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Yahoo , the publisher behind many iOS app (Yahoo! TimeTraveler ,Yahoo Live Web Insights ,Yahoo Poker ,Yahoo! Finance ,Yahoo Livetext - Video Messenger ,Yahoo! Entertainment), brings Yahoo News Digest with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yahoo News Digest app has been update to version 1.0.0 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • from surfing to searching places and even social media..
  • this app is the best news application available..
  • I only keep my other news app for breaking news push notifications..
  • The Yahoo Daily Digest might be one of the best news apps out there..
  • A truly great way to stay informed and educated without being time consuming..

Overall Satisfactionc90
The Yahoo Daily Digest might be one of the best news apps out there.
Simply for design alone this has become my new favorite news app.
Hopefully they will add more stories a cycle.
Needs more stories.
Thanks Yahoo for a concise news app.
Really amazing design.
This app does a great job of presenting the news in a concise.
Fun & Engagingc84
It's a gorgeous way to catch up on top news in different categories.
Hopefully they will add more stories a cycle.
Needs more stories.
This app is an awesome news aggregator.
Up 2 the minute info and great news all the time.
A nice and quick way to stay up to date on a daily basis.
A truly great way to stay informed and educated without being time consuming.
They created a beautiful and useful presentation for news with this app.
Useful news app with a lot great links to supporting material.
Like the twice a day news headlines update.
A must for anyone who enjoys staying up to date with current events.
This app tells you everything you need to know to stay current.
I read it every day and night.
Social Aspectsc97
from surfing to searching places and even social media.
nice quick read easy to share info on social media.
This is by far the fastest way to stay connected to the world.
Production Valuesc85
Gorgeous interface and easy navigation.
Interface is simple to use and visually appealing.
Perfectly filtered and visually stunning.
all wrapped in a stunning design.
Ease of Usec94
A truly great way to stay informed and educated without being time consuming.
This makes it easy to stay up to date in about 5 minutes per day.
and ability to dig into anything in great detail.
Yahoo News Digest makes it extremely easy to consume related tweets.
easy to scroll and view article.
Great overview in an easy to read format.
"very smooth and easy navigation throughout the app".
Updates & Supportc83
Can you make an iPad version.
Make an ipad version.
Need an ipad version.

Wonerful for a news digest morning and evenings. found in 188 reviews
Love that you receive critical news updates in a timely manner. found in 37 reviews
Great and concise news from around the world. found in 28 reviews
Love the user friendly interface and the brevity of the summaries. found in 48 reviews
This is a great concept for an easy and quick news update. found in 18 reviews
how the news is presented plus the links attached to each article. found in 9 reviews
Easy to use and great selections. found in 4 reviews
This is my favorite news aggregator app. found in 22 reviews
Great app for a quick look at what's in today's news. found in 30 reviews
it's still important to get your daily dose of news. found in 13 reviews
This app provides consistently excellent news summaries. found in 26 reviews
Yahoo News Digest makes it extremely easy to consume related tweets. found in 13 reviews
I can see it becoming part of my daily routine. found in 8 reviews
Simply for me one of the best general news aggregators around. found in 22 reviews
As an upcoming journalist and heavy news reader. found in 28 reviews
I look forward to the morning and evening editions every day. found in 69 reviews
relevant news twice a day presenting different viewpoints and sources. found in 30 reviews
A reliable source of up to the minute news. found in 7 reviews
cross-platform and reference material provided with each article. found in 34 reviews
responsive and all the information necessary to understand headline news stories. found in 16 reviews
Nice clean interface
smooth but currently the widget doesn't work. found in 4 reviews
I wish I could opt-out of certain news categories. found in 11 reviews
Beautiful format but needs customization options. found in 3 reviews
But would like an option to increase font size. found in 6 reviews
but liberal bias is dishonest. found in 10 reviews
doesn't rotate to landscape view. found in 8 reviews
offers extra articles to look at if you want more info. found in 4 reviews
However the content needs to improve. found in 4 reviews
I've been noticing frequent grammar errors in the stories. found in 4 reviews
I no longer feel the need to read everything about anything. found in 5 reviews
What about articles for which missing critical info isn't obvious. found in 1 reviews
except for some grammatical errors. found in 6 reviews
Needs Portrait View and Grammar. found in 2 reviews
Would award it five stars if you could change font size. found in 19 reviews
This app needs customization. found in 4 reviews
Would be a great app with better editing. found in 4 reviews
A few more stories would make it better. found in 34 reviews
Can we get an ipad version please. found in 4 reviews
it's just eye candy and no substance. found in 5 reviews
This app asked if I wanted to receive push notifications. found in 10 reviews
I don't like OLD news. found in 5 reviews
Grammatical errors. found in 6 reviews
No search function like this app it has not function. found in 4 reviews
Good App If You Love Yahoo Liberal Bias. found in 10 reviews
And Katie Couric doesn't make this app any better. found in 7 reviews
Inconsistent news sources and minor liberal slant. found in 6 reviews
more in depth news elsewhere without having a notification. found in 5 reviews
Its doesn't show news in Notification Center. found in 10 reviews
No way to customize content such as adding or deleting sections. found in 31 reviews
still no support for portrait mode on iPad. found in 7 reviews
I will be deleting this left wing agenda driven app. found in 5 reviews
needs iPad support It is worth a look. found in 6 reviews
Yahoo needs to have this app customizable. found in 5 reviews

