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TMSOFT , the publisher behind many iOS app (White Noise Recorder ,White Noise ,Springer Lite ,White Noise Lite ,Happy Fun Ball ,Burp Freak), brings White Noise with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. White Noise app has been update to version 5.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • great sounds love the mix feature and the alarm is a life saver..
  • I highly reccomend this app for any new parents..
  • Fantastic study aid..
  • This app quickly became my night time routine..
  • So much more travel - friendly than my big bulky white noise machine..

Overall Satisfactionc95
restful way to fall asleep and is definitely worth the 99 cents.
The best sound machine app I've tried and I've tried a bunch.
the best sleep aid app there is on the app store.
I love being able to mix the sounds together with lots of variable controls.
Love being able to make mixesu2026 to use w/ music and the timer.
Incredible sound quality and visually creatively done---plus Todd.
Sound quality is poor unfortunately :.
Love the cat purring sounds so much like our cat purrung.
great sounds love the mix feature and the alarm is a life saver.
Fun & Engagingc76
Would like more sound options like new sounds like just rain.
Background is cheesy and would like more sound options.
Timer doesn't work and needs more sounds.
White Noise is awesome.
Awesome sleep app for baby.
Awesome Sleep to dream.
Helps me fall asleep and stay asleep because it covers up some of the neighborhood noises.
Blocks out any noise and helps me get to sleep and stay asleep.
White Noise helps you tune out the world and fall asleep.
Don't buy this unless you know white noise helps you sleep.
Brown noise blocks out everything for day sleeping after night shift.
With three kids and ones always singing this app helps me concentrate.
I'm not sure how I lived without it.
indispensable app.
Family Friendlyc95
Excellent - Especially for putting kids to sleep.
My entire family loves this app.
My whole family uses this app and could not live without it.
Can't sleep without it especially with two young kids.
Value for Moneyc100
Best app purchase on my iPhone BY FAR.
Best app purchase I've ever made.
Production Valuesc100
It also makes great sound effects for stop animation.
Sound effects for Class.
Ease of Usec66
This brilliantly simple app is better than a lullaby for me.
This simple app brings my electric bill down.
Ads not Intrusivec35
I have never taken the time to rate an app before.
I dozed off trying to rate it.
Updates & Supportc94
After using the lite version for over three months.
Upgrade to the full version and enjoy a more restful nights sleep.

Very relaxing in times of stress and general discomfort. found in 72 reviews
The best sound machine app I've tried and I've tried a bunch. found in 207 reviews
Love being able to make mixes… to use w/ music and the timer. found in 141 reviews
Great sleep aid better than carrying a box fan on trips. found in 144 reviews
Brown noise is great for fan noise replacement. found in 304 reviews
Totally helps get the baby to sleep and stay asleep. found in 39 reviews
and great to drown out noise and conversation when used with headphones. found in 79 reviews
Great variety of sounds you can customize to your own mix. found in 146 reviews
Doesn't play music alarm. found in 12 reviews
I'm glad hubby authorized the two dollars for this game. found in 5 reviews
I let it run " Crashing Ocean Waves " all night long. found in 7 reviews
traffic sounds would be nice. found in 6 reviews
I like the crashing waves the best. found in 17 reviews
It blocks out annoying noises like my husband or the dog snoring. found in 19 reviews
I can barely hear any of the noises. found in 3 reviews
I do wish it had more sound options. found in 27 reviews
the noise stops as soon as I open the clock app. found in 9 reviews
The app is great but it is missing a snooze button. found in 11 reviews
Only disappointment was that the beach sounds aren't what I expected. found in 6 reviews
most of the sound clips sound like awful digital versions. found in 7 reviews
but some of the loops are too short. found in 7 reviews
Music alarm is unreliable though. found in 6 reviews
I cant use the ipod controls to control the audio. found in 4 reviews
although a bit more variety if sounds would be nice. found in 5 reviews
It does help me sleep no matter where I am. found in 8 reviews
Also the timer doesn't work anymore. found in 7 reviews
Great App for Open Office Environments. found in 7 reviews
something like The Night Stand app would be perfect. found in 9 reviews
UPDATE: in fact it keeps forcing you to rate it. found in 21 reviews
Stop annoying me with review requests. found in 4 reviews
Also irritating is constant request for reviews. found in 5 reviews
Now crashes immediately on iOS 4. found in 8 reviews
Also just found out the timer doesn't work in the new version. found in 7 reviews
- when the phone locks the noise stops. found in 9 reviews

The White Noise is now available for $0.99 for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 5.2.3 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about White Noise in TMSOFT`s Official Website : http://www.tmsoft.com/iphone.html

