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Zynga , the publisher behind many iOS games (FarmVille by Zynga ,Super Bunny Breakout™ Free ,Zynga Poker ,Word Scramble Challenge Edition by Zynga ,ZombieSmash Lite ,Gems With Friends), brings What`s the Phrase Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. What`s the Phrase Free games has been update to version 1.01 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Love trying to figure out the challenging puzzles..
  • Makes it easy to get a quick game it almost anytime..
  • Perfect for any wheel of fortune nerds like myself..
  • Great mind exercise..
  • Another Awesome Word Game..

Overall Satisfactionc78
I love word games and this one is extremely enjoyable.
One of my favorite games "with friends".
I think this game is better than words with friends.
but it's the same as words with friends.
Great game love the challenge very addicting.
It's really a great game need a helping site lol.
Commercials are constant n annoying Game needs a major resign.
I love that i can swipe to love now.
Minor errors during transitions are overshadowed by amazing an amazing game.
Love being able to play with friends that aren't close by.
Fun & Engagingc73
This is a fun game to play with friends as well as other unknown players.
Fun game to play but very inaccurate coin count most of the time.
Awesome game and fun with improving memory recall.
So if that would get fixed it would be awesome game.
Very fun and addicting game for those of you who love wheel of fortune.
Super fun and additive it's a great brain game.
It's a super fun game but the crashes are ridiculous.
Fun and challenging game to keep your mind sharp.
Always different and loads of fun to play with your friends.
+1 star for fixing sound ----------------- The game itself is fun.
Having tons of fun playing with my friends.
Play everyday with my daughter who is away at college.
Play everyday & so does my son & my husband.
Family Friendlyc88
Great game to play with family and friends not matter how far away they are.
Enjoy playing with family & friends Really great game.
Value for Moneyc65
Takes a while to get new categories without spending real money.
it's fun play without having to spend real money.
Replay Valuec86
Fun and challenging game to keep your mind sharp.
It's a good brain teaser & fun way to challenge your friends.
Great game - addictive and challenging.
I've been addicted for months and it never gets old.
Social Aspectsc69
This is a fun game to play with friends as well as other unknown players.
Fun game to play but very inaccurate coin count most of the time.
I think this game is better than words with friends.
but it's the same as words with friends.
well I encourage lots of people to play this game.
IF you can find people to play.
Love all the different categories and playing with new people.
Production Valuesc74
Sound effects are great and the game is visually stimulating.
love the sound effects and spinning the wheel.
Why is there no option to turn off the sound effects.
Ease of Usec93
This game is simple and fun.
Very simple and fun for ALL.
This game keeps you occupied and really thinking about the phrase.
This game keeps crashing when I try to submit my letters.
Game keeps freezing can't ever play more than 1game.
This game works perfect for me each and every time I play.
Lots of fun and the first world problems category is funny.
Ads not Intrusivec54
I enjoy playing but the ads freeze up.
too many commercials.
Updates & Supportc59
I contacted Zynga customer service and they responded right away.
Great customer service.
This game is a fun version of wheel of fortune.
Fun version of wheel of fortune.

