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WOOD Television, Inc. , brings WOOD TV8 for iPad with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WOOD TV8 for iPad app has been update to version 2.13.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Experience the brand new WOOD TV8 app designed specifically for the iPad. Get more news, more weather and more video. It`s everything you love about 24 Hour News 8 right at your fingertips.


WOOD TV8 provides the latest news, sports, weather and traffic coverage for Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland, Michigan.

WOOD TV8 for iPadWOOD TV8 for iPad
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* Navigate easily through local news and information that`s important to you
* Stay informed of breaking news with 24 Hour News 8 alerts
* View local news videos embedded within stories or at full screen
* Understand how weather will affect you with local forecasts, radar, maps and video
* Stay up-to-date on school closings and severe weather
* Help shape local coverage by submitting photos and videos through Report It
* Easily share interesting articles via e-mail, Facebook(R) and Twitter(TM)


If you are iPad owner,you now can download WOOD TV8 for iPad for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 2.7 MB to download. The new WOOD TV8 for iPad app version 2.13.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
More Info: Find more info about WOOD TV8 for iPad in WOOD Television, Inc.`s Official Website :
WOOD TV8 for iPad


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I have iphone 6 plus Whenever i launch the app it asks me to upgrade to latest version But i already have latest version Its a bug that needs fixing I deleted this app    Poor IT dept
Shouldnt have messed with this The new version wouldnt be bad except it immediately redirects you the App Store to download some stupid game I go to a news site for News not games As usual Ill take my business to Fox17 and WWMT3    Deleting
I like getting push headlines but they never have stories with them So I go into the app and I can never find any more info       Its ok
I can see how this app would be useful but some things often get in the way of a satisfactory experience A lot of the time it is the articles that are so poorly proofread that detracts from what the reader is trying to obtain information about Then as you wonder WHO wrote the article and why they spelled something so wrong banners and gigantic ads infest even the home screen not to mention every aspect of the app besides I will say though that reading the news on this app is much easier and more organized than trying to read the desktop site on a mobile device My hat off to you theredid he just spell airport AIRPRTO Facepalm          Unstable Poorly Designed Buggy and Too Many Ads
AdsAds more AdsA video Ad starts when you open the app Thankfully you can close it before it starts rolling Then there is the audio Ad that just plays with no way to stop it unless you turn your phone to mute Then there are banner Ads that make the news feed jump around making it very difficult to catch a story to open it Enough already It is usually so frustrating to read the stories I end up giving it up and closing it Please fix this unnecessarily annoying app and just let us read our local news    Nothing but Ads
This is a terrible app It is mainly all ads It is useless    All ads
I have not been able to get the app to open since the update Opens for a second and then crashes Very frustrating count on this app for weather Hate the Todd Wentzel ads too Very disappointed    Crashing
Notifications just accumulate annoying smiley face just deleted it time to change channels    Poor app
Better than last version There are more ads but they are not the same annoying one ad that comes up before you can get to the actual news It is touchy though and the ads growshrink which throws off scrolling I would be happy to pay for an ad free version I just want news Not ads I can get ads by arching tv Mlives ads are not as annoying             At least ads are easier to skip now
Notifications wont go Ive tried looking at storiesweather etc          Notifications wont go away
App does not work since updating to IOS 81 Prior to that the Todd Wenzel pop up ad was beyond annoying and the video links rarely played Deleted app    No longer works
App crashes when you select the weather button at the bottom of the main screen I had to load the weather app just to get the weather to see if it was going to rain tonight Monday 18May15 Do not need to see an ad for an auto dealer or some other ad before I even see the content What other TV stations puts you through that Fire your app writers start over Would shore a zero if I could    App still Crashes
New update crashed on every video now it cant even find the wifi signal Not using it until another update can cope with iOS8    Cant find WiFi
The picture on the App Store says a million words this is the guy who makes me want to know more                Best App for Local News
Wont load app Crashes immediately Get rid of ads and the Todd Wenzel ad Iphone 5    Nothing works
Hate your improvement where the alert symbol stays on until we tap it Wont go away no matter what Instead of an improvement it is a giant step backwards You are going to drive me away and cause me to use WZZM 13 instead This is a bug that needs to be fixed       Aggravating
The weather info forecast current temp wont update when you open the app You have to force quit every time to have any hope of seeing accurate indications of current conditions The previous version frequently showed daily forecasts that were vastly different from what was indicated on the tv broadcast So unreliable it is virtually worthless to me    Weather doesnt refresh
Crashes and doesnt open on most attempts    Bad
This app is full of pop up ads with links to other apps The worst app Ive ever used Stay away its toxic    Worst pop up app ever
Since the last update I cant get the app to load I deleted it and reloaded it and now it wont even open This app needs some serious work    Wont Open
Still seems very desperate and low budget Forced opening ads The company that bought this network sold it out    Forced car dealership ads
