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Ludia , the publisher behind many iOS games (The Weakest Link & Friends Free ,The Weakest Link & Friends ,Fairy Tale Slots! ,Hollywood Squares™ HD - The Game ,Press Your Luck™ Slots ,Where`s Waldo?â„¢ HD -The Fantastic Journey), brings Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood games has been update to version 1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


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The ultimate search and find adventure continues in Hollywood! Set against a backdrop of famous film sets, this sequel has all the elements that made Where’s Waldo? The Fantastic Journey a #1 selling game in 9 countries, and more!


Reviewers rave:
**Common Sense Media: "subtle animations, encouraging voice-overs, and unlockable mini-games round out the delightful package."
**THEAPPERA: "Where`s Waldo in Hollywood Game is an A Lister!"

Where`s Waldo?® HD - in HollywoodWhere`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood
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10 new star-studded scenes are enhanced with animated graphics, eye-popping
color and detail, new game-play modes and functionality, featuring the latest device capabilities.


- TWO-PLAYER “VERSUS” MODE: Compete against friends and family on the same device.
Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood


- STORY MODE: Explore the game through a “free play” untimed experience, accompanied by Waldo and his friends, Wenda, Woof and Wizard Whitebeard.


- STAR-STUDDED CHALLENGES: Search for Waldo and explore ten paparazzi-filled red carpet events and epic Hollywood film sets, including “Silent Movie,” “The Wild West,” “The Three Musketeers,” “Song and Dance,” “Robin Hood,” and more!


- ENHANCED PLAYER EXPERIENCE: Broaden the search field with scrollable maps, “Pinch-to-Zoom” and Multi-Touch technology, which improves users’ capabilities to spot small objects and look for integrated clues that lead to cleverly camouflaged items.


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If you are iPad owner,you now can download Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at a hefty 168 MB, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood app version 1.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood check developer Ludia`s website :


