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GreenGar Studios , the publisher behind many iOS app (Smartboard Lite - Collaboration Across Platforms ,Draw Together by Greengar ,Whiteboard 5 ,Today Clock ,Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing ,USC iTommyCam), brings Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing app has been update to version 3.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It is an awesome time killer for my son..
  • This is the best drawing /writing app the purple is amazing..
  • I would recommend this to anyone needing a whiteboard app..
  • Your picture is saved in your camera roll..
  • if you dont do it for yourself do it for your family..
Overall Satisfactionclick me64
This is the best drawing /writing app the purple is amazing.
but it's like all other drawing apps.
can we pls hav an undo button.
Undo button takes longer to undo and constantly freezes.
Needs more color and kinda boring different backgrounds should b added.
My 10 year old loves to draw on it.
It's better than doodle buddy.
My daughter loves this game.
It could be better I recommend doodle buddy I like that.
Fun & Engagingclick me63
Needs more color and kinda boring different backgrounds should b added.
This is awesome 4 wen Ur bored and want 2 draw.
Awesome drawing tool.
So amazingly fun.
Very fun and easy to use.
Usefulnessclick me72
Very useful for work.
Findnit useful and intuitive.
Perfect for Everything.
Family Friendlyclick me53
a great app for little kids and others.
Even little kids can do it.
fun 4 kids.
if you dont do it for yourself do it for your family.
Repeat Valueclick me36
get rid of the stupid watermark.
Ease of Useclick me81
Great application and functionality for simple drawing or hand written notes.
Simple fun.
Very fun and easy to use.
Findnit useful and intuitive.
Reliabilityclick me18
Updates & Supportclick me49
this is the lite version of whiteboard.
and this isnt exactly lite version.


Collaborate with friends and family with Whiteboard, the easy-to-use collaborative drawing app for iPhone and iPod touch. Two users can create pictures together over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth peer-to-peer.


Connect without an access point.
• If both devices are an iPod touch 2nd gen, iPhone 3G, or iPhone 3GS running iOS 3.0 or higher, you can connect using Bluetooth.
1. Turn off Wi-Fi to prevent conflicts. Go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> OFF.
2. Go back one screen to Settings -> General -> Bluetooth -> ON.
3. Press the Home button and launch Whiteboard.
• You can safely ignore the alert that says "Not Connected to a Wi-Fi Network" -- just tap OK!
4. Wait until BOTH devices see each other in their own list.
5. On ONE of the devices, tap the name of the other device.
6. Wait up to 60 seconds for the connection to establish. The first resolve takes the longest; if you disconnect and reconnect after this, it should be much faster. This is a hardware/OS limitation.
• That's it! Enjoy drawing together over Bluetooth peer-to-peer.

Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing
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Create unique collaborative art.
• When one person's artistic skills aren't quite enough, combine your painting abilities with Whiteboard!
• Easy-to-use paint- or graffiti-like interface.
• Two devices can draw on the same canvas simultaneously.
• Bonjour wireless networking, both over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth peer-to-peer.
• Full-screen drawing.
• Adjustable marker width.
• "Brush" Preview to see what you're getting before you start sketching.
• Compatible with both iPhones and iPod touches.
• Free! This is the Lite version of Whiteboard; we're still working on adding features for the paid version.


Try many potential uses.
• The peer-to-peer networking feature also enables a certain class of multiplayer games, like Connect 4, Tic-Tac-Toe, Dots, and more.
• It's also useful for quickly visualizing ideas: I used it myself this way, putting into visible form an icon layout I had in mind. It's almost like using a graphics tablet!
• The possibilities are endless; it's like having a whiteboard wherever you go.






• You can adjust your line width with the slider above the colors in the tools view. Touch the canvas with 2 fingers to bring up this view.


• Touch the canvas with 2 fingers to show the drawing tools.


• To use the networking feature, 2 devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or both have Bluetooth turned ON. Ensure that both devices are connected to the same wifi access point so that you can connect!


• Note: This is a Bonjour limitation. (In fact, as long as you're on the same LAN the connection may work.) We'll work on lifting it (Internet drawing?) in the future.


• Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing is now available. Along with tons of other new features, you can open pics and draw on them!