Very fun and addicting game for passing time. found in 10 reviews
It is definitely my new addiction. found in 18 reviews
Great game love the challenge very addicting. found in 87 reviews
This game is a great time waster like many other apps. found in 44 reviews
A fun and thought provoking game. found in 16 reviews
Great time killer when waiting in line or hanging out. found in 44 reviews
Good time passer as long as opponents answer quickly. found in 23 reviews
Very entertaining and keeps your mind sharp. found in 41 reviews
Great family fun for all ages who can spell and read. found in 18 reviews
It similar to one of my all time favorite game shows. found in 41 reviews
Another great thinking game to help pass time. found in 22 reviews
The worlds societies need good clean fun. found in 13 reviews
It's nice to have a fun interactive game to play. found in 9 reviews
Awesome game and fun with improving memory recall. found in 603 reviews
Super fun and additive it's a great brain game. found in 35 reviews
This is a great way to pass the time especially while sitting on the john. found in 274 reviews
Keeps me on my toes with all the different phrases. found in 12 reviews
Fun and challenging game to keep your mind sharp. found in 149 reviews
Play everyday with my daughter who is away at college. found in 28 reviews
This is a fun game to play with friends or strangers. found in 9 reviews
Constantly freezing to the point I have to restart my phone. found in 19 reviews
It freezes or doesn't load games that are ready to play. found in 14 reviews
Relly fun but needs a stability update it crashes a lot. found in 27 reviews
I like the game but Too many ads popping up. found in 18 reviews
but the ads get stuck where you can't decline them. found in 24 reviews
I have enjoyed the game until the last update. found in 53 reviews
but it crashes every time I play it after the third round or so. found in 52 reviews
Too many ads and I wish I could play more games at a time. found in 117 reviews
Fun game but so stinking frustrated every time I open the game. found in 48 reviews
I personally boycott companies with annoying ads like these. found in 23 reviews
Sometimes freezes though and takes forever to update games. found in 34 reviews
Lots of spelling errors and incorrect names are showing up. found in 18 reviews
But what I don't understand why the ads lock up so often. found in 12 reviews
Fun game but the video ads are SO annoying. found in 47 reviews
Great game except some of the answers we have never heard of. found in 41 reviews
But the wheel freezes up and sometimes the ads freeze up too. found in 104 reviews
It's great but I do wish there was an option to play against the computer. found in 320 reviews
Way to many ads and sometimes I can't close the ads. found in 83 reviews
Needs more categories to be available right away. found in 19 reviews
Great game but I can't even play with the most recent update. found in 78 reviews
The ads keep freezing and won't let me go back to the game. found in 81 reviews
This game keeps crashing when I try to submit my letters. found in 83 reviews
Game keeps freezing can't ever play more than 1game. found in 83 reviews
I love the game itself but it freezes waaaaayyyy tooooo much. found in 92 reviews
I did really enjoy playing this game until recently. found in 53 reviews
Can't even play through a game or two without crashing. found in 78 reviews
but I shouldn't have to re download everytime it's my turn. found in 88 reviews
Please fix the frequency of the lose a turn and bust features. found in 91 reviews
Screen locks to a blank screen when video ads come on. found in 47 reviews
I enjoy playing but the ads freeze up. found in 104 reviews
I've playing multiple people that same game repeatedly. found in 58 reviews
It has crashed every time I've hit the submit button. found in 86 reviews
Fix that because I would like to buy more categories. found in 114 reviews
Will have to delete game as this is frustrating. found in 53 reviews
takes forever to update and the ads are out of control. found in 95 reviews
way way to many ads that take to long. found in 83 reviews
unable to delete old games are just a few of the problems. found in 64 reviews

The What`s the Phrase Free is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is available in multiple languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 33.9 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.01 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G, iPad (3rd generation), iPad Wi-Fi + 4G, iPad (4th generation), iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular (4th generation), iPad mini and iPad mini Wi-Fi + Cellular. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
More Info: Find more info about What`s the Phrase Free in Zynga`s Official Website : http://zynga.com

