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National Geographic Society , the publisher behind many iOS app (Look & Learn: Animal Alphabet ,Ultimate Dinopedia: The Most Complete Dinosaur Reference Ever ,Trail Maps by National Geographic ,50 Places of a Lifetime: The World`s Greatest D... ,Locked Up Abroad ,National Geographic Magazine), brings World Atlas HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. World Atlas HD app has been update to version 2.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.


Designed specifically for the iPad, National Geographic`s World Atlas
puts our best maps in the palm of your hand.




Unlike other map applications, the National Geographic World Atlas HD utilizes our highest resolution, press-ready images, providing you the same rich detail, accuracy, and artistic beauty found in our award-winning wall maps and bound atlases. The app is preloaded with 3 different styles of world maps, down to country-level detail. With an internet connection, you can continue zooming through continent-level maps to detailed Bing maps - close enough to see your home!

World Atlas HD
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Learn more about the world around you using the up-to-date, expertly researched, Flags and Facts database which contains concise geographic and socio-economic data.




Bookmark your favorite places with notes or pictures from your photo library. Center the map to your current position on GPS-enabled 3G iPads. Find places by name using the built-in index of major world cities or the full online search of nearly 7 million places.




The National Geographic World Atlas has been featured in:
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If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download World Atlas HD for $0.99 from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new World Atlas HD app version 2.2 has been updated on 2014-11-24. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Bottom Line: For more information about World Atlas HD check developer National Geographic Society`s website :