FIND OUT WHY THE WORLD IS SLEEPING BETTER RECOMMENDED BY HEALTH MAGAZINE, WASHINGTON POST, PC MAGAZINE, AND THE ITUNES STAFF White Noise provides ambient sounds of the environment to help you relax or sleep. Are you ...
I have been enjoying this app for a week now There are lots of choices of sounds and I appreciate the alarm feature too                 Great
Cant sleep in a hotel without it                 Great for travel
This is truly a good app                 Amazingly relaxing
Very much enjoy the variety of sounds offered by this app                 Very Relaxing
Unfortunately the opening screen doesnt read or respond to voiceover commands A shame because other parts of the app may actually be accessible        Wish it worked with voiceover
I got this app mostly for travel but use at home at times also Many choices                 Great app
Great white nose app                 It works
Neat app Really like it              Cool
A large variety of soundscapes along with nice pictures in this easy to use app                 Easy to use and comprehensive
Invaluable study tool                 Simply great
My favorite is Ocean Waves which always helps me get to sleep if Im having trouble Very relaxing                 Love it
Lots of options My favorite is the plane Love sleep timer              Very nice
Did the trick                 As advertised
The best one out there by far                 Best sleep sound app out there
My go to white noise app Great for when having trouble getting to sleep Love the Pink noise option                 Great
Im finally able to create THE perfect sleep mix for me and the hubs Its like the sleep number bed of sounds                 LOVE MAKING SLEEP MIXES
This is incredibly perfect for me to fall asleep to Ive been able to eliminate my homemedic noise maker which Ive had problems with Its easy to use I love it                 Perfectly sound asleep
I use this app every day while doing homework It works really well has a great format and is really easy to use I study so much better because of it                 White Noise is a life saver
Invaluable app Especially on road trips                 Something for Everyone
This app is perfect if you want tune out the noise of your fellow passengers conversations over sharing headphone and game noise                 If you commute on public transit you need this app
Wonderful library of sounds Easy to navigate Very restful                 Excellent
I travel a lot and find that running my mix of brown noise Forest stream and frogs is just right to allow me to fall asleep and stay asleep                 Love this ap
One of my favorite apps I use it every night                 Use it every night Love this app
this app helps me sleep through all my familys BS i love it                 great for sleeping
Love this app The sounds are terrific and they are sending new sounds from time to time to download free Sleep anywhere Thanks                 Awesome Little Program
Loud urban noisedowntown Chicago car horns sirens etc caused me to download White noise allowed me to fall and stay asleep Worth it when you need it Great app worked as expected              Does the job
So nice                 Great
I like this app except for the fact that it drains my battery when the app is left open Kinda defeats the purpose of using it as an alarm if my phone is dead by morning Otherwise I like the sounds ocean is my favorite           Drains my battery
this app is all you need to go to sleep and stay asleep until time to rise and shine the next day              White Noise App Sleep
Tried for the first time with my newborn No stop crying turned into instant sleep She likes thunder and stream                 Puts baby to sleep
All the sounds are very authentic sounding This is the best app that I have found for white noises I love the way that they have mixes already setup for you or you can mix you own                 Very Comforting
I suffer from severe tinnitus due to Ménières disease and this is the best tinnitus masking app Ive found Great sounds and many to choose from                 Great App
Does everything it says it will I use it every night                 Nice App
This is a great way to quickly calm yourself from stress and focus again Good tool to maintain a productive day                 Calm yourself and focus
Nice work I love this app and use it all the time Its one of my favorites Ive never experienced one tech glitch or bug and there is always new content to try I highly recommend this so dont hesitate to give it a try                 Fantastic app
Thank you for this app The perfect companion for taking a quick nap in the afternoon                 Peace and zzzzz
Ive had my trusty alarm clock since 1991 and now I dont need it I love the gradual wakeup feature though it could be a bit more gradual I would like a couple more rain sounds without birds or thunder The rains with birds or thunder seem a little repeaty so I wish they were a bit more subtle Lots to choose from though Youll find something that works for you                 My New Alarm
great variety for general use I prefer the low pitch sounds brown noise airplane for when I really need to sleep and when I really need to sleep my only gripe with this app is that I can hear patterns within the sounds that are very subtle but I hyper focus on then and I end up turning off the app these are microfrequencies that I perceive probably after years of musical training like a little bleep bloop bleep that loops gonna have to try with ghetto headphones as maybe my 30 pair with my perceptive ears are too much              almost perfect
Having a stressful life I need the comfort of something that soothes me Sounds of nature really do it and this app has very clear sound Awesome                 So appreciated
I have insomnia and I find this app very useful in helping me to get a sleep as well as stay asleep                 Bery helpful
This app is easy to use has a number of great options and the sounds are recorded well I very much like this app and have found myself using it daily              Noises are clear
This app has helped me tremendously with stress relief in my life and I have always found it to be reliable                 Excellent
Works great and a lot of free new sounds Some sound the same and like static but overall very good              Great App
Great                 Love it
It is amazing                 Amazing
Never had an issue and is very simple and easy to use Great noise helps me sleep                 Easy to use
This app is wonderful Ive been using it for a week now I go to sleep to the soothing sound of soft running water When I awake I feel rested and my can tell my brain was able to fully relax allowing my body to get the sleep it needs I highly recommend this app My only recommendation is to improve the sound quality              Best sleep
I go to sleep with this every night The soothing sounds help me let go of the stress of the days events                 Very relaxing
You have to get this app Blocks out distracting noise Allows one to concentrate                 So relaxing
Could have better sound quality But its a good app to have when you need it              Good app

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