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WinterRoot LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (Wild Detroit ,Foraging Flashcards Early Spring ,Foraging Flashcards Summer ,Foraging Flashcards Fall ,Foraging Flashcards Fruits ,Foraging Flashcards Spring), brings Wild Edibles Full with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wild Edibles Full app has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc84
Thanks Steve.
I highly recommend this application to anyone who is getting into foraging.
Thanks for your work.
Very helpful information.
Useful and entertaining.
Ease of Usec100
Verry usefull on hikes great way to id wild plants.
how to identify the wild food.
Useful app that is simple to navigate.
Super informative and easy to navigate.

new cultivation information helps wild plants stay forgeable year after year. found in 9 reviews
with detailed descriptions of the most salient identifiers. found in 4 reviews
This app is definitely worth the cost. found in 1 reviews
I highly recommend this application to anyone who is getting into foraging. found in 1 reviews
This is an incredible wealth of information in the palm of your hand. found in 1 reviews
Good for beginners. found in 1 reviews
The latest update has made it easier to navigate and more comprehensive. found in 1 reviews
A great source of info. found in 1 reviews
Regardless of the description this app looks AWESOME on the iPad. found in 1 reviews
Includes several photos of each plant at different lifecycle stages. found in 4 reviews
Multiple pictures and illustrations of each plant. found in 2 reviews
I also enjoy Steve Brill's slightly cheesy sense of humor. found in 3 reviews
Well done Wildman and thank you for producing this excellent guide. found in 1 reviews
Thanks for a great App Wildman Steve Brill. found in 19 reviews
This is better than any field guide I've read. found in 11 reviews
He gives you identification and warns you about poisonous look alikes. found in 4 reviews
Seriously lacking many common edible plants in the western US. found in 1 reviews
It I an not a fluke then you need a major redefine. found in 1 reviews
Hope to see more plants soon Thanks Steve. found in 3 reviews
Update: screwed up a great app. found in 1 reviews
It lacks basic western plants like camas. found in 1 reviews
A foraging guide is next to useless if the pictures are too small. found in 1 reviews
not each time the app is opened. found in 1 reviews
pictures that can fill an iPad screen without becoming blurry. found in 1 reviews
Trying to view image resulted in images loading slowly in chunks. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Wild Edibles Full for $7.99 from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 67.3 MB to download. The new Wild Edibles Full app version 1.2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-08. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Wild Edibles Full check developer WinterRoot LLC`s website : http://apps.winterroot.net/

Wild Edibles provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for identifying and using wild edible plants, drawing on the outstanding publications and extensive knowledge of "Wildman" Steve Brill. NOTE FOR IPAD USERS: We are ...
This is still a great app considering the information you get with each plant and the hi res photos of different species at different seasons growth stages roots etc It has become glitchy though with the latest updates The biggest one that gets to me is when you click the warning symbol to see what could be dangerous or maybe a poisonous lookalike it shows the warning and there is no way to get out of that warning screen You have to force kill the app and open it back up again starting over from the beginning This is annoying but it s still the best thing I have come across in either an app or physical book There are other books on ethnobotany that are more extensive in species I think one is even mentioned inside the app somewhere but those books don t have near the amount of usable information or various photos as this app does I m still very happy with this app and hope it never becomes unusable due to iOS updates without app updates I just hope the little bugs are fixed sometime             Better in some ways worse in others Ericdcompton
I plunked down 6 specifically to help ID huckleberry in this area which I believe is abundant but I need to be sure before wildcrafting but there s no info Plant selection for West Coast is weak at best Wanted to love this but I m really disappointed         No Huckleberry wendybee
This includes all regions except southeast wish I would have been told before spending     No southeast region Dwolfwd
This used to be a great app but recent changes have made it nearly unusable It spawns errors at random times and locks up when you try to read warnings The new navigation makes looking at pictures cumbersome and it lacks a basic search function         Buggy M*dragon
Like carrying a foraging book in your pocket Great personal support to improvements and issues                     Excellent app that keeps improving 1userofthisapp
This app is a very handy guide to have if you are getting into foraging Mobile yet detailed it has a lot of great features that will help you learn and record your findings I have had little trouble so far with the minor bugs mentioned I am looking forward to social media being added so users can share info If you get an opportunity to join one of Wildman Brill s foraging walks for goodness sakes don t miss it It is a great experience                     A Great Reference for the Field A BlueBird
