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Minglle LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (GuestPhotos ,Wedding Snap - Photo Album ,ForeverSnap), brings Wedding Snap - Photo Album with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wedding Snap - Photo Album app has been update to version 1.5 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • to avoid flooding facebook or other social media with baby pictures..
  • Been uploading photos for my brother's wedding..
  • Love this app to organize photos..
  • Wish I could use pics already in my camera roll..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Loved using this app for my wedding last weekend.
Thanks for the memories.
Wonderful Customer Service.
Handy Love it.
Simply amazed.
The filters are probably my favorite part about the app P.
Fun & Engagingc90
Awesome way to share event photos.
Love using this app for group hangouts.
Very useful and fun product.
Everyone at my wedding had fun using this app.
It was a really fun thing to do at the wedding.
Such a useful app.
And customer service was really helpful and quick to respond.
Very very convenient and useful.
Family Friendlyc92
A great way for family and friends to share photos.
etc to share with family and friends.
Love taking pics of my kids.
Social Aspectsc97
to avoid flooding facebook or other social media with baby pictures.
Eversnap makes sharing photos and videos with friends easy.
Sharing pictures with friends and family couldn't be any easier with Eversnap.
Ease of Usec94
Super easy to use and a great way to capture special events.
Overall a good interface and easy to use.
Great easy and fun app.
Elegant and intuitive.
Extremely user friendly and easy to use.
Very convenient way to share photos with groups of people.
Amazing app and easy to use.
Very very convenient and useful.
Updates & Supportc100
Thus new update rocks.
Great app and great customer service.
Wonderful Customer Service.
They even quickly responded to get me the printed cards quickly.
And customer service was really helpful and quick to respond.

And customer service was really helpful and quick to respond. found in 1 reviews
Love using this app for group hangouts. found in 3 reviews
A overall good app for sharing albums. found in 5 reviews
Make sharing pictures 10 times better. found in 7 reviews
350+ photos in my album. found in 2 reviews
Great app and great customer service. found in 1 reviews
It was so fun to see everyone's pictures in one album. found in 4 reviews
Great for weddings and special events. found in 14 reviews
A great way for family and friends to share photos. found in 11 reviews
this was great for private photos. found in 3 reviews
A great way to share photos of our little one with family. found in 54 reviews
Ever since I updated the app earlier today it keeps crashing :. found in 1 reviews
I can't thank you enough for this app. found in 2 reviews
It needs more options to change the photos. found in 1 reviews
some of the photos don't load - black boxes. found in 1 reviews
Reinstall App to Fix App. found in 2 reviews
it's kind of annoying when some of the pictures don't show up. found in 1 reviews
as it crashes half the time. found in 1 reviews
If you guys want a few product and marketing tips. found in 1 reviews
Crash test. found in 1 reviews
If they don't fix this app soon I'm asking for my money back. found in 1 reviews
Most irritating: almost no setting options. found in 1 reviews
Complete rip off. found in 1 reviews
So it's perpetually failing to upload pics /videos. found in 3 reviews
Errors out all the time. found in 1 reviews
the fact you can't delete photos is a major turnoff. found in 2 reviews
However every time I try and load pictures it crashes. found in 4 reviews

The Wedding Snap - Photo Album is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting different languages: English, Italian. It weighs in at only 4.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.5 has been released on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Wedding Snap - Photo Album in Minglle LLC`s Official Website : http://