The spikes dont work as a way of visually representing information The difference in the length of the spikes is only obvious on the edges of the map where you cant tell which countries they correspond to When centered on the map they just look like dotsTheres not much content There are only seven map overlays Wheres all the information that make almanacs interesting like demographics information about industry land use language religion climate etcIm pretty disappointed       Bad visualizations not much content
The map zoom has disappeared but there isis an implied promise that it will be replaced Do not buy this app It is worthless without the zoom It is a onestar at best but a five star with the zoom    Map zoom gone
This used to be a great app Its terrible now Its so very limited on zooming    Terrible updates
I am so disappointed Ive carefully saved pins in my app over the past few years and with the recent update they all disappeared Totally frustrated Gotta find a new app    Where are my saved pins
Completely different app Complete downgrade from previous app Before it was great now it is just another globe Undo upgrade back to have Bing I am now looking for a replacement I would give it zero stars A refund is in order Word out to developers make an app like NG had before and it would be instant hit K rap    2nd Worst update ever after the last update which changed everything
Since the last upgrade the app is totally useless Have waited for quite some time for GEO to fix They never did so I guess its time to delete this app    Ruined
Agree with all of the above Hard to believe you can take a great app one of my favorites that I have told many people was a musthave and now it is mundane drab and not nearly as helpful Map detail is very limited Slower to load too Who makes these decisions    Update ruined great app
This used to be a great app one I recommended to everyone because of the ability to drill down to site specific building and topo level detail I would use it while traveling internationally to view areas I would be visiting with excellent detail of roads and sights It now provides nothing more than a kindergarten level map view National Geographic should be ashamed of themselves for delivering a significantly inferior product and presenting it as an upgrade I deserve a refund this is not what I paid for originally    Horrible Horrible upgrade and app now I feel ripped off
This application used to be a goto as I flew all over the world The latest update has taken away detail and has slowed down the performance of the application Zoom feature is horrible Please bring back the old version    Update has ruined app
The more they improve World Atlas the worse it gets Select a country and the screen darkens to dusk A strange empty white circle with no apparent function appears Whos minding the store here Hard to see how anyone could consider this update an improvement Its more like a demolition    Annoyed Anastrophe
I used to love this app Im a reader and I love to look places up in the atlas when I read I really enjoyed getting down to street level on this app No longer able to do that    Update ruined it
I once gave this app 5 stars Not anymore this new version stinks It relies too much on internet connection to download anything beyond a global map And as you move around and zoom it takes forever to catch up and download The old version while it took up more space had better quality and detailed maps Im deleting this immediately    Excellent
This used to be a terrific app allowing users to explore interesting regions of the world in fine detail At some point the designers did away with that feature leaving only maps showing large Using a free map app is really much better If you want the annoying pop up information this app supplies you are much better with an Internet search Until the original features are restored dont waste your money    Stay Away
UPDATE 82015 Its been months and the developers have done nothing to correct the core problem that keeps me and thousands of others from using the app maps dont redraw consistently as you scroll around the newlyconceived globe interface One country will be at one zoom level while the adjacent area is still a full level less detailed Scrolling and zooming is jittery and slow as a result and place names difficult to read Maybe the interface paradigm they chose for this new release is fundamentally flawedThe level of detail is also shockingly low with just a few towns displayed for some countries Why they dont let users buy additional detail as an inapp purchase is beyond meFinally I was disappointed to discover theyve removed the ability to use the app in portrait mode you know the way 90 of people hold their iPad The app now only works when held sideways Im sorry but I dont care how they rearchitected it if they cant be bothered to keep something as basic as portrait mode functionality which the app has had for years Im done using it    Buggy jittery and no portrait mode
I asked for street level maps other than Bing prefer Rand McNally or Michelin but you eliminated them Not smart Then I would click to search Bad idea Big info balloon for something nearby that I dont want pops up and I cant get rid of it Finally found if I pinch to enlarge balloons stop and I can find what I need Then click for info Maybe this was in FAQ but who reads directions Overall would prefer the old atlas       Fantasic app
I used to depend on National Geographic Maps for closeup details and was very disappointed not to see them in this new version especially as NGS paper maps were always so beautifully detailed Hopethis gets remedied soon          The finer details
They ruined this app Not only is map detail lost but so is pin detail of my travels which I spent much time inputting A ripoff Developers get your heads out of your backsides read all these critical reviews and restore the app I paid for    AWFUL UPGRADE
This is a spectacular resource for students learning geography             I love this app
Ive had this app for yearssorry to say Im dumping it and looking for a new one    Took a good app and screwed it
Do no buy this app My gps cant put a pin on where I am Go back to the previous version    The update ruined this app
The update was a bad mistake The new app is slower and the maps are far worse and less attractive I agree with a previous review which mentioned that the maps and responsiveness of the app were far superior when it was possible to store them in my device Given that one often likes to use such an app when traveling to areas with poor internet connectivity it is ironic that National Geographic decided to make the app less useable when traveling to parts of the world featured in its magazine    Misguided update
