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Megafauna Software , the publisher behind many iOS games (Cross Stitch Maker: Draw realistic embroidery for free eCards and more! ,Word Search + ,Draw 3D! Pro ,Conundra Math: a brain training number game for iPhone and iPad ,Magic Safari ,PopWords!), brings Word Search + with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Word Search + games has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great to play while waiting at the doctors office or such..
  • Fun quick game to pass the time..
  • Tons of options and a great time passer..
  • This particular game helps you learn new words and the definition meaning..
  • It's a fun and challenging game for all ages..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I love word searches and this one is perfect cause it is has just enough.
I challenge myself by trying to beat the clock.
Need to be more challenging for the pros.
I enjoy doing word searches and the different categories are great.
This is a wonderful game.
Love this game love the challenge.
This is one of my favorite games i have.
Fun & Engagingc89
This app is fun and challenging for both adults and children.
It is a awesome game I think you should try it.
Easy to play first time you see it.
I love it & It's very addictive.
Super fun entertaining and challenging highly recommended.
Does repeat some of the same words quite often.
Loads of fun - pick your category and run.
I just installed this game an it's a lot of fun so far.
Family Friendlyc89
Easy to use and fun for the whole family.
I recommend this for anyone even younger kids could enjoy it.
A fantastic app that the whole family enjoys playing.
Great for kids and adults.
Replay Valuec90
This app is fun and challenging for both adults and children.
There are different levels and many different categories to choose from.
Need to be more challenging for the pros.
Lots of different puzzles and I really appreciate the levels of difficulty.
Great brain teaser :.
Lots of fun for all never gets old.
A little too easy.
Ease of Usec87
Great game to pass the time when you are stuck indoors.
Easy to play first time you see it.
A little too easy.
Good game keeps me from thinking about my panic attacks.
Enjoying this game keeps yours eyes and brain focused.
Ads not Intrusivec42
Updates & Supportc89
Even the free version is amazing.
Much cleaner to use than paper version.

Great for passing time and learning some basics about each category. found in 12 reviews
Great game to pass the time when you are stuck indoors. found in 136 reviews
Super fun entertaining and challenging highly recommended. found in 13 reviews
Fun great mind puzzle to keep u think. found in 7 reviews
Lots of different puzzles and I really appreciate the levels of difficulty. found in 17 reviews
Great way to pass the time and keep your mind active. found in 22 reviews
Lots of fun and great brain training. found in 18 reviews
I am very good at all sorts of crossword puzzles. found in 30 reviews
Excellent cool game to keep a sharp brain and exercise concentration. found in 41 reviews
Nice basic word search with customizable difficulty levels. found in 788 reviews
It is a great way to waste a little time. found in 6 reviews
screen size issue. found in 2 reviews
Enjoying the challenge and minimal ads. found in 2 reviews
No bells or whistles. found in 1 reviews
Wish the letters were bigger and easier to press. found in 2 reviews
but it does not fill my iPhone 5's screen. found in 2 reviews
Fun but too easy. found in 2 reviews
This one is kinda easy but still fun. found in 2 reviews
Fun app but needs to be more challenging. found in 20 reviews
A little buggy but fun. found in 1 reviews
but mine keeps crashing after i finish a puzzle. found in 4 reviews
Inconsistent Performance. found in 1 reviews
but the letters don't always respond to touch. found in 2 reviews
Good game but needs more categories. found in 6 reviews
it's difficult to highlight words. found in 2 reviews
Wonderful game it is difficult to highlight the words. found in 12 reviews
Puzzles overly sensitive to finger movements make it frustrating to play. found in 2 reviews
but the gameplay needs sound effects and or music. found in 2 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Word Search + for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 4.5 MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.4 has been released on 2014-11-24. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about Word Search + check developer Megafauna Software`s website : http://sites.google.com/site/wordsearchplus/