If you are iOS owner,you now can download Yahoo News Digest for free from Apple Store. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 11.0 MB to download. The new Yahoo News Digest app version 1.0.0 has been updated on 2014-01-01.
More Info: Find more info about Yahoo News Digest in Yahoo`s Official Website :

Get in the know in no time. Yahoo News Digest provides a definitive summary of all the important, need-to-know news. Digests are delivered twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening. ...
Nice                 Nice
Great concept love everything about this app but oh my goodness at the number of errors I know its autoedited but still The larger inset quotes in the stories are more often than not attributed to an incorrect person or they just dont make sense              Use it daily but the errors are annoying
I give them five stars and six more if I could I love the news Its right at my fingertips They always have issues and answers for many things So hands up Go Yahoo                 Yahoo news
It would be nice if I could hold my iPad in its portrait orientation and use this app Whomever is proof reading the articles before they are published needs to learn some grammar              Needs Portrait View and Grammar
Weak headlines and copy Same old Liberal slant     Not appealing
Very clean simple and usable The content is high quality The presentation is beautiful                 Perhaps the best app in the App Store
Ive enjoyed the approach to headline news but have two gripes 1 Like many of the complaints the articles are often miscategorized and poorly edited Wrong pictures mismatched headlines and recently an entire paragraph from another article led a story Technology is often a grabbag of completely unrelated articles 2 Crashes Theyve increased quite a bit in the past two months with no resolution other than to delete the app and reinstall it        Quality lowering
Stunning to me yahoo hasnt been sued This is clearly a bot algorithm with no human editorial oversight It attributes wrong facts will even mix some stories together Story content too short length cuts run mid sentence with mis attributed credits and photos Nope     Obviously a bot with no human editor
Simply awesome                 Awesome
The folks at yahoo news cant seem to let a day go by without publishing one or more pieces with out of context and oftentimes unrelated text injected randomly within an article This text appears to be news headlines copied and pasted mistakenly into the article But I would guess that it is some systematic error Whatever the case the frequency with which this occurs makes it hard to take this app as a serious news source        Amateurish
Hey extremely simple app to use My feelings are that this app keeps your privacy in the process of looking up websites probably important to most people                 Lots information
The app has a beautiful design and I love getting a quick overview of news from around the World twice a day                 Great app
This is one of my go to news apps I love the aggregation across multiple sources like Twitter video and print And the gasification keeps me reading                 Love this app
News summaries in really elegant design Easy focused really love this                 Elegant
This a great little app to get the news quickly I like the morning and evening news Takes a few minutes and you stay updated Its awesome each article has a subject Love it                 Fantastic App
The app looks slick but the content is nearly always jumbled nonsensical incomplete or just incorrect Also the initial tips continually return and need to be closed before you can read the content You can not call the content stories or articles because they are so disorganized and disjointed It gets 2 stars only for convenience of seeing headlines        Slick looking with nonsensical content
Yahoo news digest is an awesome app which provides me just the type of news summaries I need It saves me time while at the same providing a gist of important news stories It is a must have for me                 Awesome App
This app has horribly incompetent AI generating text blurbs for each of the stories But the final straw was when it started throwing junk up on screen outside the app I dont need spam from my apps It has been deleted     Horribly incompetent AI
91515 App has good and stable layout but the news is always presented from Liberal MSM sources Conservative sources are never mixed in Old review Unfortunately for pad users this app only has a vertical layout           Good for iPhone bot for iPad
Latest news not 2 day old news           Needs to be more specialized