Share your pictures with the wedding couple by using Wedding Snap to take pictures for during the wedding. It`s the easiest way to contribute photos to the wedding album and make the bride and groom ...
I use this very often and would love for a feature to be added where I can select multiple photos and then save all of those photos with the press of a button rather than saving each one individually This would be so beneficial to have because each of my albums contains 100 photos I would genuinely like to not have to press the same combination of buttons repeatedly Hopefully this one thing is added otherwise it is an amazing application and I recommend getting it if you like sharing photos                 Amazing Just add one feature please Jajahj
love the app it s nice easy way to share pics with friends after a fun weekend                     great Joannakolaa
Easy to use and helps keep your photos off your phone and can be easily transferred to a computer                     Best photo storage sharing app 54@d0w m@5t3r
I don t know what is up with this app but if my album has more than 50 photos I can t view the individual pictures You click on them and the screen is BLANK If you open the large album the app crashes Please fix this I ve lost so many photos due to this issue can I give this app a ZERO     Crashes and Freezes Carlisha Keys
This app was not only great for our Christmas party but for my son s wedding that we had This can also be a great way to create an album for baby keeping track of the baby to create an album when the get older Love this app                     Great App G8momof4
We use this product for all our albums memories                     Use it for everything Zilfan
Recommended                     It works Vega1917
Update when we first started using the app a couple of years ago it was amazing Now it is slow and often has glitches It shuts down randomly for what seems like no reason and often it won t let me scroll up through my photos to find the correct one It s still great on a desktop and I will continue to use it for now but it s gotten pretty buggy and it s getting worse instead of better We use this app for Girl Scouts Our troop is older girls and they all have their own phones Eversnap allows us all to share our photos in real time The girls get access to each others event photos and when we take overnight trips the parents can sign in anytime to see what we have been up to Such a valuable app for us             Great for Girl Scouts KatieMMoore
I have had this app for years It used to be great But for the last couple years it s been riddled with problems The latest it doesn t show the photos like at all The pictures appear as either a blank white or black screen And it s doing that for everyone who is joined to my albums so this is not an isolated instance Some of my pictures and videos also won t upload Very frustrating I ve stuck with the app because I paid for the premium features But I simply cannot deal with all the problems anymore and am looking at new apps     Won t show photos Kjmcdt
Found it closed mid upload or while reviewing photos without warning             Unstable johnisdabomb
It s so awesome to have one place to see all the pictures taken at our family wedding The app is so easy to use that even our grandmother has uploaded pictures Thanks Eversnap                     So many pictures ninaeatsandeats
Awesome                     Great Used for a company event tshuffie
Loved how easy it was to use the App for my sisters wedding Thank you                     Easy to use VCW33
We had a great experience using eversnap for our event Customer service is great and it was so easy for our guests to use                     Great Jdmd01
Love this app to share memories Works great                     Great memory saver Emptypages
So glad this was useful during a bachelorette weekend with a large group ppl                     Easy to use Lakergirl87
We used Eversnap in many family events and happy with it Great Servise easy and user friendly app                     Great app easy to use 13-missy-00-13
My first experience with Eversnap was fantastic It was an amazingly easy tool to use Goodbye photo albums                     Amazing Application Tee San
Worked great for pic sharing for our class reunion Now I m going to set up more folders for other uses                     Wonderful Kiltguy
Thanks for making it easy to collect event photos                     So great Nattybc
Great easy to use Has been awesome for my sorority                 Great practical app
I stumbled across your app and was intrigued After some research and a peek at review we decided to purchase the app Your staff were amazing What a hit Our guests participated and loved the immediate viewing of the pictures Thank you very much                 Great party enhancement
Good app                 Good app
Ive used other sharing apps for weddings and was excited to find this app to use for our class reunion Very easy for everyone to download and use                 Great for our class reunion
I was at a wedding where the Eversnaps were projected during the reception I saw my own photos and photos of things I missed It kept conversations going as we watched Marvelous                 Great way to entertain guests at a large party
Used for a wedding as my introduction and used for our reunion Amazing                 Amazing
This app helped many people at a wedding to connect get to know one another and share photos We had some random questions and they were very responsive and helpful                 Great app and customer service
Uses for my friends wedding and it was so easy and fun Great app                 Easy breezy
I love this app It is a great way to share pictures                 Great App To Share Pictures
This app has become my goto method for sharing pics of an event with friends                 Snappy powerful intuitive
