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Lukas Boehler , the publisher behind many iOS app (Wichtel App ,IchSchenke ,My Tickets ,Group SMS Free! ,SpaceTurtle ,BLE Finder), brings WeatherWheel with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WeatherWheel app has been update to version 1.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WeatherWheel for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, German. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0 has been released on 2014-11-28. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 6.1 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
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Spin the wheel and watch the weather changing in realtime. (We support all locations on earth) A very cool world-wheel defines our core component. This wheel allows you to move in time. While spinning the wheel, ...
I was really excited when I saw the clean design and great graphics of this app but I haven t been able to get it to work After asking if I want to allow notifications location services and whether I want data to appear in metric units the app crashes every time I keep hoping there will be an update to fix that but for now it s useless on my phone         I really want this app to work ps.potter
Trying to add a location it automatically adds what it thinks you are looking for without letting you approve or not I was looking for La Fortuna in Costa Rica which it cannot locate but it added a location called Elst in Europe Looking for Springfield IL Type Springfield and it links you to some Springfield It doesn t say which one Is this the forecast for Springfield Illinois Missouri Massachusetts It doesn t give you the option to choose and doesn t tell you which one it is showing the forecast for But back to La Fortuna I typed Costa Rica hoping it would give me some list of locations to choose from Nope apparently the forecast it offers is for the ENTIRE COUNTRY OF COSTA RICA FROM THE ATLANTIC TO THE PACIFIC Not helpful Then the real kicker is there are ads that look like they are part of the app but really link you directly to other apps and webpages That s a deal breaker I have a trip coming and I am evaluating weather apps for it I would gladly pay premium if an app looks promising This one was more frustrating than anything This app gets 2 stars instead of one for the unique and fun way you can scroll through the times Too bad I m not going to Elst         Needs work Crozet_Jay
This app tells you when it s going to rain in real time also this application is really good for people who work out in the weather outdoors and other stuff like that                     Very good app WarriorOfAndoria
This is elegant in its simplicity The update was an excellent improvement although I would like to see the temperature icon also relocated to direct line of sight I was able to set location for even remote areas I never thought I would find It is easy to use visually appealing and using my own location it appears to be reliable I recommend downloading this interesting weather forecasting app                     Excellent weather app WickedPoet
On Sunday it said 100 rain and it was sunny with a chance of no rain It was all sunshine     Very inaccurate 👱🏻‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️
This app is a fun and different way to get weather information So far the only thing it seems to be lacking is radar and maybe a feels like indicator             Just downloaded this ESHLucky13
A unique and cool way to look at the weekly forecast                     Really cool Dadebator
The app is great original and works just fine Only thing is when I tap the little camera icon bottom right the control panel opens up But maybe that was the intention anyway I love the app Thx                 Highly Original Quicki
Constant lagging and very plain interface kill all the patience for the app     Huge disappointment KeiraB56
It s simple and beautiful I love that it speaks the forecast                     Very Cool dentet64
I love this app It has a beautiful interface and I love having the weather forecast read to me for the week Thanks for such a beautiful free app                     Best Weather App Ever Don't Buy 0
Temperature is of by 6 degrees always Tested against several weather services             Temperature Way off Ihurtsu
Cute weather app                 Exactly Kitsings
It uses the Dark Sky weather app but is much friendlier A female weatherperson chats with you about the weather e g Good news It will be sunny all day while you watch your geographic area spinning around the wheel Amazing                     I love this app Takeoutchick
What a neat interface I think y all are on the right track with this Please add more features                     I didn t know a weather app could be adorable luvngagenkaden
Really good A creative and innovative design                     5 STARS c3_hc
Not that great if you want your weather in non metric units         Cute RickyMaveety
I really like the cool design of this app Can t wait to see how it develops Great responsive friendly support from the developer                     Fresh cool take on weather elwuer0
I rarely submit reviews but this app deserves credit Very easy to use and very entertaining And a major bonus for me being completely blind this app is compatible with the screen reader Voiceover And Siri is awesome as always and a great feature I am very sure the app s graphics are stunning but even if you can t see them the app is still stunning Siri gives the forecast with personality and with nice upbeat music in the background                     Very impressive DarkBayou
I think this will be a good App But the animation doesn t show snow when its supposed to snow I typed in Montana where it s snowing like every day and there are only clouds Is it supposed to show snow in the animation If not then its just pretty pictures     Could be good Joebobbob
I LOVE this app It s just soooo creative and So fun It also is an app for anyone It allows you to see the EXACT WEATHER IN THE EXACT TIMES                     I LOVEEEEE IT Hskskjsjs
