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National Geographic Society , the publisher behind many iOS app (National Geographic Kids Spanish Edition ,World Atlas by National Geographic ,Paris Guide by National Geographic ,National Geographic Magazine-International ,Trail Maps by National Geographic ,Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever), brings WeirdButTrue with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WeirdButTrue app has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Gave interesting and cool facts that ine never known before..
  • This app shows you interesting facts in an interactive way..
  • with lots of great sound effects and features..
Overall Satisfactionclick me63
Put in 19472927103828 more facts plz.
Nat geo should so write new facts.
everyone in my family loves it.
My daughter loves this app.
Amazing book I'm enjoy the weird fact.
Fun & Engagingclick me49
Put in 19472927103828 more facts plz.
Absolutely great app for kids.
Cool app awesome facts I could never know more interesting Facts.
Fun collection of some better known and some obscure facts.
This is a very fun and educational app.
Usefulnessclick me78
Just 5 stars for helpful app.
Family Friendlyclick me60
My brothers LOVE national geographic for kids.
Absolutely great app for kids.
everyone in my family loves it.
Repeat Valueclick me60
This app is also very repetitive.
great book filled up of lots of fun and hours of entertainment.
Production Valuesclick me37
with lots of great sound effects and features.
The facts even come with sound effects -Allie.
cheery graphics and pictures to keep it interesting.
new york times app to keep kids happy.
and this app presents them in a colorful and simple to use interface.
Reliabilityclick me72


Did you know that girls have more taste buds than boys do? Or that slugs have 3,000 teeth and 4 noses? And who knew that gorillas burp when they’re happy? Get more than 300 Weird But True kid-friendly facts with the new interactive app from National Geographic Kids!


Based on the phenomenally popular department in National Geographic Kids magazine and best-selling books franchise, Weird But True is now available for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad!

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-Swipe to move from fact to fact or shake the device to see a random fact.
-Use the Weird-O-Meter to rate the level of “weirdness” for each fact and monitor results from all users on the Weirdest Facts list!
-Bookmark your favorites or share the grossest facts with your friends via email.
-Use the Fact Finder to locate facts about your favorite subjects—animals, weather, space, science, and more!
-Loaded with sound effects and awesome surprises, Weird But True is fun for kids of all ages!


Filled with wacky facts and tantalizing trivia that will engage curious kids and parents alike, Weird But True presents each of the 300 facts in a fun, colorful, and interactive format that will keep kids entertained—and learning—for hours! And parents can rest easy knowing that each fact is age-appropriate and handpicked by a brand they know and trust: National Geographic Kids.


The WeirdButTrue is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 60.3 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.2 has been released on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about WeirdButTrue in National Geographic Society`s Official Website :


