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Yahoo! , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yahoo! Weather ,Yahoo! Entertainment ,Livestand from Yahoo! ,Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search for iPad ,Yahoo Live Web Insights ,Yahoo! Maktoob Ramadan), brings Yahoo! Finance with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yahoo! Finance app has been update to version 1.3.3 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great way to keep track of your investments or future investment..
  • This is a great quick reference for obtaining instant market numbers..
  • Yahoo Finance has always been a pretty powerful research tool..
  • Find this the easiest and quickest way to check stock market..
  • Great financial news and information..
Overall Satisfactionclick me79
Easily the best finance app out there right now.
If you need a good finance App Try Daily Finance.
By far one of the best stock market apps out.
Thanks yahoo for finally nailing this app on the head.
It is one of the best finance app that you must have.
Way better than CNBC and others.
Much better than previous versions and mainly.
I personally love this App.
Fun & Engagingclick me91
The layout and visuals are reminiscent of the awesome weather app.
I also am very impressed with Yahoo Weather app as well.
The most awesome finance app ever.
Awesome Finance App.
Usefulnessclick me67
It's easy to use and fast up to date news.
Provides up to date information and consolidates articles from numerous sources.
Everything you need in a financial app.
Easy to use with useful information readily accessible.
An indispensable app.
Ease of Useclick me78
Makes it easy to keep up with the financial world in an efficient way.
Easy to search stocks and easy to add stocks that you can follow.
Also I have to set it to show commodities every time.
Nice and simple app with good markets & news content.
Easy to use and very informative push notifications.
Great app with easy navigation.
Easy interface.
Reliabilityclick me48
Security & Privacyclick me40
Updates & Supportclick me25
Much better than previous versions and mainly.


The Yahoo! Finance App for the
iPhonecellular phone made by Apple
and iPod Touch brings you total coverage from your favorite financial source.


You’ve come to expect the highest quality financial coverage from Yahoo! Finance. Now you can get it all in an app built for you. Ranging from broad market indices to the details on a specific commodity, it’s all here. This app has something for everyone, no matter what your need of financial detail may be.

Yahoo! FinanceYahoo! Finance
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Features of the Yahoo! Finance app include:
• My Quotes: Organize the stocks you care about at a glance
• Market Summary: Customized Yahoo! daily news and market conditions
• Daily Ticker Video: Get weekday financial news and analysis from Yahoo! Finance
• Real Time & After Hours Data: Track your stocks when the markets are closed and open
• Detailed Statistics: Beyond highs and lows, find news, industry and competitors
• Graph & Compare: Gorgeous graphs which let you match up anything from currencies to markets
• Research & Track: Go beyond stocks - track industries, commodities and more
• Import Yahoo! Portfolio: Pull in the companies you track into your quote page instantly
• Compare Currencies: Interested in the Mongolian Tugrik exchange rate? Search by country, done!
• Smart Pagination: Scan news articles, see related graphs, quotes and more
• Shake Navigation: Shake your phone to take you back to the main menu screen


The Yahoo! Finance is now available as a free download on Apple Store for both iPhone and iPad owners.The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 4.2 MB to download. The new Yahoo! Finance app version 1.3.3 has been updated on 2014-11-19. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Yahoo! Finance check developer Yahoo!`s website :
Yahoo! Finance


