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Yahoo! , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yahoo! TimeTraveler ,Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 ,Yahoo! Fantasy Basketball ,Yahoo Poker ,Yahoo Bingo ,Yahoo! Weather), brings Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 app has been update to version 4.1 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Just a condensed version of the lap or desktop version..
  • Good for checking scores and making lineup changes on the go..
  • Works great and is nice to have while watching the games..
  • One dude complained that it wasn't like the PC version..
  • My first time playing fantasy football and this app makes it fun and simple..
Overall Satisfactionclick me53
The app has gotten 5 times better than last year's version.
This year's version does nothing but time out and crash.
Best fantasy sports app available very clean and organized.
This is by far the worst fantasy sports app ever.
always been the best FF app out and just keeps getting better.
Still and unfortunately the best FF out there.
Thanks Yahoo for making good improvements mid season.
Thanks Yahoo for making my season a horrible experience.
Better than ESPN's and easier to use than CBS.
The navigation is absolutely horrendous needs a back button or something.
Fun & Engagingclick me40
This is an awesome Fantasy Football App by Yahoo.
Another awesome fantasy app from yahoo.
Why does yahoo hate me and my awesome fantasy football team.
Usefulnessclick me70
Helps me keep up with my fantasy sports teams an it's just amazing.
The new features make getting the most up to date info easy.
My guys love the up to date info on their players.
Constantly dropping and never has up to date info.
Social Aspectsclick me62
Great for checking on your head to head matchups in real time.
Good app could have more options miss the head to head.
Would be nice to see head to head on same screen.
Production Valuesclick me24
I wish this app was more like the web interface.
I love the redesigned app and web interface.
Ease of Useclick me59
So easy to manage my team and keep up with scores on the go.
It is easy to manage my team while I'm commuting on the bus.
Otherwise it's functional but if I had another option to manage my team.
Easy to make changes to your line up and track your team.
Everything is easy to view and easy to make changes.
Cannot even view my team let alone attempt to make changes.
simple app that gets my fantasy football info to me quickly.
Easy to use and simple app that does its job.
Makes it super convenient to check on players and make changes.
Fantasy football app is super convenient and easy to use.
Reliabilityclick me10
Great for when I'm at work on Sundays.
Ads not Intrusiveclick me10
Security & Privacyclick me17
its faster then logging into my yahoo account.
Updates & Supportclick me51
This app has been completely revamped from last years version.
The app has gotten 5 times better than last year's version.
This year's version does nothing but time out and crash.
Customer service is great as well.


Yahoo! Fantasy Football, the Web’s #1 fantasy football game, comes to your
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPod Touch.


Stay on top of your team wherever you are with the Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. From checking league and player stats to making changes to your roster, the Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 app brings this season right to the palm of your hand.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11
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Features of the Yahoo! Fantasy Football ’11 app include:
• Live Scoring: Free this year! Follow your team as the games happen – in real time
• Roster Management: Quarterback injured? No problem. Bench him and start your backup right from your phone.
• Add and drop players: No longer happy with your running back? Simple. Drop him from your team and search for a new one.
• Matchups: Not sure who you play next week? No need to stop what you’re doing, just grab your iPhone or iPod Touch and check.


If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 7.6 MB to download. The new Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 app version 4.1 has been updated on 2014-11-17. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
More Info: Find more info about Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 in Yahoo!`s Official Website :
Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11