Learn trivia in 100 categories while you play Word Search + is word search plus trivia. Clickable word lists let you easily learn more about the words you are searching for. Learn about food and ...
Whenever I try to select a word it takes a good two or three tries for the word to highlight        Very delayed
Its awsome                 Words
could play this for hours and hours love word searches                 Love it
Always did like word searches So when I found this I downloaded it and fell in love Love the way you can change the background                 Fun
Fun app but crashes a lot try 6 times in under 3 minutes           Fun app
I REALLY love this gameapp You can choose different difficulty levels and categories Fun for hours                 Awesomeness
I like word puzzles this one is great                 Word puzzles
Its fun                 Idk
Its decorative has many categories and I just enjoy it                 Beautiful
Its a good game but it could have more categories such as nascar drivers last names presidents and others              6 time cup johnson
Easy entertainment while exercising your brain              Mind exercise
Love this game                 Great
I love doing crosswords but this app is really good you can pick out of a variety of crosswords like dog breeds states and more so i say 5 stars                 FUN
I have purchased the upgrade in order to get more categories however I have done them all and hope there is a way to get more other than going to dell and getting those that are pencil and paper I dont dislike dells but like that I can just open ipad and go on where I left off                 How to get more
This is the best word search game that I have came across Its good for quick games and I like the fact that it is timed also I have never had any problems with this app                 Love this game
This is a very good game                 Word search
I guess once they finished making this game they didnt go back and check to be sure the words they are having you look for are actually there That is really sorry When looking for a word that begins with an upper case L they have with a lower case l el which is the same as an upper case I as in eye Confusing You bet People dont check the games and there are glitches of any type should be band from promoting their games on the App Store until all concerns are addressed which are negative     Poor checking by game owner to verify correct spelling is on the scrambled chart
I like it it is grate to tiny is the bestthese is the best piazza game                 Y
Id give it 4 stars but it makes no sense this has a timer because it takes me 10x as long to cross off the word than it does to find it frustrating would be so much if it didnt take 10x to manage to cross the word off you can see what your finger is over and you always bump the wrong lettersand I have small fingers           seen better
Its nice and interesting Good to pass the time by                 Interesting
This is a ok app because u have to pay for it to have the rest unlocked but it gives u some challenge in it so it is fun if u r bored              Good app
Love playing this game              Fun Fun
p2p game     pay to play
this word game is very good                 good game
I am so addicted to this Word game are so awesome and this one is the best                 Love this game
I love this game It takes a lot of like concentration but its not like Im an adrvark who metaphorically and simpicitilicy sense physically cant do it                 Wordy
I like it              Fun
I really like this app but sometimes it takes a while to load And I know a lot of people are gonna be like thats just your device but oh well I think that this app is really great if you are bored and need something to do One thing that I would suggest though is that maybe just put a bunch of different levels that get harder as you go and not just easy medium and hard              Word Search Review
Games is a lot of fun              Word search
I love this game                 Awesome game
I enjoy word searches this has a variety of puzzles and with 3 levels of play as well as the timer adds for the challenge                 Great App
A little to long to load between games but still fun to play              Fun
nice                 nice
One of my most favorites I cant stop playing                 Love love this app
Try it for your self because everyone has different opinions              Its fun
This app is great Love me some word searches This keeps me busy on long flights 5 stars                 Awesome
Fun word search Lots of categories Easy to use                 Fun
Love it                 Yay
This game and Word Search Madness are both great games Definitely recommended              Great game Along with Word search Madness
Too many in app ads Took me few minutes to restart to actually do the first WS Nope not worth it     Meh
The very first time I played this on my 4th gen ipad it crashed after the 3rd puzzle Deleted moving on     Crashes
Fun game Needs more categories              FUN
Its a word search thats what you do find words Great game                 What do expect
When you find a word on these puzzles it makes this silly graphic across the puzzle of gold stars Thanks but I dont need gold stars like a kindergartner The graphic effects are far too distracting for me     Take stars off please
def recommended Get Word Search Madness as well Great game Both are awesome                 Awesome
I like word search games and decided to try this one I do like it but Ive come to find out some of the words are not in the puzzle I just bumped into one right now and theres no way to get out of it without finding the damned word which is not there Whats up with this This is like the fifth time I ran into this problem please check your apps before launching or do regular updates to fix this type of issues           Good but
This is one of the more enjoyable word search games however it crashes after three or for games It doesnt freeze up it just closes No problem reloading its just a bit annoying           Almost great
I would like it so much more if I knewunderstood what the words Im searching for weremeant Mostly Im just looking for letters that match the ones at the bottom        Good not great
I have to make my brain work even faster to make the less time great game                 Great and educational
This a really great app one that is definitely worth downloading                 Word find

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