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Hearst Television, the publisher behind many iOS app (WISN HD - Milwaukee free breaking news, weather source ,40/29 Tornadoes - Northwest Arkansas ,WGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source ,WDSU - New Orleans breaking news and weather ,Tornadoes WAPT 16 Jackson and Central Mississippi ,Tornadoes KMBC 9 - Kansas City), brings WGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source app has been update to version 2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Keeps me informed of breaking news & weather conditions & closings..

Overall Satisfactionc48
Thank you for this update.
One of my favorite news apps.
I love the breaking news notifications especially the road closures do to accidents.
Easy to navigate and the most up to date news available.
Keeps me informed of breaking news & weather conditions & closings.
Don't use if you are looking for breaking news stories.
Great app for keeping up to date with what is going on.
This is a great and useful tool to have.
Ads not Intrusivec15

I like having my local news and weather in one convenient place. found in 10 reviews
Please improve the app. found in 1 reviews
The weather part is even more disappointing. found in 1 reviews
When u go from video to weather it crashes. found in 2 reviews
It gives me impression advertisement is main focus and not news. found in 1 reviews
News headlines are barely seen. found in 1 reviews
Sometimes you cannot read articles. found in 1 reviews
It crashes upon opening. found in 1 reviews
Needs a cancel option in the pop up notification. found in 1 reviews
It could be I just had problems with finding current reports. found in 1 reviews
the content needs to be updated more frequently. found in 2 reviews
better load speed for the weather radar. found in 1 reviews
It just really needs to have the local news updated more frequently. found in 2 reviews
All of a sudden there are ads all over the place. found in 1 reviews
Don't bother if watching live. found in 1 reviews
but could be more up to date with news. found in 1 reviews
begin reading and a few seconds later it closes out. found in 1 reviews
since the last update it will not open on my iPhone 4. found in 1 reviews
Just recently started crashing for me. found in 1 reviews
Bland and outdated news. found in 2 reviews
Terrible content. found in 2 reviews
No school closings. found in 7 reviews
Unless you like many notifications telling you that I83. found in 3 reviews
the push notifications are pointless. found in 2 reviews
Not a go-to for weather. found in 5 reviews
Weather and sports coverage is lousy. found in 2 reviews
This typically leads to a poorly formatted slideshow. found in 2 reviews
Poorly designed app. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 8.3 MB to download. The new WGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source app version 2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad.Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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This updated WGAL app has been completely redesigned to be your real-time feed of breaking news and weather straight from WGAL News 8. It`s like carrying the award-winning journalism and weather teams with you on ...
I really dont like the new app at all After my review I will be deleting it The old app was very easy to navigate I could quickly and easily find what I was looking for Now I have to fight between ads and fluff news I enjoyed the local news but now I feel like I am reading a tabloid magazine Please bring back the real news Read the reviews of the people that use your app and fix the problem Not everything needs to be new and proved     Bad Redesign
This version is horrible Interface is sloppy and ads are intrusive Go back to the previous format     Sloppy
not worth the time to figure out liked the previous format     too difficult to navigate 12 star
Old app was much better I do not have time to watch videos or am not in a location where I can view them You write one or two sentences and then in order to get the rest of the story you must watch video This was a huge step backwards and I am about to remove WGAL entirely Have watched for 40 years but you missed the boat on this one     Terrible update
I have to agree with what many others have saidthe redesigned app is terrible I cant find the news I want quickly Im scrolling through a disorganized mess When I do find nationalinternational articles I tap and find that its a videoand the videos have ads As I scroll down the next article is sportswhen did I say I wanted sports news What was wrong with the old app The design was fineit just didnt update articles enough IMO This new app is utter garbage     Updated app is a mess
Its so hard to look at the news stories You have to switch the county to view I liked the old version better like everyone else     Not user friendly at all
I like to use it for school closings                 Nice App
Very user Unfriendly will not rotate I use mostly for weather and most times the interactive radar map does not even come up Finding news items and other stuff is difficult Scrap this app and return to the old        New iPad app is terrible
I used to love this app What happened exactly Its completely garbage now And I will be deleting it     New app is total junk
This app is not easy to navigate I miss the old app and have stopped using the WGAL app Not worth my time Bring the old app back     User Unfriendly
App no longer provides written stories is cluttered and disorganized and only works in portrait mode Did anyone notice how freaking stupid this is for a TELEVISION STATIONAdditionally you get to watch the same 30 second ad over and over and over again every time you click on a story I will neverever go see the Lancaster Barnstormers after the psychological warfare campaign they waged against me over the WGAL News app So badWGAL MY FAVORITE STATION change back or LOSE VIEWERS     One star because they wont allow no stars
Terrible App the previous version was much better Too confusing not easy to navigate Dont waste your time     Delete this APP
I liked the old app It was easy to find a text weather report Some of the newsworthy notifications that come across are just plain silly Hate all the popup ads     Dont like the updated version
Poorly laid out little local news ad after ad wont rotate Absolutely awful app The previous version was FAR superior     Nothing good here
This was one of my favorite apps until they forced everyone to update The new layout is incredibly cluttered leaving the app basically useless I can easily find the info I want on other apps in a shorter amount of timeAdditionally the alerts have gone from useful information someone may need to know urgently to whatever they feel like sending out Road closures and accidents are understandable but do we really need a daily update on the DOWIn short its no longer user friendly and not worth the time     Too many distractions