I live on the east coast of Florida north of Jupiter I try to look up edible plants in my area and can t seem to narrow it down to my region There is no database for the southeastern area of the US I am nervous about trying the plants here except obvious ones like clover and dandelion because it is hard to find ways to match them to this database and then to my region What would be good is to avoid the plant pages to what states they are seen in and perhaps their characteristics so people can search by adding tags that match up For example Florida spiky leaves hairy stems dark red berries which would return any results featuring those tags while filtering out the rest For the money paid to own this app which is great by all other standards except filtering it would really increase its value immensely especially in the field For goodness sake after all this time please send someone to the south east to study the plants here and add them to your database             Lots of info but could use more organization vibeichi
I love this app it s worth every penny The plants listing is huge and growing I love that you can search by region and season There is a tone of pics info and listings and warnings about poisonous look alike species It ALSO lets you add your own field notes You can add pics notes and location markers to keep track of plant locations If you are lucky enough take a walking tour with Wildman Steve Brill He s not only a wonderful teacher but also a real NY character His entertaining tours are full of history myths culinary medicinal uses and family friendly cornball humor It s a guaranteed good time                     A fabulous field guide for foraging in your pocket Sabrina Raspberries
Has good information on wild edibles and how to prepare them as well as information on poisonous plants but for some reason I can t get all of the images to be downloaded I reset the download fully and other times just rezip it but I can t get all of the photos It s never the same photos either Only around 6 or so though so it s not too bad                 Good information but small bug ColouredTea
I downloaded this in the fall and had a great time looking for edible plants in my hood I can t wait to go out looking again in each season The plant photos are really helpful in ID ing things and I love that you can search by region helpful when I travel Fantastic app                     Great tktktktk234234234
Crashes anytime I try to get new plants or photo s Poor design needs to be more like identification key format I should have learned my lesson any app that I have paid for has been a flop     Crashes softiee
App is broken     Broken Jmm23669
Steve Brill is an incredible guy and forager This application is a great way to learn to identify plants in an area and use them to make recipes psych out friends and just enjoying nature Don t forget to take a tour it s a great a experience He is hilarious                     Awesome App Court Travis King
The app is so informative easy to use and really packs tons of usable knowledge I use it on all my hikes camping and anytime I even sit in a park You will be surprised to discover plants you usually paid no attention to Steve Brill is the best teacher and definitely the best person to take advice from on all things nature Get this APP Take his Foraging classes One of the best hobbies I ever picked up                     Best App to Use out in the Wild chocolateshaikh
This app is great for identifying local plants for forage and keeps getting better Wildman is also a great guide in person I recommend this app to everyone                     Awesome app RachMaris
Wildman Steve Brill has created a foraging app for both the serious and weekend forager He is the author of many books on foraging and has been giving foraging tours since the 1980s His books are incredible in its detail and information but really hard to carry around during foraging hikes This app has all that information at our fingertips His focus on details is evident in all his drawings The app stands out by giving us the tools we need to identify all parts of the plant and in every season He describes each plant uses and medicinal values harvesting instructions and even recipes He is careful to advise us of any possible poisonous look alikes I think this is the best foraging app on the market                     The only resource you need Drrosie26
I use this app on an almost daily basis and it has helped me learn so much more about wild edibles With the recipes included this is almost the most perfect app out there My only gripe would be the filter function doesnt seem to work very effectively Other than that this is the perfect app for anyone and everyone                 Most useful app out there
This used to be my favorite app an I used it all the time But now it just crashes every time you open it after 5 seconds Its very frustrating especially as much as the app costs When you fix this Ill give you more starsbut for now I give you oneId give none of that was an option     Aggravated
Very handy reference for foragers herbalists and anyone with any natural curiosity about whats growing around them Great pictures make safe identification easy Lots of focus on safety A definite must if going on a foraging tour with The Wildman and a great companion to the books                 User friendly and lots of fun
I took a class with Steve Brill in central park a few weeks ago and afterwards bought the app Since then its helped me to confidently identify a handful of wild plants that Ive brought home and cooked with Its also got great directions on how to prep and store and cook Definitely worth the price considering the potential to save on simple groceries like garlic greens tea etc                 Helps me forage on my own
This update takes 2 gig of space more than a GPS map database        Too big
