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Western Digital Corporation , brings WD Photos with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WD Photos app has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Helps if I am in a pinch for storage space..
  • Nice to be able to access my photos away from home..
  • I use the MyBookLive to backup our photos and videos..
  • password protect always..
  • And the slide show features are pretty nice as well..

Overall Satisfactionc52
can't auto upload photos.
I now need to add more photos to MyBook Live.
I love being able to access my files at home.
Thanks WD.
This version works much better than previous version.
Great application I love it Wd is the best.
Such an amazing app.
Fun & Engagingc37
Having a personal cloud is awesome.
Useful well designed app.
Ease of Usec43
Easy to setup and use on all of my family's iPhones and iPad.
Easy to set up and works great.
Easy to upload and view photos.
Easy connection to my livehub.
Easy and flexible.
easy installation.
Security & Privacyc41
password protect always.
Password protect etc.
Updates & Supportc54
Fantastic customer service.
This version works much better than previous version.

Works as advertised on my iPhone and iPad. found in 1 reviews
Great app for sharing pic to personal cloud. found in 1 reviews
Great way to access a massive picture library from anywhere. found in 3 reviews
I love being able to access my files at home. found in 3 reviews
Updates can be slow for newly added photos. found in 3 reviews
We're pleased with the performance and ease of the app. found in 3 reviews
with a cell or wifi signal. found in 1 reviews
Love the accessibility to all my photos. found in 1 reviews
Just look at any other storage solution. found in 2 reviews
It is the best way to free up space on the pc. found in 3 reviews
NEW REVIEW: have been able to upload pictures from my photo to the NAS. found in 3 reviews
would like to be able to see videos and files. found in 1 reviews
This version works much better than previous version. found in 2 reviews
not like I was using my high speed wireless. found in 2 reviews
Easy to share with friends and family. found in 2 reviews
Easy connection to my livehub. found in 2 reviews
Easy and flexible. found in 1 reviews
A straight forward app for viewing photos on yr wd hd. found in 5 reviews
Great application I love it Wd is the best. found in 1 reviews
Must have app if you have WD Nas server. found in 2 reviews
Would be better if there was an auto upload feature for iOS. found in 43 reviews
Needs improvement on ability to upload photos from mobile devices. found in 42 reviews
Needs a lock option like the MyCloud app has. found in 1 reviews
But lacks the most simple feature that is a deal killer. found in 2 reviews
this app takes a long time to recognize new photos. found in 9 reviews
needs some help in the actual function. found in 2 reviews
Only disappointment is failure to work with Apple TV. found in 6 reviews
Lack of an important feature auto upload. found in 42 reviews
No frequent updates or new releases to fix this thing. found in 11 reviews
So now I can't see any pictures. found in 3 reviews
App is good but some important feature missing. found in 3 reviews
The app is amazing but it needs auto upload from the camera roll. found in 2 reviews
It's a great idea but doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
Needs automatic updates. found in 2 reviews
Update and optimization needed for iPhone 6 and 6 plus. found in 2 reviews
No automatic upload for iphone 5 and iphone 6. found in 7 reviews
Please give an automatic upload option. found in 2 reviews
No automatic upload settings for iPhone 5. found in 7 reviews
There needs to be an option for videos and music. found in 4 reviews
Can't see any new photos. found in 9 reviews
- VERY slow to update. found in 9 reviews
can't auto upload photos. found in 43 reviews
Now I can't upload photos to my WD My Book. found in 4 reviews
All I get is an error message about file not found 404. found in 4 reviews
Deleted from my iPhone and iPad. found in 5 reviews
I've had the drive 1week and tech support is just horrible. found in 6 reviews
Please in the WD 2Go app let us see the picture. found in 4 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WD Photos for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new WD Photos app version 2.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-02. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about WD Photos check developer Western Digital Corporation`s website : http://products.wdc.com/wdphotos

View all the photos stored on your WD network drive with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Show off your entire photo collection without taking up tons of space on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Access all ...
