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Comcast Cable Communications , the publisher behind many iOS app (Trials Feedback ,XFINITY Home Security ,XFINITY WiFi ,XFINITY Share ,Comcast Business VoiceEdge ,XFINITY Family Sense), brings Xfinity Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Xfinity Mobile app has been update to version 4.0.2 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Emails now scroll better and font size is much better..
  • I love being able to send text messages from my home number..
  • especially the visual voicemail for my home phone..
  • Add bill pay..
  • Love it much better than email function on iPad..
Overall Satisfactionclick me50
especially being able to text with my home phone number that's pretty sick.
Love it thanks Comcast for creating this app.
No thanks Comcast.
Thanks Xfinity for the wonderful user friendly app.
I love being able to access my email any time on my phone.
This is much better than using the web browser.
Production Valuesclick me24
but overall I prefer this app to the web interface.
Better than the web interface.
Ease of Useclick me64
It's very convenient and intuitive to go through emails on the app.
It's very convenient to be able to read emails on my phone.
Really like this app as it is super convenient.
great cover & super convenient.
Simple email app.
Reliabilityclick me24
Sure beats trying to set up comcast email on the iPhone.
Security & Privacyclick me45
Loved the access to my home phone voice mail and phone history.
and logging into my Comcast account through the iPhone Safari browser.
It shows the reply coming from my primary account.
I like that I have access to my folders in this app.
but I don't have access to my folders on that app.
Updates & Supportclick me17
Xfinity customer service rep suggested this app which is WONDERFUL.


The All-New XFINITY Mobile App–Now customized for your iPad™.
Now pay your bills, check emails, visual voice mails, set call forwarding and more!


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Xfinity MobileXfinity Mobile
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Experience the best features of Xfinity Voice®, XFINITY TV and XFINITY Internet on the go – right on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.


Stay connected on the go with your unified inbox, where you can check your
emailE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
and XFINITY voicemail together in one place. Sync your mobile address book with your Universal Address Book so all contacts are in one convenient place. See who called your home phone, listen to important voicemail messages and forward calls from your home phone to your iPhone. View your account information, pay your bill, set up automatic payments and view your data usage summary within the new XFINITY Mobile app. Plus, get one-click access to the XFINITY TV app where you can check TV listings, schedule your DVR and watch select On Demand trailers.
Xfinity Mobile


Unified inbox
-Email and voicemail in a single inbox
-Push notifications for new email and voicemail
emailsE-mail (electronic mail) is the exchange of computer-stored messages by telecommunication
as ‘Spam’ and sort and search your email
-Mark messages as ‘Read/Unread’ and ‘Heard/Unheard’
-Upload attachments from your photo library
-Access your external email accounts all in one place – Gmail, Yahoo, etc


-NEW! See who`s calling your home phone with real-time alerts to your your iPhone
-Listen to your voicemail and view your home phone call logs
-Forward a voicemail as an attachment in an email
-Forward your home phone calls to your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
or any other number
-Easily add callers’ phone numbers directly to your Universal Address Book


Universal Address Book
-Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch contacts with your online Universal Address Book
-Add your contacts as favorites along with their pictures
-Add/delete/modify your Universal Address Book contacts from within the App


My Account
-View your account details
-Make one-time payments
-Set up automatic payments
-View billing history


-One touch access to the XFINITY TV app
- Switch between applications easily with the
iOSApple iOS is a proprietary mobile operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
4.0 multi-tasking feature
For application support - refer to the support links on this page or email us at [email protected]


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The Xfinity Mobile is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10.9 MB to download. The new Xfinity Mobile app version 4.0.2 has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
More Info: Find more info about Xfinity Mobile in Comcast Cable Communications`s Official Website :


