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RobertSuh , the publisher behind many iOS games (Farkle Addict : 10,000 Dice Casino Deluxe ,Video Poker ⋆ ,Keno Keno - Las Vegas Casino ,Keno 20 Multi Card FREE ,Keno Bonus FREE ,Keno 4 Multi Card FREE), brings Yatzy Addict with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Yatzy Addict games has been update to version 1.2 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The fast pace improves the game considerably..
  • Everything you'd expect from the classic game..
  • My husband and I play against each other every night before bed..
  • It pretty much sees action every night before I go to sleep..

Overall Satisfactionc81
One of my favorite games to play when I was growing up & still a fav.
I play it everyday and love being able to play against my friends.
Loved this game as a kid and love playing with my kids now.
I loved this game until I updated iPhone and iPad.
This is a wonderful game that I can play for hours.
Annoying pop ups and add ons.
I would Recommend this game foe everyone who LOVES YATZY.
total BS to have to pay to remove their annoying ads.
Great and amazing game.
Fun & Engagingc91
Awesome game reminds me of family night growing up.
Very addictive and love the self-competition it provides.
We play it all the time even sometime fight over who will be first.
Super fun alone and even better with friends.
Awesome game loads of fun on the commute.
Very fun game would highly recommend try it online play is great.
This is a free game and everything works.
Always trying to beat my best score- hard to put down.
I play it everyday more than once.
Love this game play it everyday.
Play every day and just have fun.
I play every day and night.
Family Friendlyc96
Great game easy and good for family fun.
Plus brings back childhood memories of family game nights.
I'm hoping it will do the same for my grand kids :.
Value for Moneyc32
can wager chips without spending a cent and it goes quickly.
There was no way to get coins without spending real money.
Replay Valuec93
Playing yatzy addict over and over never gets old.
Great game lots of fun never gets old.
A lot of fun and challenging.
Lots of fun and challenging.
My family has hours of entertainment at our finger tips.
Great job-thank you for hours of entertainment and fun.
Have gotten hours of enjoyment from this one.
Hours of enjoyment.
Fun and strategic.
Social Aspectsc84
This game is enjoyable to play multi player.
Great game and it's great being able to play with friends live online.
So glad that network multiplayer is now available - loving it.
Production Valuesc85
Well designed and the sound effects are appropriate without being overbearing.
I love the graphics and sound effects of the dice.
Graphics and sound are good.
Easy interface and enjoyable to play.
Simple and easy interface.
Ease of Usec82
Easiest of this type of game to learn and play.
shows you what you need to hit.
What a simple and fun app.
simple to play and a great mindless time killer.
Game play is intuitive and allows you to change options easily.
Easy interface and enjoyable to play.
Ads not Intrusivec66
total BS to have to pay to remove their annoying ads.
Pleeeeeeaaaseee stop asking me to rate it now.
Updates & Supportc90
Always been a yahtzee fan and this is a great version.
I have only played the single player version so far.
Rob is awesome- his customer service is top notch.
Very poor customer service.

What a great way to pass the time when you're stuck somewhere waiting. found in 262 reviews
Way better than handheld game that I have played for years. found in 9 reviews
I enjoy playing this game to pass the time and enjoy the graphics. found in 193 reviews
Great game easy and good for family fun. found in 18 reviews
And it gives you the chance to play with people all over the world :. found in 4 reviews
Great game lots of fun to play against other people. found in 25 reviews
Easiest of this type of game to learn and play. found in 22 reviews
Yahtzee Addict definetly lives up to its name. found in 7 reviews
Always enjoyed this game as a child and enjoying it now even more. found in 6 reviews
Great stress reliever when bogged down at work and yes very addicting. found in 14 reviews
This app works well and is a fun little time passer. found in 20 reviews
Just started playing this old time favorite. found in 6 reviews
This is just like the original game minus the manual scoring. found in 30 reviews
Awesome game loads of fun on the commute. found in 64 reviews
Very fun game would highly recommend try it online play is great. found in 56 reviews
Very fast game and very addicting. found in 28 reviews
Plus brings back childhood memories of family game nights. found in 11 reviews
Very addictive and fun game for Yahtzee lovers. found in 17 reviews
Always been a yahtzee fan and this is a great version. found in 27 reviews
Wish you could play against humans all the time without earning coins. found in 16 reviews
But the nag screens get to be a bit much. found in 5 reviews
Would pay for a version without annoying ads. found in 10 reviews
Nice fun game to waste time when bored. found in 18 reviews
I wish you could play more than one friend at a time though. found in 9 reviews
but there are too many annoying popups. found in 5 reviews
I paid for no ads. found in 4 reviews
Once you loose your chips you can't play online. found in 18 reviews
WAY too many ads - every time you log in. found in 5 reviews
Would have given it five stars but the same popups are annoying. found in 4 reviews
The constant advertisements and push notifications are extremely annoying. found in 5 reviews
Fun and addictive but pop up ads are annoying and way too many. found in 3 reviews
Good game except no 2 player local without paying. found in 14 reviews
Good overall game but way to many adds and pop-ups. found in 25 reviews
A lot of ads and difficult to navigate. found in 4 reviews
Just don't like the constant message that just make me open the game. found in 4 reviews
Very addicting but I won't pay to play with anyone. found in 14 reviews
Annoying pop ups every now and then but in general it's great. found in 11 reviews
Good game but too many pop ups for other games. found in 9 reviews
total BS to have to pay to remove their annoying ads. found in 10 reviews
It goes to rate the game and freezes. found in 22 reviews
But it doesn't work on my new iPhone 6. found in 7 reviews
Fun game but too many prompts for other things. found in 9 reviews
Doesn't Work With iOS 8. found in 7 reviews
Constant pop ups to rate the app. found in 6 reviews
Why did you change to force a Game Center sign in. found in 44 reviews
Annoying pop ups and add ons. found in 11 reviews
Then I updated to iOS 8 now it just freezes. found in 17 reviews
Since IOS 8 update unable to load and play. found in 10 reviews
Hate the free chips. found in 25 reviews
The game is OK but it send way to many messages. found in 25 reviews

