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6 Wunderkinder , the publisher behind many iOS app (Wunderkit ,Wunderlist ,Wunderlist HD), brings Wunderlist with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Wunderlist app has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • but they automatically synch it- That's such a time saver..
  • I really like the syncing ability this app provides between devices..
  • By far it is the best list organizer I have found..
  • Seamless integration from the desktop app to the iPhone app..
  • Best checklist /to-do app so far..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best to do list app I have worked with few minor bugs.
It is the best task list app I've tried.
The very best task manager I've ever used.
Love being able to share to do and to buy lists with my wife.
I love the sync feature amongst my other iOS devices and Mac.
Thanks Wunderlist for the creative ways to organize lists.
Wunderlist is better than Things or any of it's paid competition.
Probably the best free todo app out there.
Fun & Engagingc91
It is an awesome task manager and has a nice feature set.
This is the list ap I have been searching for forever.
I use it for everything from grocery lists to long term deadlines.
Keep track of everything & have your assistant work off of it too.
simple useful Snyc across my phone and computer fast.
This should be a simple useful app but basically useless.
I don't know how my wide and I lived without Wunderlist.
and still manages to keep a very clean and useful interface.
Family Friendlyc92
I have shared certain lists with family members and it works flawlessly.
Great for creating and sharing multiple lists with family and friends.
My whole family uses it and it is perfect for us.
Our family uses this individually and together.
Social Aspectsc93
I love sharing lists with friends and coworkers to improve communication.
You can sync it with your desktop & share lists with friends.
Production Valuesc89
Web interface is really beautiful Easy sharing - perfect for couples.
Does its job with an elegant interface and solid functionality.
Ease of Usec84
Great for making as many simple lists as you'd like.
Easy to customize in categories - easy to add tasks & reminders.
You can't add tasks in "week" view 2.
does everything a todo list should in simple elegant way.
Clean easy to use interface.
Did I mentioned it has beautiful design and super easy interface.
It also has an intuitive design with a beautiful interface.
The beautiful and easy to use UI is also a plus.
It is so handy and easy to use.
Security & Privacyc43
Upgraded to Pro Account with last update and love it.
even without the extra features of the pro account.
And why do you need an account to use a lists app.
Updates & Supportc71
Excellent list app with great customer service.
the customer service is great too.
crapy customer service.

This app helps us keep track of things far more effectively. found in 46 reviews
Ability to access your account from a web browser is invaluable. found in 30 reviews
I use this for everything from packing lists to grocery lists. found in 42 reviews
I love being able to create separate lists and even subsists. found in 62 reviews
this app offers the best cross platform syncing I have found. found in 36 reviews
Multi platform availability makes it compelling. found in 122 reviews
Great productivity tool - really helps capture and prioritize in a practical way. found in 77 reviews
It's made me much more productive and less forgetful. found in 79 reviews
Excellent tool for those using their first project management tool. found in 86 reviews
The new Wunderlist is absolutely the best task management app I've seen. found in 492 reviews
Love being able to share to do and to buy lists with my wife. found in 133 reviews
The very best task manager I've ever used. found in 227 reviews
Best available list manager on any and all platforms. found in 124 reviews
Hands-down the best prioritizing and task management tool I have. found in 39 reviews
Keep track of everything & have your assistant work off of it too. found in 45 reviews
I love the sync feature amongst my other iOS devices and Mac. found in 73 reviews
Excellent To Do List Tool with lot of mind-blowing features. found in 31 reviews
It's a wonderful app for list makers like myself. found in 284 reviews
It syncs seamlessly between all of my devices and has a slick. found in 45 reviews
works really well with the Mac and PC applications. found in 34 reviews
Just wish if it could sync with iCal or google calendar. found in 17 reviews
There needs to be a default " sort by due date option. found in 33 reviews
lacking even a search function in the iOS version. found in 17 reviews
The swipe to delete feature was also removed. found in 17 reviews
the Spple reminders App is the lack of Siri integration. found in 13 reviews
No complaints except for lack of some advanced features. found in 19 reviews
the app badge is not working properly. found in 12 reviews
The second one is missing some features from the first one. found in 9 reviews
Needs push notifications
Could be great but buggy instead. found in 6 reviews
Will be great if this app can sync with google calendar. found in 26 reviews
