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Fatima Malagouen , the publisher behind many iOS app (AVI to Any Pro ,MP3 to Any Pro ,Audio Converter Pro ,WMA to Any Lite ,AVI to Any Lite ,MXF Pro), brings WMA to Any Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WMA to Any Lite app has been update to version 2.0.6 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WMA to Any Lite for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It is a whopper, weighing in at 32787049, so make sure you have plenty of free space on your iOS device. The new WMA to Any Lite app version 2.0.6 has been updated on 2014-07-28.
More Info: Find more info about WMA to Any Lite in Fatima Malagouen`s Official Website : http://geranium-soft.com/support/

WMA to Any Lite is a powerful tool, designed to convert your WMA audios files to others audio formats. After conversion, you can also play the completed files on popular devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Tablette, AndroPhone, ...
I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to convert a file Looked intimidating at first glance but gradually became clear what to do Converted WMA files to MP3 many other options available quickly easily Downside it only converts 2 files at a time but its free it allowed me to do what I needed it to do                 Good Program for Beginners Tech Software Beginner
It can convert WMA to MP3 or M4A but not convert backwards                 Very good 123Sheryl
lite version limits you ex only do two files at a time interface just nonsensica after conversion you have to hunt down the new file in some hoaky directory that makes no sense just keep it in thre same place as the original SERIOUSLY     Just simpl stupidity SteveDa11as
I have had Audio Converter Pro ACP for many months but it stopped working a month or so ago When a device failure forced me to recover my converted files I gave up on ACP and looked for a new app and found WMA to any Lite I did that before I found that both apps are offered by the same seller The interface looks excatly the same the support site is the same one that did not respond to my issue with the other PURCHASED software and it occansionally fails to convert with the same error as the ACP software Disappointing         Not buying it DenebQuarlo
Yay so happy this worked                     Converted two wmv files so far CindiBaker
I am pleased with how simple and effective this is who wants to sit around pushing buttons when all you want is to get going and listen                     good work salsify-er
App worked fast and easy Love it                     Fast and easy Brooklyn219
Needed to convert some files for school This got the job done easy and quickly                     It Works tyshcr
I haven t used it very frequently but it s quick to pick up and easy to use Thanks for your work                     Easy to use Aukalikiano
It worked perfectly and quickly and was extremely straightforward to use                     Excellent software Reviewer223689543
Worked                     Good app Olivea Rojas-Roy
I had some old WMA songs Converted them to m4a in nothing flat and they sound good too                     Fast and good La Beck
After spending hours trying to find a way to convert a wma music file so that I can transfer to my iTunes library As well as multiple searches WMA Lite finally was listed and I decided to try it and downloaded it It was great My song was convereted so quickly What a pleasure it is when things work effectively as listed Very happy with my decision to try WMA Lite Thank you                     Great sbck4321
I like it only set limit to the quatity you can convert every time It works really efficient and didn t damage the quality of my wma file I will consider buying advanced version                     Great 球球在崛起
I found a wma file on my computer and I wanted to convert it to an mp3 in iTunes I just searched and found this app downloaded it and converted my file in less than 5 minutes It was simple and easy to do                     Quick efficient exactly what I wanted Spencer1616
it does the job                     I wanted to listen to a wma file this program helped me do just that Spozbo m
Needing to convert a few CD s I thought this would do the job It will ONLY convert 2 songs after that you have to purchase the Pro Not worth your time     Not Worth Your Time Dahlias Beauty
I just needed this for one class but it worked well and really fast All I had to do was download the file while the app was open and choose the type of conversion that I wanted Super easy                     Great Felicia Charles
I only had a few files to convert I wanted to convert from wma to mp3 but every time I tried to convert even a single file the App errored out I set the Output format to mp3 checked the Send to iTunes box dragged the song into the top of the App and clicked on Convert A window popped up saying Errors occurred Do you want to re process files in error Wonder if anyone does QA on these Apps I might have been willing to purchase the Pro version if this had worked     Refused to convert viningc
I tried and and I liked it Works very well I will definitely upgrade when the time comes                     Works Great Qdees
Downloaded the program and converted a WMA to MP3 in five minutes If I end up needing more conversions I ll buy the pro version                     Quick and Able Garisimo
This one works just fine but it only does two songs at a time So if you have a lot to do you will want to buy the full version No issues with it on Yosemite Mac Mini             Not bad I m sure the full version is better Mossybank2000
It DID work for me It downloads easy and it converts as it says it does It also plays the music real well after converting I recommend it                     I Recommend it Bashkii
I did down load this and seemed like a simple process Says that it is converting and does not seem to take long to convert but you cannot open it It wants you to buy a version to finish the process     Do not down load CJ84Teach
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