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We Heart it , brings We Heart It with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. We Heart It app has been update to version 1.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • easy to search for beautiful pictures on just about anything..
  • Also wallpapers and just cute pics and ideas..
  • Have fun & i have found lots of cool ideas..
  • Really fun app with a wide variety of pictures..
  • So easy to use and has amazingly cute photos..
Overall Satisfactionclick me95
Love love love love love love love love love we heart it.
I love we heart it but it keeps crashing.
I love weheartit and this app is perfect.
But besides that I love weheartit.
There are so many amazing pictures that make great backgrounds.
Weheartit is better than tumblr because it is easier to use.
I love this app so much I think it's way better than Pinterest.
but don't like anything about it any better than Pinterest.
it truly is the best photo app i have ever encountered.
Used to love this app because it gave me all the best wallpapers.
I used to love this app but now you can't heart images from Instagram.
Love this website and the app does the website justice.
Fun & Engagingclick me97
I'm addicted to this app everything is so perfect all the gifs and pictures.
Best app ever awesome pictures kinda like Instagram and Pinterest.
Best creation ever I'm obsessed with this app.
It's fun to browse thru when your bored or even for inspiration.
I constantly on this app it is my new addiction.
Best App Ever For Inspiring Pictures & Just Regular Pictures.
We heart it is awesome Hee hees I love it.
Best app ever I'm on it all the time I'm seriously addicted.
Usefulnessclick me98
Great pictures of everything from hilarious quotes to inspiring fitness women.
I love this app I use it everyday the pictures are just simply perfect.
Family Friendlyclick me61
Also there are inappropriate pictures everywhere.
Repeat Valueclick me100
I've been using the app for years and it never gets old.
but overall it's a great app and it never gets old :.
Social Aspectsclick me93
I now prefer WeHeartIt over ANY social media.
I prefer it over Pinterest and any other social networking app.
I love meeting new people and sharing my life with everyone.
Ease of Useclick me100
I love how intuitive it is to explore the photos.
Such a fun and simple app.
Fun and simple to use.
Reliabilityclick me92
Lastly it crashes please fix this.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me100
now stop asking me to rate we heart it.
Now it will stop asking me to rate it.
Security & Privacyclick me65
I can't post my hearts to Tumblr and my Twitter account.
I use this app daily to post to my tumblr account.
I can't even log into my tumblr account.
Updates & Supportclick me39
the new update is amazing & it just makes me love it even more.
first off the new update is amazing.


Take your inspiration with you and discover new images anywhere!


The We Heart It app lets you search and heart images of your favorite things on the go with your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Explore what people are sharing and get inspired every day.

We Heart ItWe Heart It
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• Explore hearts from other users
• Find out what your friends are hearting
• Heart images from any site
• Search any topic you love
• Follow new people who share your interests


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download We Heart It for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, Italian. It weighs in at only 12.9 MB to download. The new We Heart It app version 1.2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about We Heart It check developer We Heart it`s website :
We Heart It