It is VERY dependable tool. found in 6 reviews
I can see who's calling my home and also check voice mails. found in 31 reviews
Great progress and love how more focused the app is. found in 3 reviews
The beginning to the end top tec. found in 5 reviews
opting instead for low-tech answering machine. found in 7 reviews
and know whose calling my house when I'm not there. found in 5 reviews
This is a great time saver. found in 11 reviews
Elk Grove Village. found in 3 reviews
I could have never figured out Tap and hold for the messages. found in 7 reviews
Makes keeping up my emails & TV shows easy. found in 8 reviews
especially being able to text with my home phone number that's pretty sick. found in 116 reviews
Xfinity's previous version would let you swipe to delete emails. found in 245 reviews
Extremely frustrating that it won't delete emails when you try. found in 198 reviews
I frequently get error messages and new mail will not download. found in 65 reviews
I have two secondary accounts and I can't retrieve new messages. found in 58 reviews
every time I open it I get an " unable to process request " error. found in 37 reviews
I've tried deleting and reinstalling many times but still no voice call notifications. found in 30 reviews
It's harder to get to the call log for digital voice. found in 76 reviews
It still likes to crash for no apparent reason. found in 26 reviews
Every other app sends push notifications when they are closed. found in 81 reviews
UPDATE 10/4/14: This app still needs some work. found in 10 reviews
Latest update has the email count bubble not working properly again. found in 61 reviews
" Xfinity needs to fix the bugs. found in 14 reviews
Sometimes it takes a while for the app to load messages. found in 20 reviews
The spam filter hasn't caught anything since I started using it. found in 19 reviews
I've deleted the app and reinstalled it numerous times with no positive results. found in 14 reviews
The latest update to fix the email sync issue doesn't work. found in 12 reviews
Slightly clunky going from open email to email list. found in 20 reviews
And unfortunately the search function needs to be fixed. found in 23 reviews
Now i can't even pay my bill from the iphone5. found in 104 reviews
Email messages deleted on the iPhone or iPas aren't always synced. found in 83 reviews
Your customer service people are horrible and disinterested. found in 98 reviews
When deleting read emails sometimes hangs and locks up. found in 94 reviews
unlike the iPhone Mail app that just deletes my messages there. found in 204 reviews
Randomly refuses to update call log and voice message log. found in 83 reviews
Unable to access digital voice features after update. found in 75 reviews
Apple email app makes deleting an email really easy. found in 358 reviews
Now can't delete emails I pay Comcast a fortune. found in 198 reviews
My caller ID feature suddenly stopped working. found in 206 reviews
The address book cannot be synced to the iPhone contact list. found in 88 reviews
The call logs are inaccurate and spotty at best. found in 76 reviews
The new version does not allow access to email folders. found in 70 reviews
Can't acces voicemails and/or use call forwarding. found in 122 reviews
Who wants to login with a Comcast email account lame. found in 178 reviews
then for no reason the push notifications stopped working. found in 81 reviews
it refuses to activate push notifications for incoming calls. found in 90 reviews
Why can't you create new folders With each new version. found in 72 reviews
"We cannot find your voice mails /call logs. found in 354 reviews
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Needs an email search function          Needs an email search function
I have used this app for years to easily access my email After latest update I have to login TWICE every time as it no longer will keep me logged in Very frustrating       Very disappointed with version 60
Updated today Voicemails wont play and produce an error message 9999 Good thing I dont depend on my Xfinity phone system This is a useless app    Terrible with a capital T
The email program both online and the app I would rate as poor It is a very old system which is slow and buggy Same w the app I have to open and close the app multiple times to read existing or to get new emails       Email app
This app is amazing and the features only get better with each update If youre having issues take the time to play around with the app This page is for reviewing the app not Comcast If you are being logged out and have to sign in every time you use the app that is due to your settings being set to log off on exit To change this go into your settings in the app select Log Out Select Never You have the choice between never and on exit I hope this helped someone I wish I had more time to explain directions to all the problems with this app listed in these reviews Only most are not problems with the app it is the users who have not taken the time to learn how the app works and its features And they have awesome featuresAlso if youre getting swamped with advertising emails log in online and change your settings to not allow advertising emails in users preferences email settings at some point you said yes agreed to the advertising That usually happens when people just click submit confirm next agree or ok prior to reading what youre agreeing to or submitting That is why many apps and online accounts begin with a walk through of settings and instructions If you just click next or ok without reading watching or paying attention you cant blame the consumer for your mistakes They often know what their users may have issues with That is why they explain it to you filling sign up or installation                Learn the software people