This app is amazing Honestly I prob wud have paid atleast 10 for it cause its soooo helpful in so many ways Thank u app maker One thing I know there r a lot of plants in the database but u cant have too many keep adding plants please                 Missin nothing
Havent been able to get past the disclaimer screen since the last update Either freezes or crashes as soon as I press accept     Booo
This app is amazing but there are a few issues One is that in the search bar if you type in 4 letters or more and search it it crashes But other than that there arent any things that make it crash that I know of Recommend for app designers if you could have more details for the poisonous plants like where it can be found or symptoms if you eat or touch it etc That would be great Thanks              Awesome
The descriptions are good however the images that are used many times are not helpful They are either too close up or too far away The images do not show variation on what the plant can look like Images seem like theyre taken from stock photos without consideration the user Overall just too few images to be helpful in identifying plants accurately and assuredly           Ok
This is a fantastic app All you need ID with pictures Recipes poisonous look a likes Even a few jokes to help you along your way Well worth your time                 All you need in one app
Great app features I especially like Multiple photos and botanical drawings to help ID plants really captured the key features to help when I was out in the field ability to filter by region and season uses for plants medicinally and culinary included with tasty looking recipes                 Great wild foraging app
This is a Wildman Steve foraging tour in the palm of your hand Tons of photos and very detailed descriptions for each wild plant make it easy to identify them and learn their nutritional and medicinal benefits Lots of yummy wild food recipes too This app is the next best thing to joining Wildman for one of his live Foraging Tours but dont stop with the app Treat yourself to a very affordable invaluable live tour You will laugh and learn sooo much while enjoying an afternoon in the great outdoors                 Expert accurate user friendly foraging guide
This app has several things going for it the excellent color photos warnings about poisonous lookalike plants cross references The thing that bugged me was the disclaimer popping up each time the app was opened Once at time of purchase is ok not each time the app is opened Also a little pricey But still ok              Not as great as other reviewers said but ok
Not sure what the other reviewers have been talking about this runs fine and looks beautiful on my iphone4 Love the interface upgrade Love the new plants And Steves info is solid OK so there are a couple crashes but thereve been several updates in the last month so it seems like the developers are on it Totally worth what I paid for it I take this on all my walks                 Great Update
I use this app in Central Park It describes all the common edibles in detail and makes it easy for the novice to start foraging The recipes are an added bonus A GPS addition would be nice so you could go back to that berry bush you found last year                 All the essentials
Update 2 So the last update now causes the app to crash whenever I touch the letters on the side of the list of plants Update They have made it clearer you dont have to download the high res images and added a search bar in response to complaints Good in the developers So I eased my review to 2 stars The app is still poorly laid out Especially for the small vertical iPhone screen For instance having to click an extra button to see picture comments just reduces the usability The layout of the descriptive info on the pant pages is a pain Yes their is the bell and whistle of resizing the text vs image screen space but nothing is designed to work together The location notes are a fine idea but awkward to use Navigation is a pain because the is no way to get back to a home screen after following a trail of associated plant If you go carrot to parsnip to hemlock through the similar plants links you can only travel back with many back arrows This is a fundamental design flaw Search by name features and association should be the bedrock of this kind of app Again all that was needed was more plant Still a big screw up of what was the best plant ID app I have met Steve and enjoy his courses I support him in general and loved having the previous version of the app in my pocket as I wandered the city learning edible plants This redesign is ill conceived First the obvious thing I think is the assumption here is the app is best on an iPad as that is how Steve uses it in his walks I dont I use it as a lite confirmation app on my iPhone which is always with me I need various search criteria to find plants based on environment season etc I do not have room for a multi gigabyte download of hi res photos I also dont need recipes on the go that is a better iPad app so I am glad you have moved that to a separate app though it would be cooler to give previous users the separate recipe app free since we just loss that content Overall the only update this app really needed was more plants The search redesign seems to give less options and the horizontal picture format doesnt make sense unless you can view horizontally on the device Currently it doesnt rotate I liked the old list view better for my smaller iPhone screen in general I give all this feedback to be helpful You all should be able to see the breakdown of device usage by you current users If i am a fluke you might ignore the iPhone users but just leave the old design for us and introduce the new one as iPad only It I an not a fluke then you need a major redefine You got mislead by you app developer on this one        Update screwed up a great app
