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WeatherBug , the publisher behind many iOS app (WeatherBug for iPad ,WeatherBug ,WeatherBug Elite), brings WeatherBug with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WeatherBug app has been update to version 2.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • There are other excellent apps for my weather geek side..
  • Seems to be the most accurate weather app available..
  • Love the radar feature when traveling long distances..
  • Nice to know what to expect with the weather right from your phone..
  • The real time radar feature is what sold me on this app..

Overall Satisfactionc59
Best weather app out there wish every app worked this well.
This was the best weather app out there until the recent updates.
Much better than the Weather Channel and Accuweather and easier to navigate.
Love the radar feature when traveling long distances.
I lover the live radar and the live video shots.
Seems to keep up with the radar better than TWC.
I love the maps & the lightning notification & where the strikes hit.
air quality index.
Fun & Engagingc67
Awesome weather app that loads quickly and puts updated.
Hands down the best weather ap I've found.
What happened to this once awesome weather app.
lightning radar is awesome.
Radar is AWESOME.
Great app use it all the time.
It's a daily tool for me for useful weather info.
Best weather ap but crashes constantly.
This tops even weather channel for up to date weather.
Useful information can be specified for individuals- hiking- golf etc.
Accurate and up to date information right at your finger tips.
Cool really helps me plan my outfits ahead of time.
I use this app almost every day to determine what to wear.
Shows me everything I need to know about the weather in my area.
Tells me everything I need to me know about the weather.
Production Valuesc50
Best radar graphics of all of em.
I love the new interface in the most recent update.
Ease of Usec48
I especially like being able to switch among multiple locations.
Easy to switch between multiple locations and get details.
now you have to switch between various screens that waste space.
Like the comprehensive information and easy navigation.
Very intuitive and easy navigation.
It isn't the latest update that makes it crash.
Ads not Intrusivec18
Have to re download it just for it to work again.
Updates & Supportc22
love the app and will pay 99 cents for the elite version - maybe.
I'm strongly considering paying for the non ad version.

Cool really helps me plan my outfits ahead of time. found in 12 reviews
It has everything you want on a weather application: real time weather. found in 12 reviews
Love this app I use it several times a day easy and usually correct. found in 11 reviews
Just installed the new update and LOVE the new layout. found in 4 reviews
Weatherbug is hands down the most comprehensive weather app out there. found in 6 reviews
and the web cams it has set up are great. found in 8 reviews
This app runs so much better than Accuweather and The Weather Channel. found in 6 reviews
I use Weatherbug instead of local TV station radars. found in 20 reviews
Everything I need is right at my fingertips. found in 6 reviews
This site has been very accurate for my area. found in 5 reviews
Love WeatherBug as it is easy to access/use & mostly accurate. found in 116 reviews
WeatherBug with lightning detection - EVERYONE should get this. found in 9 reviews
The Weather Bug app tells me everything I need : current conditions & the forecast. found in 6 reviews
This app is great especially for travelers. found in 4 reviews
Like the periodic upgrades such as conditions for outdoor activities. found in 18 reviews
I'm a truck driver & use this daily. found in 8 reviews
I appreciate the lightening tracker and the regional live cameras. found in 6 reviews
I find Wearher Bug is better for quick weather checks. found in 7 reviews
Weather Bug is the best weather tool out there. found in 7 reviews
Best weather app out there wish every app worked this well. found in 1958 reviews
Today they seem to use auto-play video ads with sound. found in 4 reviews
now they want another subscription to remove ads. found in 74 reviews
I guess I'll try deleting and reinstalling to see if that helps. found in 8 reviews
requires you to pay a yearly subscription to lose the ads. found in 11 reviews
Great app but id rather pay to get rid of the apps. found in 5 reviews
This apps crashes almost every time I open it. found in 6 reviews
I wish the radar was larger with more detailed zoom. found in 9 reviews
I can't find any option to receive push notifications. found in 30 reviews
99 per year for no ads and no additional functionality is pathetic. found in 14 reviews
I hate the implementation of Apple Maps for the radar. found in 19 reviews
Radar doesn't load and now lightning scan is slow to load. found in 29 reviews
I did the update and now the radar in motion stinks. found in 11 reviews
2 the radar needs to be better. found in 8 reviews
Here are some suggestions:- Radar screen needs a refresh button. found in 5 reviews
Don't like the new map with flashing locator. found in 9 reviews
animated annoying ads cause huge loading delays and are distracting. found in 21 reviews
Would have been 4 stars until the recent switch to Apple Maps. found in 68 reviews
Thanks for the lightning update but please update the wind gusts. found in 12 reviews
and also fix bug that makes it crash when in radar mode. found in 6 reviews
The radar images and animated radar load very slow. found in 70 reviews
Radar doesn't show anything and storms are all around me. found in 29 reviews
it crashes constantly while navigating between current conditions and weekly forecast. found in 80 reviews
Very frustrating when watching for severe weather. found in 65 reviews
after the latest update it will not find my current location. found in 43 reviews
What happened the wind speed and direction in the hourly forecast. found in 88 reviews
It did work great until the Winnie the Pooh ad was launched. found in 39 reviews
Would gladly pay to remove ads but since there's no option. found in 74 reviews
That the wind direction indicator is backwards. found in 27 reviews
Needs animated radar and a 10 day forcast plus hourly. found in 70 reviews
However please switch to Apple maps. found in 68 reviews
Stupid storm chaser app gets in the way of everything. found in 22 reviews
running ads that mimic weather alerts is irresponsible. found in 127 reviews
useless background pic makes it harder to read. found in 20 reviews
Can't trust weather data that is backed by greed. found in 38 reviews
Let me choose what to show there and what not to. found in 35 reviews
The forecasts and current temperature information has proved consistently inaccurate. found in 44 reviews
The hourly forecast often doesn't load and is hours behind. found in 136 reviews

