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Best Search Infobrokerage, Inc, the publisher behind many iOS app (Global-Local ,Global Weather ,Cribbage on the Go! ,Weathertrack), brings Weathertrack with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Weathertrack app has been update to version 1.4.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

    Overall Satisfactionc90
    There are so many helpful layers in this weather app.
    One of the best weather apps.
    Best wx app on my phone.
    It's amazing how accurate the Grib charts are.
    High quality and very well presented grib files.
    This is way better than others.
    Does everything its supposed to and is very easy to use.
    There are so many helpful layers in this weather app.
    Still I find the app useful for general planning.

    It's great for a quick overview of a latest run. found in 1 reviews
    111 m 121 yd for very high res grib files. found in 1 reviews
    Humidity makes a big difference. found in 2 reviews
    Best wx app on my phone. found in 1 reviews
    weathertrack the swiss army knife for weather enthusiasts. found in 4 reviews
    intuitive App for getting weather info. found in 5 reviews
    helps you plan your trip well in app purchase. found in 1 reviews
    import export grib files to and from your pc. found in 1 reviews
    There are so many helpful layers in this weather app. found in 18 reviews
    into a must have analytical tool. found in 2 reviews
    display route in satellite hybrid map view. found in 1 reviews
    when you're talking about weather. found in 2 reviews
    and it's important to note that on important stuff like that. found in 2 reviews
    One of the best weather apps. found in 4 reviews
    Excellent app for sailors and for pilots. found in 5 reviews
    not your typical weather app interface. found in 2 reviews
    but more geographical items need to be added like state lines and more cities. found in 1 reviews
    A bit overpriced perhaps though. found in 1 reviews
    Probably not an issue for many. found in 1 reviews
    - Wave height not working properly. found in 3 reviews
    Not Ready for Primetime but big potential. found in 1 reviews
    expanded model selection would be good. found in 1 reviews
    a lot still needs improved. found in 1 reviews
    but some key data are missing. found in 1 reviews
    Wave display doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
    please let us choose whether to contour or fill values. found in 1 reviews
    I usually don't spend this much on an app. found in 1 reviews

    If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Weathertrack for $5.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 26.5 MB to download. The new Weathertrack app version 1.4.6 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
    More Info: Find more info about Weathertrack in Best Search Infobrokerage, Inc`s Official Website :

