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Playtika LTD , the publisher behind many iOS games (Little Linkers - Puzzle Game ,Wild Luck Casino for Viber ,Caesars Slots HD ,World Series of Poker – WSOP ,Scratch That! - FREE Scratch Offs ,Scratch That! HD - FREE HD Scratch Offs), brings World Series of Poker – WSOP with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. World Series of Poker – WSOP games has been update to version 2.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • and great for beginners and pros alike..
  • Real feel like playing at the tables..
  • Great game kills time and a good learning tool..
  • WPT-Great time waster..
  • Far and away the best card game around for apps..

Overall Satisfactionc86
One of the best poker games I've ever came across.
WSOP is the best Texas hold'em app out there right now.
A lot better than Zynga poker where every hand there's something.
Worse than zynga poker.
I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Texas Holdem Porker.
This game is an amazing game for anyone to play.
I rate WSOP AS THE BEST I've played so far.
I love the tournaments too.
Fun & Engagingc87
Such an awesome game for poker players to enjoy.
Ton of fun and fast paced is a real bonus Thanks.
Very addictive and nice online poker game.
Super fun haven't seen anything go wrong yet so.
Awesome poker game 5 stars all the way.
Great game play with friends and people all over the world.
Cant even connect to facebook to play with friends.
Great game lots of fun perfect to pass the time.
One of the best games me and my grandkids play all the time.
I play everyday now and see myself getting better and better.
Tho is the greatest poker app ever I play everyday.
Fun to play every day challenges of higher stakes tables.
Best poker game ever love to play every day.
Everything transferred over like it should.
Value for Moneyc46
It's not real poker and that's how most people play.
Replay Valuec84
Last upgrade will not allow you to play at different levels.
Love the different levels /games you can join.
Just needed different levels of it.
The game is fun and challenging.
lots of fun and challenging.
Hours and hours of enjoyment and I've only had for a week.
Spent hours of enjoyment playing Texas Holdem and Omaha.
Social Aspectsc68
Great game play with friends and people all over the world.
Works great to pass the time or play with friends.
Cant even connect to facebook to play with friends.
Get over your ex and meet new people.
Great way to meet new people.
social media.
Great social poker game.
Great Social Poker App.
Production Valuesc71
Great game play with friends and people all over the world.
I can't really comment on how the game play is.
The graphics are good and now it heads down hill from here.
I like the new graphics.
Ease of Usec68
So fun really easy to beat morons I love gambling.
Then they flop something to beat your good hand.
To easy to miss chat / comments.
Easy simple fun and yummy Warm pie.
Great easy simple fun.
Fun game but too many tech issues like crashing.
Despite the bugs it's my favorite poker site.
Ads not Intrusivec39
Ironically I'm prompted to rate the app right after being kicked.
Tired of it asking me to rate it.
Can you stop pestering me to write a review now.
Wrote this so it won't ask me to write this.
Security & Privacyc16
Updates & Supportc31
Within 5 hours and an two exchanges with customer service.
I wrote customer service and got taken care of very quickly.

I play everyday now and see myself getting better and better. found in 16 reviews
By far the best poker app on the market love it. found in 15 reviews
Great way to pass the time for poker lovers. found in 17 reviews
Great time killer for experienced players and amateurs alike. found in 23 reviews
Though you can't make actual eye contact it feels very realistic. found in 25 reviews
The World Series of poker iStole your soul game is just plain amazing. found in 99 reviews
Fun way to kill time and sharpen up your game. found in 51 reviews
One of the best poker games I've ever came across. found in 877 reviews
Great game lots of fun perfect to pass the time. found in 22 reviews
I enjoy this App really enjoy playing the live games. found in 88 reviews
Pops up "Oops can not connect to FB. found in 2 reviews
This is a good way to waste a little time. found in 21 reviews
persostent issues with connection stability. found in 5 reviews
Use to Enjoy Playing Until Recently Forced to Update App. found in 10 reviews
Eventually time runs out and my player is forced to fold. found in 40 reviews
Sometimes the game freezes when betting. found in 11 reviews
Stopped connecting to Facebook about 24 hours ago. found in 27 reviews
but constant bad beats takes any fun out of the game. found in 3 reviews
Since IOS8 update wifi connection is poor. found in 13 reviews
don't expect to win too often with 3 of a kind. found in 10 reviews
This just draws everyone in and usually the worst hand wins. found in 15 reviews
The connection problem is so irritating. found in 7 reviews
It's a great time passer until you start spending money on chips. found in 13 reviews
Fun game but too many tech issues like crashing. found in 7 reviews
fake money and you don't get rewarded. found in 30 reviews
I'll play it again if you ever fix the connection issues. found in 6 reviews
but am not thrilled about the new tournament play. found in 18 reviews
and what's the point of tipping a dealer with fake chips. found in 18 reviews
Such a scam to get you to buy more chips. found in 138 reviews
Will the money I spent buying chips be refunded. found in 32 reviews
And no response from customer service when brought to their attention. found in 34 reviews
" Cash games " are even worse. found in 32 reviews
Wouldn't get unless you are going to spend $$$$. found in 32 reviews
it's my choice to waste money on fake chips. found in 21 reviews
Cant even connect to facebook to play with friends. found in 27 reviews
I have seen over and over the most ridiculous bad beats. found in 111 reviews
It's shocking how many people pay real money for fake chips. found in 30 reviews
Players winning flushes typically are in with nothing pre flop. found in 24 reviews
Just curious if you purchase chips if your odds increase. found in 27 reviews
I keep getting the message "Can't connect to Facebook " on my iPad. found in 27 reviews
if i wasn't constantly forced to fold due to terrible servers. found in 33 reviews
Don't pay for chips. found in 45 reviews
Also connectivity issues kill you especially with a winning hand. found in 93 reviews
If you were given the big blind when joining. found in 24 reviews
Constantly losing connection and having to fold on good hands. found in 40 reviews

