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Wegmans , brings Wegmans App with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wegmans App app has been update to version 2.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Able to search recipes and add ingredients to shopping list is cool..
  • Great time saver - wish there was an iPad version..
  • can only be done on the web interface..
  • scan barcodes from empty item packaging before tossing..
  • The new updates has made this app user friendly and functional..

Overall Satisfactionc43
Awesome app for awesome company I love wegmans.
Just need Passbook support for the Shoppers Club card.
I would really love to see Passbook integration happen soon.
Thanks so much for listening to your customers.
Fun & Engagingc43
Still love app and use it every day.
Production Valuesc100
can only be done on the web interface.
The web interface syncs to the app.
Latest version bugs.
Security & Privacyc34
Updates & Supportc43

I use it weekly for managing my shopping list. found in 2 reviews
I had sent that as a comment for their website as well. found in 2 reviews
This app make keeping a shopping list extremely easy. found in 2 reviews
mostly because it provides you with the aisle numbers. found in 7 reviews
I use this app almost everyday. found in 2 reviews
love the scan feature. found in 3 reviews
When V2 was released it was bloated and slow. found in 2 reviews
Love shopping list and recipe features. found in 4 reviews
Progressive App with lots of Opportunity. found in 1 reviews
As I run out of things. found in 3 reviews
Allow me to change the order of my deli meat. found in 4 reviews
I stop people with lists. found in 1 reviews
I love the shopping list feature that connects to my wegmans. found in 5 reviews
This completely revolutionizes grocery shopping. found in 11 reviews
Some suggestions tho. found in 1 reviews
search recipes. found in 3 reviews
It helps me find what I need and shows lots of product info. found in 3 reviews
Organizes your list by location in store. found in 4 reviews
I can refresh the List without having to log out and back in. found in 7 reviews
but please add passbook integration for Wegmans card. found in 30 reviews
I also don't like that it forces you to update. found in 18 reviews
I suspect it'll be useful if It can connect to Wegmans. found in 27 reviews
I can use the isle locations without updating my store permanently. found in 2 reviews
but product search results are tiny. found in 4 reviews
Recent update is terrible. found in 2 reviews
but the new version freezes when I search for an item. found in 1 reviews
the app's performance is horrible and too frustrating to use. found in 2 reviews
Can't delete items from your list. found in 4 reviews
Please keep me signed in unless I want to sign off. found in 8 reviews
Only downside is that there's no Passbook support. found in 29 reviews
just needs one thing. found in 1 reviews
I can't create a new list or modify my old ones. found in 6 reviews
either fix the glitches or go back to the old app. found in 2 reviews
However update is missing delete selected items feature. found in 2 reviews
No way to save favorites or recurring items. found in 10 reviews
After 7 attempts to sign up. found in 8 reviews
even if it only allowed the user to connect to wegmans. found in 27 reviews
let me wait until later to download the update. found in 8 reviews
Needs shoppers card passbook integration. found in 20 reviews
This app would be far getter with Passbook support. found in 30 reviews
Can't log in even after adding shoppers club. found in 52 reviews
Frustrating that you have to log in for everything. found in 7 reviews
App won't connect to store. found in 7 reviews
The app does not let you include generic items to the list. found in 20 reviews
I dont want to create an account just to have a shopping list. found in 20 reviews
Latest update keeps crashing the app & prompting to update again. found in 18 reviews

The Wegmans App is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.0.2 has been released on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Wegmans App check developer Wegmans`s website : http://www.wegmans.com

