Love it


Waze Inc.
14.1 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.2.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun! 3.2.2 Mobile

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Waze GPS & traffic - Social, fun!

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