DO NOT BUY THIS APPThis used to be a great app Now it STINKSIn the old app before they ruined it I was able to place a pin on the location of my house Now the best they can do is put me in the wrong city The new app would show the pin from my old app and just to make sure I wasnt crazy I deleted the old pin and now I cant replicate this feature It was nice to place a location pin on places Ive been but now I can only put a pin in the wrong place I have a very fast wifi connection and when I zoomed out to return to the world view all I got was a white circle This happened once and that was enough for me It never happened with the old app Dear National GeographicYou ruined what your app did well and gave me a stupid currency calculator and the opportunity to buy stuffYou wanted a review well you got it I hate to condemn you in public but because you wont answer your email I hope no one else buys your lousy app and your nonexistent support I WANT MY MONEY BACK    Ruined
I thought I bought an offline atlas but also got a nice virtual globe that intelligently shows the right amount of info without excess clutter until you want dive into it There are also two globes to download Beats having to lean on Wikipedia all the time since Wikipedia isnt considered a credible source in an academic settingI used to go to the internet world factbook but now the same info is here You can rank countries easily in many categories sort search locate This has replaced my physical globe internet combo I usually useI guess the poor reviews are people who were used to how the app used to behave I have no idea just got it but it is really nice in spite of the reviews implication I have a 6 Plus And at 199 A no brainer Just skip one coffee and buy this Really people two bucks is practically free I know you have a pricey device spend a couple more dollars and make it an educational toolIf you download both globes inapp about 300MB you dont need much of an internet connection afterwards to use this app which is nice                Just fantastic
I havent had this app on my phone for several years because it was big it was bloated and had lots of stuff that I didnt need I just redownloaded it after reading the reviews and it is exactly what I want the countries the states and the cities just like the atlases that used to be in the back of every encyclopediaIf I need street level maps Ive got plenty of other apps for that                YES Exactly what I want
This used to be a great app I cant believe National Geographic would give up all the useful functions for the for the glossy but ultimately useless digital globe they offer now The only people giving this globe a high rating are those that never had the previous version I used to use this app for traveling the world for work but now it is completely useless to mePrevious functionalities that are now goneCache streetlevel Bing maps for offline use Now it only goes to a level of detail you would find on a world wall map Fully customizable pins You used to be able to assign colors and categories to pins I had over 130 with various colors and notes assigned It did import them all to the new version but dumped them in a category called imported and wont let me edit move or reassign the category The app crashes if I try to edit them at allCurrency Conversion The app used to pull realtime and historical currency rates and had a great currency calculator that would work even if you were offline Now it has nothingWeather and local time The app used to pull weather for the capitals and anywhere you dropped a pin It would also give you local time daylight savings info and national holidays Nothing like that nowThat is all I can think of off the top of my head but Im getting depressed thinking of how they gutted this app for style over substance Dont spend money on this thing there are so many better free travel apps out there    Give me the old version back
A few years ago the NG map was awesome This version is trivial Moreover it sends useless messages Do not buy    Horrible
This was a better tool with Bing maps since NGs maps dont go into enough detail NG presents the change as being advantageous Since its obviously not I wonder what the real reason was And while I hadnt personalized the earlier version to the extent that others leaving comments here had Im shocked that the update which occurred automatically on my iPad didnt preserve users personal information I would be reluctant to purchase an NG product again since the company reserves the right to diminish an apps quality without notice    Bad Form Bad Faith
This used to be one of my most prized apps Unfortunately the upgrade ruined it Level of map detail available is far less Now the mapping is at the level you would find in an elementary school textbook only marginally better than some of the free apps out there The distance tool which was formerly excellent was made worse than useless in a recent upgrade A second patch improved the original frustrating downgrade but the distance tool and the whole app are still grossly inferior to the version I had on my iPad 1 in 2009 The whole app now now feels like something from a Windows 31 computer in 1994 Better than the free apps Ive seen but only marginally so       Do not buy Use Google Maps or a free app instead
This used to be a handy app while in a plane or otherwise offline No more Even the lowresolution maps it provides while online are not available off    Useless
1 Distance tool Please leave globe where it is and IN COLOR Moving to monochrome and dimming make it impossible to see This knocked it down to a 2 for me It was a five before2 Please stop zooming out when a menu item is picked You lose your place making it feel the app is fighting with you3 Please put street detail backI will not upgrade my iPad until at least the color distance tool is fixedToo bad as I used to boast about this app       Put back three thing to get a five
I am extremely irritated and disappointed that I bothered to upgrade this app One I paid for and have recommended numerous times to others It is NOT user friendly dont even think there is a distance tool anymore and if there is one where in the world is it to be found There should be something other than a star that means Do Not Purchase    Sooo Disappointed
Ok these things dont happen by accident This used to be an amazing app One could do a citylevel or even streetlevel dive into every corner of the world Also instantly measure distance from point A to Point B Now its all gone or heavily encumbered Try zooming into any city and at some point all you get is your fathers 6th grade wall map Really Measuring distances is now a pain and grossly inaccurate depending on where your finger hits the map Someone must have thought that this app was providing too much information to the common man or DANGEROUS PEOPLE I finally torched the app Gone History Shame on you National Geographic Im not a DANGEROUS PERSON Im just trying to learn as much as I can about the world I live in    Destruction of a wonderful app