Ive been using this app since it first came out and have always enjoyed it This current update sounded promising until I found out the app used up the rest of my drive space and it showed as 375 GB usage for the app Yikes Also it is extremely slow and glitchy on a 4S Trying to view image resulted in images loading slowly in chunks and that was with my very high speed wifi connection I cant imagine trying to view an image in the field Unfortunately I had to delete the app because it is pretty much unusable for me now It will be easier to carry Samuel Thayers foraging books with me in the field than try to use this new version I do hope they resolve this problem soon     Update problems
Why is there not a choice for the Southeast           Regions
The many photos of each plant plus descriptions and lookalike info make it really easy to identify what you are looking at The stories make it a fun read Having it as an app means it is easy to carry in the field                 Great resource
Very detailed app that has everything you should need to get started There is even an expansion you can purchase with 500 recipes so you can cook up your findings                 This app is foraging awesome
I use it all the time on hikes There is no other foraging app with this much detail and usability                 Great
Steve Brill is recognized as one of the foremost authorities in the New England area of the United States His app is a brilliant piece of work and his expert knowledge shines through I highly recommend this app for your in field quick reference and as a supplemental study guide to a live mentor Proper in every way                 Best phone app on the market
This app goes into great detail about many facts about the harvest truly interesting Each plant has recipes to medicinal purposes if applicable I like the color pictures I like the part where you put the type of environment you are in help you identify if you are not sure I do have this on my iPhone too The comparisons between different look alikes is important In fairness I must say I bought his book first but wanted something even more handy                 Great job on this app
Great info missing a key piece to make it useful and safe Common names are too inconsistent Which elderberry do you call common elderberry Blue based on the berry description but this app needs to include the botanical names     No botanical names
This app could be so much better and considering the price I expected a lot more The identifier is not that great not quick to find things and I wouldnt feel confident that I was eating the right plant           Expected better for the price
Went on a foraging tour with the Wildman and bought the app that same day I love it High quality photos super easy to navigate and lots of reliable information If youre going to learn learn from an expert And if you can definitely take some of his foraging classes Theres no substitute for the real thing                 Fantastic app
Useful app that is simple to navigate Refer to it often for help identifying edibles Wildmans tours are great too                 Easy to use
I was referred to the application by a friend and can safely say that it was a great purchase The recent update was well planned and thought through I am unsure about the previous reviews regarding the version but I got past the disclaimer screen without the problem on my 5S The one caveat I have are the image sizes The application does take up a fair amount of space I would be willing to have lower quality images for the app if it took up less space                 Amazing Application
Very helpful The photos and diagrams simplify identification and ruling out of various plants I highly recommend this app                 Wild Edibles Excellent Resource
At a minimum one should be able to type in the text string California and return all wild plants that have that string in any given field for that record     Text string search please
What I really wanted this for was adding pictures to geographic locations so I could look up what plants I found and where I found them I just wanted to be able to add a pin with a note and picture attached It seems I can only add a note when Im in a plant entry I like the idea of being able to look something up yes I too use my phone theres not a lot of plants from my western scruboak environment on the ap anyway Its already too big though I had to delete a ton of stuff I have 16gb just to get the ap to finish I just dont think you can fit enough on there to be able to do that offline           Its ok but
I usually carry notes when leading herb walks here in the Ozarks Now Im only going to need my phone and my notes will be backup Cant wait to tell others about this app                 Wonderful tool
I bought this app from Steve the Wildman Brill for one reason it was created from first hand knowledge and he is accessible to meet and talk to He offers first hand accounts of all the plants he speaks of I am using this on a 4th gen ipod touch I like the categories that each plant entry offers uses recipes warnings and the ability to take your own notes There also seems to be good vision for future enhancements My kids and I are already out gathering and cooking great stuff                 Right from the Source
Only downloaded the app a few days ago and Ive already used it successfully several times Takes up a lot of space but its well worth it                 Great resource
I use this app for all my foraging excursions in the northeast US The setup is user friendly and you can filter results in various ways It has helped me identify many plants and also inspired new plants to search for It even has recipes and recommended uses I would recommend this app for anyone that wants an offline pocket database of wild edibles                 Useful database