If you enjoy this app, please give it a top rating to encourage me to develop more. Send me your feedback for updates, as I have plans for many future improvements! Thanks :)


• If you have some feedback and would like a response, please email us at [email protected]


Developed by GreenGar Studios
Formerly Gengar Studios




Using an iPad? Get "Whiteboard Pro: Collaborative Drawing" for the ultimate collaborative drawing experience on iPad.


The Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing app version 3.1.1 has been updated on 2014-11-28. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
More Info: Find more info about Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing in GreenGar Studios`s Official Website :


My 3 year old niece enjoys doodling with this app. found in 3 reviews
Very fun and easy to use. found in 2 reviews
Best casual drawing app on the market. found in 1 reviews
White board is awesome I like to create wallpapers for people. found in 87 reviews
it's a pretty good simple art app. found in 3 reviews
this app doesnt have little guys to put on it. found in 1 reviews
Update needs to be fixed. found in 3 reviews
Itsgood and has several options but gets boring fast. found in 2 reviews
Crashed upon posting to Facebook. found in 9 reviews
Needs more color and kinda boring different backgrounds should b added. found in 2 reviews
They block P2P so it's impossible to use it at school. found in 2 reviews
It got boring after awhile but its still fun. found in 4 reviews
It's fine but the background on the picture you can't get. found in 2 reviews
it's fun but needs those 2 things. found in 3 reviews
Also the undo button doesn't work it's always freezing up. found in 22 reviews
I cant connect to anyone elses iphone or itouch. found in 1 reviews
I would like it more if they'd add more tools. found in 2 reviews
One thing is I wish you could add text boxes. found in 2 reviews
get rid of the stupid watermark. found in 1 reviews
Just needs more colors or the ability to save drawings. found in 17 reviews
but it's still a good drawing app. found in 2 reviews
Ability to also add text with keyboard would be nice. found in 3 reviews
Plus it isn't that hard to use. found in 2 reviews
Needs a save picture or email picture option. found in 4 reviews
It's not the best but its not the worst either. found in 5 reviews
It lags when drawing and posting to facebook doesn't work. found in 9 reviews
It crashed sio i cant even draw on it -. found in 7 reviews
Undo button takes longer to undo and constantly freezes. found in 22 reviews
This app crashes whenever I try to open it. found in 12 reviews
So if were you DONT GET THIS instead get Doodle Buddy. found in 47 reviews
Wish I could connect with others. found in 5 reviews
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iPhone 320x480 2
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iPad 360x480 1
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Icon 175x175 1
Every time I open it I touch one things and it crashes back to home screen Fix it    PEICE OF CRAP
Good for DD             Spretty good
Ok so on the screenshot images for this app it shows a global option I cant seem to find out how to enable this I really wanted to draw with my friends without having to be on using the same wifi network But I guess I wont be able to do this    Global
Undo button takes longer to undo and constantly freezesI used to love drawing on there and now I just hate itFix    Bad update
Overall a very nice app to have on your iPad Ive had it in one version or another since I got my first gen ipad             Nice drawing app
It was so easy to set up My grandsons and I were having fun with it in no time                Amazing
Pls add save drawings option so we can come back fix things and review whenever we want             Save drawing
Never have I seen an app that started off so well slowly lose all of its usefulness through persistent updates that take away features I used to love that you could zoom in But then they added the watermark That was fine I just had to crop it But then they took away the ability to draw on pictures Why Why    Got worse and worse over time
This app was very fun when I first got it You could do collaborations with others and no ads But guess what They added ads and took away collaboration Then they recently brought it back but it was only available through in app purchases That is bullcrap this app was fun until 2014    Used to be good
I used to love this app but the updates just keep making it worse The new update made it slower and the crashing hasnt been fixed          Crashing and laggy
Its a really good idea because me and my dad tried it to study but it KEEPS CRASHING they need to fix it    good idea but KEEPS CRASHING
I cannot use it because it crashes within five seconds of opening the app Im on the latest iOS    Crashes every time
I am teacher and use for mutipurposes                Great
Perfect                Best drawing app
I have used this a lot and it works great as a drawing app                Works well
Whats the point of drawing with a friend if I have to use wifi If I was at the same place as them we could use paper instead of staring at screens    Soo dumb
Greatgreatgreat                Great
I love this app I use it for many things and I definitely recommend it for people who are about 5 years old and older I gave this app 5 stars because in my opinion I love it                In my opinion