The new layout is horrible I cant find anything Please fix this and go back to the old version     Hate the new version
So disappointed Dont know which is worse the overall layout or the ad placement Needs a tab to separate videos and text stories     Bring back the old app
I use to use the Chanel 8 app dailyBut the latest update is simply the worst thing Ive ever seenI cannot figure why they would change their app and make it so confusing and vagueAnd if I wanted to watch the videos Id watch the live news on TVConstant scrolling for bits and bites of the news is pointlessTheir competitors sites are much betterMy advice dont waste your time with the update Or the app     Worst news siteperiod
Used to love this app Now seems I cant find anything anymore Very disappointing     Farmerlady
Prior to the update the app was easy to navigate and not TOO many junk articles The news didnt seem to update over the weekend or overnightSince the update however navigating the app is a pain and there is entirely too many junk articles not enough actual news and every single video has a lengthy advertisement video before it     Terrible update
Awful     Wgal
I DETEST this new format It all runs together I cannot view anything easily it all runs together and makes no sense I Hate This Please change back     WHAT A PAIN
After the update everything is difficult to navigate the page Used this everyday but will not use again until new update changes layout to be user friendly     Update terrible
Worst update to an app Ive seen complete failure Agree with all one star reviews Try beta testing prior to next release     Zero stars
New app is horrible compared to the old one I plan on deleting it The same ad over and over again before news story IMHO the ad is longer than most of the videos I would purposely never buy a product advertised on this app     Delete
Not user friendlyWould like previous versions as you can read the entire story     Hate the new app
Dont like this new version go back to old one     Dont like it
It doesnt rotate and its difficult on the iPad     Difficult to Use
Old app was quicker getting to the story Videos ads are the same I dont want to see them anyway Takes to long to get the story I could have read 2 stories or more stories in the time it took me to watch one story I like reading a story then to the next storySTORY STORIES STORY STORY GETS A LITTLE ANNOYING Bring back the old app     No time for videos give me text
Quite frankly this update is not as well thought out and organized as the previous one I especially miss the weather forecast on the old onePlease bring back the old Version        WGAL app
I dont care for the new version of WGAL not user friendly hard to navigate     New version
Colorful website easy navigation latest news coverage but videos are timewasting teasers for advertising              App review
I do not like the new app The weather does not show as much information as the old one I find it very confusing and unorganized I used the old one everyday I am not planning on continuing to use this one     New App
I loved your old app but this new is horrible Why in the world did you change it Was it it just because you could I want to read the news not watch videos and the same ads for every story drives me nuts Seriously considering deleting app all together Very disappointed     Why change a good thing
Can I have my old app back The update does not work The videos dont load Then they stop and buffer     Update is no good
Used to be my go to local news app Now its a jumbled disorganized mess The only thing thats easy to find are the adswhich are plentiful Probably the least user friendly app Ive ever used     Terrible
This new version is nearly impossible to use It takes too much time to find info due to the clutter The previous version with just a simple listing of key news pieces and a few tabs for news weather sports etc was quick and efficient I now go other places as this app is time consuming and cluttered     Previous version much better
This update is bad If you want to watch a news story you need to sit through a 30 second ad first ALL of the video stories are like that and its the same ad     Horrible app just like the news station
Full of junk not real news I ONLY keep this app for the news updates     Horrible
I want to like the app however when I turn my iPad or iPhone sideways the app does not rotate Most apps automatically change to adapt to how a user is holding their device This really puts it out of line with other apps If an update is made the app will be inline with other news apps        No Rotation
New app is disorganized and difficult to maneuver through I used the old app on a daily basis Will not use this app if this format continued     Dislike the new app
I dont need a news alert every time someone stubs their toe Keep to weather and traffic alerts While doing that make the weather forecastmapradar easier to navigate I keep thinking I need to delete except for the traffic report        Annoying
I want the old app back     I want the old app back
Yeah do not like it     What happened
Go back to the pervious version This is so annoying Im going to have to stop using it Also could wgal new tv and app stop reporting only bad new     It STINKS
The new updated design of this app is atrocious The previous version allowed me to find everything I wanted easily The new design is horrendous and its difficult to find what I want Very disorganized everything blends together You might be reading local news then you end up in politics or sports and have to start again Ads everywhere and sometimes so big Ill think Im at the end of a story but find that if I scroll very carefully theres more The sister station in Baltimore WBAL has the same design I have deleted both apps because theyre frustrating and now useless to me     Updated version deleted app
The new app is as horrible as described by other users It is a waste of time in finding relevant news and weather The lack of current news is disappointingOne of the worst is getting a news alert only to click on it and find no available story     Out with the newbring back the old app
Lousy format No landscape view Cant navigate without inadvertently touching and opening an ad     Reviewer
I used the WGAL app all the time for local national world and even technology news but after the last update I found it too unorganized I now use the Lancaster Online app instead to read about daily news with hopes of using WGAL again if they ever decide to change it back     Bring Back Previous App
Return to the old format     New app is terrible

‚ÄčWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source NewsWGAL - Susquehanna Valley free breaking news, weather source News

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