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Penpower Technology Ltd. , the publisher behind many iOS app (WorldCard Contacts – THE Contact Organization and Business Card Management Tool! ,WorldCard Mobile - 名刺認識管理 ,WorldCard HD Lite - the Intelligent Business Card Manager ,Snap2PDF Lite - Scan Documents & Share Searchable PDF ,WorldCard Mobile - business card reader & business card scanner ,WorldCard Cloud - Business Card Management System), brings WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner app has been update to version 4.0.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc54
Better than the other ones of this type.
Definitely my favorite app.
I've scanned five cards in with little problems.
Updates & Supportc67
2 with the lite version & 8 with the paid version.

you can snap a photo of the person to include in the information. found in 1 reviews
it's taken me longer to write this review than type out the white lettering. found in 1 reviews
Easy to export to contacts. found in 1 reviews
Last one it struggled with company name and lost the person's name altogether. found in 1 reviews
cannot even open the app without signing in. found in 1 reviews
Initially struggled with one of the three cards but flash was off. found in 1 reviews
which makes it useless as a business card scanner. found in 2 reviews
One of three was correct but still required editing. found in 1 reviews
it doesn't save contacts directly to iPhone contacts. found in 2 reviews
One was totally unusable. found in 1 reviews
while the same cards were scanned with no problems with other apps. found in 1 reviews
Cam Card - did the worst translating the test cards. found in 1 reviews
Failed on first try. found in 1 reviews
the other software was far worse. found in 1 reviews
Signature doesn't work on iOS5. found in 1 reviews
Scam beware. found in 1 reviews
then it defeats the purpose of a card scanner. found in 2 reviews
Crashes upon opening. found in 1 reviews
not a single field was read. found in 1 reviews
Terrible program. found in 1 reviews
Total joke. found in 1 reviews
Don't waste your time on this app. found in 1 reviews
It does not recognize anything. found in 2 reviews
After installing iOS5. found in 1 reviews

If you are iPhone owner,you now can download WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting different languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner app version 4.0.1 has been updated on 2014-11-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.
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Compatible with iOS 4.0 WorldCard Mobile is the leading business card recognition system for iPhone 4/3GS. It instantly recognizes the captured data from business cards and sorts it into organized fields which are then added ...
Every time I use it the app just shuts down Useless     Crashes Constantly
The design is ok but the functionality is not good at all Its not user friendly at all There are way too many errors and I have tested 5other business card apps and this is the second worse app     Disappointing app
It takes pics and sort of gets it right I had to redo every field Waste of time     Total joke
I read the reviews and tried this one rated favorable and LinkedIns CardMunch This one gives you 3 free cards then 1 per week until you buy it I had to edit about half the text photo takin in indirect sunlight Didnt even get the phone number correct Cardmunch however is read offsite Minutes later it arrived perfect Dont know if Cardmunch has a limit but it works WorldCard not so much Delete        Failed on first try
Crashes upon opening As soon as you select Dont Allow to read my contacts it closes     Wont even open
Sadly and although it is actively developed the app has not kept up with the latest versions of iOS Im thinking mostly of how the app looks stuck in iOS 5 land but improved sharing SMS AirDrop and expanded email options would also be nice The app could really use a visual overhaul and an improvement in user experience           Excellent text recognition but
The best app for business cards capturing and recognizing Ive ever used Really functional simple and clever And Russian language recognition                 The Best
Yea great idea but it only lets you scan 3 cards then it time to buy the 599 app And when I scanned a business card it didnt even come close to getting the right info Needs some improvements to say the least        Not as it seems
I just took a picture of a card in not so great light And it worked pretty well I have to say I also have to mention that the card has both black and white letters very small thin sans serif type think maybe 2pts smaller than iPhone text type and it recognized the black letters but not the whitewhich I had to manually enter At any rate its taken me longer to write this review than type out the white lettering so not that big of a deal Im keeping it              So far so good
After installing iOS5 signature does not pick up the clipboard anymore Got to fix it ASAP     Signature doesnt work on iOS5
This app helps me                 Great
Works okay           Id buy the full version but not for 7
Like the OCR app                 Nice OCR tool