Helps me keep up with my fantasy sports teams an it's just amazing. found in 24 reviews
Better than ESPN's and easier to use than CBS. found in 158 reviews
First time fantasy footballer and the app is easy to use. found in 15 reviews
Wish it had push notifications for my team scoring. found in 128 reviews
half the time the app won't load my team or the matchups. found in 52 reviews
Access to commissioner tools and viewing recent transactions would be helpful. found in 32 reviews
Better than last year but still a lot of room for improvement. found in 28 reviews
Keeps looping me back to initial google login screen. found in 16 reviews
This app blows due to its awful connection during game day. found in 92 reviews
Other than the server issues this app has been amazing. found in 37 reviews
App continues to crash even after delete and reinstall. found in 93 reviews
Repeated " connection errors " when the connection is fine. found in 96 reviews
Great app but numerous " XML errors " and what not. found in 41 reviews
Now it crashes every time I try to view my roster. found in 29 reviews
Won't connect to server can't even keep up with matchup. found in 130 reviews
If I could view my team this app would be great. found in 113 reviews
the app crashes every time I try to look at my team. found in 21 reviews
More player stats needed on matchup page during game time. found in 193 reviews
Please change the auto refresh to a pull-down refresh. found in 165 reviews
Constantly crashed or refuses to initialize during games. found in 227 reviews
It's worse than last years and so much needs added. found in 98 reviews
yahoo needs to make an app for fantasy basketball. found in 157 reviews
It does load data more quickly and efficiently than the website. found in 31 reviews
the WORST fantasy app I've ever tried to use. found in 276 reviews
Still can't figure out how to make roster changes. found in 302 reviews
I'd rate this worse than ESPN's ffl app. found in 382 reviews
Unable to add players and see league transactions. found in 240 reviews
No ability to smack talk in team vs team matchup. found in 376 reviews
Like the ability to draft but the app freezes or stalls. found in 304 reviews
but as for looking for available players not helpful. found in 227 reviews
Needs a better stat tracker to switch between leagues. found in 308 reviews
Can't access the search function to search for players. found in 260 reviews
Don't bother checking this app on game days. found in 576 reviews
Will play fantasy elsewhere next year unless they fix this soon. found in 349 reviews
There's no projected points and fantasy points neither. found in 321 reviews
Needs live scoring and future schedules of players. found in 231 reviews
Fantasy leagues it doesn't transition very well between my three leagues. found in 400 reviews
Detail screen of match ups doesn't even show score. found in 297 reviews
This is the worst fantasy football app I have ever used. found in 276 reviews
Posting to message boards from app becomes impossible to read. found in 287 reviews
Worse than last years version which I didn't think was possible. found in 1082 reviews
Disappointed because yahoo's fantasy baseball app was much better. found in 224 reviews
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I feel like I had to solve an ever increasingly difficult series of puzzles to add a player Theres a huge focus on the use of other Yahoo features in this app rather than a strong fantasy football experience The whole thing is embarrassing for Yahoo which is so obviously trying to use this portal to build its user base Just focus on a good experience and users will come idiots    Pathetic
I love the idea of checking fantasy scores on the watch However after working for an hour it requires me to hand off to my phone to re set up the app This doesnt work either and I end up having to reinstall on the watch each time this happens       Apple watch buggy
The Apple Watch integration is beyond terrible    Horrible
The app is messy full of ads and missing key features Try searching for a free agent by current stats and youll be digging for a while Dont accidentally click on trash talk or paid fantasy football because youll be required to learn all about theses features rather than just backing out Im only using the app because one of the leagues Im in is using Yahoo I cant wait to delete it at the end of the season My advice commissioners stay away from Yahoo for FF       Going backwards
This app is designed purely to push their cash leagues and ads Not very useful for managing a FF team No player comparison projectionsetc cant even scroll though free agents    Crap app
This app is atrocious Presents so little useful information in the most complicated unuserfriendly way possible Its so bad I will never play in a Yahoo fantasy football league again ESPN or nothing    Tremendously awful
This is one of the worst apps I have ever downloaded The live scoring is non existent which should be the first thing they do Completely uselessI am deleting the app before the first day of football is complete    Awful
UpdateVery upset this has not worked for me since the Thursday Night Game and even then that was glitchy and didnt function correctly Bought an apple watch for this sole reason cant wait for the season to start Please allow mock drafts for the watch    Disappointed
Title says it all Its been three years and they still havent added live projections to the app Also the apple watch app is unreliable and unintuitive    STILL no live score projections Apple Watch app is bad
This app is bad You cant do much without pulling your hair out and the app does not refresh Apparently none of my players played this weekend    Horrible
Well never considered it before but may move our league to ESPN next year Yahoo has decided to kill the fatted calf by putting ads and sales over user functionality Everything changes in this app each year and is really a chore to use Maybe Ill go pencilpapercalculator next year for a better experience    Ads and crappy UI
