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Automattic , the publisher behind many iOS app (Polldaddy ,WordPress ,Mesh - Effortless Photo Sharing), brings WordPress with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WordPress app has been update to version 3.1.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Slightly more limited functionality than the full web version..
  • Easy to use and almost as convenient as the online version..
  • It's nice that the iPhones spell check works when you're writing..
  • The new editing features will make my life so much easier..
  • Love that I can see my stats and read blogs though..

Overall Satisfactionc48
Thanks Wordpress for fixing the 'publish' button on the iPad version.
Better than Blogger.
Best App Eva.
Fun & Engagingc68
Awesome blogging utensil.
Awesome Blog Application.
this iPad app helps me stay connected and allows the inspiration to flow.
This app helps me stay connected to my site.
Social Aspectsc30
this iPad app helps me stay connected and allows the inspiration to flow.
This app helps me stay connected to my site.
Production Valuesc38
or the other information that is available via the web interface.
I use this more than the standard web interface.
Great mobile interface.
Ease of Usec60
The app makes it easy to post when I am away from my computer.
Plus the app makes it easy to post on the go from your phone.
It's so easy to use and convenient for bloggers on the go.
Easy to use and convenient to write with.
Security & Privacyc17
Updates & Supportc39
I use the app to respond to comments and track my stats.
Can no longer reply to comments from app since upgrade.
the new update makes the app much more stable.
supportive and encouraging staff and excellent customer service.

this iPad app helps me stay connected and allows the inspiration to flow. found in 4 reviews
Love the app for monitoring comments. found in 5 reviews
Woot woot. found in 2 reviews
ORG site rather than. found in 5 reviews
This is a real time saver. found in 5 reviews
Latest Update is Stable 4. found in 2 reviews
add content. found in 4 reviews
Shows old posts. found in 2 reviews
and always post the newest club penguin cheats before everyone else. found in 1 reviews
Wordpress is the perfect place to express yourself. found in 5 reviews
making keeping up with my blog and the blogging world quite easy. found in 14 reviews
There are ton of free themes to choose from. found in 4 reviews
I've lost none of my drafts saved locally. found in 3 reviews
It won't give full control and convenience. found in 4 reviews
There are also professional looking themes. found in 4 reviews
Great for writers and bloggers. found in 3 reviews
Who wants reader view as the default. found in 5 reviews
Best App Eva. found in 2 reviews
140908 Better but image upload options are no longer there. found in 11 reviews
but every time I try to add a photo the app crashes. found in 11 reviews
the WordPress app stopped being able to login to the site. found in 104 reviews
they removed the video upload functionality - without announcement. found in 12 reviews
- ability to add links - ability to approve comments. found in 10 reviews
sign up for a completely new blog --so very helpful. found in 25 reviews
I get a popup that says "Communications Error: Bad user name or password ". found in 17 reviews
So much for blogging on my new iPad. found in 7 reviews
VIDEO support is missing completely. found in 6 reviews
then independetnly check my spam comments. found in 3 reviews
Can't view stats and can't upload new posts or pics. found in 17 reviews
It says Jet pack failed and to please try again later. found in 28 reviews
keep getting communication error message "bad username or password". found in 25 reviews
You can't upload pictures not even one. found in 4 reviews
You also can't easily paste text copied from elsewhere. found in 6 reviews
the app would crash or constantly give bad username or password errors. found in 48 reviews
from distorted photo uploads to interim crashes and network errors. found in 15 reviews
seriously needs rich text capabilities. found in 28 reviews
Please fix:
unable to login /validate with self-signed SSL certificate on my website. found in 104 reviews
Simply fails to save entries or comment replies. found in 49 reviews
Used to use this constantly to update multiple blogs. found in 31 reviews
It won't upload photos to my self hosted blog anymore. found in 42 reviews
Can no longer reply to comments from app since upgrade. found in 59 reviews
The section to read blogs I follow isn't even there anymore. found in 34 reviews
But the most recent upgrade won't let me approve comments. found in 29 reviews
I can't even set a featured image. found in 32 reviews
Doesn't accept correct login credentials for self- hosted blogs. found in 45 reviews
Can't post to my blog or edit comments from my phone. found in 51 reviews
Updated and all saved drafts will not publish through Wordpress app. found in 126 reviews
it would crash when I would try to upload a photo. found in 100 reviews
This is not a rich text editor at all. found in 28 reviews
It constantly goofs up when I add photos. found in 28 reviews
Latest update has broken attaching media to blog posts. found in 110 reviews
"Communication Error Bad username or password " Lastest software on iPhone and blog. found in 48 reviews
constantly getting bad username and password error messages. found in 44 reviews
I love the WordPress site but this app is awful. found in 45 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download WordPress for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.1.2 has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
More Info: Find more info about WordPress in Automattic`s Official Website : http://iphone.wordpress.org

It's easy to manage your WordPress blog from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. With WordPress for iPhone OS, you can moderate comments and create or edit posts and pages. All you need is a ...
