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Beijing Kingsoft Internet Security software Co.Ltd , the publisher behind many iOS app (Battery Doctor HD ,Home Screen Icon - tap to call - home contact ,Cheetah Ad Platform,Showcase ,每日免费精品应用 - 只推荐限时免费精品游戏和软件 ,装机必备 - 每天推荐限时免费&装机必备应用 ,猎豹令牌), brings Weather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) app has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This is the most accurate weather app I've ever used..
  • Really a great weather map..

Overall Satisfactionc80
Best weather app ever accuracy and pinpoint best ever.
This app should replace the stock weather app from apple.
Thanks for an amazing app.
Better than many others.
This application is one of the best I've ever used for weather.
Fun & Engagingc92
Pretty awesome weather forecaster.
weather app amazingly awesome.
beautiful and useful.
stunning background picture with rich information make this app useful and beautiful.
It shows me everything I want to see.
This app gives you everything you need at a glance.
Production Valuesc89
This is the most accurate weather app I've ever used.
A real nice Sharp & Accurate Weather app.
Easy simple and clean interface.
Ease of Usec95
hourly forecast wind speed u2014 A very simple to the point weather app.
awesome simple weather app that is both reliable and accurate.
Excellent app and very easy to use good job.
All the data I want and easy to see at a glance.
Clean Easy and Smooth.
Convenient to use with Battery Saver app.
Integration with Battery Saver Very Nice.
Does not link with Batter Saver App as expected.
it's tied in with battery doctor.
Integrated with battery doc.

Best weather app ever accuracy and pinpoint best ever. found in 111 reviews
App works great and looks nice. found in 1 reviews
Best weather ap out there. found in 3 reviews
It is not limited to a single day. found in 1 reviews
Very accurate temperature compared to other weather apps. found in 1 reviews
This is nice simple weather application I love it. found in 4 reviews
I use this app everyday to see what the weather will be like. found in 1 reviews
By far the best weather app I've seen and used. found in 1 reviews
I was looking for a replacement for Accuweather. found in 2 reviews
One last request is that when I tap the extended forecast. found in 3 reviews
Looking for a radar in the future update. found in 1 reviews
swipe left and right to view your favorite city locations. found in 1 reviews
But if you want to see the forecast hour by hour. found in 1 reviews
The only thing missing is the percentage of rain on said days. found in 2 reviews
But overall beautiful app. found in 1 reviews
Let's talk about the weather. found in 1 reviews
For all you people saying it doesn't show all week. found in 1 reviews
might even be better if it was lock screen. found in 3 reviews
Good but not good at the same time. found in 1 reviews
It concentrates all the info needed. found in 2 reviews
Needs to show percentage chance of rain and other such weathers. found in 7 reviews
Sometimes it loads fast and sometimes it doesn't. found in 1 reviews
One Missing Feature. found in 1 reviews
clear & accurate forecasts- No bells/ whistles but spot on weather predictions. found in 2 reviews
Needs more visual appeal. found in 1 reviews
And if the app comes with more pictures of places. found in 1 reviews
It easy to use but it needs more detail with the weather. found in 1 reviews
would give it 5 stars if it had inches of precipitation. found in 1 reviews
Yahoo would not update properly but this app has no problem updating. found in 1 reviews
It's okay it's not that bad I don't like the background though. found in 1 reviews
No weather hourly or a 10 day weather forcast. found in 2 reviews
keeps saying failed. found in 1 reviews
Atlantic City NJ no weather report. found in 5 reviews
Chance of rain per hour missing. found in 7 reviews
but date format is day first. found in 3 reviews
Needs percentage chance of rain. found in 7 reviews
They do not give every place in the world. found in 1 reviews
But I am going to delete this one. found in 2 reviews
Mostly worthless to me. found in 1 reviews
Incomplete app. found in 1 reviews
Needs to get better. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Weather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) for free from Apple Store. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. It weighs in at only 3.6 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Simplest and most fashionable Weather App. Simplest interface, you can know Weather Information just at a glance. Stunning colorful background to make your mobile phone screen different, no longer dull Moreover, bad weather warning for you ...
