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All Star Apps , the publisher behind many iOS app (Weather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts ,CalcNerd - for Watch and iPhone), brings Weather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Outstanding weather for the Geek or Nerd..
  • This is the most accurate weather app I have come across..

Overall Satisfactionc71
I think it is one of the best weather apps out there.
Easily my favorite weather app.
and this has the others beat hands down.
Fun & Engagingc91
Extremely Awesome Weather App.
Awesome weather app.
It's even fun to see the animated rain.
is highly accurate and even fun to use.
I'm addicted to weather apps.
Everything you want to know condensed into a clear display.
Everything on one screen.
cooler than yesterday" helps me know how to dress at a glance.
Production Valuesc70
and beautiful graphics.
Love the interface and features it has regarding the weather.

I'm getting rid of my other weather apps - this is far more accurate. found in 1 reviews
Best weather app I've downloaded so far. found in 1 reviews
I was tentative on spending money on this app. found in 1 reviews
I think it is one of the best weather apps out there. found in 80 reviews
I bought this on a whim. found in 1 reviews
Lots of information easily viewable. found in 3 reviews
A beautiful way to check the forecast. found in 2 reviews
Easily my favorite weather app. found in 7 reviews
I like it much better than other weather apps I've tried. found in 1 reviews
weather nerd is a comprehensive package in a gorgeous wrapper. found in 13 reviews
One thing is missing. found in 1 reviews
so I will put it here:
It also doesn't give alerts for rain very well if at all. found in 1 reviews
but I'm not sure I'll renew my subscription after a year. found in 2 reviews
I wouldn't have purchased it if I knew this upfront. found in 1 reviews
Needs to Pick Up Current Location Automatically. found in 1 reviews
Don't know what's all the fuss about. found in 1 reviews
Great except the widgets. found in 1 reviews
This developer will not get another dime from me. found in 1 reviews
let alone a yearly subscription. found in 7 reviews
Needs horizontal orientation. found in 1 reviews
I don't see myself hitting the IAP 12 months from now. found in 2 reviews
The 1 year subscription needs to be in the apps title. found in 1 reviews
Good app crappy business. found in 1 reviews
and animations make the otherwise clean look seem outdated. found in 1 reviews
no landscape display. found in 1 reviews
- needs a landscape view. found in 2 reviews
Incorrect Data. found in 1 reviews
Good but Greed will kill app. found in 1 reviews
There's just one thing missing - a badge to show current temperature. found in 3 reviews
3 stars because the Today Widget isn't loading anymore. found in 1 reviews
Charge more for the app but don't charge a yearly fee. found in 4 reviews
since there are other very good weather apps that don't require that. found in 1 reviews
This price is for a yearly subscription. found in 7 reviews
Annoying Nagging. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Weather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts for $4.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 14.7 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2015-03-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.
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Weather Nerd combines multiple forecasts to give you the most accurate daily, weekly, and minute-to-minute forecast possible Purchase includes one year full access. After one year, you may renew your subscription via an in-app purchase. DAILY COMPARISON When ...