Easily the best finance app out there right now. found in 199 reviews
Good job at keeping up to date info. found in 5 reviews
All the major stuff for a quick look at the markets and your portfolio. found in 15 reviews
My go to app for keeping up with my portfolio. found in 27 reviews
Excellent app everyone should have for news & market information. found in 15 reviews
Easy to use and very informative push notifications. found in 7 reviews
The layout and visuals are reminiscent of the awesome weather app. found in 10 reviews
Great and accurate and good news source. found in 11 reviews
Crashes when opening certain stocks. found in 9 reviews
Anyway gr8 app but needs new artwork. found in 1 reviews
Keeps crashing when I sign in and try to access my portfolio. found in 5 reviews
I would love to see message boards with this app. found in 34 reviews
Logging in to My Yahoo Portfolio just doesn't cut the mustard. found in 28 reviews
Quotes delayed too long
but needs percentage increase on quote screen. found in 5 reviews
Decent but needs to be improved. found in 2 reviews
Yahoo Finance needs some more work. found in 2 reviews
if the website could only fix BRK-B's 52 week high. found in 5 reviews
Would be helpful if individual stock lookups also show dividend yield %. found in 7 reviews
I love the layout but the app is really buggy and unreliable. found in 4 reviews
Poor substitute for the web version. found in 9 reviews
Quotes delayed too long Crashes when opening certain stocks. found in 3 reviews
Need to fix the refreshing problem. found in 11 reviews
Only one improvement needed -24 hr index/commodity futures quotes. found in 2 reviews
I'd like to see full portfolio integration. found in 3 reviews
The news doesn't update for individual companies. found in 10 reviews
Needs to sync with old Yahoo finance news. found in 3 reviews
but news articles don't update. found in 41 reviews
Personal portfolio does not update itself when opened. found in 14 reviews
Every time I look up a certain stock quote it crashes. found in 23 reviews
No realtime quotes like on regular yahoo. found in 40 reviews
Doesn't even have the stick message boards. found in 34 reviews
Can't open news stories or look up stock quotes without crashing. found in 44 reviews
No wonder they are sinking
display portfolio value. found in 9 reviews
someone always trying to fix stuff that isn't broken. found in 11 reviews
Works great on iPhone but news for specific stocks doesn't update. found in 17 reviews
Very poor representation of My Yahoo portfolio. found in 28 reviews
My portfolio view constantly having issues. found in 9 reviews
The audio on Tech ticker videos doesn't work on the latest version. found in 21 reviews
Consistently get an error saying "unable to refresh data". found in 23 reviews
The daily ticker doesn't load. found in 22 reviews
No message board and other useful info. found in 12 reviews
News doesn't update. found in 10 reviews
Really aggravating w load times for news stories when accessing app. found in 47 reviews
Frequent outages or in availability of the portfolio feature is frustrating. found in 10 reviews
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If the app allowed sharing with the StockTwit Twitterlike web site Id give it 5 stars          Please add StockTwit Share
Plenty of information given hereThanks                5 Star perfect
I have use the app for quite some time and have found it to be very easy to use and quite helpful for keeping up with the market                Easy to Use
I wish there was away to copy the link to news articles Please fix          Update is junk
Its ok for now             Eh
It gives me all of the information that I need quickly and easily                Nice app
Simple to use with all critical financial information with no junks Keep up great job Kudo                Yahoo Finance We Just Love Yahoo App
I use the app almost everyday and it is easy to use It has few quirks but nothing too dido cult to get around             Good app
I like the desktop look better    no title
This is an effective app for watching changes in your portfolio I wish it had better pre and post market data but it is okay otherwiseThe problem is that the news it displays is little more than advertisements It is practically worthless when most stories wont open unless you subscribe in some fashion What good is financial news if you cant read the whole story Why even bother with CNBC advertorials for Cramer Fast Money and the like How is that news This app has potential when Yahoo gets a clue that people want real news and more detailed market info          Okay Stock Market App
A nice app Keeps me connected with financial news that is important to me             Yahoo app
Love this app it send you notifications of the stocks you follow when something big happens Perfect for my business class                Love it
Keep upgrading the app          Work in progress
I like it because it has iOS 841 and you could follow stocks The only thing I DO NOT LIKE is that finance has nonavailable stocks sometimes             From a little kid
I have been using it for a while and loving it since                Awesome fabulosity
I like the app for its ability to track stocks show charts aggregate news and show fair amount of fundamentals It has some serious bugs howeververy often stock quotas do not refresh until you click on them and even then its hit or missthe list of stocks you follow cannot be accessed on Yahoo web site Cmon its 2015 not 1995 I should be able too look at the same data from multiple devices             Has potential but bugs and design flaws need to be fixed
The app is good conceptually but unfortunately I cannot use it Why Because the most critical part of the app is flawed The basis of any decent finance program is the portfolio In 3 or 4 places in the app there are clearly defined spots to add a stock symbol to your portfolio but THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DELETE A SYMBOL This makes the app useless to me    Like most yahoo products it is confusing and incomplete
Easy to navigate Great articles relating to the market Gives me the edge I need in foreign markets in real time                Helpful
This version is better than original but needs to update faster Several times Ill see stock quote then go to buy only to see drastic price difference          Getting Better
The app provides very little research information on equities At a minimum it should link back to the complete data on yahoo finance Also price history graphing is broken when use to compare equities and has been that way for months Lastly the list of equities I put together in the app is only available in the app and cannot be viewed at my yahoo account This app needs some serious updating to be useful       Very little information on equities and poor charting