I love this app so much I think it's way better than Pinterest. found in 136 reviews
Weheartit is better than tumblr because it is easier to use. found in 148 reviews
So many cool pictures and an awesome way of sharing your pictures. found in 111 reviews
You can express yourself by posting whatever you want. found in 115 reviews
I love weheartit and this app is perfect. found in 370 reviews
Love love love love love love love love love we heart it. found in 667 reviews
Way better than Instagram & Tumblr's way too mainstream. found in 92 reviews
Its a great app but It's not saving the pictures to my phone. found in 40 reviews
i love this app but it keeps crashing and its getting on my nerves. found in 22 reviews
I love this app but it crashes way too much. found in 7 reviews
But sometimes when I save a picture it won't save. found in 17 reviews
It won't allow me to log in with my twitter account. found in 31 reviews
Even after this update I still can't save any pictures. found in 15 reviews
I love we heart it but lately it's been crashing ALL the time. found in 8 reviews
Amazing app but it won't let me save pictures. found in 137 reviews
When I try to click " edit my profile " it always crashes. found in 45 reviews
I can't save photos to my gallery. found in 59 reviews
I love the new update to pieces but please fix the crashing. found in 9 reviews
Great app but ever since it updated I can't save photos. found in 59 reviews
But- cant save gifs that you can upload to Gifboom. found in 32 reviews
Works well but exits out of app sometime. found in 16 reviews
The only thing I wish I could upload from my own photo album. found in 17 reviews
It's so longer letting me log into tumblr to share photos. found in 14 reviews
Whenever I try to edit my profile it shuts down please fix that ASAP. found in 61 reviews
It won't let me log in with my Twitter account from the app. found in 12 reviews
It keeps saying my username and password don't match. found in 13 reviews
Its a great app but it's not letting me save pictures since the update. found in 18 reviews
I still can't save pictures. found in 15 reviews
i've tried to sign in via twitter and don't let me. found in 31 reviews
why does weheartit not post to tumblr anymore. found in 13 reviews
The app doesn't let me connect my tumblr anymore. found in 13 reviews
Lastly it crashes please fix this. found in 11 reviews
I can no longer find certain pictures anymore. found in 12 reviews
but it's not letting me save images to my camera roll. found in 44 reviews
I love this site but its getting annoying with the problems. found in 11 reviews
it won't let me log in with my Twitter account. found in 31 reviews
Consistently logs me out with no prompting. found in 20 reviews
you cant save any pictures since the ios8 update. found in 32 reviews
All of a sudden it's not letting me log in anymore. found in 14 reviews
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I updated too IOS 9 and every time I want to save a photo it glitches and takes me back to my homescreen Please Fix This    Glitches
Im new to this app but I like it so far                Love it
I love this app im addicted                Love This App
I love awesome photos so this app is perfect I can see and share wonderful pictures and put then directly on my tumblr Definitely worth the download and continue with the updates                Love it
I love we heart it but ever since I upgraded to ios9 it keeps saying error when I try to save a picture I also think its vEry unnecessary to stop my music when I scroll down through an ad or click on a gif Please fix this Its really annoying       getting messy
Since i updated to ios 91 it wont let me save anything it just crashes its really annoying can u fix it please             Saving Problems
I have been using we heart it for about two years now and I love it butever since I downloaded the IOS 91 its been crashing whenever I try to download somethingPleasee fix immediately                AMAZING APP BUT SAVING PROBLEMS
I really really love this app its cool to express myself through pictures although Id be nice to add some features to make it more sociable I would really like to send some messages to people and more space for Bio Really love it                I heart it
Seriously love this appespecially as a beauty blogger Theres just so much beauty to look at Kind of addicting                Ahhhmazing
I love this app and the fact that it has millions or even billions of pictures but ever since the update the app has been crashing whenever I try to save an image and its one of Kanye please fix it for me and yeezus       loved it
I love this app but ever since I got iOS 9 you I cant save images to my camera roll We heart it is one of my biggest folders in my photos I used to constantly save every picture that related to me but not I cant and its not as fun to use the app Hopefully you guys can fix this problem because I really love we heart it          Cant save images
I am addicted to this app Im on it all the time I love We Heart It but there are a few things that could be better For example I cant listen to my music while I am on this app and for me thats a big deal Every time there is a gif my music stops Also when you want to upload something it only gives you the option to upload from your camera roll There needs to be more options like from the Internet like other users have said If some of the simple things some of the reviews talk about are fixed there would be a lot more five stars             I love it but
Ever since I updated my iPod to ios9 every time I try to go on the app it crashes and goes back to the home menu Ive read other reviews and everyone seems to be dealing with the same things like not saving gif or photos I hope soon this will be fixed because this was my favourite app                I love this app so much but
ever since I updated my iPhone it crashes pls fix asap    i used to love it but
Ive tried to save a lot of pictures from this app but it seemed to be very glitchy due to iOS 9091 I used to go on here to find inspiration and motivation Now its glitchy Pictures and GIFs wont be saved on my phone nor iPad Please take a look and make WeHeartIt a better place       Saving problems
I love the app but since I updated to iOS 9 I cant save photos every time I try saving a photo it says error saving photo I cant save any of my favorite photos please fix this Also when I go to the app it goes black then it opens the app          Please fix
Ever since I updated to ios 9 I cant save any pictures to my phone and Im quite upset with it because this is my favourite app PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP       I cant save pictures