This is the best weather app for people who want all the details I love it because of the clean simple but highly informative display Also a feature that I love is that is shows how rainy windy or hot it is on a graph instead of a number If you want an app for nerds as the app promotes and for quick or long looks than Weather Nerd is the app for you                 The Best of its Kind
This is my go to weather app I noticed that now if you push the screen up with your thumb and you can now see your location list its where the trivia words were in the last version Also they added a way to show all your locations on the radar which would be nice if there was a tornado etc keep up the good work Update So excited this app added the option to always use my current location so you dont have to look it up each time I was already addicted so this is just frosting on the cake Who hoo Love the way the graph looks and the way the rain looks Lots of information which is nice The backgrounds are cool when its raining                 My 1 Weather App
Soooo good                 So good
Love how it tells me how todays temp compares to yesterday Love the radar and the hourly breakdown Its a great app                 Love this app
So far this is fun seemingly useful Just curious about accuracy More from this weather nerd after using this app in a new environment              Fun Useful
Good interface great info              Best weather app Ive seen
Easy to understand and absorb information quickly                 One of the best weather apps
Great interface Very accurate Must have Love the ui It is a must have                 Unique
I have had Weather Nerd for a few weeks and am amazed at how good and fun it is If you follow the weather for fun or practically you must have it                 Best weather App
Best weather apps out on that point Never get bored with this app Very useful You wont be disappointed E                 THE BEST
Best weather app Ive ever had                 Five Stars
Lots of detailed data displays and a usable and IMHO intuitive interface Nice to see a more enthusiast weather app with lowerlevel dat visibility pop up                 Pretty great
Best weather appPeriod Has regained my high ranking Fixed map issue                 Awesome weather app
I love this app and I love weather So I really nerd out I Have it on my Iphone and its perfect I have it on my iPad but it wont turn to fit on it Maybe another nerd could help me correct this                 Im a nerd
Its cool                 My go to weather app
There is no doubt in my mind that WN and DS are both vastly better and more appealing than the NOAA apps Dark Sky has an easier interface and an awesome animated map of the world like a piece of artwork Weather Nerd has more technical information and explanations Both show hyper local forecasts that are occasionally wrong It is odd that one cannot keep adding locations to Weather Nerd When Im traveling I like to look up potential destinations and this is hard on WN I cant follow the weather where my children live Over all I use Dark Star more but it is nice to have both              WeatherNerd vs Dark Sky
WeatherNerd is wonderful best weather app out there right now IMO                 Wonderful Weather App
Love this application it really seems to have a grip on our weather patterns here locally                 Great app Eerily accurate especially rainfall timing
Lots of info              Works great
Everything you need nothing you dont Great looking app does it all                 Love this weather app
Just what I was looking for in a weather app Love the visuals                 Fantastic
One of the best weather apps out there Has everything              Top weather app
This is a great App I love it and how it works with the iWatch                 Great for iWatch
The primary thing I want from a weather app is the ability to quickly determine how todays temp will compare to yesterdays and if and when there may be any precipitation Weather Nerd is ideally suited for that task because it presents these data in a single line graph which the brain can process much faster than reading a lot of text although there are also text summaries for those who prefer that Most importantly in the Today panel within the main app or the Day widget for the iOS today view in notification center the app uses a static xaxis for time with 12 am or 3 am as the starting point as chosen by the user so you always can look at the same part of the graph to quickly determine forecasted conditions for example what will the temp be like at noon when I usually run or will there be rain at 6 pm when I typically walk my dog whereas most other apps dynamically set the starting point of the xaxis as the current time which makes a graph more difficult to interpret because your brain has to recalibrate whenever you look at the graph The app also has great line graphs for forecasts in the next hour and for tomorrow and a bar graph for the entire week It can automatically update to your current location It can send you daily notifications with an overview of the days forecast It uses the excellent forecastio data The list of features goes on and on The app is truly amazing on the iPhone and iPad five stars for sure The Watch app is getting more stable with each release but is lacking any indication of location and could use a complication But Im giving the Watch app a pass for now and thus Weather Nerd gets an overall five star rating as most Watch apps are pretty lame this first round                 Awesome but Watch app needs work
Really enjoy the depth of info and easy to digest UI                 Great app
It does what you want it to and a little more Go nerd out with the weather                 Great weather app
Funtastic App                 Review
It is a great application It tells me the weather and I like that The weather is great unless it is raining In that case the weather is not great Yay for weather and knowing what it is by using this app Weather                 Great application