I launch the app on the watch and all it tells me is to log into the app on my phone All the while I have my phone in hand with the app up and running Can never get past that prompt on the watch Please fix    Did anyone QA the apple watch app
Pretty frustrating and dumb because you cant even leave a league once you join one Lol    Frustrating
Doesnt open Most of the time I have to go online because the app doesnt load What is up with all the ads every time just constant ads Needs major improvements    I need to change to ESPN some other fantasy provider
Pretty much the worst fantasy interface Ive ever seen    Yikes
The interface is clunky and slow There are ads everywhere for their daily fantasy sport cash grab You cant watch live game stats like ESPN Use the ESPN app for fantasy instead Its so much better       Tons of ads for their daily fantasy
Yahoo is an awful mess and this App reflects that Interface has the logic of a drawing by my four year old if one of my players becomes a cow I really wont be shockedLive updates are confusing projections dont update and player research is clunky as can be I guess somebody out there really likes obscure stats that force you to do calculations in your head Unfortunately they work at Yahoo I would prefer to see player stats that are meaningful to me but there is no way to change the default I am going to kill my cousin for not switching us to ESPN this year Because right now even though this app is awful I am stuck with it       Great if you love Ads
Just give me a white background so I can easily tea the lineups Why is the background black Did you ever read a book with a black page and white letters No you havent because it is unpleasant to the human eye Please change this and stop trying to be fancy    Worst graphics ever Unreadable
Both of my FF leagues switched from ESPN to Yahoo and everyone hates it Loaded with ads that blend in with things you actually want to tap on Live scoring is a joke projections dont update Adding and searching for players based on stats is a nightmare Trying to navigate the app itself is also a joke Please Yahoo listen to your users and model your app after ESPN I didnt think it was possible but this app makes playing Fantasy Football not at all enjoyable    Absolute Garbage
Unattractive layout hard to follow shouldnt have to google how to adddrop ESPN does it sooooo much better If I am in this same league next year it will be because they changed to ESPN    unbearable
Youre way better off waiting to use a pc Total garbage app full of ads    Crap app Full of ads
Please add Survival football to the app Only other complaint I have is no player comparison feature             Add survival football to the App
The update is worse than last year didnt think that was possible and Yahooseriouslyare you ever going to make the stat tracker work on Apple products Please fix it Going to ESPN next year    Worse
Terrible layout not intuitive and the only colors are black and white Projected score never updates Stats are impossible to find the stats tab pulls weekly points points do not equal statistics I would literally have drafted Tim Tebow for my first pick if I couldve gotten the league switched to ESPN fantasy and yes I had the overall first pick    Pretty Awful
Glitchy updates during games clock or quarter wrong games registering as not started useless for research or context on numbers no articles or updates posted until significantly after games and only for top players stats dont update for waiver wire search so impossible to search for solid pick ups Basically think of a feature youd like in this app Got it This app doesnt have it or doesnt do it well If you can go elsewhere do so    Disappointing
Ive been rocking yahoo fantasy sports for years I switched over to ESPN awhile ago because yahoo continues to become worse every year I joined a buddys league reluctant due to my past experience with yahoo fantasy sportslets just say this This appyahoo is so bad that I felt it was my duty to actually write a review The blatant and overwhelming add placement is beyond forgiveness Yahoo you should be ashamed Some executive probably just trying to climb the corporate ladder by boosting revenue and raising the share price by a fraction of a cent This app is one of many reasons why the company is failing miserably they just dont get it and I am a shareholder Severely disappointed I will be selling my stock as the final straw and will never play yahoo fantasy sports after this season    The absolute worst even after the update
From the black screens to the lack of updates projection points to the missing player stats in the matchup section This app is all around terrible Will never use it again Cant wait to go back to ESPN    Terrible app
When you finally can find the players list it is populated with the absolute lowlifes and dregs of the NFL most of these guys arent even on current NFL rosters Nor can you even filter by stats or rank FIX IT    Completely worthless
One of the worst apps I have used in awhile Definitely the worst fantasy app Confusing navigation Developers tried way to hard to implement a modern look and sacrificed basic functionality and usability Plus ads on the match ups screen ReallyTrying to perform simple team management tasks is nearly impossible Wont be playing yahoo fantasy football in the future    Terrible
They redesigned the app for the millionth time and its a wreck Yahoo Cant turn off annoying alerts ads galore incorrect alerts dudes get it together    Yahoo Does it againpoorly
Great game for football lovers                Great