I downloaded the lite free versions of Cardmunch CamCard Scan Biz Cards and World Card to test each using several cards I had on my desk that I needed to add to my contacts Quick summary Card Munch maybe it works maybe it doesnt It is totally integrated with LinkedIn cannot even open the app without signing in which makes it useless as a business card scanner I do not want to link to everyone I meet just get their info into my contacts Should be zero stars Cam Card did the worst translating the test cards One of three was correct but still required editing One required VERY extensive editing One was totally unusable Two stars because at least it is not LinkedIn Scan Biz Cards pretty good three stars Got two of three almost perfect Last one it struggled with company name and lost the persons name altogether Inserted gibberish into the address World Card the clear winner Initially struggled with one of the three cards but flash was off When flash was turned on got every one exactly perfect Easy to export to contacts Easy to turn off the useless at least for me card holder that would just add extra needless data on my phone So four stars for this because since downloading the full version I have had one card it struggled with the other software was far worse This is according to my test the best of the bunch              Best of the Bunch
Good              grate
Good accuracy but free version only allows one scan per week and sometimes not even that        Dont waste your time
App works well at recognizing cards Light version only allows five cards the first week and only one card every week after that Clearly just a testrun version Still functionally it worked well and was easy to use              Works well just a test run though
Ever time I use this app it amazes me how quick it imports the information Highly recommend this app to anyone For the people who are having problems I feel bad for them because they are missing out                 Way to cool
This works better than my expensive CardScan on my PC The better the photo the better the character recognition Use it a number of times and get the hang of it              It works great
This app does exactly what you would want it to do                 Grate App
I downloaded this app because I started my own business and started to receive a lot of business cards and am getting sick of entering them in manually Well I scanned the first one a very basic card and it got absolutely nothing right names numbers address or email What a waste of time     Horrible
Its one of the greatest apps out there though Id hope it supports Arabic as well Most of the cards here have both Arabic and English One on each side of the card but some only use Arabic for their name and info REALLY wish youd add that If you do Id happily download the full version              Great app
Ive tried some card readers in the past and have been disappointed in their performance I stumbled upon this app and thought I would give it a try I am VERY impressed with this app and its performance Ive scanned five cards in with little problems some of them made with very difficult fontscolors One was almost completely done with an italicized font in a small size The app had a little problem with the fs that were designed to drop below the line like a j but the remainder was spot on Another was a graphics heavy card on black shiny background with terribly small font even difficult for me to read This program handled that spectacularly It picked up all of the text and entered it correctly in the correct fields That really surprised me given how difficult it was to read Another was one that had been beaten up with some random small marks over the persons title and web site address With that damage I was expecting a lot of gibberish in those fields This card data was entered in perfectly except for those few obscured letters which were simply removed a space in their place Convenient for me to fix it When you take a photo you have the option of using the flash and adjusting the exposure a bit What I really like about this is the fact that it automatically scans the card and trims out the excess then cleans up the image a bit I hate doing all of that it wastes my time This app maintains a contact list much like the installed phone app However it displays a small image of the card in the list for easy viewing On the contacts page you can snap a photo of the person to include in the information You can sync these contacts up with your phone app either individually as you enter a contact or globally via the settings This app even grabs your various contact groups and allows you to set that data If the app finds a duplicate entry youve already entered the card or entered partial information in your phone app it gives you the option to merge the new information into the old which is a very nice feature to prevent duplicate entries Since there is no option for a card image in the native phone app the card image doesnt save there making it unavailable to a more powerful contact manager app you may be using like I am WorldCard allows you to either save the card photos in the app or on the camera roll Using the camera roll option allows me to import the card image into my CM app I then delete it off the camera roll to save space Head shots do export with the info and are viewed as usual in the native app my CM app I presume this will import contacts via a QR code There is a button but I didnt have one to test Im presuming the Signature option on the home screen allows you to take a photo of someones signature to include in their file I cant test that as Ive reached my five card limit for the trial version and can now only do one card a week I dont get cards very often so purchasing the full version is not worth the money for me right now Ill probably stick with this lite version and simply enter the remaining cards once a week However when I next go to a convention I will definitely be buying the full version of this app Its well worth the money for fast accurate entry                 Excellent Card Recognition Great Features