This app bugged me for a review This is that review           App bugged me for review
Ive had weather nerd for a while now and Im very impressed with the way that it shows the changes in the atmosphere during the day and the week The daily graph of temperature and conditions is terrific Its become my goto app for both conditions and prediction If being a nerd is apps this then I guess I am one                 Does a great job of visualizing the weather
I have several weather apps This one is accurate detailed and easy to use                 Great app
Awesome                 Great
Great but the lack of landscape view is minus one star              Great weather app finally
This app is more than I had ever expected Its difficult for someone with Adult ADD to have too much going on WeatherNerd is everything wrapped up in a simple bundle Im loving it Keep up the awesome work                 WOW
Is someone just guessing at rain chance Are you using a dartboard to predict rain chance My old auto accident injury gives me more reliable data than this app Yes it looks great but is not accurate at all it is stunningly inaccurate This is a YEARLY subscription too I would expect way better accuracy from a free app let alone one that has an annual subscription So you get to pay yearly for an app that is unreliable at best Ridiculous AccuWeather is more accurate     Inaccurate yearly subscription
Was using Weather Line and am a convert to WeatherNerd Takes all that was great about Line and then adds in what was missing along with a great interface And the notification widget is awesome                 Convert
Gives me a great amount of weather info If your interested in weather this is the app to have                 Better Weather
To truly be Weather Nerd it needs to display dew point not relative humidity on its main display But otherwise the best weather app out there Would be nice if it also showed daily records and daily averages              Almost there
The way they showed a green grass on the temperature graph gives a clarity to the forecast that is matched by no other app out there Ideal for bicyclists who want to see what the weather looks like at a glance                 Awesome
Ill keep this review short and sweet The app is very easy to use very pleasing to the eye and gives you INSANELY detailed information just by tapping and holding anywhere on a graph or tapping the Nerd Out button For daytoday life this app is the best I love how it even shows NOAANWS alerts and statements with the little alert icon As an aviator Ill be using this app in conjunction with METARs TAFs ForeFlight and official briefings to help give me a much bigger picture on the trip Super pumped 1 Please give us the option to split units wind in knots and temp in C for example 2 For locations near a coast could you show a general area sea state in the graphs Wave height tide Having that as an option would let me get rid of a couple more apps 3 fine vertical line passing through the current time on the today page would be perfect 4 landscape mode please Its a minor thing but my iPad is mounted horizontally at work 5 current location works perfect Thanks for adding that Thanks to the devs for making a very streamlined and heres hoping accurate app              FINALLY found a great weather app
Thin white font on a light background makes this pretty much a struggle to even see And the background shifts color on one side of the screen The design is rather interesting but I found this app a struggle to use because of some of the issues with font and design           Cant see
Localized weather is a great feature that works well most of the time Where Weather Nerd has trouble is extended forecast accuracy in the week view More than two or three times this summer the week view over compensates for a heat wave and reports unrealistic temperatures like 108 in Portland OR only to pull it down as the week evolves Other weather services Weather Underground may show a more accurate 95 for the same period Also there should be an option to remove the background color Depending on the time of day it can be visually confusing              Excellent Weather App
Excellent                 Best in weather app field
I like this app better than the others The display is simple and provides a lot of information on one screen              Go to app
Looks nice but weather forecast seem to be wrong all the time     Always Wrong
Very accurate always improving and adding features with updates                 Great app
Fast tons of information presented in an intuitive uncluttered way Associated Watch app is great too                 Its great
Until I discovered some pretty extreme weather inaccuracies I liked Weather Nerd No longer Yes it provides a lot of information Some of that information is well presented some not so much But last night after a perfectly clear Summer day and during a perfectly clear Summer night Weather Nerd informed me that it was raining outside Because I have generally trusted Weather Nerd I actually stuck my head out the window not a drop and in the sky no clouds I have found the same patterning in Dark Sky They both use a very similar approach to current conditions and it is not reliable I tested Weather Nerd against Weather Underground Accuweather Seasonality Clear Days for seven days of temperature forecasts for NYC and Denver and found some interesting results For NYC Weather Nerd was the least accurate temperature predictor but for Denver it was the most accurate temperature But since I live in NYC I rely primarily on Seasonality which was the most accurate temperature predictor        I used to like Weather Nerd
And Ive tried them all                 Best weather app
The best Period                 My Source

Weather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts WeatherWeather Nerd - Local Forecasts and Daily Alerts Weather

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