Tired of the crashing Want my money back Big long story under dandelions about how the author was persecuted over 30 years ago Let it go man let it go     Crashes Incomplete Dumb Humor
Starting my voyage into learning more about wild edible foods and Ive really been enjoying this appits laid out nice for an easy interface with clear pictures that help to identify different edible plantsit gets into harvesting medicinal uses the nutritional constituents recipes and morethats a lot of bang for the buckplus I like supporting people who are on a mission to educate others with healthy and useful informationcheers Get this App                 Great Resource
Verry usefull on hikes great way to id wild plants                 Usefull
I didnt open the app until I was on my way to the park for a walk this morning I then did the normal agree to location services and waiver then had to go I ended up leaving my iPad in the car during the hour walk When I came back I saw I had 3 notices from my data plan Now two days ago Id just purchased the 3G253month add on to the 10 I had left of the previous 3G This usually lasts me quite a while 68 wks without LTE being turned on I was quite surprised to see 3 notices popping up to me about data volume exhaust 936am 20 data warning 944am 10 data warning 953am 2 data warning There are 266 high def pictures which need to be downloaded I paid 8 for the app and I just finished paying another 25 for these surprise pictures I had no idea existed Sheesh I guess my bad but I thought the app was already downloaded at home And absolutely a warning while I wasnt on a wifi network about this data volume would have been nice I dont really know how to rate the app itself I havent used it yet This has just got me really annoyed at this point Even on my wifi the downloads just finished now 217pm The app will consume 25G of memory So this is a pretty hefty program Im sure itll be beautiful Ill come back up my stars if its fun to play with but right now Im just irritated           Warning do not initialize unless you are on wifi
This app is full of useful information and great photos for proper identification I have the full version                 Great App
Ive used Steves app for a little over a year now and think its great As someone who has been studying wilderness survival and primitive arts for the past decade I think everyone should check this out                 Great Content
I took Steves tour in Central Park today and am looking forward to using his app to do some solo foraging Thanks Steve                 Great idea
I used to love this app It was an essential part of any hiking excursion Now it crashes within a minute or two every single time I try to use it Wish I had a warning before updating I would have left it alone As it is now this app is useless Will try it again after I get a new phone but not getting my hopes up     Crashes Every Time
This is just what an app needs to be You can choose which plants you want to see for each season as well Wildman is a selftaught forager I remember foraging with him His sense of humor even in this resonates clearly                 Love it
Super informative and easy to navigate Multiple pictures and illustrations of each plant All the info you need How to spot harvestcooketc So much easier to pull out your cell phone than lug around a book or two and search through them dirty hands I highly recommend this app                 Wild Edibles
We love the app even more so after the tour of prospect park to reinforce what we learned foraging too Highly recommend for homeschoolers encourage your young naturalist explorers with detailed info as you interact with nature                 We love this app
Shortly after graduating from the School of Natural Healing as a Master Herbalist my desire to explore all of natures green treasures grew Although skilled in utilizing medicinal plants it became increasingly clear to me of the necessity of tackling the vast somewhat frightening subject of wild edibles Fortunately with Wildman Steve Brills new and easy to follow app my journey had become much easier than expected Whether a die hard plant enthusiast or just a curious onlooker youll be amazed by the information this remarkable man has garnered over the past several decades                 Master Herbalist
Great resource to have in hand Way easier to carry in the field than the books Way better photos than I can ever take Never have any problems with the app And I recommend going out foraging with Wildman if you are ever in the NYC area                 Fabulous resource
You are not going to find a more reliable person when it comes to helping identify wild edibles Steve Brill is not just someone making apps he has been out in the field teaching kids and adults handson for 30 years You can rest assured that the information within this app is the most accurate you will find because Steves experience is unparalleled Plus hes out there every day doing what he loves refining and expanding on his already vast knowledge This app is chockfull of information from the pictures to the drawings to the multiple identification options No need to waste your time trying out other apps this is the one to own Just adding on to my previous review here but this app has only gotten better over the years and it is still the one to own You would be hardpressed to find someone with more knowledge out there than the Wildman He lives and breathes this stuff As he might say using this app will make you dieof happiness                 Best one out there
Great app I use it often and I love the humor                 Great app

Wild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles FullWild Edibles Full Education Wild Edibles Edibles Full

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