Content is consistently relevant and interesting I plan to keep and continue reading this app Well done Yahoo Wrote the review above until the new version which is unstable on my iPad 2 Just closes up like a clam shell whenever opened Big disappointment Yahoo Try again     Excellent News Digest but new version crashes
Buen app se las recomiendo                 Buen app
Offers a decent quick take on a few recent occurrences around the world which hold special interest                 Yahoo Digest
A lot to love and much to improve upon The GUI is brilliant and the touch interaction pattern is great but the navigation and limiting of articles is frustrating I want to be able to hop into sections and to be able to look at long lists without reading some pushed list that Yahoo thinks is important           Good but
The Yahoo Digest has very limited number of news items Should have 10 items per category           Too Limited
It is very useful and easy to read news           Nice
as a young guy I would tell I love to read digest or short news I think this is same for evey young guy and this is the best App for short news              Digest World
This app does look really nice Good interface and design However most articles are incoherent and uninformative You need to read the references to get anything useful out of this app So after trying it for a few months I give up           Looks great reads poorly
Not much to say since it is basically great Its easy to load and follow stocks News is comprehensive                 Great App
This is the best app to get your news touches on important things and you can go further if you want its a real good wish I had more like it get it you like it                 Love news
Love this app on both my iPad and iPhone Spectacular UI design looks fantastic I find myself using the app 2x per day to check in on the latest headlines Well done Yahoo nice to see the former internet giant transition to a legit mobile and social force Check out Flickr Sports and Finance as well all excellent apps                 Well Done Yahoo
Ill give 5 stars for the excellent work and service I can select the best news from the first sight and all are interesting to see and read I am glad to see Yahoo Digest News The best way to get my News on Time I receive twice the alerts from Yahoo News Digital Digest I recommend it for all those that likes to readTomas Enrique Sanchez Sanchez is glad with all the features                 Yahoo News Digest
I really like the summaries making everything concise                 Great app
1st one I open in the morning                 Great App
Great format Users ability to define number of top stories by news category eg Financial Sports Technology Entertainment Politics World Events etc might be worth considering              Quick look at top news items
Absolutely amazing App Love love it                
Love this app just wish it had more articles Great app would work out better if updated more than two times per day Keep the updates coming                 Great App
Short and sweet                 News Digest
I use frequently              Great Source of News
Quick news great way to get updated on the news                 Nice app
App works great easy way to get news highlights Content is good but not amazing              Greasy App good content
Good App Allows a quick brief of the news                 Works well
Great app except for 1 thing If youre watching a video and switch apps the video will close and you have to reopen it wait for it to buffer and find your place This is frustrating because a lot of the videos embedded in these articles are 10 minutes long Please fix Thanks              Hello
Not bad and effective U be the judge              Good and better than other
I get a notification that the news is ready and when I open up some of the individual categories I get an Oops message saying something happened well be right back but you try again and it still says Oops Very annoying Otherwise a good app           Tired of The OOPS notice
My favorite by far                 My favorite news app
simple is good                 good
Love this app I can encapsulate a mixture of whats big news now in a short amount of reading time Well done in gathering trending headlines and reporting a lot of information in a small space This is my favorite news app                 Big news small bites
I like it fast easy updated news on my he go                 Musician
I really like the App I just wish we have one Yahoo App that does it all                 Very helpful and the App saves me time

Yahoo News Digest News News Digest Yahoo NewsYahoo News Digest News News Digest Yahoo NewsYahoo News Digest News News Digest Yahoo NewsYahoo News Digest News News Digest Yahoo News

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