Dates are wrong for such a long time with no fix I use this for a long time but now seems to me others are getting better It is so bad that I do not see any reason to keep on my phone I used to love this and can not go any place without using this Pitiful it is All international cities were deadly wrong What a shame     Apparent mistake and bugs in software DanielShih
This site is not accurate Temps are 40 degrees off more in than one city     Way Off oinodam
The date and time is completely wrong I enter my home city and it is giving me the current weather for June 1st it s October right now It seems that the developers are no longer updating this app or responding to reviewers issues     All information is incorrect My.Iphone7.And.Itunes
I have been using this app for long time but recently dates are wrong developers are not updating the app any more so sad             Wrong date Carritos1
I can t get the date to be right     Won t update date Ckc907
To current location     Doesn t sync groaa
Not accurate 3 days ahead of time not reliable and not in ENGLISH     Not accurate 3 days ahead of time amm7561
It has everything I want in a basic weather app I d give it 5 stars if I could figure out how to get rid of the ads                 Nice App Easy to Use weeble57
Can t select city         Owner Nevrong
So if you have a font or mag option I would like to use it             I need a magnifying glass to read the tiny font Pcaddict44
Happy with app                     Raesilva72
I Like it A lot                     Weather William Corveness
Not totally accurate worked great till the newest upgrade             Anonymously unimpressed
Even though my phone is set to English I keep getting chinese Messages ads         Review Keekurdee
This was once a great app Simple yet functional with beautiful interface However recent updates brought in ads on every viewing page Furthermore the app no longer remembers my old setting Stupidity ruined a great product     Loaded with annoying ads now Erruqwrtuioigdchn
            Jensen Chou
Thank you for this                     Good Aliakherati567
Like this little app very convenient to obtain weather info for multiple cities                     Good app Dark 1 Seeker
Works pretty well Is fairly accurate Much better with latest revision                     Works ok Jwgunther
Major reason I used this app was due to it being ad free Those days are gone bye bye app     Deleting TBFNP
Don t update if you want to keep all your cities you have now The update delete all your personally added cities and they added AD to the app Makes it really looked ugly I used it cause it s nice and easy to use and mostly cause it has no ads     Bad update Why u add Ads CashVo
Too bad     There is urgly AD frankxiacn
    how bad 恨这个垃圾软件
This WAS the best app Now it s the worst It s raining hard out now Thunderstorms And the app says SUNNY with no clouds And it s in Chinese Old review below I ve gotten 7 weather apps and this is my favorite by far All the data I want and easy to see at a glance And it tells the weather where I am as I travel Excellent     Better than many others Marveelous marv
This Always was my fave Weather App Buh after last update went from a 5 Down 2 a 2 this App Went from great 2 awful within minutes like I said it use 2 B my fave App now it s useless unless u can read Chinese I can barely read English let alone Chinese I m deleting it off my iPhone 4 Much needed space 4 apps I understand Not frickn foreign apps i e ur Weather map App Really get ur Sh t 2 gether R u so hard up 4 U had 2 let ur Quality Control Dept go     Was my go2 weather app not anymore dborkin44
Illegible Chinese writing on splash page advertising and links to chinese apps Not a good app anymore I must try and rollback to the old version otherwise i ll trash this app     Terrible update Illegible Chinese writing Mac Offers
I liked it but is there a bug I get pop ups in Chinese     Chinese cmikikoz
This use to be my favorite weather app suddenly overnight the information is not accurate and there are ads in what I believe to be Mandarin     Use to be my favorite KitsuneSakakino
This App is a total waste of space It said error loading to get my weather in San Antonio TX I tried adding the locations of family members which I have on my iPhone weather App and I got No cities located in the states of Del Rio TX Boise ID Mapleton IA Newkirk OK This App only has New York City NY Washington DC Chicago IL Boston MA London United Kingdom Paris France Rio De Janeiro Brazil Tokyo Japan Seoul South Korea And that is ALL there is to select from from on this App I have tried to get a current weather and forecasted 10 day information numerous times with NO RESULTS EACH TIME I can only presume it is because I DON T LIVE in one of the afore mentioned 4 locations which makes this App TOTALLY USELESS to me I haven t added any of the 4 US city and States to check if they work as I d also have to do a Goggle search to try and confirm if the weather conditions and forecasted information is correct Personally I DON T want to spin my werewheels and waste my time looking for the weather conditions in the City s and States I DO NOT RESIDE in It serves of no importance NOR RELEVANCE as to how I need to prepare for my day and those ahead I would give this App zero stars if it were possible and HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE getting this App It s a total waste of precious gigabytes and I m deleting this App as soon as I complete my review Now I m going to check and see if my negative review is posted I very rarely take the time writing reviews I think I ve only written five but I completely feel it is valuable information for everyone looking for a good weather App This is DEFINITELY NOT that App     DOESN T WORK Kaja123&4