but the lack of functionality for recurring tasks is glaring. found in 292 reviews
It just needs recurring tasks and it would be perfect for me. found in 54 reviews
Just needs repeating tasks and batch deleting of completed tasks. found in 36 reviews
This app is good but could be great with a couple fixes. found in 6 reviews
if the repeat function include every workday. found in 13 reviews
Needs to sync with iCal and Google Calendar. found in 8 reviews
It has every capability that a todo list needs. found in 18 reviews
free and cloud support but needs a calendar view and repeatable tasks. found in 10 reviews
Would like subtasking. found in 7 reviews
Nice universal app … needs a few things though:. found in 6 reviews
do not use the search feature. found in 16 reviews
Extremely disappointed until my old lists come back. found in 11 reviews
No repeat option and keeps crashing on 3. found in 26 reviews
This needs to be a universal app. found in 6 reviews
Hate quick add button. found in 8 reviews
Needs Push Reminders. found in 7 reviews
Really needs iOS 7 update. found in 7 reviews
the notification doesnt go away from notification center. found in 23 reviews
Useless without Internet connection. found in 14 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Wunderlist for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 7.3 MB to download. The new Wunderlist app version 1.2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.1 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Wunderlist check developer 6 Wunderkinder`s website : http://www.6wunderkinder.com/wunderlist

Download Wunderlist, our cloud-sync task manager. Sync your tasks over the air and share your lists with friends and colleagues. The Wunderlist mobile app for your iPhone and iPod Touch will boost your productivity. Organize your ...
helps keep track of the many things to do in our company assign and scheudle Would be nice if it coortdinated with Sirireminders                 easy to use
No thank you     Give you access to my address book
This app is amazing It keeps my husband and I super organized We LOVE the shared lists I would recommend this app to anyone that has an ongoing todo list and shopping lists                 Excellent app
I am obsessed with this app I use it for everything there is no better sound of satisfaction than the ding When you check something off of your ToDo list                 Obsessed
Update is broken and causes countless crashes     Crashes every single time
The best form of home personal organization out there Everyone needs this app                 Everyone needs this app
I use this app to make grocery lists keep track of my kids school obligations and organize my entire life It is so easy so intuitive and so dependable that I recommend it to anyone I can share lists and assign tasks to other people I use it on multiple devices and its always in sync Ive tried other listmaking and taskscheduling apps before but this one is the best                 My Favorite App
Really love this app for keeping action lists at home work and leisure You can create sub items for tasks add notes attach files and even set reminders and assign items a due date Its been a tremendous help for me so I encourage you to give it a try Cheers                 Productivity Booster great for GTD getting things done
Gran aplicación para ordenar y compartir listas de tareas Tanto en lo personal como en lo laboral Muy recomendable                 Excelente
The app has been great for years This latest update doesnt work The app hangs when it opens Tried rebooting Resetting and uninstalling Please fix     Use to be great Update broke it
One of my all time favorite apps but I can no longer use it after the most recent update Im lost without my Wunderlist           Cannot use the app after update
Ive used Wunderlist for well over a year now and find it hard to live without Ive always been a big list maker and it helps to keep all of my lists organized without being overly complicated                 Best list making app
Just started using it but so far its a excellent app and does everything I need it to do                 Great app
Since updating the app today 9715 on my iPhone 5S I have been unable to open it It crashes every time before it finishes loading              Crashes every time
I love this app for managing my personal lists I use it for shopping lists keeping track of chores todo lists and setting goals Having the ability to add subtasks to a task that involves multiple steps is perfect Im pretty ADD so the reminders and notes make my life so much easier Honestly I find this so helpful for staying on track I wish there was the ability to have a separate account for my work that I could manage along with my personal account without needing separate logins                 Easy to use Does everything you need
Overall this a wunderfull app Unfortunately the badge app and Notification Center widget do not update very frequently I often use the web app but then find that my iOS app doesnt update until I force it to I have the app set to push notifications and update in the background Also it be nice if I could change the date of a single instance of a repeating task without changing all of them Also it would be great if I could change the due date of an item in week view by dragging it to another date like on the desktop site Please fix these things so I can give you a five star rating           Almost there