The WeatherBug is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.4 has been released on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about WeatherBug check developer WeatherBug`s website :

WeatherBug is the only source for truly live, local weather providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations in the US and thousands of locations around the world. This version of ...
Love WB but it has begun crashing now wont open since the latest update     407 Crashes
Ive used this app for years and now it wont even let me open it Wonderground app is my new go to until you guys get it together     What the heck
I find this app provides information in a format that is use quickly in most cases                 Useful information when needed
I like using this app and find it to be spot on but my one complaint is there seems to be a conflict with it when I am using Pandora Radio About 50 pf the time when Im listening to it and open WeatherBug Pandora stops playing The Pandora app will reset itself which is annoying because I the song is interrupted One of the the apps is the problemfigure it out Please              Great app
I paid for this app back in the day It was great Now I get video ads with sound autoplaying at the bottom of the screen Way to crap up your brand guys Ive just deleted this     Auto playing video ads with sound
More accurate than the local guy                 Works 4 me
Great app                 Weather bug
Loved this app but after latest update it will not open on my Iphone So long WBug Ill miss you     After latest update app no longer opens
I used to love weatherbug but it froze on me so I deleted it Now when I try to download it I put my location in and it stays on that screen No way to get off of it Whats the deal     SBrown
The near real time Spark lightening tracker makes this app ahead of the others                 Spark Lightening Great Feature
Weather bug is the best because it just gave me something where it heats if cools your house down                 Amazing
I used weather bug for years It started great with minor ads at the bottom of the screen Then they modified the layout to a less friendly format and now they went to the dark side and have talking ads I deleted the app I just want a simple app that shows the weather for selected areas with radar Oh well     Terrible now weather bug has talking ads
All that you need is here just write the city name                 Excellent
Ive been using weather bug since the first ipad came out Recently weatherbug has been hanging when i open it up And by recent i mean all summer long with no update that fixed the problem Maybe ill check it out again but for now ive removed it     Just hangs
The ads have grown as to take over the radar screen I have deleted it Stick your mega ads you know where     Ads are bigger than radar screen
No consistency between Now and Hourly Percentage of rain shows in Now but never in Hourly           Consistence
I paid and received confirmation on my subscription to remove the ads and it doesuntil I close and reopen the app Then the ads are back I have paid for a feature and I am not getting it Please correct this immediately        Paid but
I like this app a lot Its the only one I use Doppler Radar is awesome on it and its very accurate I deffinatly recommend it to everyone                 Great App
Always liked this app but the last time I opened it it started auto playing an audio ad Deleted forever     Gone
Edit from previous review The app works much better now and can easily recommend                 Improved
I liked the older version more user friendly still great app cant wait for v 41 hopefully its better           older version is better
And it just keeps getting better Love the Spark feature Just downloaded this for my Apple Watch and it is awesome They have managed to pack an unbelievable amount of info into this tiny real estate with an intuitive interface that in my opinion makes other apps pale in comparison                 My GoTo Weather App
I have been using this app for quite some time and recently started using others due to app constantly crashing especially when map is in motion This is very frustrating and have come to accept this doesnt seem to be a priority fix Used to be my favorite weather app but constant reloading is unacceptable           Disappointed
I cant even open it for more then a minute Youre app was one of the best but now it blows lookingforanewweatherapp     Your app blows
This app was my 1 weather app Was First let me say that inapp ads as a way to pay bills is fine I have no objection to this But when those ads autoplay and include audio it shuts down any OTHER audio you might have playing eg music in the background Please STOP using ads with audio eg this was an Amex ad     Please NO ads that autoplay audio
Theres no way I am using a weather that has talking advertisements Big mistake I deleted the app           Talking Ads Deleted app
Very local and accurate temps and forecasts The ONLY weather software that provides my true local area data and even for the days ahead it shares accurate and strong prediction of winds and estimate times for rain and snow Got me thru winter with no surprise when snow came and temperatures dropped thus it is Outstanding Latest update continues to stay above and beyond                 Great collected math and accurate science