I live in Boston a windy city For some reason this app NEVER has the correct amount of wind represented and it affects how the temp feels to a person outdoors         Never gets the correct wind Debs02114
This app need update to fit iPhone 6     Need update Boasel2000
Ok it s not the weather channel but it s pretty and gives me what I want to know             Nice functional app WayneH NYC
It s difficult to give a review when I have yet to see this app in action therefore I have no idea what the capabilities are or what to ordinarily expect Therefore I rate this app one star I am incapable of requesting support as the app has yet to open I realize that most developers respond to support requests rather than reviews but someone please help me soon so I can give a fair review otherwise I will find it necessary to replace this potentially five star app Thank you for your time and consideration     Location Request Error Creepyolddude
Very helpful application And easy to use                     About application Vikrant123
Not sure why this is the case but there are black bars on the top and bottom of the screen where the app doesn t fill up the whole screen on my 6s Also I put in my location and I just keep getting an error Fix these and I ll give you 5 stars             Location doesn t work and not full screen Tailor17
Well said Meb1 I agreed with you that the app is a little too simple but it s not THAT bad lol It does what it is supposed to do Also I agree that the white on teal is hard too see and it would be nice to have more choices of backgrounds I m going to keep it for a while and wait for an update long overdue             Not bad but could be better BlissBlessed
Since downloading this app I have traveled to seven different cities and never once was I able to access any weather Probably would be a good idea for a weather app to be able to tell you the weather Deleted     Great paper weight Blueblue blue
It s a basic weather app with simple features So far all is well just what I was looking for                 Basic weather I like it Marcellous Muneeb
This is my first review I like the app because it is helpful                     I like the app Z rulzes
Extremely nice looking weather app that has extended forecast                     Clean simple intuitive Joe Web 0212
It says it s 1 outside but it s 27 Im delegating the app after publishing this review     Way off DougieFresh1970
Although my a city is clearly listed half the time it moves to NYC which is 3K miles away I m so frustrated I could scream If you offer to the world then do it correctly and accurately Or don t do it     Horrible Pinknaynay
Used to be good Now won t even keep current with the day Seems to always be two days behind and won t update Please fix         Inconsistent J. Barr
Well the app as a whole would be great but unfortunately when checking other weather sites and things I found that it was 32 degrees off And that was for several cities that I checked     Incorrect Weather Justy0
As far as useful data and design the app is great The location service does not work I have rebooted the phone redownloaded the app and reset my settings but nothing corrects the problem and it have been like this from the start             Location error skituxnh
This app is very useful                     Love it Trojan_Horses
I have been using this app for a long time it is accurate and with a neat design However I have lost my location suddenly and manual search for it failed Feel a bit disappointed                 Location request error Mkmpsp
Psssssst         Ehh Massiveattackguy
Difficult to get started keeps getting n error not at all clear how to interact with app Wont accept rating will not send comment without rating     Sir Wayne Eldubyaeye
What negative is there to say How much did you pay for this app RIGHT My point exactly                 Serves the purpose and then some
Sleek clean design 10day forecast and NO ads Can easily scroll through all the info you want in one screen                 Beautiful and ad free
A good weather app Good coverage nice background I would like to see a little more forecasts for the following week              Weather
Vary good                 Good
Simple but great app              Great accurate
I like everything Some more features would be nice also                 Excellent app