Played the first stage only once and found all the hidden items including Waldo and his cronies Now the game shows that I need to find Waldo again before it will let me complete the level but there isnt a second Waldo to find Ive deleted the app and downloaded it again but the game wont even open to continue playing the game Fix this and Ill rate five starsUpdate Still no fix Im beginning to wonder if they will ever fix this bug    Title should be Wheres Waldo Frozen in Time
The first few times I played the app it worked find but once I reached the odlaw level it froze completely Ive deleted the app and reinstalled it and still having the same issue Please fix this problem    Where is Waldo I dont know the app is frozen
Please refund Bugs wont work    Wheres Waldo
App wont even work now Having the same problems that other users are having Cannot find Waldo the second time and now it wont even let me play at all Fix this now What a fraud Cheap scam             Broken
After finding all the characters Waldo appears in the find column again yet he is no where to be found Cannot complete a single level due to this glitch Not worth the money    Glitch
Fun game for all ages                Waldo is the MAN
As others have reported there is a glitch when trying to find Waldo for the second time in various scenes I have the iPhone and iPad version and both versions have the same issue It can happen at any levelscene Wheres the second Waldo He RAN OFF with my money       Glitch
I love Waldo This app is seriously flawed I am trying to get to the end but the game is frozen again perhaps permanently Also the app does not allow me to go to another screen until I exit and go in again when it was working VERY DISAPPOINTEDPlease fix these glitches for the HD version    frustrated
My kids loved this game However after recent iOS updates I cant get past the title screen I emailed Ludia support and was told they will no longer be supporting the old Waldo games and it will not receive an update for iOS 8 Considering this game is still for sale and cost many of us money even if a couple years ago this seems like a very poor business practice    WARNING Do not buy
I love the original version and was excited to play the newer one It worked fine until I did an iPad upgrade Now after finding Waldo and friends Waldos icon reappears to be found again The bone hints dont work and he just isnt there Its like a freeze that you cant get past Ive deleted and reinstalled the game several times but it doesnt help Very disappointed    Would Be Fun If
I would love to give this game 5 stars but with all the glitches I cant Waldo doesnt appear the second time making it impossible to finish the first round While searching for some of the objects if I push Woofs bone for a hint the bone just stays on top of the pic I want to search for instead of help I cant move on from the first game its fun what I can play of it but it stinks and gets me frustrated after I start Please fix or give me my money back       Fun but
왜 돈줬는데 다운로드 안되는거야 돈 환불해달라고    why This app havent download now
This game used to be really fun However theres a glitch now that prevents Waldo from coming back the second time Search as much as you want he wont be there Not sure if its restricted to just the first level or not but until its fixed 2 stars       Was great but now its broken
I love this game but with the glitch of having to find the 2nd Waldo which does not exist it will only get 2 stars until fixed       Fun
But it wont let me past the first level    I love the game
Had this game and it was froze Deleted it and it wouldnt let me reload it without paying again I paid to reload it and it is still frozen    Waste of money
Love this game but cant get pass the home screeni tap everything but nothing happens please fix                Cant get pass the home screen
I love Wheres Waldoalways have But this game has a serious glitch On the very first level I cannot get through it I can find everything with the exception of finding Waldo the second time Ive tried using the hint all it does is put a bone next to his picture in the to find column and that is it I have deleted the app an reinstalled That did not fix it Then deleted again and waited a few months and installed again hoping an update was put out to fix itbut that did not work Very frustrated Hope that the app works for you    GRRR
After I find Waldo in the first level he comes back and I cant move on to the next level This never used to happen       Waldo comes back
When I went to options the game locked up and had to start all over again to down load Every time I tried again and went to options it would lock up Can you help me Also when you hit the hint button it would point to the pic Of Waldo in the right hand corner but it wont tell me where to go at on the main screen What do i need to do I like this game but I am unable to play it             Having trouble
Im having the same problem as some other users Waldo wont appear the second time in the first level The hints dont do anything I paid 299 for this game and it doesnt workEdit Ive had some success playing this game I found out a way to trick the system into letting me complete levels But this game is seriously flawed Every few times I goto play the opening screen is unresponsive and I have to completely delete the game and reinstall it I am so disappointed in this game for not working smoothly at all I love the game but it has major flaws    Glitch
Waldo doesnt show up the second time on the first level a bone doesnt even help Then it locked up and wouldnt respond at all no matter how many times I restarted my iPad Very frustrated and angry Waste of my money    Very mad
I have not been able to open the game at all I could use help please I purchased the friends app and had no problems just the Hollywood one doesnt seem to want to open at all I have touched all the buttons on the screen and nothing happens I would be grateful for any help    Waldo Hollywood
I was able to download and open the successfully Was able to play the game all the way until I had to find Waldo once more and the game froze I exited out the app and tried to play the game but it froze on the options menu I love this game please fix this problem and then you will receive 5 stars    App failure
And I beat this game in a day every star included every wizard dog and wenda level Why is it 3 to buy Should be 99 cents       Im 23
Bug    Not touch
The game is great but it has a lot of bugs It doesnt recognize it that you find Waldo or the other items Therefore it is impossible to go to the next level          Lots of bugs
I cant play the game and it seems that is has been happening for a while and nothing it has been done Selling apps that are broken should be illegal    Horrible
After finding everything it asks you to find the app wants you to find another Waldo when there isnt another Waldo Its like the picture of Waldo freezes There is no way to get around this and you are forced to start over again Needs attention    App freezes
This game used to work wonderfully My child enjoyed it And then a dreaded updateNow when you first search for Waldo and find him you get other items to find Everything seems to work fine until the last item is found This will place a second Waldo in the search items list and he looks exactly like the first Waldo you had to fineonly this time he isnt found ANYWHERE Even though I used a hint from the dog no Waldo can be found It is a glitch that will not let the game progressTotal waste of time to download until they fix this Judging by the latest reviews they are taking their sweet time about fixing it    Ruined it Dont bother to download until they fix it
Just purchased this game The main page freezes and will not allow me to click on anything I had to redownload it for it to work and it did for a little bit until I went back to the main page Frozen again    It has glitches
It just stopped working Come On Its a great game Not to mention Have a little pride for your product Is that y the price went down 2 after I bought it Instead of fixing your just cheapening it    PLEASE FIX IT
Same issue as others cant find Waldo the second time on level 1 woofs hint just adds a bone next to the pic Same situation after multiple deletes and installs Also instructions are terrible No idea how hints are actually supposed to work many items unexplained eg no mention that you can find letters to spell Hollywood    Unplayable poor instructions
The game froze on me when I press option Sound turned off without coming back on After finishing a stage and finding Waldo on the next his icon would still be underneath the new find items and eventually it wouldnt load the next stage It shows his icon like he is still hidden but he is nowhere in the picture    Broken
I try to go into story mode and it just crashes All animations work but it doesnt do anything Nothing else can be chosen it just remains on the mains screen until I close the app 299 is too much for a game that didnt work for me more than once    Was great until it stopped working
It keeps freezing up help please    HELP
Cant play the game after just two rounds The whole app froze to the point that I cant even press the options button let alone press story mode play the game Its too badI enjoyed playing until the game wouldnt let me anymore    Where is Waldo indeed
Ok so I love the idea of the game huge fan of Waldo however I cannot seem to find the last Waldo this game has a serious hiccup not sure how it can be fixed but Im looking for a refund or a game that actually works please dont want to be rude a little frustrated WARNING       Fun wont start
The title menu no longer responds to clicks    Doesnt work anymore
Nothing but glitches on every level and heaven forbid you exit out of the app after you first open it If you do then the app wont even let you past the main screen You have to uninstall and reinstall all while losing your progress    Nothing but glitches
I like this game but Im getting all the same glitch problems as these other peoples reviews are talking about             Glitches
My kids I keep getting stuck because the game is broken Same as many of the other reviews    Broken Want my back
Great concept but way too many glitches Game freezes and locks    Too many problems
Use to play all the time now I cant findclick second Waldo help    So glitchy
DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY Notice that all the positive reviews are several years old This game had an update sometime in the past that makes it unplayable Ludia has a newer Waldo game that is free but features ads and inapp purchases Read It makes them more money than this 299 gameUnfortunately they can still swindle poor saps into buying this game too So why would they take it off the App Store    Glitched Game
Locked again What the heck Cant you stop this from happening or give me my money back    Waldo Hollywood
Dont buy this game RIP OFF This game wont allow me to finish mission one because it tells me to find another Waldo that doesnt exist in the map doggy hint wont find it Restart reinstall wont even fix it Cant progress in the game with this issue Fix this problem or I want my money back    No not buy this game buggy not playable
This App hardly ever works Its really cool but never works          Love it but
Great game but it continues to lock when I go to the first screen and I cant press anything          Glitch
I played once and the game was great every time Ive opened the app since its frozen on the home screen Ive closed and reopened the app restarted my iPad nothing works    Stopped working


168 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.0.3

iOS Where`s Waldo?® HD - in Hollywood 1.0.3 Mobile

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