I have had this program for over a year and never use it as their are far better mapping programs The maps provided only zoom in so far and are rudimentary Also after you zoom in the maps are in black and white The best part of the program is the statistics they provide in association with Countries Overall that is not the reason I downloaded this App and I have 56 mapping programs which are far better    I can draw better maps
The previous version of this app was great The currentlatest update is horrible a disaster Please make future updates to change the app back to its previous functionality The previous version had more detail better maps and was quicker and more ergonomic The current version restarts every time you reselect the app The measuring tool and pin functionality are very poor Dissatisfied Customer    Newer update is horrible
Used to be my favorite atlasmaps app After the recent update much less map detail available plus there are significant lags while zooming into the maps Cant believe they just ruined it    Latest update has ruined the app
This use to be a great app now it is very poor app for many reasons1 The old app gave much better detail with zoom2 The notices that appear every time I turn on my ipad are a pain in the butt3 Every time I touch the globe boxes with unwanted information pop up4 It was possible to down load the maps for high detail when off line I think that funtionality is no longer availableIt is difficult to beleave that National Geographic made such a mess of this app    This new version is a disaster
Even less mapping than before Doesnt even breakout the states in the us Dont waste your time Deleted it after the updated So sad for such an iconic company       Horrible update less content than before
Was one of my favorite apps However the upgrade greatly diminished the product Why would NG do that Pressured by some other company to give a view of the terrain from 50000 feet and not the earlier version which have much close up views of roads etc I paid 199 for the upgraded version only to learn that the map level was useless    Why did NG DEGRADE their product
Nat geo atlas is my life                This app is great
Used to be great they upgraded it to point that it is useless okay for a very high level view of somewhere I bought it and it was great Now i am deleting it and looking for another app       Do not purchase
An update that deletes all your saved data Imagine if Google did that The primary reason I liked this app was wiped I had lots of pins saved and now they are GONE I dont care about other features this app has lost my trust    Saved pins GONE
I used to rely on this app extensively as on offline globe and atlas MANY colleagues have purchased it after seeing me use it offline The latest update ruined that by limiting the detail when zooming in I will erase the app as it is no longer usable They could have added some sort of cache and I would have been able to use it I am now looking for another atlas that I can use offline    Update ruined a great App
The upgrades killed a great app Clunky and hard to use Its impossible to understand why Nat Geo would do this Do NOT waste your time or money    Upgrades killed a great app
Not enough detail This may be an upgrade some day but not yet FAQ directions for downloading maps are nonsense do not match what is on the screen plus you have to exit to a browser to read them a major PITA Should not have been released until it was ready I had expected far better from an ordinarily high quality publisher like NG NGs contracting problems are no excuse and should not be the users problem       Not ready for prime time
Ive loved this app for years They managed to take a spectacular atlas remove all of the beautiful detail and transform it into a worthless AAA road map Sorry you positive reviewers never got to see what was once a truly beautiful app Signing off and deleting    Im mourning over a great loss
I got this app while preparing for a trip to Zambia and Zimbabwe How fun it was to be able to zoom in on the bushcamps we were going to stay at We could see the sand bars on the Zambezi River Now the satellite imagery is gone and we feel totally ripped off This was not a cheap app and really feel we should be refunded Even better we really just want the functionality that it used to have back I NEVER use this app anymore and am trying to find a replacement Super disappointed in Nat Geo    HATE the update Used to LOVE the app Please fix
The new atlas is actually quite spectacular Its very smooth and responsive with a much more elegant presentation of material including new statistical visualizations Yes I was also disappointed by the lack of map details the zoom now stops at a fairly high country level However I read the FAQs within the app and now appreciate what NG has done National Geographics association with Bing Maps ended at the end of 2014 Instead of including a different map vendor we decided it made more sense for the product to initially allow only National Geographic maps and associated content The key word for me is initially A return of more detailed maps appears to be on this apps own road map As a user I can appreciate the disappointment in the lack of detail As a developer I can appreciate the interim compromise thats been made in anticipation of something better during the quarterly map updates Stay tuned true believers                Rebuilding the world
I was nervous about purchasing this app with all the bad reviews but I ended up going forward with it anyway I absolutely love it and I just dont understand why all the bad reviews The app works flawlessly displays an outstanding HD atlas and provides interesting information about our world What more does everyone need with an atlas app It is exactly what I wanted on my iPad                Absolutely incredible app
I didnt have this before the update but I like it right now it has quality information and is relatively easy to navigate overall wonderful and I would recommend it for anyone looking to learn more about the world I would make a suggestion of adding PICTURES to country descriptions             pretty good
While I like the additional country information the loss of the detail makes me wonder if I should delete this app or not I with most of the other reviews agree in saying that the new update pretty much ruined the app If I had known that this latest update was going to do this I would not have updated       Some good mostly bad


National Geographic Society
Compatible with iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later.
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 2.2
iPhone iPad

iOS World Atlas HD 2.2 Mobile

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