I absolutely love Wordpress I began blogging about 4 months ago Its more for myself however I dont mind not having any views or any followers Its just an open journal for myself I just love going back reading what happened on a certain day Looking back at how I felt then Its a very simple app The only thing I would love to see added is a way to find older posts by not only typing in the Title of the post I forget the titles sometimes so its hard to have to scroll thru hundreds of posts yes there are times when I post almost 56 times a day I know the Pages are available but I rather not use it I like just posting a blog one by one if that makes sense Maybe I dont understand what the Pages actually do Hmm Anyway great job Wordpress Im looking fwd to new updates assuming Ill like them                 Great
Wordpress is easy to use and there is no need to spend money unless you want to Sited are customizable and professional looking I began a writing blog a couple months ago and have been welcomed into a community of talented readers and writers I could not be more grateful for an easy to use blogging platform                 Wordpress Opens Up New Worlds
Great app I use it everyday and it has assisted me greatly in getting my poetry out there                 Sweet
Great app to manage your blog on the go Not quite as easy to write posts from my phone but thats not something I typically like to do anyway              Nice
Great blogging tool and easy app interface Love it and use it often              Wordpress Works
Very convenient and easy to use                 Love it
Wordpress app is easy to use the photo uploads stick and never complete You have to delete the app and reload it The reader function works wellto view freshly pressed or blogs you follow Needs work on the upload issue Wordpress has been around for quite some time and for me one of the better blog hosting sites The alternative is to use the web version of Wordpress on your mobile device it a bit harder to navigate              Wordpress mobile app iPad
I love to write and this website helps that passion and love grow people actually read your work As with anything else it takes effort and consistency to get noticed but Im always bragging about Wordpresscom                 Great way to get out there
For a free blogging platform you cant do better My hats off to the team              Great app
Just started using it today I like it Its easy to navigate Some errors pop up and sometimes things wont load or a link to share your post wont work              So far so good
Easy way to update my blogs check stats read other blogs and more Never had an issue with it Wordpress has been amazing for the 2 years I have used it                 Love it
I like Wordpress but its quite complicated and took me a long time to figure out how to even use it It isnt a very open website and it makes it difficult to get new followers and to find new blogs which I think could benefit everyone a lot You really have to know what youre doing to grow your blog and a few simple changes could make it dramatically less complicated to new users              Good but complicated
I like              Pretty good
I used this to document a bike trip across Europe and it was really easy using just my iPhone                 Super for first timer
I love Wordpress but the app is really laggy on both by iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Its rather difficult to actually write on these devices because of it The other features are great so once this issue is fixed it will be a stellar app           Good but laggy
You can do everything you need to from your phone now Its pretty great to be able to set up a new article in the fly Love it                 Great
I recently launched a web page and am very very happy with WordPresscom Even though Im not very familiar with CSS their team provides great support for all of the technical issues Ive run into Their platform is so easy to use and they have an excellent selection of themes Thank you WP                 The Best Site for Begginers
I like the wordpress app because it is very flexible a user friendly It is really great But I have some subjections 1 It does not allowing like it was before the copy and paste over pictures and links Also over some descriptive texts that are attached to videos 2 Some links are copied does not copies the texts as well but the url address 3 The App is not allowing to visualize a video when place the video link manually on the text editor before it allowed to place the link and be able ti see that a video is there 4 When making a link reference over any text or post to another It should allows a search of the address to be linked 5 It should allows in a easy steps to visualize Stats by country including the summary 6 Many others                 WordPress App
Its a great writing platform where you create a professional user friendly website I currently have a free account As my site expands I will purchase the business package                 Great platform
Meaningless error messages and no support leave you hanging Not even an area to send a question for help Id never pay for such lack of service     Id never pay for such lack of service
I love it simply put                 Wordpress review
I wave been writing BLOGs for several years using Word Press It is easy to publish and manage likes and comments If you want to write a BLOG I recommend this software                 Great BLOG Software
Thanks for all you guys at Wordpress do                 Wordpress is the best
