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Local TV LLC , the publisher behind many iOS app (LiveAlert19 ,WGHP myFox8 ,i-C3 ,WQAD ,13WarnMe ,13Now), brings WNEP with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WNEP app has been update to version 2.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
    Overall Satisfactionclick me79
    I love the new improvements and its definitely better than the old app.
    Easily the best local news app I know of.
    You guys are awesome and I love you.
    So much better than the old version.
    Updates & Supportclick me74
    The new version is a great improvement from the last version.


    The all-new WNEP Newswatch 16 app brings you more news, weather, sports and information in an easy-to-use format.


    This app features constantly updated coverage of the Scranton area from the team at WNEP, including video reports, live streaming newscasts, and breaking news updates.

    Tags :   weather


    You can even choose which kinds of push notifications you`d like to get from WNEP, and let us know when to not disturb you by setting a `quiet time`.


    Our Interactive Radar brings you a powerful weather tool you can use to track storms, while updated weather forecasts will let you plan ahead to avoid severe weather.



    The WNEP is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10.8 MB to download. The new WNEP app version 2.0 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    More Info: Find more info about WNEP in Local TV LLC`s Official Website :


    which is an outstanding feature. found in 1 reviews
    Live Streaming :. found in 2 reviews
    Great app for on the go plus alot of new updates. found in 1 reviews
    Excellent streaming of latest news broadcasts. found in 1 reviews
    Wholesome news station love it. found in 1 reviews
    Add traffic. found in 1 reviews
    Easily the best local news app I know of. found in 3 reviews
    Well designed and user-friendly site that's easy to use. found in 1 reviews
    I even tried deleting the app and reloading it. found in 1 reviews
    If I were to access them via my mobile browser. found in 1 reviews
    as it doesn't crash like the old one. found in 1 reviews
    Problem with new app. found in 1 reviews
    you'll notice the articles don't get updated. found in 1 reviews
    but I receive breaking news alerts. found in 1 reviews
    I wish I could zoom in to see it better :. found in 1 reviews
    There's little point in a news app if the news is old. found in 2 reviews
    no weather alerts received even though we had significant weather events. found in 1 reviews
    Like the app but where did my animated radar go. found in 1 reviews
    Can't Zoom/Enlarge or Turn Sideways. found in 1 reviews
    if you aren't watching a whole newscast. found in 1 reviews
    Just not happy with it please return it to old style. found in 1 reviews
    Fix the video issue iphone 6. found in 1 reviews
    The internets isn't a newspaper-- yesterday's news just isn't current enough. found in 1 reviews
    Poor Judgement Videos Pay for Play. found in 1 reviews
    ADS ADS AND MORE ADS. found in 1 reviews
    The news is old and doesn't update. found in 2 reviews
    No sound when playing a video. found in 2 reviews
    Don't like the update. found in 1 reviews
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    iPhone 320x480 2
    iPhone 320x480 3
    iPhone 320x480 4
    iPad 360x480 1
    iPad iphone 360x480 2
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    Icon 175x175 1
    Fantastic update The app looks beautiful and functions great too Well done                Really great update
    Really needs new options and updates          Could be better
    I dont like the update because the previous school closing list is easier to read    Dont like the update
    With the new update you removed landscape I have to rate this one star cause I cant even open this app in portrait mode The experience is not a good one    Landscape please
    Good app for local news Cant complain much This app saved my friends life so thats good Doesnt scale to iPhone 6 well Wheres the Talk Back 16 integration Cant apply for a job neither Waiting for the second game to come out I almost beat this one          If this app was bread it would be yummy
    The new layout is ok but the previous one was much easier to use My main complaint is the new advertising Ads that bounce you back to the top of the page when youre trying to read a story ads mid story and worst of all pop up ads that cover the whole screen Getting a bit greedy WNEP       I miss the old version
    I will most likely be deleting this Ads appear in between the news stories and you have to look twice to see its an ad and not news Large photos behind text is extremely distracting Like a few others I will seek my news through other venues    Update stinks
    The new layout is a lot cleaner and simpler but I miss the old look The weather tab used to be so much better And now there are ads everywhere BRING BACK DOPPLER RADAR    Ugh I hate this new version
    I would give it zero stars if I could Addon Gave it a little timeIT STILL STINKS This app is a loser The only favorable reviews are from employees and their families    Bad app
    I dont get the bad reviews I think this is a great update And the ads dont bother me at all Could use Apple TV or chrome cast support The weather app is actually pretty good too                I dont understand
    Used to be my go to app for the weather but it is just useless now Probably end up deleting it and just going to the website       Hate the new update
    Wnep app should get a whole new os just like on the news It should have an option to pick your hometown news hometown weather hometown events etc it should have a option for local news and word news breaking news health news sports news etc they should bring back the school closings The Weather app should be updated          New face over
    My husband and I are very disappointed in the latest version of the WNEP app The old design and layout of this app was far superior If I could give it zero stars I would    Boooooo
    This is a very good app but with the current version the weather has a lot to be desired The previous version of the weather was much more helpful and useful in planning my day          Weather
    The new version of the app is not good now it has been made worse by putting ads right in the middle of the info we are looking for You took a good app made it worse and you continue to go down hill with each update What a shame    Ads are distracting
    Not local anymore so why bother Just a templated app with no info of real value    New version is awful Deleted it
    Feels current and less clunky Great job                Love the new update
    Runs REALLY bad on an iPad 3 running iOS8 Unusable    Awful
    Old layout was better and why would you get rid of the classic WNEP sound for the alert and change it to an old tritone alert Now when you get an alert it sounds like every other app You took an app that was good and ruined it    Bad