Cute concept but still needs work The robotic voice isn t very soothing and I d like it more if there were different landmarks to go with every different major city There are a few which is cool Overall nice                 Cute LilDolly
I muted my iPad to not disturb my classmates during school However this app automatic turn the volume up when I play the weather forecast It would be nicer if it just stay mute or notify beforehand             The weather forecast Leilio
Very pretty app A bit confusing need to declutter and rearrange some things Gives accurate weather info                 Good needs improvement nvista
I love this app but one suggestion I have is to add a way to change the unites from Celsius to Fahrenheit or vise versa This is really the only thing for me everything else is great                     Thumbs up Pitchulameirelescorreafonseca
The temperature in Wichita KS was 46 F at 8 30 pm The app said it was 0 and was going down to 3 F So much for accuracy Deleted it     Well it was a little off Marilyninks
an absolute treat for the eyes with vibrant colors and adorable illustrations this app is beautiful and informative i love watching the wheel spin while siri tells me the wee ther for my area totally recommend                     stunning rainnnbow
As a longtime weather enthusiast I ve been personally testing weather apps for a long time but clearly the developer has little or no experience with weather First of all I cannot see government issued alerts Secondly it lacks an hourly feature replaced by a nice looking but essentially useless wheel Thirdly it lacks radar a news feed and many other key features Also in New York City I was shown a prediction of 42 degrees and rain while I got 2 4 inches of snow and 30 degrees I would not recommend the app to anyone in need of a decent weather app         Not that accurate lacking key features An_Apple_User4736
Cool animations and presentation style but no way to silence the annoying computerized voiceover         Fun but no mute Jason14141456789
DO NOT BUY     DO NOT BUY BlocksworldFan466
I would definitely recommend this app to everyone using apple devices Nothing I can say but try                     This app is awesome Hahahaha good
This app is just okay If you are looking for more detailed weather choose another app This app will give you a cartoon like forecast with voice narration The app is more of a novelty than it is for getting detailed information about the weather forecast         Very plain Truettjr
This app have problems at beginning to this     Crash MHHZ808080
Kind of annoying that the app doesn t just register my current location for weather services and THEN ask for more locations to add That s a weather apps meta And with tons of similar apps out there is important to have the basics before adding more independent designs It s nice though just annoyed by that one little detail I recommend it             Cute TurqDmn73
This app is covered in ads which makes it almost impossible to use The developers seemed to have attempted to make this app have a clean fresh interface But they failed it with the ads             Good app but needs improvement GeoMac331
It could be better I like that you can make it speak the forecast but the voice is off putting it s probably the default robotic voice but it s unpleasant Plus the graphics get blurry as it s spins around and you can t really focus on the weather The concept of this app is interesting but the execution could be better Overall neat but I like the weather that comes with your iPhone a lot more                 Pretty cool but sarasarasarAAA
This is a really beautiful and unique weather app Try something different it s free to download unless you want to pay to disable the non intrusive ads so give it a shot A few comments ideas for the developer 1 Thanks for fixed the funny English German French voice mashup Actually it gave me such a pleasant laugh that you might consider letting pro users optionally change the voice from Normal to Silly in the settings so we can let other friends laugh too weather and a smile 2 I live in The Bronx which is one of the five boroughs in NYC When I input my town or zip code the app defaults to New York depending on your app s weather source this means I m getting weather inaccurate weather data from Central Park in Manhattan or one of the NYC airports in Queens JFK or LaGuardia Today it was pouring here in The Bronx but your app said it wasn t yet raining If you could allow for more accuracy in NYC that would be amazing The five boroughs are The Bronx Brooklyn Queens Manhattan and Staten Island Zip code capability here would be helpful 3 I don t see a GPS mode even though I have permission when I first opened the app If you have one maybe you can make it clearer when it s enabled disabled within the app because it doesn t appear to be tracking me even though iOS permissions are granted for your app If you don t it would be a helpful option for those that don t mind being tracked I just drove from NYC to Miami Beach Florida and back we do many long road trips in my family and it would be crazy to input each town I m driving through to get weather 4 Can you make it possible to edit and reorder the frequently visited towns in our list I keep having to scroll a lot so it d be helpful to shift things around from time to time 5 In the future I d love to see the pictures vary a bit more There s a lot more to NYC than the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building It would be nice to select our preferred geolocation illustrations or let the app choose them at random to keep things interesting I live in The Bronx which has Yankee Stadium The Bronx Zoo The New York Botanical Gardens and many other points of interest Each NYC borough has very interesting places so I d love to see more illustrations representing them 6 I d love to see extended weather for up to a week ahead in a more linear style look at A Weather Way as an example of what I mean Sometimes I m rushing and can t spend time spinning the globe five days ahead p This is a wonderful app overall and I definitely recommend it if you want to know the weather in a more unique and beautiful way Support indie developers                     Neat Weather App MashaT22