The Wegmans app is your mobile store. It`s loaded with tools to help you get things done at your local Wegmans. Shopping Lists: Stay organized with an electronic list that s automatically ordered in a ...
Very glad to see Passbook support However hard to understand why the barcode is not visible for the Apple Watch Hopefully this will be updated           Finally but still not there
Finally                 Passbook support WOOHOO
I like the way the prices are listed for your store Makes it easy to compare while in other supermarkets Wegmans usually has the better price                 Shopping list works well syncs well with the web page
Forcing us to do updates without the option to do it later is unprofessional and beneath Wegmans reputation     Forced update is terrible
Browsing through an ad booklet from Wegmans and saw scan with the Wegmans MobileApp under an item with a coupon and thought GREAT I WONT NEED TO CARRY PAPER COUPONS TO THE STORE Wrong After downloading the app I found that all the app does is add the item to a grocery list and give nutrition facts but doesnt add the electronic version of the coupon If Im incorrect on this please let me know        Add Coupons
Ive updated the latest iOS on my iPhone Now this app crashes after 2 full seconds So we need an update please Otherwise I love this app     Need update
I requested passbook support and now its been added Thank you so much for listening to others and my feedback I love your app even more now Thank you developers please add passbook support it allows users to store coupons boarding passes event tickets store cards credit cards as well as debit cards via Apple Pay It is all so convenient to just have all membership cards and coupons in just one place Youll be doing yourselves a huge favor by embracing it it is the future and I am so excited                 Passbook support Added THANK YOU
Makes it convenient to make purchases at the store Nicely integrated with the shoppers club card                 Great App
Love the features of this app Theres one problem it stores your shoppers club card but if you try to scan the SC bar code at the register it wont record If this feature is corrected coupled with ApplePay Id only need my iPhone when I go shopping           Good but not Great
I really like this app The virtual SC card and the ability to sync grocery lists is great I do wish we could get passbook support for SC cards but I guess according to the WWDC keynote well get those as loyalty cards which will work with NFC along with Apple Pay Passbook would still be great for now though              Great app
this is my only cardapp I use that doesnt have passbook integration opening the app isnt a huge deal but it is when it signs me out and i have to find my password please add passbook        Please add Passbok integration
Passbook support on the iPhone Thats a huge improvement So whats the point of even putting it on the Watch when you dont have access to the barcode on the watch              Ok could be better
App fails to respond wont let you add items to a list remove items or create a new list 100 worthless     Broken app
Ohhhhh so close to an amazing app I love the ability to browse recipes and add items to my grocery list but unless I create a separate list of those recipes in a separate NOTE I forget why I purchased some items Create folders 1 Browse Recipes 2 Select a recipe 3 Add all items to Day Menu Listthis is the missing link Need to see the relationship of the items purchased to the recipes planned to use those items 4 Save weekly Menu Lists 5 Adddelete recipes from Menu Im ok to delete ingredients I already have on hand Get this right and you have a powerful app and shopping tool           Menu planning linked to grocery list
Passbook Passbook Passbook Thank you Wegmans for adding this to the app I have been waiting for a long time and its finally here Once the self scanners went into the stores this became a must And now youve done it                 Passbook finally
Could do with a couple of changes listed below but otherwise a great app Please can you give the option to switch cameras in the barcode scanner Also please update the app to rotate with the device We have an iPad attached to our fridge and this would really help           Mr
Thanks for adding the app to Passport Can you add the bar code to Apple Watch Passport on a future release Thanks again                 Apple Watch bar code request
The app crashes every time I open it Kind of useless     Cant even use it
Passbook supportVERY YES THANKS I love that the app tells me where my items are in the store Two suggestions If an item isnt where its supposed to be I would like to report it Also if you could get my list on Apple Watch I would be thrilled Keep up the great work                 Very useful Would love an Apple Watch app
Do not upgrade until they fix this You cant add any items onto your list Im afraid to open any old lists because it might erase them as well Wegmans please fix this issue The ease of shopping by your app is one of the things I love about Wegmans     DO NOT UPGRADE YET
Forced updates while you are trying to lookup something quickly in the store make this app less useful than opening a wegmanscom in Safari It is literally faster to find what you need on the website than using this app And the fact that it does not remember your store without forcing you into creating yet another useless account makes it slower still if that was even possible     Forced Updates
The only thing that would make it better is the option to manually sort my list Love it otherwise              Love this app
Usually I love this app particularly the shopping list feature Lately it keeps crashing within seconds of launch              Love the app but keeps crashing
Fantastic app I love how you can add specific food items to the list and know that that item is in stock and which aisle its located in Very very helpful I would love to be able to use this app on the Apple watch I really want to be able to view my shopping list on the watch and not have to keep unlocking my phone every time I need to check an item off                 Great Would love it to work for Apple Watch too
Too soon to tell how well the app works but it is incompatible with landscape orientation despite being listed as an iPad app     Does not display in landscape
May not be specific to the Wegmans app but I have noticed that since adding my shoppers club card to Passbook Apple Pay no longer works More specifically last time I went to Wegmans I bought a slice of pizza without using my Passbook Wegmans card and Apple Pay worked fine 20 minutes later when I was checking out with my groceries I used the Passbook shoppers club card and then when I held my phone near the Apple Pay reader nothing This also happened to me one week prior and had never happened during all my previous trips Strongly implies that Passbook is messing up Apple Pay              Passbook interferes with Apple Pay