Pros Convenient to just snap a photo and export Pulls from all fields quite effectively fax number is under fax number address is under address etc etc Cons Bad text recognition even in good light using iPhone 4 Free version allows only one export a week Really What a joke Expensive For an app that hardly works 7 is way too steep Even if it worked well its a pretty basic function its performing 90 of the time I have to re enter most of the data I might as well type in contacts manually and use my camera to store images of cards if I feel that need     Ineffective and overpriced
Just a very limited lite version Deleted immediately They should specify this in the description           Lite version very limited
Its odd how this app got so many bad reviews I just finished a pile of over 80 business cards with various graphics and had to make very few adjustments This is a fine product for the price If you are expecting an OCR software package that is flawless than expect to spend more money How can you beat a 599 app that did all my cards in less than an 45 minutes                 Works great for me
Definitely my favorite app unfortunately it was the only app that didnt transfer data when my iOS updated Any advice              Upgrade
Tried this and failed miserably     Terrible
It cannot recognize a single correctlyjust use evernote Deleted it     Useless
Bait and switch Try free then 599 Just put that out there early and dont bs everyone Skip this     Scam beware
The free version gives you five card to read What they dont say is that it really is five tries After trying and erasing I never got the program to read any cards correctly All field were blank so I might have as well entered everything by hand I never saved any contacts and after my fifth attempt of trying to get it to work the app would not allow anymore tries If I cant get the demo to work I certainly will not buy this app     Terrible program
It has a little bit if a learning curve The first couple of times I tried it I failed to get any usable data Then I realized I was not doing what it said to do I was lining it up properly to take the photo but then for some reason the image came out sideways from the orientation icon on the Export screen If that happens you have to touch the 90 degree button until it is oriented properly before you export it Also I was trying to capture the photo while holding the phone above the card which was lying flat on a surface That caused a shadow It seems to capture a better image if I hold the card in my hand so that it is facing me Good lighting is also critical to achieving the high contrast needed to capture a crisp image so that the text is recognizable Once I did it right it performed perfectly and I have a new contact with all of the data from the card including the photo                 Awesome
Out of 6 cards I tried to download at different times with adequate lighting just 1 was recognized Others either were not or recognized at all or showed some sort of 4DfwerSSFff nonsense stuff in my contact list Dont understand how others could actually use it Thumb down     Horrible
The interface is dated Worse it doesnt save contacts directly to iPhone contacts You have to opt in each time you scan a card This app wants to build a contact book inside the app which is worthless        Good text recognition but
The demo is great it works surprisingly well I wish I had the option to use it up to 3 times every week Is a demo version Dont scream and give bad reviews for something you havent paid for nor you are intending to purchase                 This is a demo version
Best thing since sliced bread                 Awesome
This app passes all expectations I thought it would misspell or even mislabel the info I know if there is bad quality photos it will not work correctly but still Im possibly gonna buy the full app if my friend doses not get it first lol                 HOLY COW
Best app out there                 Great
Easy to use                 Cool
Full of marketing tricks with the free app and then they bug the crap out if you for a review Overall it does work though they dont let you copy a card to add another contact on to the same company Worth the investment              Not bad
Its crap     Krk
Crashes in iOS8     Crashes in iOS8
The app has not recognized the first and last names even once I tried 10 card and none of them had name recognized I dont know who writes those positive reviews about this app I can add contacts faster by just typing them in This is useless deleted     Horrible
Never works     Waste of time
Best card reader I have found yet Much better than Camcard              Nice app
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP It severely affected the ability to flip through lists such as contact list What was smooth and fluid became like ice skating on rocks It affected other apps too     Horrible
Claims to be iPhone 5 compatible but still not able to use whole screen Find another app     Not iphone5 ready
Wish it would work for me but couldnt even open the app without it crashing Disappointed Delete     Kept crashing
Free and useless too No real opportunity to see if it is worth paying 7 for the real thing One card per week for the free version and that card didnt scan well        limited by design
Cool           Good

WorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner BusinessWorldCard Mobile Lite - business card reader & business card scanner Business

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