I really love this app its one of my favorites but I recently updated to IOS 91 and its impossible to save a photo without the app crashing I love to use this app to get my backgrounds for my phone with now I cant since it crashes          Crashes
Ever since updating to IOS 9 I cant save pictures an unknown error notice shows on the screen PLEASE FIX THIS          IOS 9
I love this app so much its one of my favorite social media apps but unfortunately I cant save anything anymore whenever I click save image the app crashes without it saved to my camera roll please fix this       Cant save anything
I absolutely love this app one of my favorites the only thing I would say is more organization with collections like separate them more                I love it
I love love love weit Totally addicted to this app                Weit
Ive been using weheartit for years now and never had a complaint But now the app is acting up you cant save pictures Its always says error Please fix this          Needs to be fixed
Its a lovely thing its like another Pinterest                I it
Ugh okay so I love this app Well I loved it before it got all messed up This is a minor problem and I havent experienced anything else to bad but this is still annoying as hell When I try to upload a photo it works fine But then I check and it uploaded the photo twice It doesnt make sense and its annoying Please fix it             Double take
I love this app it gives me so many ideas on what to wear on any occasion                I heart it
in love with the app use it all the time I used to be able to save the photos or gifs without clicking on the specific photo just by scrolling through a search but now I have to click on the actual photo if I try to save a gif it says error please correct this          saving problem
This was my to go app whenever I want a picture It has a good quality its kind clean and smooth but now the app keeps crashing on me and whenever I want to download a picture it logs me out Please fix these bugs I dont know if its the new update             I use to love it
I loVe it its just like tumblr but more sorted out                Wow
I use to love this app It was one of my top favorites Now Not so much Ever since the update I have problems posting things It wont add to a collection and wont let me tag anything Whats the point of even posting if I cant add it to a collection or put tags on it I use to spend hours on this app I want to get on it But after a few minutes I get frustrated and leave I havent tested the not being able to listen to music If thats true the app is basically trash now and Ill probably never get on Please fix a few small things so I can enjoy it again       Bad update
This app is amazing and inspiring It have so many motivations to keep going in life and being your self                You need to try it
I loved this app to get pictures for my lockscreens and stuff but as of lately I havent been able to use the app every time I open it it crashes and this has happened ever since I got IOS 9 can this please be fixed       I want my app back
the app is good and everything buy Im having trouble saving pictures every time I try saving something the app immediately crashes and closes and by reading the other reviews Im not the only one having this problem I hope you can fix this really soon          good but
Ive had We Heart It for about a year and Ive never had problems with it but suddenly with the IOS 9 update theres a problem Its not letting me download pictures Im not the only one My friend is having the same problem Why             Love this app but something is wrong
This is my new obsession I LOVE it                The best of tumblr and Pinterest
Keeps crashing every time I try to save a picture    FIX YOUR BUGS
Such an awesome app now after the update cant log in It was a daily use for me Now Nothing If youre not gonna update it please delete    Update
I love this app so much Well done But I will patiently wait until you fix the bugs that came with the iOS 9 because it is not letting me download pictures and gifs Quite irritating but I hope you fix it                Well done but
I love this app but theres a very annoying bug that needs to be fixed so this app can go back to being amazing Heres the problem Im following tons of people but when I click feed mostly all I see is this one persons collection I didnt care for it so I went to unfollow her and her collections I clicked the three dots next to it and then clicked unfollow user When the message popped up to say unfollow this person and their collections I clicked yes and then refreshed my feed but the collection that I had just unfollowed popped right back up in my feed I clicked the three dots again Guess what it said Unfollow this user I JUST DID Please fix this because this is something that bothers me and I like to keep my feed strictly to my theme dark pale and now my feed is all messed up because there are these girly pink pictures everywhere PLEASE FIX THIS       Too many bugs
i love this app but the gif saving needs to be fixed          please fix gifs
I really just want to save a picture but I cant dont that with the iOS 9 update I really hope they get to updated it soon and fix that problem          Updated pls
It surprises me how long it takes for you guys to respond to something EVERYONE is complaining about    LOVE but
I really love the we heart it app but ever since Ive gotten the iOS 9 update its been crashing and whenever I click save it doesnt save idk if its a glitch or the app because I deleted the app and redownloaded it and it still crashed             crashing
i cant save any photos and its mad annoying PLEASE FIX          Bugs
ever since I have updated my phone to iOS 9 the app wont let me save pictures and then ends up crashing saving pics was one of the main reasons I downloaded this app for please fix soon          was amazing but
There needs to be a thing where you can make a board private             Private boards
Love itBut every time I try to save a pic to my camera roll it kicks me out so annoying Please fix Thanks                Love it
Ever since I downloaded 91 every time I try to save a photo the app closes down This is the same with my iPad Please fix       Cant save
I use to love this app very much But now i can save images and sometimes it wont load even if I have wifi or service so please fix it          Eh
i really like this app its one of my faves however since ios 9 i am unable to save any pics to my camera roll an error message always pops up no matter how many times i try other than that i guess its okay             m


Photo & Video
We Heart it
English, French, Italian
12.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2.0
iPhone iPad

iOS We Heart It 1.2.0 Mobile

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