>>>>Early bird special Download by March 4th and we`ll give you an extra 100 coins to start with Note: Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Supported on iPhone 4, 4S & 5, and iPod Touch ...
A few bugs but fun none the less                 Awesome game
Love this game                 Great game
Love this game Very addicting and love the challenge it gives                 Great game
Good game Could be a little more difficult but it will do              Word game
Another great game to play with friend and family              Good game
I enjoy playing but do agree with the suggestion below that there should be statistics on winning etc Also sometimes is buggy because if all the ads                 Fun game
I give this game a thumbs up Great fun                 Great game
When I play this game it feels like im with my friends                 This game is awsome
This game is super fun and addictive The community match is pretty good too                 Fun and addictive
Lots of fun                 WTP
I love playing                 Overall Good Game
Love this game                 Addicting
But I wish there were new categories                 Game is cool
I absolutely love this game it is awesome it is so much fun                 Love
My only complaint is that I would like for the vowels to be considered separate from the regular moves If we are paying for them then we should not have it count against our moves                 Great to pass time
Challenging and competitive Both things I need for my aging brain Hate the music Would rather have peace and quiet When I finish a game it asks if I want to play again I try and it tells me I have too many games in play Oops Why do I have too many in play I just finished one How many is too many                 Panapickles
I kept getting bad rolls ie bustsmiss a spin etc even when those are supposed to be a small chance I tallied them up and realized i got 23 of those out of 98 spins Thats almost 25 SO RIDICULOUS After my last infuriating spin I had no qualms in deleting the app Begone mooddowner And hey Zynga you can guess whats the phrase after my index finger     Randomizer is broken
I really enjoy playing this game                 Awesome game
Awesome game                 Game
Great game my wife and I play each other daily Only problem we have come across is sometimes the updates will cause game to go into a loop and not work Solution is to delete game and then re download and when you sign in all your stuff is saved so it will be right where you left off Have fun We Definitely Recommend this game              Very Fun
Awesome app you should get it for sure                 Super
Fun game but lately the ads have been too long 30 second videos after each play I understand that a free app relies on advertising but this seems a bit excessive           Ads are too long
I like the game the categories maybe go a little in depth like break up sports football baseball etc same with movies horror comedy                 Fun game
I agree with another reviewer the games keep multiplying because at the end the game prompts each player individually for a new game the winner has a choice which opens a new game and the loser just automatically starts a new game with that opponent unless they resign Also Ive played for a while and collected all of the prizes Now if I win a game and open a prize box with a prize in it as opposed to coins its not really a prize at all Either add more prizes or make them worth some tradein value The game is fun but had a couple of things to be improved upon The commercials after each turn are 5 seconds or less which isnt bad for a free game              Good with suggestions
This game is very fun I recommend it for everyone Its competitive but at the same time very fun I love playing against family and friends Just a great game overall                 Very Fun To Play
Too many repeat phrases Takes forever to play     Irritating
The only thing I dont like is it has a limit as to how many games you can play which is a lot but still And it doesnt give you a forfeit option But it is a great game                 Fun
This game is fun to play                 Cool game
Great game to play with family and friends                 Great game
love it                 Love the game
After theres a winner it prompts you to keep playing So your only option is doing the same thing over and over The only way out is to resign Kind of annoying           Fun but has glitches
Like how you can play whenever you can get time                 Great game
Fun game but too addictive              Fun Addictive
I have 2 complaints 1 After a round both payers are given the option to start a new game which consistently results in BOTH players starting a new game Before I knew it I was playing 8 games with the same person Whoops 2 Not really a complaint just something to be aware of When in doubt of a spelling go with a British spelling Mum not mom colour not color etc                 Very fun
Love it                 Awesome
It is a great game I had fun playing it The only bad part is that the ads got really annoying and took to long              WTP
Really like the challenges and the rewards for playing                 Fun and you get mPoints
Love the game but hate waiting on people to play with The only other thing I dont like is that there is a cheating app for this and some people like to use it and be all rude to people that are trying to play a fair game                 Love it
This app is great It is fun challenging and open to all different topics I play this at night when Im settling down and then back in am when I wake up Super game with very few ads for a free game              Love love love
I enjoy playing this game Addictive                 Good game
I like playing this game with my friends No problems as of yet              Fun Game
Good game              Ms
Great app Easy to use interface and fun categories                 Fun fun fun
Great game                 Awesome
I love this game                 Love it
Great app VERY fun competitive to play and you get to stretch your brain muscles in a fun creative way trying to figure out the answers Could use a few more categories and the ability to play more games at one time I hate having to wait and wait for the other person to go before I am able to play And then you cant start a new game unless you resign one if you have to many games going at once It would be nice to be able to play more games at once or be able to play against the computer If you added a single player option that would be amazing Also I love that you can earn free coins But the ONLY sponsor add that gives you the coins is the babybel one Every other sponsor video you watch you NEVER receive the coins That makes me so mad that I watch all these sponsor video adds and do NOT get the coins If you could fix that glitch or problem that would be amazing But all in all a great app that I LOVE playing              Great app overall I have a few suggestions though
Ive had this game for a long time and really enjoy it but it needs some updating I feel like the games been neglected No new categories no refresh of how it looks no statistics Cmon two of the categories are song and movies from 2013 Up until this point Ive manage to unlock all but a handful of categories I think its time for a game refresh update categories add puzzles to existing Ive seen the same puzzle more than once a few occasions profiles with statistics              Needs some updating
Totally addicted to this game Its another version of Wheel of Fortune Great to play with friends or meet new ones                 So much fun
Fun to play and an easy way to bide your time by keeping your mind sharp The only complaint I have is that depending on who your opponent is sometimes they leave you waiting a long time between turns But you can always start a new game with another opponent Simple and easy but not too much to be boring Definitely worth the download                 COOL FUN APP
I really like this game My sister and I have Played many game And we will play many more                 Whats the phrase

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