Second best blog site after Tumblr but I enjoy for my spiritual and poetry needs Keep up the great updates as well                 Love
Two iPad minis and its crashing majorly on both I will change ratings after it is fixed     Crashing on iPad mini
I love the convenience this app provides                 Luv this app
This is a far better way to pack more content into discussion than with 140 characters in Twitter Very easy to use app                 Great
This app is great Layout is awesome and runs smoothly I love it                 Awesome
I have been reading and watching blogs vlogs and YouTube videos for years now I have been wanting to join the community for years as well but never could figure out what was right for me until now I decided to try blogging I now have three posts on my blog on Wordpress and love it I create my posts on the computer but often use the mobile app to check my stats interact with my viewers and more I highly recommend Wordpress for anyone who is new to blogging I had no idea what I was getting myself into but found the website fairly user friendly                 First Timer
So far I like it Its very simple                 Simple and easy to use
My husband and I are blogging our adventures in the marines and decided on Wordpress after a few other blogging site attempts that crashed and burned None were as user friendly with the mobile app as Wordpress Its the best and has all the features we need LOVE IT                 First time lovers
Nothing that was posted prior is there to show Cant post anything Theres no record of work PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP     where are my posts
I love the statistics that Wordpress gives you breaking down the amount of views and from where and when I love the premade theme that I chose its fairly intuitive and easy to use                 Cant think of a better way to blog
This app is fantastic                 I WordPress
Update 9815 The search feature is pretty awful I dont know where keywords search but its certainly not the title or body text Cant find posts by searching for words that are in the title You guys need to fix this Update 61515 Seems to be getting more and more stable I really like the image editing features Really would like the ability to search my posts Please Update 32315 Oh boy Seems like one step forward two steps back every time Wordpress is updated Every time I view stats the app crashes Not really into the new edit view either Would rather have just the html view Not this lame preview edit mode Plus every edit creates a new paragraph tag ugh Update 22315 Great update today guys Also please add the ability to search for your own posts I have tons of posts that I frequently revisit to update But it takes forever to find them by scrolling Update 21015 after two updates the issue I describe below is still happening Every time I update a post via this app it says failed But it still updates the post Please fix              Nice way to post to my blog
This app helped me so much Easy to use and professional                 Great app
This is the latest in a history of technical screw ups with this app Fix or get better programmers     Crashes instantly on iPad 2 fix it 4 stars
This app has helped me a lot This is the best app to make a brand new blog                 Amazing
I personally love using the WordPress App It makes it so much easier to get around WordPress and makes my blogging so much easier and more pleasant I wish they had an app for Mac I dont use my laptop because it is much easier to use my iPad with the WordPress App                 WordPress Blogging
Not yet anyway I have multiple blogs on Wordpress all completely different Its easy addictive the most challenging aspect is picking a theme              Im a social media star
This app is so easy to use and I can easily update my blog with photos tags and posts right from my phone As someone always on the go this is essential                 So easy to use
For a mobile blogging app its impressive the amount of functionality it has Im sure its not easy to integrate a mobile application into the framework of Wordpress that lets you have so many more layout options than other blogs Well done Never crashes                 Tons of functionality
I enjoy using Wordpress for my iPhone It has the occasional glitches but is overall user friendly              Love Wordpress
Makes it easy to check on my site                 Great app
WordPress has steadily developed this app It seamlessly handles generation and updates to blog posts and pages with a WYSIWYG or text interface as well as comments stattracking and realtime notifications A superb tool for anyone who uses the WordPress platform                 Tremendous App for Blog Management
I have been using wordpress for 3 years and the app has just made everything that much more user friendly                 Very User Friendly
The Wordpress system is great for new bloggers Their programs provide an excellent learning blogging environment                 Great for the beginner Blogger
Now that I have a little bit of a hang of how Wordpress works Im in love Thanks for asking                 Wordpress app
Im new at blogging and this app makes it very easy                 Great for blogging
The ability to be able to post to my website on the go is hugely important powerful Wish I could format text with colors and align images Nonetheless Im thrilled with this app              Thrilled

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