My contacts repeatedly disappear and turn to just phone numbers I delete and reinstall this app multiple times a week to fix that issue I also have issues receiving calls through the app I will either get a voicemail without ever seeing a missed call andor I will see a call coming in on my tv and my phone does not ring Please address these basic functionsfeatures before adding more advanced ones like the new video calling       Good app When it works
This is a really great app the only thing that keeps it from a five star rating is that you have to keep the app open and refresh it every couple of days so that I can see who calls on my home phone What I LOVE about the app is that it allows me to answer calls from my cell          Love the app BUT
Love this app but will not use or recommend this due to the recent update Ive havent got the option to remember my password and typing it in is a pain Please fix this soonJust wanted to post an update to the post referring to the settings on log out I have looked at my settings and they are set to never Im not sure what happened with the last update but now every time i close my app i have to log in and accept the terms I never had to do this in the past Please fixComcast has released an update that now fixes the logon problem Now that this fixed i would give it 5 stars again Thank you for fixing it       Remember password
Switch your landline to Comcast they said It will be easy they said Just use Xfinity Connect they said Well I wonder if it works Every time I login to the app it closes Thanks Comcast    Thanks Comcast
Currently having issues with logging in Ill enter my name password itll accept it then kick me out Then I have to re enter It doesnt keep me logged in anymore    Quality has gone down
Love the interface with my land line Works without issues for me             Great App
Please add this feature and the app would be 5 star             Flagging emails
Frequently it will show I have mail but then they wont download I have to go out of the app close it try again Sometimes closing the entire iPad seems to work and then coming back in Not sure if this is iPad I have the latest one issues or this app    Dont know what happened the last upgrade
Crashes on open for many users including me Do not upgrade to this incredibly buggy version and congratulations to Xfinity Comcast for once again massively and epically failing to serve their customers    Breaks Everything
I love this app Comcast email had been awkward and irritating on my iPhone Now it works great Its quick and easy to navigateThe app needs a sent box and a trash box Once in awhile I need to check to be sure a message was sent Or I accidentally delete a message and want to retrieve it             Works great
Disconnects randomly during phone calls but at least it randomly disconnects consistently    Not Good at all
I use this app rather than the iPads native email client so that I can delete unwanted messages from the server while I do my emails and not have to open them again in Windows and delete them a 2nd time I was hoping that this version of the app wouldnt have some annoying bugs but it still needs work If you are writing an email and switch to Safari to check something on the web for instance when you return to the email it is sometimes erased or if it goes into draft the text you already wrote is no longer there When the next version of iOS is release with true side by side multitasking Im hoping that this will be a moot point as youll be able to keep Safari open for instance while still composing the email Another annoying thing for those of us who have multiple email accounts is that you have to log off one Comcast account before switching to another I want them to have the ability to have more than one email account open concurrently I dont use my other account as much but it would be nice if I can see all my Comcast mail all at once without switching and relogging in          Good But Still Needs Work
Ive had no problemsused the out of country wifi phone call with no issues that Im aware ofdeleting emails in two places is a pain but happy so far             Works well for me
Fair for reading emails horrible for composing or finding drafts    Awful appawful interface
I had version 6 downloaded to my iphone6 and now unable to navigate the email messages screen except in top 20 of screen Also fails to handle the landscape mode when phone is rotated It was working fine with previous version Version 601 is also brokenRestarting iPhone only fixes the issue for one session then back to broken Why was v6 released with this problem    V6 is broken
Couldnt log into my emails with the new version Tech support acts like they never heard of the problem Nothing posted on the website about the problem Finally senior tech support explains the problem no telephone voicemail access code Still need to type password every time I try to access emails This is really lame    Version 60
Every other day something is wrong with it          Almost convenient
New version will not stay logged in and takes at least 2 tries to log in Ive been a fan for years and uninstalled it finally since it wont work    Wont stay logged in
I dl this on my iPhone 6 and app never launches I have rebooted and reinstalled multiple times After entering login info app just closes    Doesnt even open
I personally have had no problems with it I can answer the phone on my iPhone I can answer the phone in my car Thats pretty much all I use it for                Great app
Since the last update everytime I try to open my email I have to uninstall and reinstall the app because my email will not load I have had issues before but this update has been the worst I have had to do this three days in a row Fix the issues       App very annoying
While I dont check my email regularly on my iPad this comes in handy when I am on vacation only I can only add one account and have to sign out and sign in to every Comcast account I have Half of the options do not work the pay my bill does Everything else is greyed out Have tried deleting and putting it back on but that did not change a thing You might say this is exactly what I expected in an app from Comcast substandard and inadequate Even my yahoo app is better and everything works       Half the options dont work