The World Series of Poker – WSOP is now available as a free download on Apple Store for iOS owners. The application is available in multiple languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. It weighs in at only 40.2 MB to download. The new World Series of Poker – WSOP app version 2.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-08.
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The NEW World Series of Poker (WSOP) app has joined Caesars, the 1 social gaming casino company in the world NEW AND IMPROVED Check out our shiny new app with improved gameplay and amazing new features to ...
I just wish you would play by poker room rules Ive worked in poker rooms from LasVegas to Tunica Miss Been a floor person for the WSOP You cannot come in on a button You can not be blind big or little more than one time per round Just use basic poker rules                 Player
I like it              Fun
This used to be decent its gone downhill The worst hand wins almost every time     This game is so rigged
It is a good learning and trail method for getting into the real money games It shows you your hand strengths and will even tell you what hand your holding as it comes ex Pair flush straight etc              Wsop
Game is a joke had a full House but lost to 3 of a kind ok done whit this app        Me
I think the latest update has addressed some issues I can now block abusive players but the slot machine is allot tighter and I still have had the big blind stay on me twice before advancing The status points are very slow to add up and WSOP encourages high stakes promotions but does not reward the players who purchase chips enough                 Poker lover
By far the best poker game out easy to play and get online Love the tournament feature and the ability to win rings                 Best Texas Holdem game out
Great game good pace and a lot of fun Highly recommend it                 Great game
Best poker game that I have found                 Best Poker Game Out There
If you love wsop youll love this game                 Fun
Somethings not right here WSOP has a nice app but it feels like the fix is on I would assume hoping to bust some people and sell some chips           Lots of river Rats
Changed phones and developers are making me start over I was level 75 with 109000000 coins and now I am level 1 with 109000 coins Requested help and have gotten none Steer clear from this game     Disappointed
Good poker game              As good as the others
I really like the connection with the total rewards package It allows me to build rewards points so when I go to Vegas I have points store it up                 Best poker site
Same old same old but fun                 Typical gameplay with lots of donkeys
Pathetic     Terrible
I have only given reviews to a couple of apps This one is a fun game WSOP is a smooth playing straightforward app Its still very popular so there is good competition to be had If you want to get a quick game going this is the best app on iOS              I enjoy this application
Been playing on the WSOP app for a couple month now Have won a hand full of tourneys and have close to 2M in chips Just a fun app to long onto and play a couple hands Maybe a quick tourney But people complaining of it being rigged If you want real poker than grab some cards and some friends                 So far no problems
Fun poker game Fast and a good interface                 Great game
Learn for free Enjoy it                 Great fun
Too much crap when you just want to play           Too much crap when you just want to play
This is a very good game but I have been playing for a while now and some of the hands a very obvious with the outcome as well as two of the players having almost the exact same cards 34 hands in a row I went 6 hands in one game in a row without a face card This games does cater somewhat to the ones who spend a lot of money As well as causing the ones that do spend money to lose often so that they can spend even more money Please make the game fair and balanced because it is very obvious its not People will spend money anyway because it is a very good app For this reason only 4 stars              Awesome Game Play
Having fun just wish they would give u more chips                 Fun
How can you play if you keep getting disconnected I would never buy chips for the games Its good when it works     Not good
Not good at all     Not good
I aint no gambler and Im no techi This game is fun and if you just remember that is free and is just play money youve got nothing to complain about You dont like it make one better                 It works
i get robbed on this game 247                 i blow at this game
Terrible unreal dealings just to make the game exciting people will get full houses or straights or three of a kind all at one table during one hand     Unreal
Great                 Great poker game app
Not realistic at all The odds are terrible Two pair beats a flush lost millions on that hand There are bugs as well Customer service is terrible as well     Terrible game
Good game           World Series of poker
Its fun to play around with but definitely not a tool to get better per se in real life gaming              Decent
Really a great gamevery realistic                 World Series of poker
Fun and easy to play              Nice simple
Bottomline this game is trash and a complete waste of time If you value your time or sanity at all DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS CRAP     Frustrating stupid nonsensical game
like the free chips                 really enjoy it
Run game to play and pass time Watch out those theres lots of river rats haha                 Outstanding
Its fun but the players with higher rating scores get crazy lucky sometimes Makes it annoying when you know you should have a win and somehow the river gives them an unbelievsble hand But still its fun              Blah
Yep its Texas hold them                 Texas Holden
As much as I love WSOP Ive grown to hate it as it is very unrealistic ppl win with the craziest hand that would never win in real life also I fell asleep while playing and woke up with 2 less bil Please fix this issue as this is not the first time this has happened to me           Please Fix Issue
App           Cool
Wish the game put lucky players in a different category Most players are super amateurs and dont know how to play                 Fun
Really enjoying the game Not very good at it but having fun                 Having a Blast
I enjoy playing when looking to pass time              Is what it is
Great game                 Great game
This game is the most awesome poker game I have ever played                 WSOP Lover
Great app authentic poker experience                 Mr
This app was designed to reward donkey play Please play ONLY with FREE CHIPS Purchasing chips from this site will be laughed at by your opponents     FOR DONKEY PLAY
This is the best Texas Holdem app period                 best poker app
Ok to pass time entertaining with different challenges     Review

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