Our guests took some awesome photos of our wedding and even better selfies                 Best Social Media App for a Wedding
Love this site I can post my stuff plus see others creativity Pretty cool                 Awesome
Use for the first time for a wedding Gonna use again                 Great app
Great app                 Fun and Easy
Lots of fun                 Wedding
I was just remembering the old disposable cameras on wedding tables Then someone showed me the card for your app in the invitation and I immediately installed it on my iPhone Uploading was so easy but the best part was seeing my nicely cropped pictures edited for lighting and clarity on the slideshow as soon as the upload was complete How fun was that The only suggestion I would make is that the card would be placed on the tables instead of the invitation or both as I may have never seen it if that lady hadnt reminded me about it                 Great way to share pictures
Must have                 Perfect
I store all my photos on here and its not one of those apps that shrinks the quality Its fast and simple and I love that I can share it with my friends too while saving memory on my phone Perfect 5 stars I have an album of cute baby bunnies that I store on here five stars                 Amazing
What a ingenious idea                 Great app
Easiest way to share photos from an event No lore waiting for your picture to be taken with 10 different phones It all loads up under your album Good stuff                 Awesome
Wonderful way to privately share event photos with friend and family Easy peasy                 Easy share
Used it for the first time at a wedding So fun to share event pics real time and see others perspective                 So fun
Its easy to use and so convienant Ive used it several times in the past month and it makes sharing so easy                 Great app
I have to uninstall this at least twice a week and reinstall it just to get it to load and or work My son updates my grandchildren on it why I just dont know I have it on 3 iPhones and its the same in all 3 Worst app ever     Awful
Been using for a week Nice setup when it works but today cant seem to launch it Crashes immediately on launch Have the latest iOS Not sure whats going on           Nice when it works
I love ever snap its so easy to use and its really good                 Ever snap is awesome
Had a destination wedding and was recommended this app by a friend for everyone to share their photographs It was a great easy way for us to coordinate with all of our friends and family our special moments                 Great App
I love this app It makes sharing event pictures so easy And I like the privacy function                 Soooo Much Fun
I have difficulties using complex sharing apps Snapfish and shutterfly do not let you truly share They allow users to publish pics but the receiver is not able to down load for their personal use They can only purchase the pic This allows everyone to post pis to the same folder and easily save one back down to you phone I love it                 Best picture sharing app ever
This is a great app for quickly sharing pics for an event and trying to do something with Facebook                 Great for events and tracking through Facebook
Really nonfunctional Large black linesjust stops workingpics do not sit on screen Hate it     IPad app is awful
I wouldve given a 5star rating but the app is no longer uploading videos however it is uploading photos I use this app to store all of my daughters pictures and videos and anyone with a child knows we sure take a lot of them I will continue to use this app and hope that the company will continue to improve its performance              Some bugs but good overall
Very easy use                 Great App
Awesome                 WOOT WOOT
Pretty nice app                 Cool app
Really amazing                 Amazing
This worked great at my friends wedding                 Awesome for big group events
Good stuff                 5 stars
Great way to bring a hoppin party to life                 Made a fun party even more fun
I love it because my dance team used it to share pictures from competitions and recital and other events but the pictures take an hour or two to all load and I dont have all that time to reminisce           Eh
I used at my birthday and i got a lot of photos from my friends suggested                 Really awesome for my last birthday
Great way for a ton of random people to share photos at an event Works great with i6 heard others have issues Hope they get any bugs out cause it rocks                 Great app
I cant believe nobody had thought of this before Its great for recording group events or vacations or anything else where you have multiple people who want to take and access group pictures                 Great app
A big hug to Eversnap team Photo sharing made super easy                 I Love it
We had a lot of fun using this app at a weekend this weekend Great way to share photos and memories and I can only imagine how fun it will be for the bride groom to view them after the wedding Great modern tradition for a wedding and much easier than hashtags for events 5 stars                 Fun
When trying to sign up using an email account nothing happens App just spins Cant view any pics     Awful Cant sign up to access pics
We are so happy that we have the Eversnap app to help us compile all of the photographs from the guests at our wedding The app is easy to use and we find ourselves visiting the app several times a day to see what pics have been added                 Terrific
Great service and fast uploads yay                 Meander
So glad I downloaded this                 Great for just viewing
Finally found what I was looking for Love it So easy to use with all the features you would want                 Awesome

‚ÄčWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding SnapWedding Snap - Photo Album Photo & Video Wedding Snap

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