    WEATHERTRACKThe most comprehensive, up-to-the-minute weather information available anywhere in the world today.Designed for any outdoor professionals and amateurs who need accurate weather information at their fingertips.Now available Get truly global interactive weather forecasts in your ...
    Its amazing how accurate the Grib charts are The hurricane typhoon forecasting and storm tracking is so accurate its scary                 Extremely Accurate
    Great tool Must have                 Great
    Many forms of information from great sources lots of real data excellentUnfortunately I mistakenly upgraded to iOS 8 and now the GRIB files dont work Please fix ASAP Am planning an amazing offshore trip next week and Ive come to rely on this programThanksthank you              Fabulous weather but where is 802 support
    Has proven more accurate and timely than virtually all my other coastal and offshore forecasts Dont make coastal passages without it                 Outstanding for sailors
    This is my go to weather app We recently completed a trip from FL to MA in our boat and Weather Track was with us all the way If there are differences between weather forecasts we rely on Weather Track and it has not let us down                 Weather track
    Totally not worth even half the price     Too little for wayy too much
    This is a great app We like it very much as it makes it very easy for us to see the weather in France and Indonesia where are children are residing right now                 Great App
    I have used many weather apps till I found this one I use it for surfing and boating and its accurate Worth the money                 Amazing Weather App
    Finally A grib file for Apple software                 Great APP
    Did I go wrong on this one What am I missing     A waste of money
    This app was recommended to me by a Cruising World editor and has since been my most used app when weather routing for sailing passages I also bought the in app purchase routing its very basic but gets the job done You can vary your departure time and predicted speed to see what the GRIBs look like for a given time on your trip It would be nice to be able to plug in different speeds for each leg but thats not available at this time The in app purchase for Tidetech was not useful to me as it only pulls 1 GRIB each 24 hours I also had a bad URL error at first when I got the Tidetech plugin Weathertrack help got back to me almost immediately and Tidetech fixed the problem within a dayHaving the gribs downloaded to the phone for reference offshore is a wonderful feature I have not exported them to be read by my charting program but plan to do so soon All in all this has been a great addition to my weather routing basket Id buy both the app and the routing again                 A must for passage planning
    Forecasts weather In Rio de Janeiro Brazil with great acuracy Muito bom                 Mr
    This is one of the best easiest to use weather prediction apps period This app is one of the main apps I use to make weather decisions                 Best going sailing app
    weathertrack is simply the best not your typical weather app interface you have to learn to use this guy properly but once you do the benefits are huge i live on a very remote island in the bahamas its very difficult to get accurate weather data for this location even though several apps claim to provide it but weathertrack always delivers the goods lets face it when youre talking about weather no forecast can be correct in every detail but this app has a great track record in terms of letting us know within reason what to expect weatherwise for example if weathertrack indicates that were going to have high winds from the south tomorrow weve come to know that the app can be trusted and accordingly since our shore faces south we pull our boat out of the water and thereby avoid trouble and anxiety and its important to note that on important stuff like that the apps always been right it have may have indicated 30 mph winds and the actuality may be 25 mph but so what weathertrack let me know what was going to happen and allowed me to prepare accordingly and btw the app also provides a page with links to all the major weather sites what more could you ask wonderful wonderful app                 absolute best overall weather app
    One of the best weather apps                 Great app
    I have been using this app on a Pad and a Phone with either wifi or cellular data for just about all my weather info while cruising coastal Pacific south and central America and Mexico It does what it says does it well and They answer their emails expeditiously I cant think of anything more I could ask for Ive also used it on the road in the US Would not hesitate to buy again                 YES
    The best app for weather enthusiasts like me but in the news tab why not show not only app news but also show weather newssevere weather record highlow temps heavy rainsnowetc And it would be awesome if you added an all new tab showing active advisories watches and warnings for both nationally and for your current location Plus it would be cool to have the option to automatically delete an older GRIB file when refreshing the existing file Other than that its an excellent app                 Great app
    Its amazingSpecially use full outside the US where there arent do many weather source optionsI use it for flight planing                 Best weather application
    Most people just want to know is it gonna rain or how hot is it going to be just the extremes If thats you and you want simplistic you dont want this This takes longer to load you have to wait a few seconds for the file to download But if you want to know what TIME its going to rain tomorrow or the next day EXACTLY WHEN its gonna get hot WHAT TIME youre going to need your sweater and what TIME you can take it off and leave it off This program will tell you Exactly WHEN and for how long are the waves going to be at peak height WHEN IS A CLOUD COVER GOING TO MOVE IN WHEN IS IT GOING TO BURN OFF Im in California and all these events happen two sometimes three times a day Information is power A few minutes a day with this program and youll make Fritz look like Jackie Johnson meteorologically speaking Be the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs court Awe the natives Stand up and be a woman of your time friends who are pilots and submarine commanders just about steal my phone when I show them this app This is for real The ultimate in technology Seriously now I know why Fritz does standup comedy as a backup He might need it if the natives ever catch on                 TMI
    I love it It is great It would be interesting to see what a satellite overlay would look it Nonetheless it is a great app                 Weather
    I bought this based on the one review available What mistake This does not even begin to compare to weather4d The graphics are amateurish they dont even go miles to the shore edge or large bays and inlets The interface is clunky The routing feature is a joke it has no optimization routines or use Polaris how they can call this routing is beyond me Something seems off in their interpolation between points such that I get odd differences compared to other programs A complete waste of money     Total waste of money
    It is easy to use powerful features and great graphics makes it my first choice for marine weather You wont be disappointed                 Best weather app
    Can you put back the blue bubble representing your home location                 Request
    Great Very helpful in decision to cross Gulf Stream                 Island Breeze