I love the WD Photos app over My Cloud because of the ability to see thumbnails It is a great improvement to be able to access private shares now but you need to add the ability to choose which private shares I dont need to see all of my private share folders only a few Not having the choice to add a password is also an issue Please fix these issues in the next update              Almost there
Slow loading the pictures at times              Pretty good
This is a great app but its missing some features As stated by other reviewers an auto upload feature would be so much more convenient Also when you upload manually and select all from your camera roll on iPhone it doesnt upload video files It also doesnt keep the time stamp I hope they make some updates to the app to make it more efficient           Video
Love this app especially how it helps save memory on my phone by enabling storage of my photos elsewhere Only one well maybe two complaints First is that when you use the app to upload pictures from your iPhone you lose the date stamp for the file meaning on the hard drive the file details show the date the file was uploaded not the date the file was created Additionally when uploading from multiple Apple devices it creates duplicative file structuresie there is a Camera Roll folder for each device and it is hard to distinguish between each one           Great app with only one flaw
Great app easy to use                 Love it
WDMy Cloud best Cloud                 Mrjannesar
This disconnects to My Cloud all the time and when it does work it takes forever to load I wish this worked liked Dropboxs Carouselnow thats fantastic Please consider an auto backup Ill be uninstalling until then     Stick to the My Cloud app
This is a good app but really wish it would automatically back up iPhone photos and had better ability to organize photos              Good app
I thought this would automatically back up my phone and other stuff But I have to do it manually It is really irritating Also I cant back up everything on my phone even more irritating        Not automatic
I am shocked that this app would even be created without the ability to do auto upload and upload to a folder other than public This product manager needs help     No auto upload nor privacy
Great App for these devices Much better than the other WD App                 Awesome
Cant access drive via WiFi when available big hole assuming that only the carrier should be the medium for transfer Otherwise concept is good     Pathetic
Great app that allows me to move my photos back onto my iPhone 5c I cant figure out how to get my videos back though Hoping some of these issues can be resolved It would have been nice to get these apps included with the initial my cloud set up to make it easier considering they are all free              So far so good
It took me forever to figure out how to upload with my phone Even after finding it I still had a tuff time finding it on a subsequent visit to the app The interface is not as smooth as I would want           Kinda weird
Error reads server error or server offline        Overseas access is not available
Good app and easy to use                 WD pictures
I definitely like how easy this is to set up and view my photos by folder I have taken a lot of time to organize years worth of photos so I appreciate this feature However I dont like that the only share folder available to work with the app is the Public share I need to be able to password protect the folder or choose one of my Private folders otherwise I will not use this Hope an update is coming soon              need a little more customization
There are a few things that could be better overall its great to upload pics free up space on my phone iPad                 Really cool app
Love this App                 WD Pbotos
I love my cloud server This app makes it easy for me and the family to view pics we have saved                 Outstanding
It works well for photos Have not had any problems with it              Works well
Never was a easy to use app Now it just doesnt store anything locally Just a gathering of drop box Google drive etc I spent 2 hours with WD support No help I guess there were updates while I was traveling and now the complete My Cloud is a mess Totally a brick     Terrible terribly
The app and pc software to organize and retrieve is not user friendly I have an iphone and there is no preview of pictures have to open the to find what I need     Not user friendly
I recently switched from a Samsung S5 to an iPhone 6 The app worked well on my S5 but its even better on my iPhonenoticeably faster                 The app works great
Need to add auto upload option     Basic
Better photo viewing and ease of uploading Would like to be able to create folders right from the app              Making it easier to use My Cloud
I just wrote a review for the wd my cloud app and gave it one star this app is not any better wd might be good at making hard drives but they have a lot to learn about software they both are confusing and not intuitive and lacks a lot of features I have been using one drive for many years but was thinking that I would want all my files at my own place well not sure about that anymore I think Ill stick to one drive until if at all wd manage to figure out their apps and software     Not good
I have about 100 apps yet this is the first time Ive ever decided to write a review Thats just how disappointing this app is This app just does not work with the EX4 The WD help boards are filled with people who cannot view their photos with this App Go see for yourself Is there anything lower than one star No photos found while looking at a folder with over 200 photos Seem to be a very common issue     Extraordinarily Horrible
When I try to upload my pictures from my phone none of the metadata is transferred with it To get it transferred correctly I have to go through my laptop and copy and paste cut and paste also does not work the whole point of the cloud was so I could store my pics wirelessly from anywhere please fix this asap        Wrong metadata
The photos you upload are only public There is no way to move photo location or adjust securityprivacy settings using this app This means your ie roommate or sister can see all your uploaded pictures on their computer        Public Only