When I was growing up in the 60s I used to climb trees and explore caves I spent all day outside not like the softies today I was caught in a torrential downpour and had to jump from treetop to treetop to get home 12 miles away If I had this app in the 60s it would have saved me and I could have stayed home and watch Lost In Space or Gilligans Isle                 Old newspaper on porch
Date is not formatted the way we are used to May 22 is 0522 not 2205 Still correct but not customary Why be different if it serves no purpose My rating is less than 1 star     Weather forecast
Why bother to make it     Copycat
Clean simple easy to navigate                 Way better than Mac weather app or yahoo
Very accurate temperature compared to other weather apps                 Good
Accurate thats important to me But I think it could be more creative Will rate higher if Improvement made But that may be petty as it is very accurate So 4 Stars from me              Ggfla
It will not tell you the right timp     Rip off
no work    
Obviously better than the default weather app it is more accurate and better looking Thumbs up                 Awesome
I love this app it warns me when severe weather is in the area                 Best app ever By Christian Witt
Few options of cities useless     Simply isnt accurate
Great but can not rearrange the locations              EC
有时候会偷偷不更新嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻嘻                 用起来顺手
My most favorite weather app Includes old cities not on map Love colors 5 plus Hk yeti like it                 Favorite
This app is great                 ILOVETHISAPP
The temp is consistently 4050 degrees low It just isnt usable     Not Ready For Prime Time
This app beats them all for Europe                 Best weather app
I want info more relevant to where I live Not much use way it is        Weather
I like it but I wish it also gave me the pollen levels for the city that I currently live in Otherwise it is great           I like it but
Nice useful app but needs to be more accurate Thanks              Nice useful but
Im very disappointed that the weather channel DOES NOT HAVE RADAR        The weather channel
How can I change the back ground I like this app but want to have a different background Help me out       
An App needs more than a pic of a cloud and lighting bolt Without a percentage for chance of rain or snow its worthless to me     No chance of rain percentages
So many people complaining about how this is inaccurate and a fake Really No weather channel on earth can predict weather with 100 accuracy This app does its job sometimes I may be a couple numbers off but it is nothing close to taking off a star Great app                 Does its job
This app is great                 Weather
I like this App bc it gives you a 36 hour 5 or 10 day forecast as well as hour by hour UV Index Wind Speed Real Feel Tempture The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is bc there isnt any Radar If you add a interactive Radar then I will adjust my rating to 5 stars           Good App but could be improved
Very niceeeeeeeee                 Mgr
Thank you for an excellent dependable weather app I use it daily and find it accurate I love the 10 day option and the ability to view the next 36 hours                 Love the 36 hours ten day options
Nice and accurate                 Nice
Love the backgrounds and the simplicity of the design But will wait to see how good it really works              So far so good
This is good App i got advantage from using it it shows accurate details about forecast thnls                 Good app
I Like Easy way to find out everything Recommended 100                 Nice App
Great App Easy to Access                 SBlazor
Id be giving this a far better rating if only it would show a 10 day outlook instead of three Pretty much everyone has a basic idea of whats going to happen over the next two or three days predicting that is mostly useless What we want to know is whats going to happen over the next 10 days more or less knowing that most weather predictions are not 100 reliable           David
I really like it and I use it every day Very clean and crisp appearance accurate information Thank you                 Great app
The info seems complete except for wind speed App says 0 and I was definitely experiencing a significant breeze              It is windy out there
This a pretty cool weather app but I wish a could change the background image           Nice looking app but
Simple and easy straight to the point cant go wrong with this one                 The right choice
Dont listen to the guys saying the App is too simple Its simplicity is a key to me Daily and hourly forecasts are the most useful areas by far                 Keep it simple
Simple And Easy nice app                 Nice app
Beautifully done Well laid out and intuitive Works well on IOS 6                 Love it
Plz fix this and Ill give five stars     It crashes on iphone6 iOS 82
Good weather info           Decent app

Weather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) WeatherWeather Forecast (Daily Weather Forecast- Air Pollution Index) Weather

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