    This is a great program but some key data are missingFirstplease include the NAM model Very important for North American usersSecond please let us choose whether to contour or fill values As a side note it would be nice to layer theseThird here are additional data meteorologists would like to see Vorticity wind speeds contoured temperature and heights at 850 mb 700 mb 500 mb which you already have temp and heights for 300 mb and 250 mb           Great start Heres some suggestions
    I drive a 54 meter sailboat for a living I love this app I use it to show the guests what to expect on a crossingCouple of points do we really need to show the year and month in a weather app with a 6 day forecast can we swap that space for the day of the weekKeep up the great work                 Awesome
    Love the app its great and has been a big help as weve been sailing across the Pacific My only complaint is that with the latest upgrade which added sat imagery which is nice you run into the edge of the world instead of having a continuous loop Probably not an issue for many but when you are getting ready to leave New Zealand for Fiji and want the weather all around you now have to put the latlong coordinates in by hand to get it to work Not cool especially since they dont get saved Any fix on the horizon guys Otherwise I absolutely love and recommend it              Upgrade
    There are so many helpful layers in this weather app It works as advertised and has all of the content weather nerds demand Thanks for an app well done              So helpful
    This is my go to app For Caribbean weather We have tried them all but for our cruising life style have settled on weather track as the first app we open for passage planing                 This is it
    I first started using WeatherTrack for sailing a few years ago Now I use it for everyday weather It has lots of types of weather products for easy access Heavy weather users or light this App rocks                 Real Weather Really Easy
    Works really well                 Great app for sailors
    This app is the perfect tool for figuring out your passages weather I really like how you can plot where in the grib you will beI used it recently on a 500 mile singlehanded passage right through the Caribbean and I was able to correctly predict when to reefAwesome app Thanks                 Indispensable
    Awesome App A great tool for amateur forecasting                 Great Weather app
    The Grib maps are beautiful My biggest disappointment is the lack of Dew Point information in the GlobalLocal and gribs The Globallocal display is a little awkward but the cloud data presentation is very nice Turning off the day night display helped Id like an option to make the night shading more transparent Id also like the option to pop up more than 10 cities at a time at least 15 in the Globallocal The grey boxes used to display the data make it cluttered Finding a way to display the city data with a transparent background I think would be a nice improvement              Very Good Needs A Little Work
    This is easily my favorite weather app on the iPad                 Wonderful app
    Incredible tool for offshore passages with internet capability Import route features from other Nav apps providing weather at different stages of passage Highly recommend even for those planning a trip prior to departure                 Amazing App Get It
    Awesome weather app I use it frequently and it gives me a great deal more confidence when planning my trips                 Awesome Application
    This app is VERY good I use it everyday sailing the East Coast Highly recommend                 Excellent
    I use it for general forecast in the area I fly since there are not too many weather reports availableIt seems the winds over land areas is not really accurate as well as wave height in coastal areasStill I find the app useful for general planning              Very good
    Not worth it in my opinion        Meh
    I have used this app for years Always pleased with the new developments and its ease of use This app is intuitive to use and full of useful features for monitoring weather conditions                 The Best
    Have been using this for over a year Used others in the past This is way better than others Fast downloads Easy to use Comprehensive data selection Fabulous GRIB viewer                 Great GRIB file ApP
    I have been using Weather Tracks GRIB for almost 2 years in Thailand and Malaysia on the Andaman Sea and the Strait of Malacca I find it an excellent program and would recommend it to mariners needing needing weather information It has saved me a number of times from getting in some very ruff weather with its wind forecast                 Just a great program
    Weathertrack is the onlyweather app I know that really does do offline maps without requiringto download the area you want to see Very detailed and accurate Highquality and very well presented grib files Love especially the routefeature when racing which really helped me to decide which was the bestway to go You have all the weather data for your route includingcurrent and tide and get a pretty clear idea what to expect on your wayApp highly recommended worth every single cent                 Excellent app for sailors and for pilots
    I love this app Its great for a quick overview of a latest run Keep it up                 Excellent
    I drive a 7478 it has been very helpful avoiding ice crystal icing and mapping with gpsweather 12 hours down route and 4000 nm away giving an accurate picture of what to expect              Wx info
    Very nice basic app I dont use some of the fancier futures this app offers But since I travel I like to know ahead of time not only the temperate of where Im going but also the humidity Humidity makes a big difference It has been accurate so far Very usefulIts been a few months and a few updates since I got this app Still like it                 Good app
    I downloaded this AP because of its ability to download and display wind forecasts via GRIB files It does this very well The interface is not necessarily that intuitive initially and could be better For example there is a small circular reload icon down in the left corner of the graphical viewer What is that for Well it actually is an update button and downloads the newest grib file It then takes you back to the previous screen showing the available grib files Youll then click on the latest which will then return you to the graphical display screen The process although once understood is fairly simple but seems awkward and unintuitive Other than this minor quibble and a few others I am more than happy with the program Thank you to the developers              Very useful for sailors
    Back to for releasing a fix for iOS 8 Having just purchased another GRIB app I am happy to have the best one available again Fast easy to use nice map views and with the ability to export video of a model makes this the top GRIB app in the App StorePrevious ReviewWas a great app until iOS 8 We have waited long enough for the update Completely unsatisfactory to have to avoid upgrade to keep functionalityFix this now                 Excellent app for weather
    Fantastic intuitive App for getting weather info Combines the gribs with the ability to provide a point forecast in a weather graph of wind waves etc Extremely easy to use with quick download times for the grib If you have WIFI or cell service this saves all that HF radio time and expense and AMPSHaving used the pactor modem and HF for gribs for many years I would highly recommend this App for any cruiser                 Must have for cruisers w WIFI or cell coverage

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