App is colorful with illustrations taking the front seat instead of word based information Adding a location was initially confusing as it s not clear if you re naming a location outer searching for one initially The app can speak the forecast for you but does so in German and there are no language options So if you like pretty weather apps that communicated the forecast in pictures AND you re a German speaker grab this one I m neither of those so this just isn t the app for me             Not For English Speakers Jd.morgan01
Set it for Fahrenheit but it says 47 degrees instead of 20 degrees Animation is trivial Narration is spoken in German instead of English Not worth the storage on my device It will be deleted within the next two minutes I m sorry that I have to give it even one star     Total crap NHelk
I really enjoyed this simple and fun app until they updated it Now you cannot put in your location or ANY location So since the app cannot work without a location it s now worthless Oh and the support team won t get back to me either Sweet     Sad D.Marcotte
After updating the app stopped working which is disappointing     App stopped working Commander BJ
Nice App but you can t delete locations Needs to be fixed             Can t Delete Locations BraxB
I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad Air2 This app doesn t work on either device     Doesn t open gottahot1
hi there weather wheel is best weather app the new ui getting too weather wheel in the new up date you click the boring weather icons too get too weather wheel its not automadic like the old weather wheel                     weather wheel best weather app ever James. Braselton
What wheel I downloaded this and it looked like a plain weather app Just gives the temps No wheel no spinningno nothing        Huh
I love the design of this app and the features are awesome If you go by Fahrenheit youll want to change that in settings because the default is Celsius and it may confuse you at first                 Really cool app
this app has potential to be amazing but falls short by way of an extremely trivial flaw the fact that it shows 12pm as 12am which in my lifetime has never been the case easy fix Im sure but its enough of a mistake to leave the rest of the apps features and interface somewhat moot I wish I could rearrange the locations as well as see a more accurate daynight cycle I get that its just for effect but it just doesnt work for me        not bad not great
Cute graphics and animation set this apart from other infographic type weather apps The temperature and humidity seem accurate and animated rain drops fell when it was raining outside locally The forecast feature is fun to watch              Unique spin on the weather
ممتاز                 ممتاز
Love it                 Well job done
Love that you can spin the weather to a certain time of day for the forecast Its user friendly very accommodating and actually useful                 What a fun weather app
Very cool way to get forecasts The more you swipe your finger the further you go in time                 good
Great job I saw you had no ratings so i thought that i would give a good one on my favorite weather app PS Great job on the animation that had to take some time Well good job firstreview                 Nice animation
hi there weather wheel is best weather app the new ui getting too weather wheel in the new up date you click the boring weather icons too get too weather wheel its not automadic like the old weather wheel                 weather wheel best weather app ever
The weather states tat its 45 degree on miday which is suppose 2 be double n YES its on Fahrenheit     Inaccurate weather
Pretty cool to be able to turn the world It gives an accurate location Yet to see if it is an accurate prediction of weather to the minute lol So far pretty accurate Only flaw so far it says AM till it hits 1PM So at 1200PM it still says AM              Interactive
Found this app featured on Reddit Very useful and fun way to look at the weather                 Great App
So far I can say it works To soon to tell its usefulness Functionality is simple and kinda neat I wish I could have option to have the time be in either 24hr or 12hr with AM PM Id give it 5 stars for this setting option              Too soon to tell
Simple and fun 100 of functionality                 Best weather App
This is a really great app Works great and does what its supposed to By the way it puts you on the metric system automatically but you can change it                 Will not be disappointed
Only the 24 hour military format I loathe that format I want a clock that I can look at and instantly know the time I dont want to have to use math to figure it out Thus this app gets deleted     Bad
Its pretty awesome I like it You can easily spin the wheel to view the scenery change The graphics are lovely and I like that it changes in real time I recommend this app Update The temp seems to be off by 1020 degrees and it would be nice if there was an update to have 12h time instead of 24h Still a nice app                 Pretty nice
Its a cutesy interface with nice illustration although the timings a bit skewed with the moon rising at 2pm etc but there isnt much informational substance It only shows one temperature humidity as you scroll through I prefer a more practical display of more information visible at once without having to scroll around        Mehhh
Im in the Caribbean tropical rain forest climate very variable weather and really hard to predict Yet this app is precise and dependable Magnificent job                 Caribeño
I have an iPhone 4 and an iPad Air2 This app doesnt work on either device     Doesnt open
Great app with great design Really love it                 Great design
Seems like another weather app can be useful for school dressing Thanks           Interesting
Nice App but you cant delete locations Needs to be fixed           Cant Delete Locations
Forecast really really inaccurateoff by as much as 1015 at times which makes the app useless     Nice idea but weather WAYYYY OFF
Very cool design but VERY inaccurate It was off by 3045 for every forecast I checked        Maybe someday
Great appplease add México                 Méxicoplease

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