Love the app But can you please make it possible to select all items so one can for example delete all completed items Thank you                 Fantastic App
There are so many to do lists apps but this one has a lot of cool features for free You will love this if you download                 Great App
There is no customizable weekly monthly or yearly tasks and reminders There is no repeat button for all customizable tasks and reminders What would make this app more popular and likable is to be able to use it with iCloud Box or even Googles storage Include inapp purchases for those cloud services so there is no excuse to add them as new features There will be more tasks and reminders that can sync across all the platforms through those cloud storages Furthermore it would be nice if those inapp purchases including more subtasks will be only one time purchases Please and thank you     Not Good Enough Yet
Just hard to justify paying when Apple tasks and Google tasks are free              Love the product
This app is EVERYTHING you need as a mom business owner community leader PTA ETC ABSOLUTELY THE BEST                 NUMBER 1PLANNER
Cant alphabetize the completed list to use for future date to save retyping an item I would just uncheck it to pop it back to active shopping list With over a hundred items in complete list takes too long to find in jumbled up list           Why not add this to make it better5star
Love this app but with the most recent update I cannot change my background The background its defaulting to is ugly              Background issue
Please please please add geo fencing So when I say when I get to the grocery tell me to pick up things on my list           Needs geo fencing and integration with AIs etcCortonaGoogle now Siri
Its not an exaggeration to say that Wunderlist has changed my life for the better Organization is a great challenge for this ADD adult Not only so but the plethora of creative ideas that come to me and distract me can be overwhelming Thoughts and ideas come at me like hail in a headwind Wunderlist has given me a tool with which I can catch sort and prioritize all of this while remaining focused and organized in the core areas I need to be the work that makes me a living Here are some of the ways Wunderlist helps me out In addition to listing and prioritizing daily work tasks I use the subtasks and notes areas to make agendas for phone and other communications and to record the results in a preliminary way Likewise I use subtasks to set the agendas for presentations and the notes areas to jot peoples responses or ideas that occur on the fly In my therapists office I have a list of all the things that crowd for attention prioritized and ready to go so that I can make the most of that expensive hour Sitting down with my phone or iPad and mulling and jotting things in the waiting room using Wunderlist is a natural way to put these thoughts together The folder feature has allowed me to create a particularly useful system to organize my to do and idea lists under particular subject headings For example I have a 3tiered system for prioritizing tasks under a single topic which becomes the folder title Again for this ADDchallenged guy this system has given me traction to get things done as well as a catchall system for imagining future goals and projects without being sidetracked by the volume or glitter of the tempting deluge of ideas Bravo for making such a tool Thank you for your good work which makes my life better in an ongoing way                 Most Grateful For This App
Such a great app                 Great app
I use this app for my grocery list todo list other various tasks lists helpful in staying organized This app needs 2 things for a 5 star rating The first is a calendar like Calendars 5 app to schedule remindersalerts we can see in an overall monthly or linear weekly fashion Also when we input scheduled events in our tasks lists it should automatically appear on the calendar The second feature needed is the ability to highlight write in bold              My GoToApp
The new update turns on reminders by default which itself isnt a bad thing Unfortunately even when I delete each individual reminder when creating a new task I still get both a reminder notification and an email I use the app frequently and now have 510 daily unwanted notifications and emails        Latest update spams me with unwanted reminders
Since I looked at it a year ago                 Vastly Improved
Downgraded it to 1 star This app still has no long time requested productivity features like select all copy an item to other list Developer works on bringing a emoji power to app what a joke Instead of working to improve productivity recycling very large lists he works on magic list icons     Just another update that brings nothing to the table
I use this app every day for most aspects of my life With the most recent update I cant even open it anymore Im panicking a little bit because of how much I rely on it A quick fix would be greatly appreciated           Wont open with new update