If you are iPhone and iPad owner,you now can download Yatzy Addict for free from Apple Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 5.3 MB to download. The new Yatzy Addict app version 1.2 has been updated on 2014-11-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.Requires iOS 3.0 or later
Bottom Line: For more information about Yatzy Addict check developer RobertSuh`s website : http://robertsuh.com

Yatzy Addict If you are a TRUE LOVER of Yatzy, this is your game as Featured on http://freeBeeApps.com Yatzy Addict is the famous poker dice game, played all around the world You get 13 rounds, with ...
This is so fun Just playing the single player lets me compete against my own scores Love it                 So Fun
Really nice game Would like to see point amounts Raised Why the cap at 5k Lets play for 50 or 100k if we have chips              Great game need more options
It is hard to follow at times what is happening and it is annoying that you have keep saying I dont want to pay              Fair only
Yatzey that is SUPER FAST not your aunties slow boring game Help me Im ADDICTED                 Addictive fast paced
Fun to play but inapp purchases are overpriced Adds and popups to rate the game are annoying           Good App
Fun when board They should have stats for win vs loss though              Great Game
If you enjoy pop ups this game is for you     Pop Up City
It is OK but the computer opponents are really stupid              Ok
Love it                 Addicted
I downloaded a different game before this one It didnt have the option to play the computer or individually so I had to wait for someone to roll Hated it With this game I can just unwind and play to my hearts content It plays quickly If you like Yahtzee this is the game you want                 I love this game
Easy to play and fun                 Great app
Simple digital version of this game              Simple board game
Best Yancy game out there bar none                 Yatzy addict
Its an OK game I usually play single player version and I appreciate that I can set the challenge of the game from easy to difficult I dont like the way the game chooses and highlights the plays it wants you to make Thats distracting Its good enough for passing time           its OK
Fun little game to pass some time           Fun
Very fun and addictive                 Yahtzee
Its a really fun game Reminds me of when I use to play with my parents and my kids It is a great learning tool for kids                 Yay you
What a well thought out well organized game Thanks for giving me my daily go to                 My favorite app
I enjoy it It is like playing the real thing              Its fun
Love it Very realistic                 Yahtzee
Good game Simple fun              Fun
Good way to get a Yahtzee fix              Fun and addicting
I really enjoy the game                 Great game
I like it fine I just wish that it would stop asking me for a review           Functional
Awesome                 Miss
I give it 1 star because it forced me to rate it and would not let me play with out selecting the rate it option     Great game
I really enjoy the classic style of play But with the fact that there are too many players that you have up after the second roll or that theyre not paying attention Should have stiffer penalties ones who dont leave the game              Great game
Great game to pass a little time The only problem that Ive had with it is the box that comes up to rate it gets stuck Then I have to delete the app and download it again causing all my scores to go away                 Love it
Love this game                 Ae
Fun game                 Fun
Good times                 Fun
Le joue est très amusante et addictif              Yatzy
Super fun game I play with friends and fam                 Fun
Fun app                 Good
Pretty good considering its free              Good free game
I feel like it bogs down a little I dont understand servers but when I have a great connection a lot of games cancel out on me It is super fun though              Fun App
After loading OS 81 the game is locked this may just be a coincidence for OS 81 I am unable to start a game The game NEVER frees up regardless of how long I am on the iPad VERY frustrating The game seems to be working now No problems just tired of the ratingreview question at start up I need to review thegems that seem to be given at times Not sure what these are for           Game Locks Up
Great game I play it on iPhone 6 with no problems                 Love it
Very simple to use Easy to pick up after the first game                 One of the best Yahtzee apps available
Great fun game              Me
Best game in store I literally play for 6 hours a day while at work just wish you could play multiple computers                 Best game
Very fun game to pass the time on airplanes                 Fun Game
Im truly an addict                 5 stars
No problems Have only played alone even other options Just not excited with the graphics but it is free and not a problem found              Consumes time when have nothing to do
I love this game              High five Yahtzee
Enjoyable                 Nice App
Love the game                 Mrs
This can be very fun except when something happens such as it freezes up on a move or shakes without you touching the cup etc But my husband and I have a Yahtzee Tournament almost every night and we enjoy it most of the time Just a few kinks that could be taken care of              Yahtzee Addict
A fun game                 Love it
Love to play this game Just like playing the game with dice                 I love it

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