This is an amazing application that just keeps getting better and better I use it to sketch drawings take notes practice Chinese characters and a whole lot of other things The ability to change pen sizes to any size for any color is GREAT Thank you                Awesome drawing tool
Best Whiteboarding tool ever And totally free Love the extension to import stickers so cute Thanks                Great Whiteboard
No help function and I cannot figure out how to delete work or start over    Not great
I can draw in pictures and stuff little brother likes it seems good to me                Its cool
I can make illuminati memes now D                Awesome
Five star at its maximum with a whole new look at drawing                Awesome
This app is horrible I thought I liked it but after what happened I hate it more than anything I was working on something for about an hour I was almost done with it and all of a sudden the app closed on me I didnt have the chance to save it or anything When I got back on the app it was justgone all of that hard work for nothing I also noticed that trying to connect with someone on the wifi doesnt work either it says its connecting when its really not I highly recommend that you do not get this app because of its lack of working you wont be able to work on something without a strong chance of it being deleted    Horrible
works ok          yup
iPad 2 v83Please fix this bug It happens in the previous version as well    Tap Blank Start Over to make it crash
Until it crashes Dont even bother downloading    Great app
Good for the kids          I like
Good app for me                Good app
I loved the app you updated it and made it worse than before then fixed it again so now its good The next update should have a color copier tool             The update fixed a lot
But now Im experiencing crashes every time I try to open the app Which really saddens me because I used to love doodling on the whiteboard whenever I didnt feel like getting my sketchbook out I hope the problems will be fixed soon       Used to be fun
I use this app for tutoring Last year it was the best app I found for the purpose It was easier to use and drew smoother lines than any other app I tried My students loved that I could email them the notes after sessions and the app rarely crashed So I paid for the premium upgrade layers and no ads But with the latest update I now have ads and no layers To get rid of the ads I would have to pay again I already paid for the app once I shouldnt be downgraded to the free trial version Having ads show up during tutoring was embarrassing and unprofessional    Used to be great but has lost functionality including paid upgrades
App crashes immediately after open on iPad Ive tried reinstalling       Crash
I love this This is the best whiteboard app ever                
cant full screen edit anymore    horrible
This app used to work pretty well but lately it has been crashing very often Most of the time this will occur when I use the undo option as it simply loads for a long time eventually crashing Other than that the features are good Just hope the crashes will be fixed soon          Crashes Often
Super lame When zoomed in drawing isnt very responsive Wifi only collaboration makes this useless          Collaboration is wifi only
I enjoy using this to write out long and confusing math problems I also draw and sketch and this is the easiest way for me to see what Im doing and getting all the math problems correct                LOVE IT
Easy to use its not about drawing its about collaboration great                Simple UI but works
This went from being a decent app to a terrible one I cant even figure out how to just wipe the board clean now    Terrible Update
Once you upload your finished drawing to your gallery youll never see it again You cant even log in to the website I tried all of this to see my drawings again and could not log in with my credentials like I never made an account when I JUST logged in through the app I dont want to dig through other ppls drawings You cant even search users on the website I should have saved the work on my phone The GALLERY feature is a lie    Cant see your own gallery
I was drawing a picture for 3 and a half hours and it crashed    
I used to love this app The latest version is so slow that its unusable on our iPad 2 and our 4 Im currently looking for a replacement    Used to be good
A picture IS worth a thousand words and this doozy of an app allows me to get the ideas across when words simply wont do the trick Thanks for a great tool                Easy 2 Use
works seamlessly on iPhone 6                awesome
I luv whiteboard its so cool Its so much fun drawing on it and did I mention it has super cool colors This is 2 whoever invented this app keep up the good work Just one thingcan u make it to where it doesnt crash anymore                Totally awesome
Its good                Yeah
Ok so every time I get a new canvas It always deletes it but it freezes Also when you add a image it leaves this ANNOYING gray square around it like this used to be my favorite app but it has gone down bad          Not good but ok
App was working great and would constantly crash for like 10 times in a row waste of space if my phone    Constant crashing


GreenGar Studios
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 3.1.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Whiteboard Lite: Collaborative Drawing 3.1.1 Mobile

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