I originally installed this application to enable me to download photos from my WD Cloud to my apple camera role as this send to option is missing in the WD My Cloud application Although WD Photos allows me to download and upload tofrom my camera role the photo EXIF data date taken location GPS other picture data is not retained and so it is impossible to correctly catalog the photos once uploaded or downloaded Also the ability to auto uploadbackup from the apple device is really a key feature that is missing as well as being able to specify a location to upload photos to Really hoping for these basic features to be included in a future version           Great Potential but basic features missing
Easy cost effective solution for in home storage The software appoverall product misses on saving duplicate videos and pictures It may be a time stamp issue but I spend a lot of time deleting duplicates Secondly more of a wish list than a miss I wish the software would be a little more automated recognize my last upload what and when and ask if I want too              Great Product 2 Misses
Only the first batch of pictures that we uploaded are visible on this app Have since uploaded much more and they dont show up Ive uninstalled this app reinstalled didnt matter App is useless if I cant access all my photos Ive transferred to the MyCloud     Cannot access all my photos
The platform has potential but the iOS apps are lacking No auto sync and images are not save with the correct time stamps They hardly ever update there application or firmware on the mycloud mirror which means security vulnerabilities are slow to be patched and featureusability enhancements are slow to be added Im not sure if they are suffering from a lack of development resources or just have an outdated development cycle butt this platform and iOS do not receive much TLC It reminds me of software companies of the late 90s or early 2000s I took a bet on WD and in my opinion I lost        Disappointed
Hi Auto Upload is must Also the manual upload with Select All option tries to upload again everything which was previously uploaded Why cant it intelligently check which pics are already uploaded and skip them for the next manual upload In any case auto upload is must It should also offer in which folder the pics should be uploaded why choose Public Camera Roll I must be able to upload in my own preferred folder Now I have to move them after every upload     Auto upload is missing and some other features
Super cool idea hard to navigate time consuming missing photos etc My biggest issue was uploading images from my iPhone Granted I have 2000 which is why I bought mycloud so I was ok with the time commitment However once they uploaded for like 16 hours some of them were missing in the app I could find them on my computer somehow but 500 or so were missing from app I never write reviews but I spent so much time trying to figure out mycloud over a week And Im currently running the factory restore so I can return it I dont have time to watch 100 YouTube videos and organize Photos into folders Great idea just not for me Or anyone else with 5000 pictures and 700 videos           Eh
Love this app Easy to upload pics                 WD Photos
Wow everyone should have this for family history                 Great
WD Photos is a great app I try to use it a lot But for a while now most of the time i try to connect to my ex2 cloud it shows the device but not the pictures inside My Cloud app at the same time shows all the folder and pictures WD needs to fix the network issues between this app and its cloud servers If you can live with not being able to view your pictures 3050 of the time this is a great app        Great app but too many network issues
Took 20 min for first time setup Multiple connection failed messages Your photos do not automatically upload The uploaded picture names are WD2A1D etc Instead of a datetime And its very slow Try Amazons cloud drive app Cheaper than buying this drive and its terrible software     Buggy Slow
Liked the app very much when downloaded but as I keep using it found many gaps that needs heavy rework Also having issues with app not able show any changes from made to the directory structure or deletes           Good app but lacks depth
I use the WD Smartware software to backup all my files including my photos to the WD My Cloud NAS but to make the photos available to the photos app I have to copy all the photos to a separate Public folder on the same NAS making it impossible to keep the photos synced up If you try dumping all the photos from this Public folder then copy all the photos back in it Greeks out the photos app and the pics wont display Terrible design and zero help from WD     Makes no sense
Sorry I cant recommend this app I have like 50000 pictures on my cloud But it cant find any of them And yes all my pictures are at the public pictures folder     Bad App
It would be tough to select manually which pics needs upload by skipping what is already there When I upload 500 only 450 loaded and doesnt know which 50 are missing to load After upload photos are not sorted same as camera roll hard to find required photo Can u also provide auto upload of all new photos     Too many flaws
Works good but I am really missing the auto sync with my photos Other apps have this and I dont understand why WD is behind on this Please add the automatic upload option           Auto uploadsync
Everything gets mixed up and renamed when you upload photos UNACCEPTABLE Fix asap please     Seriously need to fix this problem
Update for iPhone 66 Plus Allow more direct uploading to exact shared folders Better viewing options           Good but can be better
Cant see any of my photos at all     Cant see any pictures at all
Not as polished as native iOS apps but still a good photo viewing app Easy to upload all photos from phone or iPad              Better than I expected
This app does not work I can access about 5 percent of the photos on my drive not sure why it will not see the others I have followed all steps online with the drive including rebuilding the photos database on the drive itself from the desktop but it does not change a thing I wish this app worked Running latest firmware on the drive app on multiple devices all do the same     no photos

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