Many bugs Frequent updates fix some bugs but create others I use it because it is so convenient but I am frankly tired of the constant updates which still do not make the app work consistently and correctlyWith the latest update the email counter errors have been corrected but the app is so slow I can connect and access my mail on the lite online version quickly but the app still needs work The slow response is a new bug once againWith the latest update I frequently get error messages and new mail will not download Again this is a new problem and continues the pattern of fixing one problem while creating a new oneAnother update and now when I am notified of new mail it takes forever to view it This is definitely an app problem because I am able to get mail normally if I do not use this app       Should work better
Ive been using this application for the past 4 weeks Im overall very satisfied with it Works well overseas Does require a robust internet connection otherwise the call quality drops off             Nice application
The major problem of having to sign in each time seems to be fixed Now it works well for email retrieving voicemail etc             Much Better
Latest update does not open on iPad mini running iOS 841    Does not open
App works great for me only use email feature syncs across all devices                Great
This app is a piece of crap There are more problems with it than Id like to try to explain I have told xfinity about the problems I have with it and still the same problems exist Like phone numbers instead of contacts names come up when I get a new txt So then I have to start a new txt type in the number to figure out who it is then go back to the txt and respond now that I know who it is Or God forbid you get a txt while typing one it will delete everything you have typed when you receive a new txt Thats just the start The app is bugged beyond belief Unless youre cheap like me I suggest just keeping your cell phone to avoid the headaches this app will create    Terrible
5 stars                Xfinity app is good
Dont mind accepting terms the first time after an update but EVERY TIME Enough Removing app    Accepting Terms
Lock up Email is a quick glance and go With this junk from Xfinity grab a chair your going to be awhile Dont waste your time this customer is discussed with Xfinity They have no problem with taking your money to pay the monthly Providing the services your paying for FAST Yea get that chair    Trash
Ive called ComcastXFinityConnectyup they have people who answer phones and who have no problem taking my money every month However fixing their App so that my emails that I receive dont disappear after opening them and then having to close the App to do work go back cause you want to now read themof course not cause as soon as I open my email to read they vanishyes sir just reload the App againblah blah blahNo fix no nothing from this company    Emails disappear
V6 forces me to enter my user name and password each time I open the app which worked well before the latest upgrade even though I made sure the settings were correct This is very cumbersome thus the poor rating       Version 6 is bad
I wireless connection do work most and its slow when you have more then two devices working at the same time       Wireless is bad most time
Ive had this app for a while now and its quite useful however it fails to send text messages quite often and drops or fails to complete calls       Needs improvement
Latest version stinks Keep getting noticed twice for everything    Latest versionnotifies me twice
It doesnt work keeps closing dont log out cause youll never get back in this version    ComcASStic
I am not a tecki but was able to figure it out and actually use it Since I am one of the last person on earth to still use a home phone It gives me the best of both worlds home cell Wonderful                Loving it
So Good lets see connectivity its not the greatest but seems ok             So Far
Certainly beats the crap out of gmail and iCloud Use Comcast on desktop with Outlook and was pleasantly surprised to find all my folders appear on the app just not subfolders But all in all easy to use when traveling No longer necessary to carry a laptop                Not Bad
The app wont let me get past opening screen As soon as I enter my info and click loginit freezes and exits out Get your crap together comcast Every time I deal with you whether its online phone or app its a giant waste of time and energy    Frustrating
Since the most recent update I must sign in with username and password each time I try to check my email Most times having to enter my password 23 times Theres no way to stay logged in Very frustrating and disappointing Ive used this app for years without this problem    Logs me out all the time
And again Ever since the app was updated I have to log in just to get my mail Most of the time it throws me out the first time so I have to log in twice They should have been able to fix this by now    Newly frustrated STILL
When I try to make a phone call over the Internet I received an error from line2goI dont know what that isThe app just doesnt work    Cant make VoIP phone calls
My only complaint now is that it crashes frequently on startup or when opening an email with lots of attachments Otherwise it does what I expect it to which is a pretty wonderful experience             Still better than Outlook


Comcast Cable Communications
10.9 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and ix.Mac.MarketingName. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.0.2
iPhone iPad

iOS Xfinity Mobile 4.0.2 Mobile

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