Hourly weather forecast has everything I need Weathercom removed the humidity value from their hourly weather so I switched to WeatherBug I also appreciate the clean intuitive design                 Hourly weather has everything I need
This could be my go to weather app but version 407 continues to have problems with historical data Monthly and annual rainfall totals continue to be woefully underreported Example We had 3 of rain in one day but the annual total in the app says 13 What the heck I miss the older UI with all of the pertinent information current weather observations wind speeddirectiongusts todays forecast on the main screen Now its spread across two pages plus the radar page On the plus side I can finally move the lifestyle and home energy forecast features to the bottom of the second screen I will say it is a much better experience with ads disabled           Bogus historical data newer UI still a step backward
Are you kidding me Auto playing ads on IPad that cant be shut off Annoying I will now delete the app after so many years using it I will not be force fed ads Bye     Automatically plays ads
Love this app Its more accurate than any other weather app that I have tried or even the local news Thanks                 Great app
Latest update fixed the problems I had experienced with this app It is now my goto app for weather information                 Latest update really helped
I alway use the radar view              Great app
This app looks good but does not give you any weather details Makes it useless     Dont work
Umm Alaska isnt all WHITE Would like to see the OLD radar back           Alaska Radar
I depend on Weatherbug to give me accurate predictions which I use at school as Superintendent Spark is unique and useful for outdoor activities A                 Still my go to weather app
I am enjoying every day Love it              ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST WEATHER APPS
It seems to work really well and is truly a helpful App Try it out and I think you to will like this helpful App              A Really helpful App
Currently says 0 chance of rain as it is pouring Happens too many times to count In the winter will say low of 25 currently 10 Because that makes sense     Unreliable
After update on my iPhone 6 plus nothing works Wouldnt show any readings Restarted the phone nothing Dumped and reinstalled app now it wont even read my location or look up anything My other weather apps work but arent as good as this one when its working FIX PLEASE     Was great till 82915
This in particular has dropped from my phone at least three times I have paid for apps twice        Weather bug
Great app Tbls me what I want to know                 Weather bug This is best weather app Especially this version
Weatherbug used to be one of my goto apps whenever I had questions about the weather Then the developers forced me to buy a new app by making the old one incompatible with iOS 8 and the new app features ads unless youre willing to pay a 3 ransom every year Given that all this data is being scraped from other sites for free it may be time to look for an alternative app Dont get me wrong the program has many nifty features like built in weather radar tracking widgets and so on but at its core its competing with the built in iOS weather app NOAA websites and so on none of which require a paid subscription andor ad viewing Bundling all that free information into a format that can be shown nicely on a iOS screen is a great feat The UI is pretty strong and a lot of information from a lot of sources is bundled nicely However for me the app has become an toooutright attempt to monetize the user base while relying on barely processed free information hosted elsewhere           On a downhill trajectory
I have used Weatherbug for years but lately it has included video ads with sound that play automatically when each screen loads This is the last thing I want when I wake up and check the weather or when Im at work If it keeps up I will be looking for a new weather app        Obnoxious Ads
The way they rearranged the app is great Thank you                 Love the update
A friend of mine who is a trucker turned me on to WB I wasnt expecting a whole lot more than the Weather Channel was I surprised Its certainly more accurate because I live outside of the city and most of the time the temperatures I was getting from WC was from the city not here in the country lack of acres of asphalt buildings I have suggested it to multiple friends and they like it too I havent had much of any problem with with the app choking not sure why others are I use it on both my iPad and my iPhone without a glitch                 Love all the widgets in the app
I have been using this weather bug for quite a few years I think its pretty good usually accurate The only gripe I have is that I cannot get notifications I dont know why that is I have an iPhone and I have to use additional weather programs that do notify me If it wasnt for that problem I would only need one              Pretty much love it
Pretty accurate Contains the info I need Great app                 Weather bug
App had been crashing a lot lately Deleted app and reinstalled and seems to be working ok again Has too many scam ads              Works ok now
Be aware app has video ads with loud sound Very inaccurate conditions forecasts and radar Not even worth free     Intrusive App

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