No Arabic Support and will delete the app because I waited you for that for 4 months we are 7 users and will go to another app     Arabic Support please
Latest version crashed first then restarted springboard after 2nd launch Fix it Microsoft        Crashes
Just updated this app which I love and now it wont keep settingsturn off sound and it lasts for a few seconds and turns back onchange background picture n it reverts back after a few seconds Very frustrating It doesnt matter what setting you change it reverts back to original setting after a few seconds        Wont keep my setting
Recent update made the app freeze on launch and crash my phone Happened only once though However swiping a list left to delete or edit but swiping right cannot get rid of that option and the buttons remain stuck Also stuck in syncing              Careful
What happened recently it wont open and freezes up and wont work Very frustrating CP     Frozen up
Every time I open the app I get the stupid pop up about hey we added folders Derp derp derp and my background goes back to the default Thanks for ruining an otherwise perfect app     Ruined
I love this app it has every functionality that I need especially syncing with a PC However I would much rather see a calendar view when picking due dates rather than the scroll wheel or whatever its called If I know that something is due next Tuesday its much easier to create a task using a calendar view As it stands now I would actually have to know what date next Tuesday is which is rather inconvenient                 Great but
I have used this app for quite some time now I love lists and being able to stay on top of things Wunderlist lets me do exactly that And I LOVE the folders feature in the update Ive been waiting for that to be an option Now my life was just made even more simple                 LOVE IT
While I do use this app for many things the more you use it the more you see areas that could be better For instance I need the ability to prioritize my to dos 1 2 etc Also when you look at your week the starred items are no longer on the top And it would be very helpful to see your to dos for a full month on a monthly calendar These improvements would make this app terrific           Could use some work
So much more options to go through and edits and tweaks I can do Im living it so far The only thing that made me take forever to go in the app was making an email synchronization Oh and I dont just make reviews for any app so yeah this is special seriously nice                 Liking it so far
Ive hunted for my last elusive checkbox in Evernote                 Incredible
I have nothing much to say about the main app It does a good job with its purpose The watch app is maddening though Im hoping that when the new watchOS comes out itll be faster with standalone apps but this is so slow and clunky its unusable Aside from the slowness theres a design flaw that makes it very frustrating as well In order to check off an item as complete you have to accurately tap a tiny square on the left side of the app Theres usually a delay before it recognizes you checked it off which is annoying Worse is that youre almost guaranteed to accidentally tap the exit button instead of the square They should let you just tap anywhere on the entry itself instead of forcing you to hit the square directly           The app is fine the Watch app is maddening
This is my favorite app I use it all day Its been broken since todays update though and u feel lost without it        Broken since update
If you have 10 minutes to waste you can down load sign up provide email address unsubscribe to that and delete the appthen this is the app for you Or go premium for 50 bucks a year 5 a month and get some extra backgroundswoo woo There are better one time buy list apps     Rip off with a feel of SCAM
My productivity has greatly increased with the assistance of this app My lists are safe and sound rather than a crumpled up piece of paper that potentially could get thrown away and I can add documents voice recordings notes etc to have one website with my needs I would like to propose an authentic background so users can take a photo and use that as a background I understand pro provides more but I think thats silly good app overall                 Wunderlist Review
Loads grey and white background then sits there for 40 seconds then breaks Please fix        New update is broken
Excellent app Excellent sync across platforms Returns focus to ones hectic life Shortcomings are hard to share the tasks as lists to other apps like OneNote or Evernote etc Word etc so you get trapped after your data grows Not enough hierarchy in folders or indentation in task lists Not easy to copy whole lists and paste in other lists you have to do it one by one Reminders need aggressiveness Overall though really good Thx for the good work guys and fix the issues              Focus baby It is beautiful
and its working again                 I use Wunderlist every day
since microsoft acquired it experience has not been so great they changed few things which i dont find to be good     degrading experience

Wunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize YourWunderlist Productivity Free Wunderlist Organize Your

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