Good even though I haven't run it. found in 1 reviews
Awesome news. found in 1 reviews
Nat geo should so write new facts. found in 12 reviews
I must admit I didn't expect much. found in 1 reviews
I laughed out loud. found in 1 reviews
Great app for kids and adults. found in 7 reviews
I love this app its addicting. found in 2 reviews
They copy- paste a lot from the books. found in 1 reviews
last time I checked this app it was $1. found in 4 reviews
Cray cray wiener dog. found in 1 reviews
every time it starts it starts in the exact same place. found in 2 reviews
The only thing standing between this app and five. found in 3 reviews
great book filled up of lots of fun and hours of entertainment. found in 1 reviews
everyone in my family loves it. found in 2 reviews
One thing bothers me. found in 1 reviews
Will you update every month or so. found in 1 reviews
Absolutely great app for kids. found in 7 reviews
Interesting and a great time waster. found in 2 reviews
You guys stop complaining. found in 1 reviews
Patience pays off. found in 3 reviews
there's no mute sound option. found in 3 reviews
but it shows that the app could still use some work. found in 3 reviews
• Please update this app to support the iPhone 5's 4 inch retina display. found in 6 reviews
I love this great app to teach you useless but interesting facts. found in 1 reviews
Nice but needs more new facts. found in 1 reviews
so plz fix the bugs. found in 1 reviews
Fun but glad it was free. found in 1 reviews
but every time I swipe to go to the next fact. found in 2 reviews
Crashes and goes to my home screen. found in 3 reviews
No price is shown for the new pack 4-6. found in 4 reviews
Very Boring. found in 3 reviews
Can't turn off obnoxious sounds. found in 1 reviews
But needs a way to turn off sound effects. found in 4 reviews
I do wish the app didn't have annoying sound effects though. found in 5 reviews
Can't Download new Packs. found in 1 reviews
Can't purchase and freezes. found in 1 reviews
Took me 30 minutes to read all the facts then i deleted it. found in 8 reviews
I thought there would be more in the free pack. found in 8 reviews
Another disappointing app of the week. found in 15 reviews
Crashes after Mega Pack was purchased. found in 14 reviews
I try to download a new pack and it freezes. found in 4 reviews
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I actually have to pay 2 bucks to unlock the other facts Stupid its practically only about Dinosaurs what about the GIRLS Make on free section for boys and one for girls at least I deleted the app and hid it in my purchases and never using it again Parents pleasethis is just a warning DI NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING THIS APP    I dont care for this app
Please fix app asap It works fine with the free pack but freezes when I try get into my paid mega pack I have been using this for months The kids love the fun facts We read them while waiting on our food at the restaurants    App is freezing
I love the idea of the app and the like button so u dont loose that one CRAZY fact and the weirdometer and that u get free facts and there is a thats weird button where an animal pops up and it says that and that theres a index BUT ever time I swipe the page or exit the weirdometer it crashes so plz fix the bugs oh and u should make a mute button where u can turn the sound affects on and off thx          Plz fix the bugs
I like the game overall but whenever I try to get any packs it freezes even though I got the answer right          BUGS
I got this for myself and it just gives you a few lame facts now I regret I got it in the first place    Ripoff
I was excited because I have read the books but why do you have to pay to LEARN facts other then 20 dinosaur facts    horrible
This is the worst thing I ever played wish I could give it 0 stars only like 15 facts and have to pay for the rest just search weird but true on Google or get the book    Must read
I did not think this app was very good because you only got one first pack witch only had 1 fact then you had to buy more for 199 it was crazy Also if somebody if somebody younger wanted to get the app they would have trouble because before almost every fast you click on there was a multiplication problem I didnt think that was very cool    Blabla
My 7 year old has gone through all the weird facts wants more But it freezes up every time I try to buy the mega pack Maybe theyll fix it before she forgets that she wants it    I would buy more but
Boooooooo You have to purchase the stuff unless you get the free book          Weird but true
When I want to buy a pack It freezis and I have to delete it to play plese do it                Plese read this
Sooo many bugs I try to download a new pack and it freezesdont download this    TOO MANY BUGS
I love national geographic but this app is definitely not one of my faves I only buy apps that are free because it is a waste of money and this doesnt update the free facts If there were updated facts I would at least give this 3 s I know national geographic can do better than this Oh and if you want a really fun national geographic game I recommend national geographics animal jam I dont recommend this game       Not My Fave
Its so bad there even a mistake it says we re in it just like that If your going to make an appdont make it sooooooooooo bad I mean throw up bad    Super bad app
I cant evan open it every time i try it shows a frog and i swip on it and it gives me a black screen    Badbadbad
The only problem I have so far is that when the screen for the just joking app I cant find the exit button otherwise its great             Bugs Bugs Bugs
LIARS Stop talking about evolution It doesnt exist You dont even have any proof hahaha You said Human ears evolved from fish gills That is a stupid lie I am a Christ follower I dont wanna be rude but plz SHUT UP I have proof cuz whatever Jesus says in the bible is true Jesus made us we never evolved The first humans were Adam and Eve Jesus made Adam out of dust and he never made him out of fish gills PLZ dont say that anymore cuz now little children wont go to heaven If you do not believe in Jesus you will go to hell You will be in hell while Im in heaven Bye       THIS APP LIES
There are to many bugs and the need to be fixed    FIX THE BUGS