This has been a great app but I wish when I went to refill prescriptions that I could just scan the barcode on the bottle as opposed to having to type in all my information the Walgreens app can scan to code and it makes it faster and easier           Suggestion for pharmacy part
Looked promising yesterday when installed But today i cant access it Just instantly shuts down on iPad and iPhone 5 Bummer     App failed after 1st day
Thanks for adding Passbook to your app its what weve all been wanting              Finally
I love how easy the app makes it to find something Im looking for in the store I can just type it in and it tells me exactly what aisle its in That part is great I also like having a digital Shoppers Club card because I hate a full keychain But PLEASE Put the Shoppers Club card in Passbook Thats what Passbook is for           Good App
I cant believe some of the soso ratings on this app Sure passbook would be nice and hopefully it will be added but this is a great app It has everything that is available in your local Wegmans and sorts it by aisle and gives you the total No other grocery store app is even close to this good Its easy to get to my card Wowcant believe the whiners                 Love this app
Normally I love this app but recently it crashed on me ALL the time Not sure if its something the programmers can fix but the app is pretty much useless for me right now It really is a shame because I used it religiously I loved that I could scan items I needed that it gave me the location and price Sure hope a patch comes out soon              Good app but having Issues
After recently updating the app I cant add stuff and keep it on the list I can add any item but after 30 seconds it disappears off the list Scanning items is no better does the same thing        Bug Fix no good
This app to me has two great features 1 making multiple shopping lists that I can tick off as I shop and 2 being able to check product availability please note not inventory in my particular store However the fact that I am forced to update upon opening the app is extremely frustrating If I am at home on wifi with time to spare no problem But most of the time I am in the store and in a rush with the option to download the app using up precious data if I can get a decent signal in the store or forego use of the app and hope my memory doesnt fail me I would love if the app would instead alert there is an update available but give the option to download immediately or at a later time           Forced updates can make app unusable in store
Thanks for adding the card to passbook It shows up correctly on iPhone6 however the bar code doesnt appear in the Passbook app on my Apple Watch              PassbookApple Watch
Finally added passbook support                 Passbook
I love this app I use it at least every week and have since late last summer It helps me find the products Im looking for make nutritional evaluation and confirms the price so I stay on budget It tells me where in the store my food is so it is quick efficient and even fun to shop and not forget a thing I do have a wish for this app I wish I could merge different lists and move items from one list into another But that is a small inconvenience I love this app Well done Wegmans                 Love This App
They just opened a new store near me and this is a very helpful tool It provides excellent info on all the products and puts them in order by aisle as you go through the store It even gives you a running total so you dont get carried away unless you want to                 Great App
If It was possible to get help I need help with my password but I need my password to even ask a question How impossible is that How do I check on my shoppers card I cant because theres no place to do so and no one to get help from because you need your password to get password help Ive never been able to use this app because theres always some password you need to do the simplest things Its for groceries Maybe the app is great but the complications about the things you need to use it and the lack of help makes this app garbage and a pain     This would be great
I love Wegmans We practically shop there exclusively Of course we are part of the shoppers club program I downloaded this app to see how it may affect our shopping days it doesnt While Wegmans makes it easy for Apple Pay somehow they missed the boat on allowing us to add the shoppers club pass into Passbook apparently being renamed Wallet Howwhy have they missed this Id rather them scrap this app all together and give me the option to add the pass into passbook OR have a system like Targets cartwheel program that gives you coupons on the fly        Barely useful
Makes shopping a breeze I make my list at home and when its time to shop I pull the list up and it guides me through the store quickly and efficiently Amazing time saver                 Best shopping companion
Some may enjoy the other functions of this app but all I want from it is passbook integration           Passbook support please
Ok they finally add Passbook but lots of errors while trying to get it to add my pass Even shows the error twice I think I got it the first time I hit ok Turns out it probably needs information such as your address etc to create the pass Not even my full name was filled in for my account so I needed to make sure it had the right data to create the pass Nice testing           Finally Passbook but Bad Testing
I used to love this app It used to make shopping a breeze Unfortunately since the latest update it wont let me remove items from old lists and I cant add items to a new list It also doesnt pull up all previous purchasesonly the ones from my last visit I wont be visiting Wegmans again until this is fixed           Terrible since I had to update
This is a really useful app except it really needs to be integrated with Passbook Right now it takes too long to get to your membership card Passbook would solve this one problem           Needs Passbook integration
Its a pretty good app and it comes in handy when you are not familiar with store isles But its a little frustrating that after you add an item to your shopping list you have to go back to add another item wish it would go back to shopping list right after adding an item Also would be nice to have a more modern looking app              good app but
Thank You for adding the bonus card in the passbook The app is now the best Love using apple pay and now having my bonus card in the same area as apple pay                 Thank you thank you thank you
I work at Wegmans and love this app Currently electronic coupons are being betatested by employees before we roll them out to the public We want to make sure everything works properly Be patient                 Coupons
Everything you want the app to be Syncs between devices instantly gives you prices and location of items recipe integrationand so on To the passbook complainers punch in your number at the card swipe as they scan your items It saves time and you wont annoy the cashier by jumping in front of them to scan your phone or having them do it for you                 Perfect

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