This is a very informative app on both markets and individual companies but it takes forever to load prices and stories It seems like the prices constantly change and not because the prices are actually changing but because the load times are terrible However there is a wealth of information available in one place             Lots of Information
Would be five stars but needs a screener It is a free app though Love how convenient it once you have a watchlist put together             Why no screener
Awesome App to use to check quick real time stock quotesfrom 9am to 4pm I check it all the timeBEST stock App there is out there                Great App
Very difficult to find anything meaningful and really related to the financial market Mostly its useless news about the entertainment industry and equally annoying advertisements    The TMZ of finance apps
I like this app and I use it 70 each day during the week It is very helpful                Must have if you own stocks
Ive used quite a few finance apps since day 0 of smartphones and yahoo finance is the best available particularly for content aggregation Its yahoos best play for relevancy to keep improving their apps finance weather fantasy sports and news while the rest of their products just raise eyebrows Someone tell Marissa             Best finance app and aggregator
I use this daily Now I cant add a new symbol The keypad comes up positioned on top of where you are supposed to type Please fix this I am using iOS 841 UPDATESorry my mistakeit is the Yahoo Stocks app that has this problem       Cannot add new symbols after update
Concise articles and the notifications are good                Awesome
Mucho mejor en el IPad que en el IPhone pero es fácil de usar En cuanto a las noticias no se por que no las da de manera cronológica puede que yo no lo haya configurado correctamente aún          Cómoda
It serves me well by seeing how stocks performed the day                Great Service
My favorite finance app                Nice App
I honestly plain dislike this update as I liked having the sidescrolling portfolio Plus the stocks do not refresh unless you go in to view them very annoying I will be going to another app for my stock updates       No AutoRefresh
I find Yahoo Finance to be a valuable resource I use it to follow three portfolios and the addition of following stocks of interest has been good The research capability has provided me with information I find valuable             Valuable Resource
The app can be configured to provide useful information but the stock prices get stuck thus 1 star off             Has potential
Appreciate quick ability to see Asian European and USA markets Remarked numbers also nice to easily see Commodity quotes also important and easy to check Have not run into quirks yet as any troubles so far seem to be operator error                Used only for month
This app gets crappier and crappier with each update Takes forever to refresh changes in stocks and no longer links out to Safari          Crappier with each update
Premarket prices good news and a lot of data in one place I recommend             Good app
It provides the latest information that really helps with my daytoday trading                Awesome App
Wish it had the versatility of the online website but when one needs quick up to date info I like             Getter better
Ive read a lot of the reviews on this app and I agree with lots of the negatives I want an app to give me the same information I get on a web page Like my portfolios Instead I get what some dumb programmer thinks people want I also agree that the download times are too long This app does nothing more than a web page would give me even a little less So why use it    Another failure by Yahoo
Better than any other free and easilyaccessible stock market application probably even better than most payed ones You can easily get every stocks basic information and if you want more data on it you can just click view more data and you can see a brief yet detailed summary of the company compare it to its sectors average access the times it has been recommended by different websites changes on the companys positions on different websites earnings and much more                Great for Any Level Investor
The charts consistently lag the current quote and the red vs green is consistently off as well For example the Wilshire 5000 is down today but it is shown as green Also the open dotted line is consistently incorrect Similar to the online interactive charts this app fees like a betastage product       Buggy
I downloaded Yahoo finance hoping to get to the same site on my computer But oh no Yahoo has this totally useless maze that one has to wade thru What a waste Now Ill have to figure how to get it off my phone    Not very user friendly
This app is useless Cannot get quotes News is random or determined by yahoo Cannot get categorized news Dont want only videos Can read text fast but not videos    Useless
The lack of a LinkedIn share feature is a negative These are business articles why not be able to share with other business professionals on LinkedIn I like everything else though          LinkedIn
The refresh on this app is terrible and needs to be fixed I track only about a dozen stocks and it seems like each time a look at their prices some will have updated recently while others not I literally cant trust the quote unless I manually refresh and wait until Im sure its updated or open an individual stock The newsfeed is not great eithermany stories one sees on the yahoo finance website seem not to appear in be mobile app Frustrating       Refresh is terrible
Since last update the link that allows you to share and even use safari is gone So when the articles are incomplete buttons dont work on the webpage etc You have no choice but to go to safari and type in the name of the article to find itBasically it removed the workaround for this disfunctional app I will bury it in a submenu until I see this fixed    Update Mistake
Takes a longer time to search essential data on equityETF Tired of wait for pop ups to load first Sorry but other sites are much faster       Pop up heaven
Use everyday Never a problem                Use everyday
This App was useful at one time but now when you click on Home or News you get days old news reports Also they have limited their coverage of individual stocks funds etc How any if this benefits a struggling company like Yahoo is beyond me    From Bad to Worse


4.2 MB
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Last Updated:
OS / Version:
iOS / 1.3.3
iPhone iPad

iOS Yahoo! Finance 1.3.3 Mobile

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