Had such high hopes for this app I really like the desktop experience but the app makes me shudder every time I have to use it News and stats on the player pop ups are hilariously inaccurate Seems more like a portal to use yahoo and their services than to manage your team Theres no more support for player scoring notifications Seriously considering moving my 2 leagues to ESPN next year Their app blows this out of the water visually and functionally Hoping Yahoo rolls out an update before the season ends but Im not holding my breath    Disappointing
My name is J Heisey and I love this app if you dont agree with me come find me and fight me                Yahoo rocks
How the f is yahoo still in businessYou Cant select which teamsleagues to show in the app and which teams to remove from the app Unresponsive touch controls and a clunky UI Plus all the problems leftover from last yearWrong stat lines they highlight targets instead of receptions and the order of the stat columns doesnt logically group them Little things but while you are using the app in practice it drives you nuts And it is crazy that you cant add fantasy to My Yahoo anymore Thats not the app but man the main yahoo site just gets worse and worse and worse The auto draft public leagues debacle is just foolish and unnecessary too You cant leave a league you didnt even join Clearly trying to artificially inflate their numbers for Wall Street pathetic Def going to ESPN next year because this is awful Been with yahoo ten years but it is just that bad now I dont even mind the ads if they bothered to create a quality user friendly product But this halfas bs is pathetic no other word for it    Another dud from yahoo
Terrible app Yahoo fantasy football is terrible on the computer and on the app Seriously does anyone at Yahoo play fantasy sports The answer is no because youd have to be an idiot to design the layout and functionality this way Its awful awful awful Its worse than Aaron Hernandez    Free and it works
Too many ads Oh and you cant actually pick up players using the app Or if you can its nice and hard to find ESPNs app is far and away better       Ads everywhere
So our draft is done rosters and matchups showing properly but there is no longer a tab for available and unavailable players How the hell are you supposed to adddrop now Please fix I dont want to have to do this on my computer every single time       Where the heck are the free agents
The app is hard to navigate Accessing FAs and adding takes a minute to figure out Ive played FF for a few years now and used the ESPN app definitely better and easier HELP section is vague and irrelevant All things indicate that the Pro Football Pickem league can be linked to the app but I cannot find answers or get access to a forum where a question can be posted from the app Yahoo should send this one back to the drawing board       Notsoeasy App
This years app is just another joke Instead of upgrading the GI maybe the focus should be on usability We want to actually see stats upgrade and have options to see free agents vs taken players within our leaguesespecially paid leagues Get it together you yahoos       Get it TOGETHER YAHOO
This is one of the worst apps i have ever used The ads are obtrusive the navigation is clumsy the naming scheme for sections is obscure and the sheer lack of any UI design has left Yahoo with by far the worst fantasy sports app around It seems the main focus of this app is sell the user on other services Even after the recent updates when things should be getting better this app takes multiple steps backwards Take note of the competition Yahoo because they are running a completely different race than you    Horrible App Needs a lot of work
I got this app for one simple purpose to view my team in the league I already had If theres a way to do this I couldnt find it All I see are prompts to join new leagues or download other yahoo apps The help section says it should be under My Leagues I dont see that section anywhere Pathetic    Useless
This used to be a great app There must have been a redesign in the past year or two because all of the features I used to love about this app are now gone I can no longer research players compare who to play All this is good for are ads and seeing your score    Horrible redesign
We switched from ESPN to Yahoo because family member said Yahoo was better Really Boy was he wrong Why would you use gray font on a black background I wish we could transfer our league to ESPN mid season Yes Im getting sick of the constant ad asking to join the daily yahoo leagueAnd why cant I change in my settings from pacific time zone to the eastern time zone where I actually live Game times show west coast times which is just stupid if I dont live on the west coast I hope they fix these problems I dont want to have to use this current app as is for the season    Yahoo needs to copy the ESPN app
The app is slow riddled with ads and terrible at updating Its not user friendly in the least bit If youre looking for a FF app look elsewhere    Absolute rubbish
So much is missing or not working like adding a dropping a player Im really worried this isnt even a yahoo app now    Is this even Yahoos or a scam
Cmon yahoo dont be a bunch of yahoos and fix this garbage Cant even get week one stats stuck on week 2    Junk
Pop up ad for the contest is super annoying and this will be year number 3 where week 1 or the current week is not visible nor can be accessed on the mobile app Extremely frustrating someone needs to fix this Everything else works but I want to see my first week outcome on my app       Fix old issues
Barely works cant draft new freeagents crashes    iPhone
Horrible design of an app Second year in a row I accidentally join a league and cant leave    Horrible
This is a great app for competitive people                Great competition


7.6 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 4.1
iPhone iPad

iOS Yahoo! Fantasy Football `11 4.1 Mobile

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