On open I got a full screen ad at full volume Not good during a work meeting          Good info but irritating ads and no volume
Terrible to navigate Old app was better What happened to disqus That was the only feature that made this app worth it    Whats up with this update
I get having an occasional ad somewhere on the site but the forced fullscreen auto ad is frankly annoying    Bad AD placement
It sometimes feels good to eat crow Way to step your game with this most recent update Nice new look 3 days in now and still running strong with no force closes             New update
Whats up Wood TV Why are you pushing other apps on the App Store I am in the Alert section and bang I am taken to the App Store Have to fix this Roll your release back    New update launches App Store
Opening any all videos you get a commercial which gets old fast Only crashes when going from video to weather Much better and BIG improvement Also need I94 on travel          Version 5 much better
This app hasnt worked in months please fix    Still not working
New version updated last week App has been crashing quite a bit especially with weather    WOOD TV8 App
Update you have lost a viewer I get how sometimes shotty websites will redirect you to some stupid app in the App Store but a reputable news source Who do you have developing your app A 12 year old Im telling everyone to find a better source for their local news WOOD is garbage    Embarrassing
The ads work fine but the whole thing freezes when the ads are over and youre trying to watch the live stream Useless    The ads work
I have been trying all day to sign up for school closing text alerts which I was getting before but failed to get today Nothing is working Erg    The worst
App was useful before update Now the stupid notifications wont go away even when you open the app and go thru everything Deleted app    Junk
The reports are not showing When I gonzo the reports I can see the advertisement but after that it shows the picture with the sound of whoever is doing the reports Please fix       Wood TV 8
Much better design However its very sensitive Ill just be scrolling when the app thinks I touched an ad and jumps over to the App Store Annoying to say the least       Sensitive
Trying to get to the news and weather around all the advertising was like being a mouse in a maze trying to find the cheese    Ads are excessive
App is decent overall but selecting weather in the newest update crashescloses the app Please fix ASAP Weather is crucial          Weather crash
The new streamlined version of this app is even worse than before Lots of hidden ads now that navigate away from the app into the App Store Its like Wood TV is trying to take me away from their app to save me the trouble The auto refresh bugs are still there as well as some new auto scrolling madness that makes it impossible to scroll all the way down a page Will have to uninstall until something better is released    Impossible to use
They never seem to get it right This app captures the audio right off the bat so that you cant listen to something in the background and read the news Too bad this is my local news provider and they never seem to get it right PLEASE find a new developer    Bad Programming Always
The current update has thrown ads in your face every time you open it Its both a pain and makes me want to stop using the app and removing it from all my devices and never looking backThis is the second update thats thrown ads in your face and they are OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD One more chance If it continues no more woodtv for me The local competitors provide a fine app without harassing advertisements    Another bad update with HARASSING LOUD OBNOXIOUSLY LOUD ADS
The red alert number will not clear after viewingreading the current news items C          Latest update has issues
hate the big ole smiley face that pops up every time I open the app and the alert notifications dont go away I will delete this app    smiley face
You changed the notifications so they would stay up if I dont click then Now there is always one notification because I cant find it Terrible Drives me crazyAlso your weather forecast on this app and your weather app are completely different Youve made such a big deal about the weather app yet it seems as though you cant manage both       Not quite there
With your latest update the app shows a continual alert that does not go away when you open the app or go through various articles Please look into this Thanks    Latest Update
January 2015I did not think it was possible for this app to get worse but it has Even bigger ads less mobile content harder navigation and less photo content Why are you torturing us Hire a real designer    Another alt another failure
I hate the update Now the news doesnt show on the home page just stupid ads And it also doesnt show the news when I click on news for Grand Rapids or Kent county I already have a weather app so not really needing this glorified weather app as well Fix it    Wheres the news
You need to update the app as the notifications do bot go away       News 8 get a better app
These numbers are annoying A couple of days ago it showed 321 Today it is 33 No matter what I do I cant get rid of them Other than that this app is pretty decent and easy to use especially now that you have added the back button It is great for closingscancellations If you can fix the numbers issue I would rate it a 5XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI wrote the above review some time ago I would now rate it a 1 The numbers are annoying cant get rid of them Also the weather app for Storm Team 8 and this app do not agree they are terrible I agree with ALL of the recent bad reviews Please FIX    How do I get rid of the numbers in the red circle that show up on the app icon
Please update the app The notifications for new news stories arent going away my notifications is up to 14 lol thanks    Update
App crashes when the weather icon is tapped Please fix          Crash Happy


WOOD Television, Inc.
2.7 MB
Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.13.1

iOS WOOD TV8 for iPad 2.13.1 Mobile

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