Its super annoying I just got this game and it wont let me see any facts its always locked then it says opps this is for parents sorry kid that is really ANNOYING    Annoying
Its a great way to learn                Ausome
To all of these people out there that said it had bugs it is really your phone so get a new phone DUH                Great
This should have the word lite in the title Aside from a sample theres an additional charge for every single section Kids were disappointed as was I       Not really free
I used to be able to get all the facts for free but in the new update not only was there lots of ads but YOU HAD TO PAY 2 FOR THE FACTS THAT WERE TAKEN AWAY    Was good Now bad
This app is per fect so u r craz Oh and stampy1is Ian Morgan if the name sounds framiliar                Doesnt bug out
I love the network but the app was bad because you only got a couple weird but true and they were Lame Also you had to pay for more like who would do that to kids    Disappointed
By Lizzi I really thought it would be really cool but it was soooooooooooooo boring the facts are cool but I mean seriously who would by the packs I thought there would be more in the free pack I mean the facts are cool but they REALLY need to update it    Boring
I like the cool facts and stuff but I only got to look at the free pack whenever I try to download another pack it freezes From Allie890             Can not download any packs
Really fun but I cant get into the parent thing without it freezing on me and then crashing please fix and then it deserves more than 5 stars             Fun but
It had interesting facts but very little free ones       Sort of good
This game is a lie delete the game no one wants to play it Its boring and childish its a harible game I hat it    Paige Likovic news
I tried multiple times to get the mega pack and it just freezes Please fix this bug    It wont download
Just downloaded the app and unable to unlock the mega package Please fix    Glitches
Stop talking smack about this app I think its great Especially for little kids it keeps my cousin entertained for hours she loves the little sound effects Get this app for little ones although I dont believe in evolution I believe in God with a capital G and I have to explain to her that its not real she looks up to National Geographic and was shocked to hear me say something of theirs wasnt true Besides that its practically perfect                You guys stop complaining
Really sure everything just all of a sudden made it self over millions of years I have not seen proof that evolution exists Like brownies it got its own ingredient mixed it together got in the oven cooked for 20 minutes then got on a plate and it was done The Lord made the earth he breathed into man which was made out of dust that He created God knit everyone of us in are mothers womb    Evolution is NOT REAL
So I ordered my kids the national geographic kids magazine and they really liked it And when I was reading to them the weird but true facts they said I want the app for I can read facts in the car So I downloaded the app and my kids were very upset that there were only 15 facts and I didnt want to spend the money    Dont like it
Every time I want to purchases one of the fact packs the app freezes Then I need to restart the app Kinda annoying that I only have access to 33 facts Fix it please       Bug freezes
I downloaded it and it totally stinksU hav to like pay for the factsIts dumbI would like it if was free    I totally hate it
To many bugsI try to unlock a pack and I get it right then it will freeze Fix this bug and Ill give it a better rating    Bugs
The app is really cool and has a ton of awesome facts but every time I do the parental access multiplication question to unlock a new pack it freezes after I get it correct Ive tried everything but its just so frustrating THEY NEED TO FIX ITTTTT          Bugs
This app only gives you about 15 facts thats it to get more you have to pay          Only 1 pack
Too many bugsI get a headache going inandout of the game trying to click on a single buttonOtherwise its a great way to study for a little popquiz             Great Game
ι ℓσνє тнιѕ αρρ вιт ωнєиєνєя ι тяу тσ ρυя нαѕє α ραк му ѕяєєи fяєєzєѕ αи ωσит σ αиутнιиg σєѕ αиуσиє киσω нσω мυн тнє ραкѕ αяє αиуωαуѕ             вυgѕ вυт gяєαт
Love the idea of this app but its glitchy in general and specifically freezes whenever I try to open the extra packs Bummer       Weird but buggy
Shows random science fact and then says ew gross or thats weird Why youd show this to children is beyond me    Shallow and idiotic
The initial pack is neat but we are unable to purchase additional packs So after you go through them once or twice its pointless I read your upgrades You have most certainly NOT fixed the in app purchase feature It just freezes and does nothing Very sad customer service from such a big well known company       Disappointed
Whenever I try and buy a fact pack specifically the MEGA PACK the screen freezes and I cant click on anything at all Please try and fix this as soon as possible I would like to purchase the other facts          Cant purchase and freezes
You only get a few facts to start with Want more U HAVE TO PAY When I clicked on the mega pack to see if it would be worth it the app gave me some sort of grown up test The question was outrageous 72 A little kid could solve that easily It was supposed to make sure that u were at least 13 yrs old I am exactly that age and also kinda offended that they would use that as the question So people dont waste ur time There are so many better apps than this one    What
You can only get the free pack unless you want to spend like 4 on the premium pack and the free pack is only about dins sours which is sorta boring if your a girl like me       OkayI guess
this app is bad because when i went to get the other packages in the app it says adults only which means 911 but then you have to do a multiplication problem and when i did every time i got it right my whole screen would just freeze and if i keep trying it still doesnt work    bad app
Great but I wish there were more free packs Also this app was last updated in June and looks like it hasnt been touched since 2007 There needs to be a big design update          2 problems


National Geographic Society
60.3 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.2
iPhone iPad

iOS WeirdButTrue 1.2 Mobile

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