    Large pics are overbearing and distracting Larger ads are even worst Glad I could reinstall the last version from my back up    Horrible
    New wnep app is awful    New wnep app
    I prefer the old app I dont like the display of the weather information I now use the weather channel app    WNEP app
    Old version was better Especially the weather part This one is too vague    Old version better
    This new version is pretty badmost of the articles are cut off by those stupid ad articles at the bottom The weather is the worst though Its very generic and pretty much the same content I can get from any other weather app out there I liked reading the write ups from your weather staff they were a good substitute for the times I missed a broadcast but now that those are gone the weather section is almost useless       Switch it back
    Dont waste your time with this new upgrade The news is better however the weather stinks No more radar options just terrible Weatherbug is the way to go HORRIBLE AND DISAPPOINTING UPGRADE    Upgrade
    Wish it was possible to give this a negative rating The old app worked fine no problems the new app is not intuitive at all Im subjected to constant ads very difficult to navigate I cant even find sports on it Wont use this again unless its fixed    Horrible
    You might have forgotten one important feature it a little hard to tell how fast a storm is moving when the radar doesnt show the time I watch your news and I see why you changed it The older version made sense    There goes the weather
    It is like this app was developed by a third grader I used it mainly for the weather since the WNEP website is so riddled with ads that my computer is about to break down every time I go on the website The old app was good but they got rid of many nice features No more horizontal view You cannot watch the weather forecast instead there is a one line description of the weather for each day I guess I will have to switch to a new news station since WNEP has proven their incompetence time and time again    Terrible
    Constantly redirects to ad sites and apps in the App Store Annoying    Redirects to other sites
    Liked before changing set up Deleted    Hate update
    Even though a third party archives and will sell you video clips from the site 2000 per minute the site as a reference or viewing on a personal schedule just isnt possible This is because videos and clip are posted for less than 24 hours Disappointed    Poor Judgement Videos Pay for Play
    LATEST UPDATE new version is destroyed by EVEN MORE DISTRACTING ADS If WNEP16 is that hard up for funds offer a paid version and let a visually improved app shineHow many times do we have to watch the same useless law adsdoes Munley own the stationWant breaking news use Twitter DELETED AGAINOLD VERSIONIs this app WNEPs only form of revenue Sure seems like it Oh can you maybe add some more ads and redirects didnt really want to see any newsthe ads are longer than the news clips Deleted    ADS ADS AND MORE ADS
    Who writes these articles Im by far no one to criticize grammar but these are poorly written                Great appBUT
    This is a great update                Love it
    I navigated through the former app with ease this one however not so much Some specifics are the time it takes me to find the sports link it should have been more visible and the need to click on a day to see the forecast When I want to see the forecast I dont want to click on each day the weekly option was more convenient I stopped using the app for weather and have instead been checking accuweather Hopefully some changes are in the near future    Not user friendly
    I just installed new update Very sorry I did Pics way too big The weather is absolute worse Cant view recorded weather segments Older version much better    Poor Update
    Loving the update                Bring back old version
    It wasnt broke yet you felt the need to fix it Switch it back to the way it was    Absolutely awful
    Really As much as WNEP was my main source for local news while living and now visiting NE Pennsylvania after moving to Florida for retirement I used the app frequently until this last update Ads ads and more ads has really turned me off with WNEP The new interface didnt help either If it aint broke dont fix it It appears that Im not alone either If I could find a way to roll back the update I would in a military minute As was said by others if I could give it zero stars I would    Poor update
    I loved the WNEP app and used it a lotuntil now The new update ruined something that didnt need fixed The new version is clunky and a hassle to use The old version with the pull down menu allowed easy access to all sections Now you have to slide the screen across to get to a section and the options available on the earlier version are missing Its now clunky cumbersome and annoying to navigate I have three devices and once I updated to the new version on one device Ive elected not to update the app on my other devices Bring back the older version or at the very least reinstall the way to use pull down menu    Switch it back
    Since last update I dont even receive notifications on the latest news Whats the sense of having the app    Horrible since update
    Uninstalled Waiting for the newer version or older version back    Uninstalled
    Revised app is not user friendly Very confusing Perhaps over time we can get use to it Then maybe we can give it more stars I can adjust to change but this one is a challenge    Not User Friendly
    I really liked the old app but I will give up on this version The design is just horrible Everything is BIG and clunky looking with way too much wasted white space The weather portion is the worst as it barely gives any information Is there anyway I can undo this update If not Im uninstalling it    New update makes app look horrible
    I use to to like being able to watch the daily forecast before going to work as my job is greatly impacted by it and now I cant simply terrible    Worst update ever
    Im a hot second from deleting the app I dont want to be redirected to the App Store to purchase clash of the Titans or whatever ad scam is When I open an app I expect to be in the said app Not taken to the App Store to download garbage So when Im trying to read the news you want me to download a garbage game How in the world does that make any sort of sense    Titan war really
    When I try to share a story on social media the only thing it shares is the picture I have to go on the web version to share I use the app often Not being able to fully share a story is a thumbs down for me This needs to be fixed or go back to the old version    You cant share stories on social media
    This is not an update this was a step back    Horrible update
    Loving the new appAwesome Weather is right up there with many other top paid apps Great work                Really liking the improvements


    Local TV LLC
    10.8 MB
    Compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.
    Last Updated:
    OS / Version:
    iOS / 2.0
    iPhone iPad

    iOS WNEP 2.0 Mobile

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